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A falta de poder visitarlo en persona, el parque de atracciones de Super Nintendo World está siendo recreado en Minecraft

Se suponía que en tres días el parque de atracciones Super Nintendo World iba a abrir sus puertas oficialmente, pero la pandemia causada por el coronavirus provocó hace no mucho que su apertura se pospusiera hasta más adelante en una nueva fecha por determinar. Eso sí, hay quien no ha querido esperar más y ha recreado el parque entero enMinecraft.

Tal y como podemos leer en Planet Minecraft, el usuario Dippy22 está siendo el encargado de elaborar esta magistral recreación a escala 1:1 de este parque de atracciones de Nintendo en el mundo de Minecraft, con las mismas zonas, actividades, tiendas, etc., como podéis comprobar en las siguientes imágenes.

Super Nintendo World Minecraft 02
Super Nintendo World Minecraft 03
Super Nintendo World Minecraft 04

Actualmente el proyecto se encuentra al 45%, lo que supone que hasta ahora ha logrado sacar adelante unas cuantas partes de este parque. Incluso él mismo anima a cualquier usuario experimentado a que le eche un cable para terminar esta recreación que esperamos poder visitarla en el juego tarde o temprano.

Por el momento también nos podemos conformar con realizar un tour virtual de Super Nintendo World a través de su página web oficial o echarle un ojo a la atracción de Mario Kart gracias a un vídeo que se filtró recientemente.



“Long Live My Lava House!” — Minesona Minecraftsona?? My Minecraft persona for...


Minesona Minecraftsona?? My Minecraft persona for MC/MCSM, possibly not the final design I’m still not happy with it

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gorps: “gorps: “gorps: “literally what the fuck is wrong with the people that make hd texture packs ” im so mad ” ARE YOU GOOD KING? ARE YOU OKAY? ”

literally what the fuck is wrong with the people that make hd texture packs


im so mad



So sorry for the inactivity! I’ll be coming back, starting with requests!! So ask me to draw something if you like :)

mossystonewall: “lighthouse ”
beholdersprites: “bookshelves for the vanilla wood types this took way too long for me, but hopefully i now have a workflow with aseprite sorted out ”

bookshelves for the vanilla wood types

this took way too long for me, but hopefully i now have a workflow with aseprite sorted out

If anyone would like some Minecraft/ MCSM Mspaint drawing request feel free to ask!!

Ill draw whatever you like as long as it isn’t too complicated!

juniper-craft: “made a kitchen ”

Not to start Minecraft discourse on main but pumpkin pie should be displayable like cake

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Based on the hit PS2 RPG titled "Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4" comes the Persona 4 Minecraft Mod! This mod alongside my Persona 3 mod and soon Persona 5 mod will be together as a new series of mods. (Even though some shadows have the same name in P3 and P4 but are different in terms of stats, the mods are still compatible.)

The initial release includes (Check changelog for more):

-4 Shadows (Lying Hablerie, Trance Twins, Magic Hand, and Calm Pesce.)

-Tarot Card

-Craftable TV's 

-The TV World

-Blocks to replicate the TV World hub (Creative Only)

How to enter the TV World:

when you craft a TV (using wood, redstone torch and glass), simply right-click the TV and you'll be sent to the TV world. It looks similar to the normal world but only shadows will spawn and there is a yellow thick fog covering the area. It is recommended to bring a second tv, some additional redstone, and a daylight sensor so that you could craft a tv that allows you to return to the overworld.



recipes 2

recipes 3

Some mob models are temporary. The temporary ones will be changed in the near future



0.0.2 Added Features:

-4 new shadows

   -Black Raven

   -Heat Balance

   -Laughing Table

   -Shadow Yosuke

-Zio and Agi skills (only a few)

   -Zio, Zionga, Ziodyne, Thunder Reign

   -Agi, Agilao, Agidyne

-4 new weapons

   -Golf Club (Wooden and iron)

   -Katana (Wooden and Iron)

Known Issues:

-Zionga, Ziodyne, Thunder Reign, Agilao, and Agidyne need buffs. They are too weak to match the point in the P4 game as to when you get the Personas with those skills.

The Day Our Dream Became Reality... - Persona (Minecraft Persona RP) -Ep.1-

Games Inbox: Minecraft 2 dreams, Persona 5 wishes, and Grim Fandango Remastered

Will there ever be a Minecraft 2?

The morning Inbox wonders how the Xbox One launch is going in Japan, as one reader imagines a video game starring The Flash.

