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BioFit Probiotic Scam Risks (What They'll Never Tell You!!!)

Detroit, MI, April 10, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

BioFit is a new weight loss supplement designed to boost your metabolism by improving gut health and balancing your metabolic hormones. It was developed by Christina Miller, a former housewife who dealt with obesity herself. After years of struggling to lose weight, she researched the root causes of obesity and developed BioFit to help others like her get slimmer & healthier.

If you’re someone struggling to lose weight, need to shed extra pounds, or just need that additional push to get rid of stubborn belly fat, then BioFit could be right for you.

In short, BioFit is a Nature’s Formula’s weight loss probiotic that contains 7 scientifically studied ingredients known to help with slimming down due to its gut healing properties. According to Chrissie Miller's official introduction, the BioFit probiotic regimen involves eating brownies, burgers, ice cream, and other delicious foods while losing significant amounts of weight, all thanks to the ability of the seven healing strains that it contains and work against digestive problems.

Indeed, the BioFit official website says you can indeed eat anything and also become slimmer due to the formula's unique capacity to naturally balance your gut's bacteria. BioFit's website is brimming with positive reviews and customer testimonials from individuals who say they have lost between 30 and 70 pounds while adhering to the BioFit probiotic diet. The supplement is said to also relieve stomach problems such as bloating, constipation, or gas.

But are BioFit scam risks real? Or are the BioFit probiotic supplement ingredients legit catalysts to burn fat and lose weight naturally? All consumers looking to become real BioFit customers should review the following information to understanding the shocking negative side effects and alarming BioFit scam complaints that have been found online.

What is BioFit & How Does BioFit Work?

BioFit is a weight loss supplement designed to help people shed the fat from the most stubborn areas of their body like their stomach, back, and thighs. It was made specifically for those who’ve struggled to lose weight the most, with the creator being a woman who struggled with weight all her life.

According to the manufacturer, the main problem with most weight loss supplements is that they target a specific problem that leads to obesity, not the root cause. This causes most supplements to be ineffective or only cause temporary results.

BioFit is different in that it targets the root cause of weight issues – an imbalanced gut biome (bacteria flora in your gut). When this is imbalanced, digestion slows down causing you to store more fat. In addition, the bacteria in your gut responsible for aiding in the production of metabolic hormones are missing, causing your metabolism to slow even further. This leads to continual weight gain and is the root cause of why so many people gain weight and can’t figure out why.

BioFit works to fix this by restoring a healthy balance in gut flora to restore healthy production of metabolic hormones and improve your overall digestion. Within weeks, digestive issues typically resolve themselves, the body’s metabolism naturally increases, and you’ll see a sudden stop in weight gain.

Probiotic Ingredients in BioFit

BioFit contains seven strains of fat burning strains of bacteria that work to burn fat, improve digestion, and improve your immunity. All seven of these strains have been clinically studied and are proven to target weight gain and poor metabolic function.

Following an amusing video and an interesting sales page, people learn Chrissie's and more than 27,000 other happy users’ “mystical” weight loss secret: they all take the probiotic supplement BioFit. To lose weight too, all you have to do is also begin using it, and you will soon begin burning fat. However, anybody who has some experience with using natural supplements knows the trick is in the formula, and for the case of BioFit, the tablet. So, any of the below BioFit ingredients deserves a detailed examination to determine how they act optimally and support the microbiome in the gut. The BioFit solution contains 7 distinct strains of probiotics totaling more than 5.75 billion colony forming units (CFUs)/unit (per BioFit weight loss pill). These seven strains of bacteria include:

Bacillus Subtilis – Baccilus Subtillis is a strain of bacteria known to reduce inflammation. It may help support metabolic function by removing the inflammation that slows down the digestion of food. It also acts as a natural appetite suppressant. Bacillus Subtilis is a probiotic strain that enhances constipation and diarrhea, the body’s structure, and athletic efficiency. Additionally, it is considered suitable as an ingredient in dietary supplements, drinks, and foods. More than 30 studies on this ingredient have been performed, and all of them established that ingesting it is reliable and safe.

