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5 Great Manga for Yandere Lovers

Yandere characters in anime and manga are known for destructive and obsessive behavior toward the ones they love. The Japanese term "yandere" describes characters who are so lovesick they border on the psychotic, ironically often to the detriment of their loved one.

They are typically violent and wildly unpredictable, offering a psychological thriller and toxic romance. If you're a fan of the popular archetype, here are five great manga to read starring yandere.

Happy Sugar Life

A psychological thriller manga, Happy Sugar Life stars Satō Matsuzaka and Shio Kōbe who meet and quickly become roommates in Satō's apartment. Satō falls in love with Shio and feels an obsessive need to protect her by keeping her locked away in their apartment to ensure her safety.

While Satō acts nice in public to earn money, she resorts to violence and commits crimes as a means to protect Shio. Not only is Satō a perfect example of the yandere archetype, but Happy Sugar Life includes several other yandere characters as well. Shio and her older brother, Taiyou, also exhibit troubling and toxic behavior while accepting violence as a means to an end.

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Death Note

While Death Note stars a maniacal antihero named Light Yagami, it's Misa Aname who gives this manga its yandere reputation. Misa becomes obsessed with Light's 'Kira' persona before she even knew his true identity. Secretly possessing her own Death Note, Misa uses it to kill anyone who opposes Kira to aid him from the shadows.

When Light and Misa finally confront each other and she discovers the secret behind Kira, she becomes more lovesick and obsessed with Light. Despite trying to protect him from potential threats, Misa often risks exposing him as Kira due to her reckless behavior. She is willing to kill anyone and sacrifice everything to protect Light and earn his love and affection, despite the fact that Light has none to give in the first place.

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Future Diary

Future Diary stars an antiheroine with psychotic tendencies, earning her the nickname "Yandere Queen." After Yuno Gasai suffers a tragic childhood of being locked away by her mother, she locks up her parents in retaliation and forgets to feed them until they die.

As she works to move on from her twisted past, she encounters a classmate named Yuki Amano who suggests they get married in the future. Yuno takes his words seriously, becoming obsessed with Yuki to the point of violently threatening other girls who try to get close to him. With Yuno's psychotic episodes and drastic mood swings, it's no wonder that Future Diary is a must-read manga for yandere fans.

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Stepping On Roses

Sumi Kitamura is the poor protagonist of Stepping On Roses who desperately needs money to care for her brother and the adopted children he brings home. When her brother's debt collectors show up and threaten to sell her younger siblings into slavery, she goes to the red light district to earn money. There, she encounters a handsome rich man named Soichiro Ashida who offers to pay her to marry him. With the promise that he'll buy her anything she wants and financially support her siblings, she agrees to the arrangement and they swear to not fall in love with each other.

However, Sumi's childhood friend Nozomu Ijuin gets angry and obsessive when he hears about the marriage, since he had already fallen in love with her. Nozomu uses drastic and toxic measures to force Sumi to rely on him, like evicting her adoptive family and making them homeless until she has no choice but to ask him for help. As a male yandere love interest, he even kidnaps Sumi in an attempt to make her his as their relationship grows more complex and twisted.

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Paperweight Eye

Paperweight Eye stars a college student and doll maker named Marie. She makes dolls out of loneliness, creating them to represent her memories and hopes for the future. When she puts them on display in an exhibition, they are suddenly stolen and she tries to find the culprit. Marie soon runs into Kahrel, who kidnaps her and takes her to his manor against her will. Kahrel commands Marie to create dolls for him in exchange for her freedom to leave the manor. However, he soon becomes overprotective and possessive by claiming she's his and no one else can have her. Paperweight Eye will appeal to those looking for a yandere male lead in fantasy romance.