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Rich seam
I’m not sure if this question has come up before but what is the future of Minecraft? Is there ever going to be a Minecraft 2? Obviously the game looks pretty retro and was made on a low budget, but considering it’s now the biggest thing ever surely a new game could look pretty amazing and do things the original never even dreamed of. But I’ve never heard of any plans like that?

I’m not saying it has to be photorealistic or anything (although that’d be interesting) but I think it should at least try and look as good as 3D Dot Game Heroes, which it’s not even close to.

I suppose the answer is going to be that the game doesn’t need it, since it’s already such a massive success, but it seems a bit unambitious not to use all that money to make something even bigger. I mean, surely the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 can do better than this?

GC: As far as we know there are no plans for a sequel in the traditional sense. The PC version did just get a big update though, so we’d imagine the plan is for constant evolution, rather than occasional revolution.

Ideal Persona
I’m excited as the next guy about Persona 5 on PlayStation 4, but realistically what does anyone think is the chances that they’ll actually change up the gameplay this time? I mean as a role-player, in terms of the combat, the games have been slightly above average at best. It’s still pretty much old school turn-based battles and that’s always been the least interesting thing about it.

In my ideal world Persona 5 would not only look amazing and have even better social links stuff than before but it would finally drag Japanese role-players out of the eighties and have a proper modern combat system too.
The Tales games have pretty good battles, and I’d be happy for something like that, but no game has had that and a decent story and characters. Get both sides right and I genuinely think the series could go mainstream.

GC: We’re not sure if that’s a rhetorical question or not, because zero information has been revealed about the gameplay so far. We understand your concerns though.

Fastest man alive
Thinking about fresh characters for a superhero game how about either The Flash from DC or, from Marvel, Quicksilver?

Obviously you could have some ‘let’s run really fast’ first person view racer levels against the clock, or a pursuit level or a Green Hill Zone (maybe not). Plus some combat levels running around unarmed to add a bit of tension.

More interesting to play around with though would be ‘bullet time’ puzzles. As The Flash/Quicksilver moves faster so everything else moves relatively slower. Portal/Braid like puzzles involving movement and time give scope for some brain bending.

Injuries could act to reduce your speed and increase the difficulty.

Could even come with a pre-order bonus of a ‘free’ set of Quicksilver pointy hair bits. See I’ve even got the marketing plan thought out. Magic Inbox, you know you want it.
Paul VW (PSN ID/NN ID/Steam ID/Facebook)

GC: Another great idea, it is bizarre how underexploited the superhero concept is in gaming. Even in unlicensed games like inFamous.

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Waiting to be sure
Add me to the list of people that are now very suspicious of what Bungie are hiding with Destiny. I hate it when companies get like this, basically thinking that they have enough pre-orders that they can sit back and ignore what anyone actually thinks of the game.

I might be alone in this but I wasn’t that impressed by the beta. It was solid of course, this is Bungie, but it didn’t really seem to be doing anything new or particularly interesting and all the little side quests in the hub area were almost parody level uninteresting.

I’ve still no idea what the story is meant to be about and the bad guys so far seem very uninteresting and repetitive, and far much less fun to fight than The Covenant. I’m not saying it’s going to be a bad game, the amount of loot and upgrades are certainly fund, but I was waiting for a review to be sure. No I worry that it’s already a little obvious how things will pan out…
Matt Banning

Grim discography
I have to admit I’m not very impressed by what I’ve heard about the Grim Fandango remake so far. Upping the resolution and adding a few special effects is not really what I was imagining when Sony announced it and the 4:3 thing is just bizarre.

But then I started thinking about Double Fine and Tim Schafer’s work and you know what I don’t think they’ve really done anything great since Psychonauts, and even that had its problems. Brütal Legend was a great game world spoiled by the terrible real-time strategy bits, Costume Quest and Iron Brigade were just kind of boring, and Broken Age was a huge disappointment – and still hasn’t been finished.

Stacking was quite cool, if trying a bit too hard to be weird and wacky but it wasn’t exactly game of the year material. It does make me wonder where the team has got this reputation as great developer from, because to me they’ve done very little that really works.

Suspicious timing
I have to agree with the reader who suggested that the sudden appearance of so many 4v1 game was probably down to influence from Nintendo. I mean GC outright asked the Evolve guy why they all suddenly started appearing and he said it wasn’t a technology thing, so what was it then? They weren’t copying a specific game because there were none before this, but Nintendo was going on about asymmetric gameplay for a good long time before the Wii U’s release. In fact about two or three years ago now, just about exactly the length of time it’d take to make these new games…

They do plenty of silly things but I do agree that Nintendo don’t get the credit they deserve usually. And I’m not even mad because Evolve and Shadow Realms look really good. I really like the sound of the BioWare guy from the interview and as an ex-tabletop role-player myself I’m interested to see how the whole Shadowlord thing works. Although I wonder if Nintendo are now kicking themselves for not thinking up something similar themselves?

