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Translation of sex in Spanish:


sexo, n.

Pronunciation /sɛks/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(sexual matters)

      sexo masculine

      (film/magazine)(before noun)de sexo

      sex attackagresión sexual

      • sex goddessdiosa sexual
      • sex offensedelito de sexual
      • sex offencedelito de sexual
      • sex partnerpareja sexual
        compañero de cama
      • These early ideas have had a powerful influence on our views of sex and sexuality.
      • She did not wish to have sex with him and did not consent to sexual intercourse.
      • He may be getting turned on watching them, but it's you he wants to have sex with.
      • In fact, there have been times when I wanted to have sex with guys, but they didn't want to.
      • While men have sex with men everywhere, how people perceive that varies widely.
      • It's the married person's job not to cheat, not other people's duty to refuse to have sex with them.
      • He's a few years older than me, so right off the bat I told him I am not going to have sex with him, and I'm not.
      • If you want to have sex with your ex just because you feel guilty, reconsider your intentions.
      • Often couples find themselves with emotional intimacy but gradually diminishing sex lives or no sex at all.
      • So I can understand the temptation to put all our resources into preventing HIV among men who have sex with men.
      • In studies from the United Kingdom, the incidence and prevalence are lower in women who have sex with women than heterosexual women, but they are still at risk.
      • Finally, it would be ideal to wait to have sex with that one person you are married to for life.
      • It is important to find a man who's good in bed and who loves to have sex with you.
      • The staff can be extremely helpful, providing lots of explicit sex education without a trace of shame.
      • Janet Charlton said Daniel O'Brien frequently spoke to her about group sex during their sexual activities together.
      • I think she's curious herself - curious about love and sex and sexuality.
      • Of course many are of the opinion that better sex education should be taught in schools.
      • Not enough of sex education in schools is focused on what happens if you do get pregnant.
      • Vaccination is recommended for sexually active men who have sex with men.
    • 1.2(intercourse)

      relaciones sexuales feminine

      to have sex with sbtener relaciones sexuales con algn

  • 2

    • 2.1(gender)

      sexo masculine

      (chromosome/hormone/organs)(before noun)sexual

      sex change operationoperación de cambio de sexo

    • 2.2(men, women collectively)

      sexo masculine

transitive verb


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