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Luton Town Centre Transport Scheme

The system serves a vital part in the board’s perception for the future of Luton. The vision encompasses the completion of the city’s central inner ring road and some modifications of traffic circulation on the north side of the city center.

The accomplished innermost ring road will not only help to reduce heavy crowding in and around the city center, but the foot-traveler and cyclists will also have enough access and path to move on. The enhanced particular area of land has allowed the extended recovery of Luton’s earnings and economy.

The formation of single and dual carriageway road sections, a rail over-bridge, retaining walls, four new traffic signal controlled junctions and connected service deviations are the performed work by VolkerFitzpatrick. In order to have low-cost, high-efficient traffic management solutions, the work also involved the installation of bus priority measures at crucial intersections, helping to improve bus reliability and journey times. So that the travelers don’t have any traveling issue which will innately favour the Luton’s economy. This formation of single and dual carriageway road sections allows people travel by foot or some form of conveyance, including a motor vehicle, cart, bicycle, or horse

Running from the junction of Hucklesby Way and Old Bedford Road to a new signal-controlled junction with Church Street and Hitchin Road, the new two-way single carriageway ‘Gateway Link’ road was built. Under the Mufti-storey car park station, this section of route passes and also runs between Midland Road and the railway line. The path then continues into Crescent Road to another new signaled-controlled junction with Crawley Green Road.

The policy also comprised the erection of a new road bridge over the rail at Crawley Green Road, a shared cycle/pedestrian avenue and a new access road at the end of Midland Road onto Gillam Street.


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