Bifidobacterium Longum – This strain of bacteria helps you burn off fat by speeding up your metabolism. Studies have found this strain of bacteria is also very effective at supporting the digestive system as well. B. Longum is a special strain that has been discovered to be protective of the intestines’ walls against pathogenic bacteria. Additionally, it aids in the degradation of carbohydrates and proteins. One study [8] that examined the benefits of B. Longum in humans, specifically the clinically studied BB356, concluded the following:

  • It is effective at alleviating symptoms associated with respiratory, infectious, and immunological diseases.
  • It has been shown that it can maintain a healthy gut microbiota, as well as improve the intestinal climate.
  • It may help to fight immune deficiency.

Lactobacillus Rhamnosus - Lactobacillus Rhamnosus is another strain of bacteria that helps speed up your metabolism. It acts as a natural energy booster and helps fight fatigue that is often associated with poor digestion and an imbalanced gut flora. Naturally occurring in the human body, L. Rhamnosus may also be isolated from any dairy product. It was reported that this particular genus-species pairing had been studied extensively in both adults and children. For 24 weeks, one study [1] examined the effect of L. Rhamnosus on weight loss and maintenance in obese people. This is what it found:

  • On average, women taking LPR lost more weight than women taking a placebo.
  • Women undergoing LPR consumption experienced improvements in their body weight, leptin levels, and fat.
  • The differences between men receiving LPR and those receiving placebo were minimal or nonexistent.

Lactobacillus Acidophilus – This strain of bacteria is known to reduce body fat by decreasing leptin levels. Leptin is a hormone that is released by fat tissue and controls appetite. Studies have linked obesity to higher leptin levels so reducing leptin levels is essential in order to maintain a healthy weight. L. Acidophilus continues to be among the most well-known probiotic bacteria. Surprisingly, it has traditionally been used as a milk ingredient to promote proper digestion. It was revealed during the writing of this piece that L. Acidophilus is the only strain with very comprehensive clinical evaluations. After deeper evaluations, a study [4] that examined its beneficial role in patients with (IBS) was discovered. The findings indicate that supplementing with L. acidophilus helps alleviate abdominal discomfort or pain. Finally, the researchers concluded the strain has a positive impact on those with IBS.

Lactobacillus Casei - Lactobacillus Casei makes it easier for your body to digest food and supports your entire digestive system. It also helps relieve many digestive issues commonly associated with poor gut flora, such as IBS, diarrhea, and constipation. Contrasting the other probiotics described here, L. Casei has the broadest temperature range and pH. Additionally, it reportedly aids in the development of Lactobacillus Acidophilus presented next here. As HealthLine says [2], this bacteria is also present in the genital and urinary tracts to a lesser degree. Concerning its advantages, the summarized literature indicates that it could be beneficial in avoiding diarrhea, constipation, inflammatory bowel disease, infections, and much more. Regarding its impact on being overweight, one analysis cites the findings of a study [3] conducted on mice. The goal was to give mice fermented milk with Lactobacillus Casei. This had a beneficial impact on their obesity biomarkers and microbiota.

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Lactobacillus Plantarum – This strain of bacteria is said to help “clean out” the digestive system and eliminates the bad bacteria from the body. It may also support immunity and helps with nutrient absorption. According to one study [5], L. Plantarum has been widely used in foods due to its antimicrobial, antifungal, antioxidant, and antimutagenic properties [9]. It has so far been used in medicine to treat Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, diabetes, obesity, stroke, asthma, urogenital problems, and liver diseases. Additionally, clinical studies [6] have shown that it has a beneficial effect on IBS, diarrheal disorders, and is believed to have anti-obesity properties. Concerning weight control, a previous study noted that it was consistent when it comes to mice losing weight [7].

Bifidobacterium Breve – Finally, this bacteria strain is associated with improved immune system function and metabolic function. It may also remove bad cholesterol from your body and helps support healthy metabolic function. B. Breve is a bacterium that is said to be present in intestines and human breast milk. In terms of gains when it comes to its anti-obesity properties, it decreases triglyceride levels and increases the HDL cholesterol ones, says a study [9]. As encouraging as these findings are, they cannot be extended to obese individuals, as this necessitates further study.

