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Modded Camaro SS Races Ford Mustang GT and Gets Gapped, but There's a Glitch

Sure, both coupes have been taken to the gym, but none of them features overly serious mods. And yet such a battle can easily heat up the muscle car communities, with Fordand Chevy guys often engaging in what you might call side battles—the comments section of the video below provides an example of this.

YouTuber Can I Be Frank, who captured the whole thing on camera, doesn't mention the exact custom hardware fitted to the vehicles. Nevertheless, we are told that the Chevy's 6.2-liter LT1, which delivers 455 hp in factory form, has received custom headers, along with an E85 setup.

As for the Mustang, which is a 2016 model, its 5.0-liter Gen II Coyote produces 435 hp when stock (by the way, here's our reviewof the pony). While we're told this unit, which now sips on E85, comes with full bolt-ons, we may need to take this with a grain of salt. For now, the only assessment we can make is based on how the Blue Oval toy measures up to its Golden Bowtie rival, so we're not exactly operating in a precise manner here.

The two muscle cars engaged in a street fight with multiple rounds, which means they went for the usual rolling starts. And we have to remind you to steer clear of this path and head over to the drag strip whenever you feel like doing battle.

For one, as far as the transmission front is concerned, this fight was as balanced as they get. You see, both the 'Stang and the Camarocame with a six-speed manual. Speaking of which, while a clear winner emerged, one of the machines did seem to struggle during the second run, with the mishap appearing to involve rowing through the gears. Even so, the slabs of America put on quite a show.

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We’ve featured many car collections at over the years, everything from ultra-rare exotics to superb classics, muscle cars, crazy custom creations, and forgotten gems. We've occasionally seen Mustangs through all that, but this is the first time we’ve encountered a full collection devoted solely to Ford’s storied pony car. And for something of an ironic spin, this collection comes to us not from the U.S., but south of the border from a devoted Mustang enthusiast in Mexico.

Jerry Heasley on YouTube brings us this video that goes inside an unnamed private owner’s garage, and before we go further there’s something that must be mentioned here. This collection is epic, and we’re not saying that because it’s full of vintage first-generation Mustangs. Those of you with keen eyes and Mustang knowledge will have no trouble spotting various non-original items and clones of some rather iconic models. As the tour guide in the video explains, this isn’t a collection of machines adored for originality. The owner of these cars loves Mustangs, and he loves giving them a personal touch. There’s certainly nothing wrong with having a flawless array of completely original cars, but we also adore folks with a passion for motoring. And when it comes to making a car your own, few nameplates have done it so well over the years than the Mustang.

That’s why we don’t flinch even a tiny bit over the orange Boss 302 clone, and actually, that slightly altered side stripe looks gorgeous. We love the custom touches on the black 1965 coupe, and what’s not to like about having a sweet GT500 Eleanor copy with a convertible top? That’s not to say the collection is entirely custom – we start right off the bat with an original 68 Shelby GT500 that’s “99 percent” restored. A few minutes and decades later we get to a white 2007 - 2009 Shelby GT500 with the red stripe package.

Okay, the blue late-model GT500 was misidentified on-camera (it’s a 2010-2012 model) but that’s forgiven when we see the cool 1972 convertible, not to mention the original, unrestored 1968 California Special. There’s even a yellow SN95 5.0 convertible hiding in the corner, complete with upgraded 1996-1998 taillights, and you know we have a soft spot for SN95 convertibles. Well, at least one scribe does, anyway.

Having seen so many spotless garages with vehicles parked in meticulous order and surrounded by life support equipment, it’s nice to wander through the garage of an enthusiast where you get the sense that cars are waiting to be driven, not simply admired. We so need more of this in our lives.

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14 Insane Mods You Would Only Put On A Ford Mustang

The Ford Mustang is a true automotive icon. Born in the 1960s as a fun and affordable car, it has lived a long life serving that purpose well. After more than 50 years, the Mustang's popularity is still as strong as ever, with sales still rolling in.

But with so many Mustangs on the road, it's natural for Mustang owners to want to separate themselves from the crowd, and the best way to do that is to modify your Mustang. This is a common idea, and to meet that demand, plenty of aftermarket parts are available, supplying you with all your modification needs.

While many modifications are similar across all makes and models (i.e. performance exhaust, coil-overs, etc), the desire for Mustang owners to personalize their cars has given rise to a style of modifications that is distinctly Mustang.