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𝘵𝘩𝘪𝘴 𝘪𝘴 𝘯𝘰𝘵 𝘭𝘰𝘷𝘦. 💌 — yandere manga recommendations

Male yandere Manga:

1)It Seems like I Got Reincarnated into the World of a Yandere Otome Game: (At this point in the manga the yandere is the main male lead. The adoptive brother is showing a few signs of possessiveness for the protagonist, but nothing as serious as the male lead. The second yandere was a brief character named Gift but he was yandere for Lilian (The Ex-Protagonist).)

2)The Villainess Want to Marry a Commoner!!: (From as much as I had noticed, the yandere is the commoner, but there are only a few signs)

3)The Reincarnated Princess Strikes Down Flags Today as Well: (The yandere part is extremely brief but the younger brother at the beginning was showing yandere tendencies towards the protagonist)

4)Lady Rose Wants to be a Commoner: (Is it me, or most of the reincarnation mangas with the yandere trope usually make the younger brother the yandere? Anyways, the yandere part is brief too and the yandere is the younger brother)

5)Fiancée’s Observation Log of the Self-proclaimed Villainess: (I’m not one hundred percent sure but I think the Fiancee could be the yandere)

6)The Result of Being Reincarnated is Having a Master-Servant Relationship with the Yandere Love Interest: (It’s really too early to say anything about the other characters but the servant is a yandere.)

7)Shuuen no Shiori: (Let me just say, this is one of the best yandere manga I had ever read. This is exactly how I would imagine a yandere to be. The yanderes in these are the male with the brown hair and the female with the long hair)

8)Save Me: (Have I ever told how much I love yanderes who are yanderes not for romantic reasons? no? Well, I love them! This is another very great example of that. I think there is no need for me to say who the yandere is as it’s pretty obvious)

9)Worldend: Debugger: (I swear, I’m getting obsessed with the idea of a non-romance related yandere. I swear, those are the best. This is yet another case like that! The yandere is Romeo)

10)Yandere vs. Yandere: (Must I say anything else? Just that it’s basically two yanderes flirting with one another?)

11)Soushikikan to Watashi no Jijou: (Imma be honest here. I didn’t really get interested in this one, so I’m putting it here because others say the commander is the yandere)

12)340 Days: (I didn’t like this too, but I think the male lead does have some yandere qualities? Not too sure though.)

13)You at First Sight: (It seems it’s a new thing for me to put things on the list that I have no interest in. From what I heard, about chapter 90? The yandere tendencies begin to show more and more, but again, I haven’t read it to that point so you are the judge)

14)He’s Harmless I Swear: (This is yet another yandere type I really like. The realistic and more on the normal side yandere. One where the love is on both sides. The yandere is Tomoya but it was pretty clear)

15)The Parodied Jokeland: (I mean, there isn’t much to say to this. Like the title says, this is a parody. Norman should be the yandere in this)

16)For Alice: (Most of the characters have yandere tendencies but the story had been on hiatus for a long time and I’m not too sure where everything should be going)

17)Cheese in the Trap: (I didn’t really like it but the yandere should be the male lead)

18)Inu x Boku SS: (I liked it but at the same time not. I’m pretty confused on my feelings for this one. The servant is the yandere)

19)Koufuku no Ouji-Sama: (The end is were the yandere side really shows. I don’t know if I really liked it. The prince is the yandere)

20)Metronome: (Loved it, but things slightly became confusing for me later on so I dropped it. Probably because I have the most horrible attention span. Anyways the yandere is the blue-haired character)

21)Miniamaru Kareshi: (Cute. The yandere is the male lead/black haired male)

22)Ore to Omae no Stalker Boushihou: (Cute too :3 Anyways, the brown-haired male lead is the yandere/stalker)

23)Risou no Kareshitachi: (The plot twist tho!!!!! Both of the males are yandere!)

24)Stalker’s Game: (I mean, it’s pretty clear that the yandere is the stalker!)

25)Stalker x Stalker: (This is similar to yandere vs. yandere expect a little bit longer and I like the artwork more. There is a little bit of a story later on too)

26)My Deepest Secret: (I liked this a lot. The yandere is Elios)

27)Ten Ten Shiro Shiro: (I can’t say too much about this right now, only that it’s pretty messed up and it may not be everyone’s cup of tea. The yandere is the younger brother/the child)

28)Aishite Kudasai, Sensei: (Must I say anything about this manga?)

