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For 25+ years, we at Mod-U-Serve have been producing the longest lasting milk coolers and beverage units in the industry. Our products feature fully welded, 304 stainless steel interiors and are constructed of thicker gauge stainless steel than any other unit on the market. Each of our units are certified and regularly inspected by both UL and NSF and include a fully programmable digital thermostat, Copeland condensing unit, 3/8” heavy wall copper refrigeration, 6” swivel casters, 1” NSF approved drain and stainless steel false bottoms. With an average life span of 10-15 years, our milk coolers eliminate the costly routine of replacing equipment every couple of years like many other products on the market. All Mod-U-Serve refrigeration equipment is backed by a 1 year parts and labor warranty and 5 year compressor warranty. As a result of our high construction standards here at Mod-U-Serve, we provide our customers with the best value for their dollar and deliver refrigeration products they can rely on and trust.

The cold wall milk cooler is our flagship model and comes in both single sided (SM Product Line) and double sided (DM Product Line) serving orientations. Both models come in 3 sizes: our 8-case, 12-case or 16-case. They are constructed with our standard features, as well as, easily replaceable tamper-resistant compression gaskets, front and rear bumpers, removable doors and optional door curtains. Our milk coolers may also be ordered in an “In-Line” orientation, which allow the unit to fit into a mobile-modular serving line.

Model Numbers:

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MCT-SM1 : Single Sided 8-Case

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MCT-SM2 : Single Sided 12-Case

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MCT-SM3 : Single Sided 16-Case

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MCT-SM1 : Double Sided 8-Case

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MCT-SM2 : Double Sided 12-Case

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MCT-SM3 : Double Sided 16-Case

Our forced air milk cooler is the latest addition to the Mod-U-Serve line up. It sports all the standard construction characteristics as our flagship model with several updated key features. This model comes with our top mounted refrigeration skid, which has multiple blower fans to ensure an even distribution of cold air within the unit for efficient temperature control. Frustrating maintenance issues are a thing of the past with the easily removable and replaceable refrigeration skid, should the need ever arise to swap condensing units. This forced air milk cooler model takes serviceability and durability to the next level.

Model Numbers:

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MCT-FAMC1 : Double Sided 8-Case

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MCT-FAMC2 : Double Sided 12-Case

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MCT-FAMC3 : Double Sided 16-Case

Mod-U-Serve’s bottle cooler unit closely resembles the construction of our milk coolers and finishes at a field height of 31”. This model is specifically designed to fit under A.D.A. height concession counters or snack bars and features a stainless steel sliding top door for ease of access. The body of this unit is constructed with our standard cold wall refrigeration and all 304 stainless steel with an adjustable digital thermostat to accommodate a range of pre-packaged beverages.

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Our Ice Boxes are available with and without vending lid and with and without drain holes. We offer a wide range of ice box that are manufactured using qualitative raw material. These have gained wide appreciation for their optimum quality. The ice box is used to store perishable goods, ice cream, cold drinks, fish and others. These are used during the outings like in beaches and many more.

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RC Ventures is the Manufacturer, distributor, and dealer for products in field of material handling applications, waste management and household furniture. R.C. Ventures is known for its diversified application of product lines in serving the society for a cleaner and greener livelihood for the existing and future generations.

We are engaged in marketing of material handling plastic crates, plastic storage pallets, roto moulded and insulated containers, industrial waste bins and moulded household furniture

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The Porch Box® Story

It All Started With This...Because Sometimes Utility = Ugly

What impression does a plastic cooler give to friends or visitors when they arrive at your front door?

When we signed our family up for home milk delivery where we lived on the front range of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, we were pleasantly surprised to find several dairies in our area that still offered this service. And while we were thrilled with the quality of the milk when our first delivery arrived, we couldn’t say the same about the plastic cooler given to us from the dairy. With a bumper sticker bearing the name of their dairy slapped on one of the sides, the cooler didn’t exactly fit our vision of the classic milk boxes of our childhood.

While we were pretty sure the plastic cooler worked fine from the dairy's point-of-view: Insulated. Lightweight. Inexpensive. Easy. We were not happy with the way it looked in front of our quaint little ‘old town’ home. All we could think of was: "The first thing people see on our front porch is a plastic cooler, with a bumper sticker." That situation was not OK with us and if our front door was able to us it’s opinion, we were pretty sure it wasn’t ok with it either.

Thus began the quest to create a milk box that was not only durable and functional but was also classy enough for prominent placement on our front porch. We wanted something that could say "Welcome to our home" no matter who was at our front door.  What we learned along the way was that we lost a lot more than just a milk box when America lost home delivery of milk.

Fatherhood is the Mother of Invention

The very first Porch Box® was developed on a warm summer afternoon when Heather was out of town, and our 4-year-old daughter and Eric were looking for something to do while our son was napping.  They wandered into the workshop, found several old scraps of wood, and after a few hours of sawing, hammering and nailing, the first ever Porch Box® was born!  

It didn't take long for us to realize how useful that Porch Box® was going to be.  It not only held the weekly milk delivery, but it was also a good spot for a pair of gardening gloves and a pruner in the summer or an ice scraper in the winter time. Eventually, we made another box so we could use one box for our home milk delivery and another box for our dog’s leash, frisbee and “Chuck-It” ball toy. Those boxes gave us not only quick retrieval of our frequently used outdoor items, but provided a perfect storage spot for all those little things that were constantly misplaced before we had a Porch Box®.   

Then came the day when our daughter's friend left her winter jacket at our house.  How do we get this important piece of clothing returned when the friend lived halfway across town, and our families schedules were impossible to sync?  Simple answer: Leave it in the Porch Box®! Then, even if we weren’t home when they stopped by, they could grab their item and be right back on their way again.

There's the first Porch-box ever. With more than 10 years of service, it currently holds all the important dog walking tools, like leashes, Frisbees, bags and tennis balls.

Refine, Rework, Perfect

The earliest Milk Boxes were generally donated to charity for silent auction. They were always popular; mainly because a solid wooden Milk Box was thought to be a relic of the past.
Dropping off Parcel Boxes at FedEx. It’s been fifteen years and a whole lot of boxes since we built the very first box.
Our happy crew on “Moving Day” summer of 2020. Loving our new workshop in Longmont, Colorado!

Front Door Proud

Over the past several years, Eric has spent days and nights in the workshop, thinking, building, breaking and rebuilding to perfect the design because he knew that every Porch Box had to be:

  • Classy enough to be on the front porch

  • Weatherproof

  • Large enough to fit a variety of home deliveries

  • Able to be quickly customized to fit anyone's taste

“Our boxes aren’t just part of our business, they ARE our business. This single-focus allows us to deliver a rugged and elegant outdoor storage solution.”

What has emerged in today’s Porch Box, is all of the above.

That’s our Porch Box story.

We hope you enjoy your box and will visit our workshop in Longmont next time you’re in the neighborhood.

Heather & Eric



Porchbox on porch.jpg

Make your front door proud

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