While you can put these modifications on any car you desire, they've come into their own as touches that work best on Mustangs. Here are 15 such modifications that elevate your Mustang to a whole new level:

14 Grille Lights

Inspired by the top tier Mustangs of old, having lights installed in your grille is nothing new, but when combined with the retro style of newer Mustangs, it just looks awesome. Even then, they add function too, as you get increased visibility on poorly lit backroads, the perfect place to enjoy your Mustang.

13 Rear Louvres

Another modification inspired by the dream worthy Mustangs of the 1960s and '70s, rear louvres may not do much for your car, except for a tad bit of aerodynamics, but they look amazing. When you think of cars with rear louvres like this, your options are between a Lamborghini Miura, or a Mustang, not bad company at all.

12 Bolt-On Supercharger

Converting a naturally aspirated engine to forced induction, like a turbo or supercharger, may seem like a daunting task on most cars, but on the 5.0 Mustang, it's actually quite easy to make serious power. Superchargers for these Mustangs are designed to bolt-on in a few simple steps, while it's not a complete cakewalk, it's far easier than you'd think on a Mustang.

11 Front Splitter With Support Rods

Not many cars can pull this look off. The support rods here just add too much visual clutter to most cars, with no real purpose to them. But on a Mustang, the look works perfectly. On top of that, a front splitter actually does good things for your Mustangs aerodynamic performance.

10 Giant Hood Scoop

This is one of those modifications that either looks terrible or absolutely fantastic. When done to a Mustang, it falls squarely in the second category. On top of that, the big V8 in Mustangs needs to breathe, so adding a hood scoop really doesn't hurt, and if you decide to add a supercharger, it really will help the car out.

9 "LOL" Tail Lights

The taillights on Mustangs are iconic, the 3 rectangles instantly give away what car you're looking at (if you couldn't tell already). But looking at those rectangles, they can easily by overlaid with LEDs and modified to spell out words. A common word to do this with is "LOL," to taunt anyone who can't keep up, or "LOL RUN" to warn people at Cars & Coffee.

8 Cold Air Intake

A lot of people who've ever modified, or wanted to modify, their car have turned to Cold Air Intakes as a first mod. It's cheap, easy, and promises a boost in horsepower. Unfortunately for most cars, it doesn't really do a whole lot. But on a V8 Mustang that needs as much air as possible, they do genuinely make some difference.

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7 Sway Bar Kits

Another mod that's common on many cars, but really helps when installed on a Mustang. Sway bar kits make a huge improvement to handling on most cars, but on a muscle car like a Mustang, they make a world of difference. Essentially, your car is a 2-ton pile of metal, when changing directions this weight gets thrown from side to side causing body roll. Sway bar kits stiffen up your chassis to help cut the roll down and improve handling - a huge improvement for Mustangs.

6 Projector Headlights

Projector headlights look awesome. The thin and refined LED surrounding a massively powerful light looks cool and helps to illuminate the entire road better than any stock headlight could. But it's the looks that make them so great on Mustangs. With their style, they invoke images of vintage Mustangs and their simple yet beautiful front end.

5 Cunningham Stripes

Racing stripes are something even non-car enthusiasts recognize as cool. While many cars look good in racing stripes, the white paint with 2 blue stripes scheme is actually a bit of American automotive history. A style invented by Briggs Cunningham, this paint scheme gained fame through Le Mans but solidified its place as an iconic Mustang style when it became a paint option for the 1965 Shelby GT350.

4 Roush Style Rear Spoiler

Spoilers look cool, you may agree or disagree with that, but tasteful spoilers can seriously make a car look amazing. This is especially true on the Mustang, with its beautifully curved fastback, topping it off with a low rise spoiler like what Roush offers (or in the style of their spoiler), just completes the car's overall look perfectly.

3 Vintage Style Hood Pins

Oftentimes, aftermarket racing hoods have problems working with the stock hood latch. This is solved by using simple hood pins to hold it down. But more than that, the most powerful classic Mustangs used hood pins from the factory, making it a style that not only lets you use a lighter hood but also screams vintage coolness.

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2 Cobb Accessport

A classic modification for tuner cars like the Subaru WRX, the Cobb Accessport allows for loading different engine tunes on the go, as well as the ability to act as custom gauges to monitor crucial systems within your car. With the introduction of the Ecoboost Mustang, Cobb began offering this powerhouse of a modification to Mustang owners.

1 A Sense Of Humor

Mustangs take a lot of flak in the car community. Whether it's mocking them for the internet-famous botched exits at car meets, or for how common they are on the street. But, at the end of the day, a Mustang is an awesome car for the money. It's for the best to laugh with the haters as you ride in confidence, knowing you drive an awesome American classic.

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