29)Bokura no Koi wa Shi ni Itaru Yamai no You de: (This literally ripped my heart and soul out T-T I don’t think I really like this type of yandere, but here)

30)Flowers of Evil: (This is a great case of ‘the wrong yandere’. I really thought it was the sister, but it seems I was really wrong!)

31)Korosareru nara, Isso Sakura no Ki no Shita de: (Loved it. Like, really loved it. One of the first yandere mangas I had actually seen, so it holds a special place in my heart)

32)The Pale Horse: (Don’t even let me begin with this masterpiece. the twists and turns! The yandere is the Barron. I swear, I dropped this because it was making me too emotional)

33)Uruwashiki Shuuen: (This is a good one. The yandere is the protagonist. I’m only disappointed that this is a one-shot as I love anything zombie/apocalypse related)

34)Cross and Crime: (This clearly goes under the more twisted type of yanderes. The yandere in here is the male who raped the protagonist)

35)Revenge Game: (I swear, the deeper you dig into these horror survival mangas, the more yandere characters you find. But I love that, I hope you all do too. The kidnapper is the yandere)

36)An Uncomfortable Truth: (I love the incest yandere type very much. The protagonist is the yandere)

37)Death Chants his Lament: (The father/grim reaper is the yandere)

-Female yandere

1)Happy Sugar Life: (If you dare say that this is not the best thing that you were blessed upon, then I’ll be seriously angry. This is one of those mangas that I wish there were more similar to this, but sadly, I haven’t found anything that hit my core like this. The yandere is the protagonist, but there are other characters like the blondie who was molested or the aunt of the protagonist. The teacher could maybe classify under that too. The molester might too. I mean, this manga/anime is filled with deranged characters, one worse than the other. Just when you think a normal character appears, a plot twist happens and you find out there some weirdo or psychopath)

2)Dead Tube: (This one’s not for everyone, but boy oh boy was this a treat for me. The yandere is the female lead, but the protagonist doesn’t stay behind either with his deranged personality and preferences. Truly, a fine treat)

3)Hiai Mousou: (didn’t really like it, but maybe some of you will.)

4)I was Wrong: (Oh! This was a goodie too. Short, but good. Loved it. I think I don’t need to say who the yandere is)

5)Ijousha no Ai: (Meh, not my style of the manga but I guess this could go well on the list. Never really finished)

6)Kareshi ni Donhiki Saretai Minamoto-san: (That’s a really cute portrayal of yandere girls, but I think the boyfriend might qualify for a yandere boy too)

7)Kuruoshii Hodo ni Anata o: (I love a sweet comedic slice of lives with yandere characters as much as I love me some gory manga with horrifying yanderes)

8)Love Death: (In a sense, this is like Stalker x stalker or Yandere vs yandere expect yuri and much more violent)

9)Pulseless Girlfriend: (Another cute manga about the slice of life with having a yandere girlfriend)

10)Saji-chan no Yami Nikki: (T-T Sadly, I haven’t found were to read this manga but from what I read around about it, it looks pretty yandere. Might be wrong, but I don’t think so)

11)Tomogui Kyoushitsu: (The yandere was the first dead girl’s friend. Ah, I actually loved this a lot. But that could be just because I have a special spot for horror mangas like this)

12)Usotsuki Mi-Kun to Kowareta Ma-chan - Totteoki no Uso: (Good one. Good one. Lil confusing in the end but everything gets explained in the end)

13)Hanaibara: (I wouldn’t exactly call this a yandere but I liked this)

14)Magical Girl Apocalypse: (I’m not even surprised anymore by who the yandere here is. I have seen enough yandere mangas that I saw the twist from a mile away, but it was still an every interesting manga. But It’s probably not everyone’s cup of tea. The yandere is the innocent looking girl)