Soft launch
So apparently the Xbox One comes out in Japan this week… I imagine the queues are literally… non-existent. And that’s not even a knock against Microsoft. The PlayStation 4 has been an absolute bomb there and no-one’s buying it, so what chance does a new Xbox have?

It’s really depressing for me to find out that Japan basically doesn’t like video games any more, or at least nothing that isn’t on a smartphone. All my favourite games are Japanese and its obvious that without a home crowd to appeal to developers are just going to stop bothering and either go out of business or start making Candy Crush clones.

It’s madness to think that the Xbox One is going to change that but when it ends up selling just a few thousand at launch I hope that that will be another in a long list of warning shots to publishers and, ah… who am I kidding? Japan’s doomed.

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Never Lego
I have to admit, Lego games are my one weakness. I know they’re all the same, I know they’re full of bugs and some bits barely work at all, I know they’re purposefully low tech and they’ll probably stay last gen for years. But dammit, I love them! I think the big reason is of course that they’re the only games I can play with my girlfriend, my little cousins, and my brother-in-law and all of them enjoy it.

It’s got so bad that I’ve even started hoping they’ll do a revamped classic Star Wars trilogy to tie in with the new films, because as you implied I think it’s probably a bit early for Rebels as The Clone Wars game didn’t come out until several years after the show started.

So I am totally happy with a Jurassic Park game as that’s something new and I think it’d work really well. Assuming I get to play as the dinos as well. I don’t think anyone’s going to care too much about collecting all the human figures but the dinosaurs would be fantastic.
I guess The Simpsons or Marvel Super Heroes 2 are the obvious guesses for the other one next year. Although my dream would be a sort-of sequel to Lego City Undercover which let you actually build your own buildings and vehicles. Like everyone says why you can’t build Lego in a Lego game is a bit weird.

Inbox also-rans
Recently been playing The Swapper and I’ve got to agree with GC, it’s a fantastic puzzle game with a great atmosphere. Anyone looking for the next Braid/Limbo/Portal can’t go wrong.
Ty Snowdon

I bought the original Danganronpa based on your recommendation, and I was surprised how much I enjoyed it. Have you had a chance to play the sequel yet, and if not, do you plan to review it?
Alx25 (PSN ID)

GC: I is good, isn’t it? Our review of the sequel should be up either this afternoon or tomorrow morning.

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Whether it’s a new game you got for surprisingly little or an old classic you picked up for next to nothing which video game-related shopping experience do you find the most braggable?

Feel free to include hardware and collector’s editions, and do make sure to tell us where exactly the item was bought; whether it was eBay, a charity shop, or a car boot sale. Online sales count as well, including Steam, so let us know the happiest you’ve ever been to spend money on games.

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Minecraft persona

Minecraft Best Anime Mods & Modpacks (All Free)

With a game like Minecraft, you shouldn’t be surprised to find a ton of crossovers.

After all, the experience is about being able to do whatever you want. So let’s say you’re a fan of anime… wanna merge the two together?

Then you’ve stumbled onto the right corner of the Internet.

With this list, you’ll find mods to help you control your favorite heroes from plenty of anime, both old and new. Let’s prove that nothing is truly impossible when it comes to PC gaming.

Even flying in the sky and launching energy blasts in Minecraft with your beloved waifu? Yep, never stop dreaming boys.


10. Anime Mod (Weapons)

Anime Mod (Weapons) for Minecraft

Check Out This Mod

Minecraft is where everything becomes possible, right?

So I wished to be able to use my favorite anime weapons, and my wish was certainly granted.

This mod is one of many awesome weapon mods for the game, but it’s got a twist: lots of anime goodness.

Here you’ll find tons of weapons taken from some popular shows like Sword Art Online, Soul Eater, Bleach, Kill La Kill and Naruto.

I wish the Berserk’s Dragon Slayer sword could be included as well, but I understand why the modder skipped it… Minecraft would have become an Adults Only game at that point.


9. Naruto Mod

Naruto Mod for Minecraft

Check Out This Mod

Time for some real ninja magic, folks!

Konohagakura has landed somewhere in Minecraft.

This Naruto mod is so simple it hurts, yet it’s terrific for true fans of the series.

With this installed you’ll get new items, new mobs, and new animations taken straight from the popular anime we all know and love.