Combined, these seven ingredients work to restore the balance in your gut so your body can operate as efficiently as possible. Within weeks, your body will respond with a higher metabolism, better energy levels, and improved digestion. Like so many others, you can potentially see huge changes in body composition simply by adding BioFit to your daily regime.

Benefits of BioFit Weight Loss Probiotic

While BioFit is considered a weight loss supplement, its’ benefits go far beyond that. In fact, there are quite a few more benefits to taking BioFit, many of which have been reported by a large percentage of users. Many users report experiencing many of these benefits:

Higher energy levels – An imbalanced gut flora is known to cause slow digestion, which can reduce energy levels in the body. Restoring healthy digestion and balancing your gut biome is known to increase energy levels and may provide you with sustainable focus, productivity, and energy all day long. BioFit also helps speed up your metabolism as well, which may further boost energy levels.

Improved digestion – The bacteria in your gut are responsible for controlling your digestion. An imbalance in your gut flora can cause poor digestion that may cause indigestion, diarrhea, constipation, and bloating. BioFit helps restore healthy digestion to relieve these symptoms, to boost your metabolism, and to improve your overall health & wellness.

Better immunity – Believe it or not, much of your immune system is found in your digestive tract. Your gut flora makes up around 75% of your immune system, which is why poor digestive health can lead to a weak immune system, frequent illness, and, poor general health. BioFit helps restore a healthy gut flora and boosts your immunity so your body can remain strong enough to fight off illness.

These are just a few of the many different benefits associated with BioFit. By adding BioFit to your daily regime, you can restore the balance to your health and improve your overall wellness. It’s why thousands of people from around the world love BioFit.

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Can BioFit Really Help You Lose Weight?

While BioFit isn’t your typical weight loss supplement, the science behind it is fairly straight forward. Various studies have shown that a poor gut flora can significantly impact digestion and reduce your body’s metabolic function. This in turn can lead to weight gain, high blood pressure, diabetes, and a number of other health issues.

Meanwhile, restoring a healthy balance to your gut flora has been shown to improve digestion, immunity, and metabolic function. This process may seem simple but it is incredible important to your body composition and overall health.

So can BioFit really help you lose weight? Simply put – yes it can help you lose weight. Within weeks, your metabolism can operate efficiently and normally to help stop weight gain and to actually start burning fat in your body.

Side Effects of BioFit – Is BioFit Safe?

BioFit is proven to help support healthy weight loss using its’ blend of clinically studied ingredients. However, the best part about the product is that it is not only effective – it is safe too. As of current status of this newly researched BioFit review, there are zero reported adverse reactions and negative side effects that consumers should be worried about when consuming the number one weight loss probiotic supplement in the world.

Probiotic ingredients have been rigorously studied over the last decade and are proven to be overwhelmingly safe. There have only been a few reports of any major side effects occurring and most healthy experts agree they are very safe for the average adult to use.

Therefore, we can say with a high degree of certainty that BioFit is very safe and does not pose any adverse risks to your health. Although it’s a fairly new supplement, already thousands of users can attest to the safety and effectiveness of this product.

If you are unsure whether or not BioFit may be right for you, then you can consult a doctor before trying this product. He or she should be able to tell you whether this product is safe for you to try. However, in general, probiotics are considered very safe and you should feel very comfortable about trying BioFit.

How Long Does it Take to See Results?

Like any supplement, results with BioFit vary from person to person. In some cases, people have seen results in as little as a few weeks. Others have needed to use the product for up to two months before they see real, noticeable weight loss.

In general, the manufacturer recommends you take the product for 30 to 60 days before making any decision on whether BioFit is the right weight loss product for you. It is entirely possible to see results before then but the 30 to 60 day timeframe is recommended simply so you give the product enough time.

Most users will see some results within the first few weeks, especially related to digestion. However, weight loss will probably end up taking around a month before you notice a change in your body composition.