15)Doubt (Yoshiki Tonogai): (I Swear, plot twists and characters that you don’t think are the yandere ending up being yanderes are the best. The yandere is the protagonist best friend)

16)You are Still in a Bird Cage: (This is interesting yuri. The ending was pretty sweet too((Not sweet in the meaning that it was a HE)

17)Seeking for Death: (Loved it. The yandere is the childhood friend)

18)Saeism: (meh, didn’t really like the art style. Anyways, the yandere is the popular girl)

19)Rapunzel (komoda: (Liked it very much! I’m not too sure, to be honest. Both of the girls are pretty yandere, thought the girl with the long hair is way worse)

20)Hone No Nazuki Made Aisu: (The blond-haired girl is the yandere but the black-haired girl is quite twisted herself)

21)Abnormal-kei Joshi: (The blond long-haired girl/ the girl on the cover is the yandere)

  1. Mk sling bag
  2. Tractor hydraulic lines
  3. Salary engineer switzerland
  4. Rustic door awning
  5. Hand puppet costumes

Elfen Lied: 

Warnings: Gore, nsfw, implied and attempted sexual assault 

 Lucy is a Subhuman species known as a diclonius and is kept in a facility for the majority of her life before she breaks out, killing many in order to do so. In her escape she looses her memory and Khota, her childhood friend, takes her in but he doesn’t quite remember who she is. (And for good reason.) 


Paperweight eye: 

Warnings: Minor nsfw, self harm

One of my favorite mangas even though its fairly short! Marie is a dollmaker who is only recently being recognized for her talents. With a dark past she’s repressed she gets kidnapped by a man who approaches her during one of her exhibits.


Cheese in the trap:

Warnings: None

I’m such a fan of this Manhua honestly it’s just so good and the art style is super cute! Seol is an intelligent college student who goes to the same college as Jung who is smart, rich, and popular with both teachers and his peers. He has a facade that he’s a kind young man but Seol sees beneath his mask and doesn’t trust him at all. Jung knows this and at first resents her for it but soon grows a bit too attached.


Abide in the wind:

Warnings: Death, slavery 

Another Manhua with a cute art style! Reana stumbles across a dying dragon in the field and because she is a pure human with no thoughts of greed or hatred she saves him and withholds his power, the dragon pearl, in her body until he matures.



Warnings: Death

Leez was born with a name that sends death threats after her so she must always keep it unknown, especially when her village is attacked and everyone but her is killed. She travels through the kingdoms and slowly learns magic with her savior, Asha. Along the way she meets Yuta, a rakshasa whose identity is known not by many, and the two quickly grow attached to one another. Except when he begins to mature through his third stage he begins to grow a bit obsessive.


The world is still beautiful:

Warnings: None

The king of the sun kingdom, one of the strongest kings at only age fifteen, demands a bride from the rain kingdom. The rain kingdom sends their daughter Nike as a sacrifice to the sun king. Initially bored with her, Livius tells her to go home when she refuses to make it rain for him. As he gets to know her and see her make it rain in not only his country but the harshest of desserts the two begin to fall in love. But a child can get a little jealous if someone tries to take something away from him after all.



Warnings: Death, nsfw, sexual assault 

Guts is a young mercenary who couldn’t care about glory and only for the money. Griffith sees the potential for the young man and immedtly becomes infatuated. When his troupe ambushes him he has him nursed back to health. Guts refuses to join him and demands a battle. Being the loser, Guts is now a member of Griffith’s troupe and belongs to him.



Warnings: Attempted suicide

One of the side characters of the series, Mika Harima stalks one of her classmates and even breaks into his home. Upon seeing her he bashes her skull into the wall and she begs the doctor to give her the face of the person he loves. Deluding him, she uses her new face to coerce him into going out with her.