Oh, and let’s not forget about the many jutsus you’ll be able to unleash on your enemies. They won’t even know what hit them.


8. Kenshiro Mod

Kenshiro Mod for Minecraft

Check Out This Mod

Hokuto no Ken, or Fist of the North Star for our localized anime lovers, has crossed over into the world of Minecraft.

It’s all part of this lovely mod that introduces new abilities for your character, inspired by the only man in this world that’s worthy of being called a Man: Kenshiro.

So bare your chest and unleash the secret techniques of the Hokuto school. Creepers and skeletons will turn into a bloody mess, even if they may not have any blood to begin with.


7. One Block Man

One Block Man Minecraft Mod

Check Out This Mod

No matter how powerful any mob can look, all you need to take one of them down is one single punch.

Just in case the message isn’t loud and clear, One Block Man is a mod inspired by the extremely popular One Punch Man anime.

With it we get new armor that will grant you the ability to take down any mob with just one strike. Hey, you wanted an overpowered MC, right?

This mod also add mobs inspired by the anime, and you’ll feel like you’re indeed playing through an episode. Except way blockier.


6. My Hero Academia Mod

My Hero Academia Mod screenshot

Check Out This Mod

Everyone is set to become quirky in Minecraft with the My Hero Academia Mod.

And if you’re a fan of the show, you really won’t need much to sell you on this.

I’ll simply say that this mod introduces a fully-functional quirk system that lets you unlock 6 abilities per quirk as you level up, all while completing new quests and defeating bosses who are as quirky as you!

Not bad. Not bad at all.

Now we just need some BNHA skins and we’re good to roll.


5. AnimeColle Legacy

AnimeColle Legacy Minecraft Mod

Check Out This Mod

If you have an anime waifu, there’s a good chance you can meet her in your Minecraft world. All thanks to the AnimeColle Legacy mod.

This introduces a lot of female characters from many different series like Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, Touhou Project, Fate/Grand Order, and Honkai Impact.

Once summoned, however, you’ll have to use the companion contract to interact with them and confess your never ending love.

Love affairs can be so complicated, even in games!


4. Persona 4

Persona 4 Minecraft Anime Mod

Check Out This Mod

What do you mean Persona 4 is not an anime?

It certainly is, and now we’ve got it in Minecraft too.

This Persona 4 mod introduces a few elements from the popular entry in the series created by Atlus, and its anime adaptation. This includes tons of dangerous Shadows as mobs, new crafting recipes, and the ability to unleash Zio and Agi skills.

There’s still no Persona summoning, so you’ll have to make it out alive from the world inside the TV using only your powers this time. Best of luck.


3. Mine Mine no Mi

Mine Mine no Mi Mod for Minecraft

Check Out This Mod

Eating fruits makes you healthy.

Eating Devil’s Fruits makes you strong. Incredibly strong.

Mine Mine no Mi introduces tons of new abilities inspired by One Piece, which I hope is a series we’ve all at least heard about.

Thanks to this mod you’ll be able to stretch your limbs like Monkey D. Luffy, control the power of the elements with the Logia abilities, and unleash a lot of other extremely wacky abilities.

Which ones? Install this baby and find out.


2. Dragon Block Super

Dragon Block Super Minecraft Mod

Check Out This Mod

Over nine thousand new features are included in the Dragon Block Super.

Well not quite. But I couldn’t pass up the chance to meme as we’re covering one of the most popular anime of all time.

Dragon Block Super for Minecraft gives us seven playable races lifted from the Dragon Ball universe. Meaning you can control Half-Saiyans, Saiyans, Androids, Namekians, and even Bio-Androids.

Plus you can learn special abilities through different skills trees, soar through the skies anywhere in your Minecraft world, and defeat any mobs with energy blasts and high-pitched anime screams!

Ah, the marvels of our modern age.


1. Steve’s Bizarre Adventures

Steve's Bizarre Adventures Minecraft Mod

Check Out This Mod

In Minecraft, as in life, you need to make a stand sometimes.

Or take a Stand, if you’re familiar with Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

This incredibly detailed mod adds a ton of new items into Minecraft, all inspired from the franchise created by Hirohiko Araki, as well as the iconic Stands that grant your character bonuses as well as special powers.

There’s a lot to dive into here, so trust me: this thing could keep you busy for hours.

Now in the way of stands, there aren’t so many compared to the ones seen in the manga and anime. But there’s enough here to get JoJo fans excited to boot up Minecraft again.

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REALISTIC MINECRAFT IN REAL LIFE ~ IRL ANIMATION / Best Episode Top 5 Minecraft Minecraft Real Life


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