How to Order BioFit

If you’re ready to order BioFit and want to slim down for good, then you need to visit the official website and order this revolutionary weight loss product today. On the official website, you’ll see multiple purchasing options, depending on your individual needs:

  • One Bottle: $69.00 + $9.99 shipping
  • Three Bottles: $177 / $59/bottle
  • Six Bottles: $294 / $49/bottle

As you can see, your best bet is to order three or six bottles if you want to get the best bang for your buck. Regardless of what you purchase, you can be assured you’ll receive BioFit’s exclusive 180 day money back guarantee, which is offered on all purchases. That is how confident the manufacturer is in their product.

If for any reason you are not happy with your experience with BioFit, aren’t seeing the results you desire, or simply don’t like the product, you can request a refund from the manufacturer. Simply send the unused bottles and you’ll receive a refund for your purchase – no questions asked.

BioFit FAQ

Nature’s Formula products have been endorsed by pediatricians, chiropractors, homeopaths, naturopaths, acupunctu­neo­paths, and osteopaths. As a leading gut-healing probiotic, BioFit surely has raised the curiosity of potential customers who might be asking "How does it work and what is it capable of?". Here are the most often asked questions on BioFit:

Can you assure me that it's safe to use BioFit?

Nature’s Formula claims all their products are 100% pure and organic, the BioFit official website says. To be honest, of course, like with all supplements, there are potential benefits to take advantage of, but of course, the manufacturing company must be honest in telling the user how safe their product is. Anyone who is or may become pregnant, or who is breastfeeding, should check with their physicians before using this product.

Does BioFit contain any allergens?

As the product’s official website says, there are no allergens in BioFit. The supplement is produced in a facility that still uses milk as a raw material. Thus, people who are allergic to milk should be cautious about using it.

How should BionFit be used?

BioFit is recommended for the treatment of obesity and being overweight. People can take one capsule of it every day with 8-ounce water.

What are the supposed benefits of using BioFit?

BioFit might assist with digestion, help minimize bloating, speed up the weight loss process, and boost immunity, yet this only when used regularly.

How long does a bottle of BioFit last?

One serving of the whole BioFit bottle is equal to one tablet, so a bottle with 30 capsules is supposed to last the customer 30 days. In most situations, a 3-month supply of the supplement is just enough, but if you suffer from a more serious digestion condition, use more and as your doctor indicates.

Is there an expiration date BioFit?

There is a manufacturer's stated date on the bottle, which indicates that BioFit has a shelf life of 2 years if properly stored. If you can't find a contact date, please contact customer care.

Is BioFit available in other countries?

Currently, only U.S. and Canadian consumers can order BioFit. This delivery will take 5-7 days.

Who Is Chrissie Miller?

Chrissie says she’s a typical 43-year-old woman and a mother who struggled to lose weight for years before coming across the BioFit formula. On the product’s website, she’s quick to point out that she is not a nutritionist or doctor and has no pretense of being one. She lacks weight loss credentials, medical certifications, or personal fitness certifications. In other words, she is just a woman who lost significant weight. Rebecca, Sophie, and Chris are the names of her children.

Chrissie weighed 182 pounds after the birth of Sophie, and she fought tooth and nail to get rid of all the extra weight she was carrying. She had a 42-inch waist and experimented with a variety of weight-loss diets, including those based on organic food, low-calorie ones, low-carb, vegetarian, no-carb, as well as with cardio. These assisted Chrissie in losing weight temporarily, but she quickly put it all back. To summarize, Chrissie together with her husband began studying weight loss solutions, including holistic treatments and grass-roots scientific research. And she found her weight loss solution when participating in an anonymous biohacking online forum.

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She started following the recommendations included in this forum post, achieved success, and now she wishes to share the curriculum with the public through BioFit. Chrissie lost 1 pound after 3 days on a diet in which she ate what she wanted. And the weight loss went on for years. In only 4 months, all her baby weight was gone, plus an additional 5 pounds. She'd lost 221 pounds and didn’t diet at all, all thanks to the magical ingredients she used. Let's take a closer look at the weight-loss ingredients Chrissie used and that are present in her BioFit probiotic recipe.