Deadman Wonderland:

Warnings: Death, gore

Ganta is framed for the murder of his entire classroom and is sent to deadman wonderland, an amusement park for the public but a deadly prison for its prisoners. He meets one of his childhood friends, Shiro, although she clearly isn’t a prisoner.



Warnings: Nsfw

Anna Nishikinomiya is outwardly a very naive and responsible girl but when she falls in love with Tanukichi she completely loses and attempts to force herself onto him, albeit in a comedic manner, throughout the series and goes as far as pressing a pair of scissors against a rivals throat for spending too much time with him.


Jin has been luring young girls to his father for him to torture and kill his entire life. When his father becomes interested in a girl from his school he draws the line with the man’s violent obsession. 

A simple housewife drunkenly has sex with a delivery man and he becomes infatuated with her only to find she’s married. Little do either of them know her husband is a cold, violent hitman whose assistant and boss is also obsessed with him.

A oneshot about a boy becoming obsessed with a girl who saved him from drowning. Unfortunately she has no interest in him but his brother. Both he and her are yanderes just not for each other.

Yandere wants seeds of wisdom 😏

Top 10 Yandere Girls in Manga

There’s an old saying in the world of romance, love hurts. In the world of the yandere girls, this statement fits all too perfectly. While yanderes may show you undying love and devotion, they tend to be a little scary—or extremely scary—if their love is threatened or if they are crossed. However, regardless of this scary love, we here at Honey’s Anime can’t get enough of the yandere ladies out there. That’s why we decided to show our love—and fear—of yanderes in a list titled Top 10 Yandere Girls in Manga.

This deadly list of yandere girls in manga must be explained first to those who may want to judge us right away. While there are tons of yandere girls out there, we wanted to show some love to most of the manga only girls. These are yandere girls in manga who haven’t been given the love they deserve and we here at Honey’s Anime want to correct that. Don’t worry for those that hope their favorite yandere girls make this list, we made sure we included some of the more deadly and popular yandere girls in manga out there. Now then, if you’re ready to meet some of the more deadly vixens out there let us begin this yandere girls in manga list without any more delay.

Final Thoughts

Mirai-Nikki-dvd-407x500 Top 10 Yandere Girls in Manga


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Top 5 Anime by Aaron


Yandere manga

The 9 Best Yandere Manga That You’ll Never Forget

The products we list are chosen independently by our writers. We sometimes link to these items to help our readers find the appropriate products. We may receive commissions (at no cost to you) from purchases made through our links. Learn more


Japanese manga is known for its different types of love. One of these is Yandere, where romantic obsession is borderline harmful or even criminal.

Here, we see naive heroines stalking, brandishing weapons to deter their competition, or even killing anyone who gets in the way of their love. It’s different from a tsundere, where the character exhibits a rough, cold exterior only to show a warm, caring side whenever he or she gets the chance.

If this kind of plot intrigues you, this list of the best Yandere manga (in no particular order) is sure to please you.

Let’s get started!


1.  Shimoneta: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn’t Exist (Hirotaka Akagi, 2014 – 2016)

Imagine a world (or at least, the country of Japan) where an uber-conservative government suppresses sexual language. By law, everyone must wear a monitoring device to keep citizens under round the clock surveillance against “perverted” thoughts and language.

The main character, Tanukichi Okuma, was the son of a “terrorist” — outspoken, sexually-woke individuals prosecuted by the authorities. Even with his family background, he aims to live a normal, peaceful, law-abiding life as he starts high school. But that plan went down the drain when he meets Ayame Kajou, the student council vice president who’s also secretly the icon of modern terrorists, masked heroine Blue Snow.

But the real source of Yandere energy for this manga is Anna Nishikinomia, the president of the student council. She’s also the daughter of one of the conservative politicians pushing to suppress sexual thoughts and language.

Imagine the level of sexual repression she’s suffered not just in school but also at home. When she accidentally kissed the main character, it woke all kinds of emotion from her, often mistaking her deep lust for love. She became a full yandere, chasing, stalking, and even assaulting the protagonist in the name of love. During these outbursts, she exhibits superhuman strength and speed, a common trait of yandere characters.