More About Nature’s Formula

As previously said, Biofit was developed by Chrissie Miller in collaboration with Nature’s Formula, a company that has been activating in the health business for 25 years more exactly and has successfully assisted over 500,000 individuals in optimizing their fitness and wellbeing. Their goal is to inform people about all-natural treatment methods that do not rely on medications or surgery. After conducting studies on specific ingredients that promote fitness, they were able to develop 4 distinct solutions. Since the day they became recognized as a company, the elements that have been constant with them are their three fundamental values. These are:

  • Providing ground-breaking knowledge about what natural health, which is simple to comprehend and apply, means
  • Creating wellbeing goods and provide services that bring about the best results together with the most enjoyable consumer experience
  • Establishing a fitness culture that empowers people to be the masters of their health and helps the world remain closer together

According to Chrissie Miller, BioFit has benefited thousands of her customers. It is unknown, though, what kind of job Chrissie Miller. No one ones about where she lives either. She makes no argument of being a health specialist of any kind, but she continues to have clients of various kinds.

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Where to Buy BioFit?

Again, BioFit is only accessible for sale through the website. Here are the prices at which it’s currently being offered here:

  • 1 bottle for $69
  • 3 bottles cost $177.00 (most popular selection)
  • 6 bottles go for $294 (best value)

Shipping and handling are included in these prices. BioFit is one of the most expensive probiotic supplements on the market, yet Chrissie says she holds the prices at rock bottom, just to be able to pay the people she works with. Besides, the supplement is priced according to its quality and the quantity provided. Keep in mind that skimping on dosages usually produces worse performance. If you’re not 100% satisfied, send it back within 180 days and you’ll get a full refund of your money. There are no additional shipping charges.

The 3 Bonuses that Come with All BioFit Orders

Here are the 3 bonuses that customers receiving when ordering any of the BioFit offers available:

Bonus #1: The Truth About Dieting

Treat yourself. It's not as easy as it sounds. When reading this e-book, you can learn how to indulge in the foods you love without gaining weight. BioFit suggests you eat as much as you can and still lose weight. And many people are ready to swear by this claim.

Bonus #2: Favorite Recipes

This book emphasizes low-fat dishes. There are recipes in it for delicious, healthy meals that can help you lose weight quickly, no matter what foods you love eating the most.

Bonus #3: Private Members Area

With access to menu schedules, tutorial notes, and recipes.

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Are BioFit Probiotic Scam Risks Legit?

Yes, the BioFit scam risks are very serious and very legitimate. Why? Because they absolutely exist and are a harsh reality that anyone who does not buy Biofit probiotic pills directly from are at real risk of experiencing negative side effects and harmful adverse reactions due to all of the fake formulas floating around under the same brand name. Whether going to Amazon, Ebay, Walmart or any number of third party retail marketplaces, you can find BioFit weight loss supplements. But, the truth of the matter is they are all BioFit probiotic scams. Nature's Formulas and Chrissie Miller make it extremely clear that the only place they offer their BioFit weight loss probiotic formula is directly through the official website. Not only is this guaranteed to have been made in an FDA-approved facility with upkept cGMP standards, but it also ensures ultimate consumer protection in the form of a industry-leading 180 day money back guarantee. This is an incredible vote of confidence in just how effective the BioFit ingredients are at burning fat and losing weight naturally without the risk of any harmful side effects. And to top it off, no where else will real customers of BioFit be offered the three free bonuses that are worth the admission price of a one month supply and then some. All in all, these nefarious Biofit probiotic scam risks are what they will never tell you in all of these other fake reviews and fraudulent product listings as they are simply trying to make a quick dollar without actually informing or doing the necessary research to help consumers make an educated and informed decision when buying the real BioFit probiotic supplement directly from the manufacturer.

Final Verdict: Is BioFit Probiotic Right For You?

If you’ve been in the market for a real, legitimate supplement to help you lose weight, then look no further. BioFit has the proven ingredients and proven history of delivering real, long-term & sustainable weight loss. Thousands of adults from all over the world have already unlocked the power of BioFit to help them reach their fitness goals. If you’re ready to get slimmer & healthier, then you need to visit the official website of BioFit and order your bottles today!

In closing, this BioFit probiotic review covered all of the potential scam threats and health risks about the negative side effects and fraud complaints surrounding Nature's Formulas gut healing fat burner. Given all of the positives and very few negatives regarding the use of BioFit probiotic weight loss supplement, there is so much more to gain than lose out on when making a decision to try the number one selling fat burner on the market in 2021.

From the powerhouse probiotic strains that are clinically studied ingredients for burning fat more effectively and losing weight faster, to the incredibly generous 6 month refund policy to the three free bonuses offered with every order of BioFit probiotic, if you made it this far, it would be very wise to move forward with a purchase from the official website

Official Website:

Contact Details: BioFit ProBiotic

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 1-866-460-6008 (24/7)


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BioFit Reviews

BioFit Reviews: Is BioFit Probiotic Worth the Money? (Scam or Legit?)

This article contains affiliate links to products. Discover may receive a commission for purchases made through these links.

BioFit is an industry-leading probiotic weight loss supplement by Nature's Formulas, a company with over two decades of first-hand experience in formulating proven winners. The BioFit probiotic is one of the most powerful formulations on the market, containing the purest, highest grade of all seven miracle microbes according to the official spokeswomen Chrissie Miller. But what makes the Nature's Formulas BioFit probiotic weight loss supplement so special? This review on BioFit comes from a real customer and actual user of the formula, and will discuss in-depth insights into the world of what makes this formula so rare and unique in the 24 billion dollar weight loss supplement industry. From the power of a special spore delivery system (so the BioFit probiotic ingredients and their 800 milligrams of microbes can survive harsh stomach acids in order to quickly improve digestion, increase energy, and accelerate fat loss), to the incredible 180-day (6-month refund policy) money back guarantee, to the invaluable free bonuses that come with any purchase of one, three or six bottles (that also includes The Truth About Dieting PDF eBook), this BioFit probiotic review is unlike any of the other fake customer testimonials found online. And as a capstone, the following research will outline exactly how to get the best pricing with the biggest discounts possible from the official website (and how to avoid all of the BioFit scams), which will also empower every individual to make an educated, informed decision on whether or not this weight loss supplement is worth the money or right for you today.

BioFit Introduction

BioFit is a diet pill and probiotic supplement sold online through only.

Using seven strains of probiotic bacteria that tally a whopping 5.75 billion CFUs per capsule, BioFit claims to support weight loss in multiple ways via gut biome optimization and natural digestion support. By taking one capsule of BioFit every day, you can purportedly lose a noticeable amount of weight with limited diet, exercise, or effort needed according to Nature's Formulas' Chrissie Miller. Obviously, the next follow up question to such bold claims is where all the roads lead, and how does this powerhouse probiotic product actually work to help fight back against the battle of the bulge and win the war against obesity via gut optimization?

So is BioFit really the weight loss shortcut you’ve been waiting for? How does BioFit work and what does it do? Keep reading to find out how much weight you can lose by taking BioFit today.

About BioFit

BioFit is a clinically studied probiotic supplement and weight loss aid with high profile strains that support gut microbes, the little bacteria that live inside your digestive system. Each bottle of BioFit contains 30 vegetarian tablets and contain 5.75 billion CFUs per pill. You take one tablet daily to help your body support your weight loss goals by accelerating the breakdown of food and produce various chemicals that act as a natural catalyst towards burning fat safely and effectively.

It is safe to say in 2021 that probiotic supplements have never been more popular. Increasing research connects your gut health to immunity, health and wellness, weight loss, brain function, and more. Poor gut health is bad for your body and mind. Many people take probiotic supplements daily to avoid gut issues because it is now scientifically proven that the balance of good versus bad bacteria is the most important factor in losing weight, even more than how much you eat or how much you exercise.

BioFit doesn’t just claim to support gut health using probiotics: the makers of BioFit claim their supplement can help you lose a significant amount of weight by adding fat burning microbes that truly act as a miracle weight loss catalyst. It’s advertised as more than just a probiotic: it’s a weight loss aid that could change your life due to these seven miracle microbes found in the BioFit probiotic weight loss pills.