You can find the Japanese version of volume 1 on Amazon. Unfortunately, they don’t have the English version, but if you can read Japanese, you can check it out here: Shimoneta Japanese Version 1 (BLADE COMICS)


2.  Mirai Nikki (Sakae Esuno, 2006 – 2010)

Even in the early 2000s, mobile phones have already been quite useful. These bulky bricks helped people communicate on the fly, and the variety of features they pack also made them a must-have gadget for everyday activities. In this manga, though, we see another way to use these phones.

The protagonist, Yukiteru Amano, is your typical middle schooler: gloomy, stubborn, likes to keep to himself. And apparently, he loves to keep a diary on his phone. One fateful day, he was invited to participate in a ruthless survival game by Deus Ex Machina, an “imaginary friend.” If only he took his friend’s name as a clue, it would’ve saved him a lot of trouble! His mobile phone diary became the “Future Diary” that can tell him the future as a means to fight.

We’re also introduced to his only “comrade” in this death game, Yuno Gasai. Yuno is easily one of the most memorable Yandere heroines in manga. She’s ultra-protective of Yuki, making sure that those who dare to touch her Yuki will be dealt with horribly. You might think it’s convenient, especially with the survival game they’re in, but having a Yandere superfan is one of those things you really can’t be thankful for.

You can check out volume 1 on Amazon here: Future Diary, Vol. 1


3.  Happy Sugar Life (Tomiyaki Kagisora, 2015 – 2019)

Yandere is an extreme kind of love, and those who exhibit such character is irreparably messed up. Take the main character of this manga, for example. Satou Matsuzaka is pretty and charming and has lots of male admirers. But this cheerful and innocent girl awakens her perverted feelings, not to a boy her age but to someone else you wouldn’t expect.

Not towards a boy, and shockingly not someone her age. Satou found the love of her life with Shio Kobe, an eight-year-old girl. And like every yandere, anyone who gets in her way, or anyone who tries anything towards her love will definitely taste her wrath.

From the art, character design, and just overall first impression, you wouldn’t think there’s anything wrong with this manga. A girl-to-girl attraction isn’t something that would raise red flags, and there’s a whole genre dedicated to it, even. But when you see Satou going full yandere because of Shio, you’ll know for sure why this belongs in this “best of” list. You may want to binge actual cutesy, happy titles after this so that you can cleanse your palate and eyes from the main character’s outbursts.

Check out volume 1 here on Amazon: Happy Sugar Life, Vol. 1 (Happy Sugar Life, 1)


4.  Uwakoi (Masahiro Itosugi, 2011 – 2014)

The problem with most mainstream harem manga titles is that they withhold most of the juicy parts from the readers. These titles tease readers with the progress of relationships, often stopping short of the characters fulfilling their actual sexual desires. Fortunately, this doesn’t happen with the manga, Uwa-Koi. Instead, it has an abundance of these encounters. Who could say no to that?

To start, our lucky protagonist Yukiteru Tamaki is dating, Yuno Kirishima the childhood friend you’d seldom root for in an actual harem story. But since this is title is in the “best yandere” list, the devil’s really in the details. Yukiteru is constantly sleeping with one of their close friends, Reno Saotome.

With his conscience bugging him, Yukiteru wanted to tell Yuno what’s been going on. Since this is a harem title, having two beautiful ladies at your beck and call isn’t enough. So, unsurprisingly, another friend, Kaori Yumeno, found out about his complicated relationship “arrangement.” And to keep her quiet, of course, she wants a piece of the action as well. Good stuff.

So, where’s the yandere in this story? Well, it’s in our hearts, after all, my dudes.

Kidding aside, Yuno is the cray-cray one in this story. And it’s quite unfortunate for Yukiteru to be holding back when it comes to her while going full throttle with the other girls. How’d she take that, you ask? Well, she “forced” herself on him, short of saying she had her way with our frisky protagonist. And that’s just one of her yandere antics you’ll find when you get immersed in the story.

Volume 1 can be found on Amazon, but they only have the Japanese version here: UWA KOI Volume 1


5.  Ana Satsujin (Larsson, 2013 – 2016)

After a botched suicide attempt, Etsurou Kurosu found new meaning in life when he tore a hole in the wall to his neighbor’s apartment unit. Of course, it was purely voyeuristic, but he did realize that there are more things to discover in life, like his neighbor’s work schedule, her meals, and sexy “me times,” and lastly, her serial murders.

Yup, the neighbor, sexy Rio Miyaichi, was a serial killer who preyed on lustful, perverted men. Etsurou witnessed countless murders but didn’t do anything himself. He was a silent witness, or should we say, accomplice, because keeping her away from the authorities was also the only way for him to keep on his peeping addiction.

Of course, Rio learns that Etsurou’s been spying on her. But surprisingly, she gives him a choice: get killed like the rest of her victims and take her secrets to the grave, or keep her secrets, accept who she is, and love everything about her, serial murderer and all. Well, we won’t be talking about this manga if Etsurou took the first choice, right?

And this is just the start of their “complicated” relationship. And Rio is the epitome of yandere: she loves him, but she’s also a crazy serial killer. If that doesn’t get you hooked on this brilliantly messed up story, I don’t know what will.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to get an English version of this manga. If you can read Japanese, you can get the Japanese version on kindle at Amazon Japan here: Ana Satsujin – 穴殺人 1


6.  Abnormal-Kei Joshi (Haruaki Katou, 2012 – Present)

The protagonist of this manga title, Shiina Shinya, thinks that the girls around him are pretty harsh — they’re either indifferent, rude, or don’t notice him at all. He’s wrong, though, because in reality, all eyes are on him. It’s just that all the girls are weird, and they have their weird ways to keep tabs on what he does on the daily. It is technically a harem, without the main character knowing about his harem’s existence.

And just like every good harem, there’s always bound to be a yandere character. In Abnormal-Kei Joshi, it’s Tsubasa Tooka, a likable, cute character on the outside and a raging yandere inside. She’ll go to great lengths to follow Shiina; she’s practically spying on him round the clock.

She’s obsessed with him, and it doesn’t bother her to stalk him (of course, it’s against his will). There’s a mystery element in this manga, and her stalking skills are put to great use. I don’t know if it redeems her, but we love her yandere ways either way.

Another title that is hard to find and English version for. You can find the Japanese version on Amazon Japan here: Abnormal-Kei Joshi 1 – 危ノーマル系女子 1


7.  Hiai Mousou (Uzuki Nakamura, 2013 – 2015)

Ah, student-teacher affection, a well-loved theme in manga but frowned upon in real life. Hiai Mousou is such a title. We see the interactions between teacher Kazuma Kadomae and student Kanade Noeda. Kazuma is your typical caring, concerned teacher, while Kanade is presented as a troubled teen seeking her teacher’s help and attention. And that’s where the problem started.

You see, Kanade is not your average student. She’s obsessively in love with her teacher, and as the story unravels, so does her warped mentality. What started as an innocent crush became a nightmare for anyone in their right mind. Kanade is your textbook yandere: cute and caring but can turn crazy in a snap. And the scary part is, she’s not aware of what’s wrong with her actions. She’s naive with a love so pure, it hurts!

You can find volume 1 of the Japanese version on Amazon Japan here: Hiai Mousou 1 – 被愛妄想 1


8.  Berserk (Kentaro Miura, 1989 – present)

One of the manga masterpieces still running today, Berserk is a manga full of dynamic characters that you’ll either love or hate. It follows Guts’ story in his quest for vengeance against those who wronged him and the people he loves. The story’s so long that it’s impossible to give a wrong summary. Vengeance, betrayal, friendship, love – you could mix and match any of these words in describing the manga, and you won’t be wrong.

But how does this slot in our “best yandere” list? Well, to start, the main antagonist, Griffith, is probably one of the biggest yandere characters today. And yes, he’s a guy, a once-trusted companion/leader for Guts, and yes, he has betrayed our boy countless times.

Griffith’s love-hate relationship with Guts is borderline creepy; it perfectly matches his role in this title. He’s the devil that looks divine, and he’ll go to great lengths to torment Guts. He stole, raped, and discarded his girl in the early arcs. He’s basically purged every single one of Gut’s loved ones in the world.

You can find the 5 book set on Amazon here: Berserk Volume 1-5 Collection 5 Books Set (Series 1)


9.  Death Note (Tsugumi Ohba, 2003 – 2006)

This anime is a staple in any mystery or psychological thriller list, simply because of the well-written storyline and compelling characters. Imagine getting thrust into a world where you have the power to kill anyone, but you also have a nemesis who can read your every move like a book. The whole series is an enduring chess match, where the loser is bound to die. We could go on and on about how good this manga is, but that’s not what this is list is about.

If it’s yandere you want, Death Note has one that fits the bill perfectly. Misa Amane, a goth idol, was one of those people blessed with a Death Note. She’s deeply devoted to the series’ antihero, Light. Even with a power that equals or even rivals Light, she’s willing to be used as a tool by him. She does this so Light can evade those who are after him, and of course, continue killing the scum of the world.

Misa Amane is the yandere we want but don’t deserve because even with her scary “kill you this instant” power, she’s still subservient to her one and only love. Even when she knows that he’s just using her, she’s willing to do everything in her power to fulfill his wishes.

You can get the complete set with volumes 1-13 here on Amazon: Death Note Complete Box Set: Volumes 1-13 with Premium




1.  Cock Robin Wo Korosu No Wa (Ryuu Kaname, 2009 – 2010)

Students get involved in a killing game, and a cute yet mysterious girl offers to protect the main character. What else could go wrong? Well, don’t forget what this list is about!

Japanese version of volume 1 on Amazon Japan here: Cock Robin Wo Korosu No Wa 1 – クックロビンを殺すのは 1


2.  Ibitsu (Haruto Ryou, 2009 – 2010)

A strange girl follows you to your room in the dead of night. WIN! Well, that’s probably what the main character thought until her personality starts to unravel, and her desire to be part of your world becomes more apparent!

Check out volume 1 here on Amazon: Ibitsu


3.  Dead Tube (Touta Kitakawa, Mikoto Yamaguchi, 2014 – Present)

Okay, how about this? On a school project, you decide to follow and film a psychopathic girl. Surely, you’ll get an A+, right? Maybe even a girlfriend as a bonus? Well, how about you become her official videographer, and if you stop, you get to be one of her victims?

You can find the Japanese version of volume 1 here on Amazon Japan: DEAD Tube 1 – デッドチューブ 1


4.  Koharu no Hibi (Youkou Ooshiro, 2009 – 2012)

Imagine a cute girl pulling “notice me senpai” moves on you; surely you’ll be flooded with happiness, right? What if she does that over and over again? Will that win you over? Now imagine catching her doing crazy, perverted stuff with your flute, as in the musical instrument. How would you feel now?

The Japanese version of volume 1 can be found on Amazon Japan: Koharu no Hibi 1 – こはるの日々 1


5.  Ijousha no Ai (Daisuke Chida, 2017 – 2018)

The protagonist has a crush on a cute girl. The cute girl gets murdered by his yandere stalker/admirer. They’re all little kids back then, so imagine the trauma our main character suffered. Flash forward to high school, our MC has another crush on another girl. Will she suffer the same fate?

The Japanese only version of volume 1 can be found on Amazon Japan here: Ijousha no Ai 1 – 異常者の愛 1


After reading this list, did any of the abovementioned items made you curious? Or do you have a title that we might’ve missed, and you want other readers to know about? Head on to the comments to share and discuss!


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