How Does BioFit Work?

BioFit is formulated to provide some benefits similar to other probiotic supplements – like better digestion and support for immune function, but takes it a step further due to the patented DE111 strain and potent dosage amounts of the right ingredients.

The Nature's Formulas company and Chrissie Miller also showcase benefits we don’t often see with other probiotic supplements – like the ability to lose up to 70 pounds of fat or more while taking BioFit without changing your diet and exercise habits. And this is not just supported by mere words, the entire video presentation is jam-packed with real BioFit customers sharing their success stories of just how well this fat burner worked for them.

Overall, BioFit claims to optimize digestion and weight loss in multiple ways. It uses your gut bacteria to transform your body into a fat burning furnace. Just take one capsule of BioFit daily, then enjoy all of the following benefits:

• Burn up to 70 pounds of fat without changing your diet or exercise habits • Support bloating, digestion, and other stomach benefits • Lose weight without diet or exercise • Support immune function • Eat whatever foods you like without compromising your gut function

BioFit is formulated as an all-in-one solution to multiple issues. Instead of taking a diet pill, a probiotic supplement, and an immune supplement, you can take one formula that does it all. That’s how BioFit claims to work due to the "most exciting and proven weight loss supporting compounds ever discovered".

How Do Probiotics Work?

BioFit has seven strains of probiotic bacteria that pack a powerful punch of 5.75 billion CFUs (colony forming units) per capsule. There are no other active ingredients. All of the benefits of BioFit come from the seven clinically studied probiotics inside the formula, including the patented spore-based Bacillus subtilis DE111 strain that has approved health claims of a) supports and improves digestive health in children and adults, b) supports growth of beneficial gut bacteria, c) promotes growth of healthy gastrointestinal flora, and d) reduces total blood cholesterol or blood LDL cholesterol.

And that is not all. But asking what are probiotics is the next best step right? How do probiotics work to improve digestion, immunity and reduce belly bloat naturally? Probiotics are beneficial bacteria in your digestive tract that help your body in various ways. Some probiotics extract nutrients from the foods you eat. Others defend your body against toxins. Some separate useful and inactive chemicals from the foods you eat. Other probiotic strains are linked to immune function.

If you’re perfectly healthy, then the billions of probiotic bacteria in your digestive tract live in harmony. They’re perfectly balanced, and you enjoy optimal weight loss, digestion, and immune function.

Most of us don’t have perfect probiotic bacteria. Some of us have probiotic colonies that aren’t diverse. You might have too many colonies of one specific strain of probiotic bacteria, for example.

Other guts have too much bad bacteria. A bad diet, toxins in the environment, or antibiotic drugs could kill good bacteria in your gut, leading to health problems. For all of these reasons, many experts recommend taking a probiotic supplement or eating probiotic-rich foods.

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Some people take a probiotic supplement for gut health – like BioFit. Others take probiotic-rich foods like yogurt, kefir, or sauerkraut. An average probiotic yogurt has around 1 billion colony forming units (CFUs) of probiotic bacteria, while probiotic supplements typically contain 5 billion to 100 billion CFUs. BioFit contains a potent 5.75 billion CFUs per serving with the primary ingredient being the spore based Bacillus subtilis DE111 strain that is protected by a natural shell so it does not get damaged by stomach acids (whereas most probiotic strains only about 5% actually make it through in comparison).

How Probiotics Burn Fat

BioFit is the first probiotic supplement that claims to burn fat and help you lose weight. Most probiotic supplements advertise themselves as gut support supplements – not diet pills. But due to the BioFit probiotic ingredients led by Bacillus subtilis (DE111 by Deerland Probiotics & Enzymes), aka the main miracle microbe highlighted in the formula, which is supported by over 250 studies itself and is well on its way to being a household name, these gut healing strains can actually enhance digestion and burn fat quickly due to its unique ability to produce an important short-chain fatty acid called Butyrate. This Butyrate can activate a special fat-burning gene called AMPK while also turning off the fat storage genes and suppressing appetite naturally.

So while many ask how do probiotics help you lose weight, there is emerging methodology that works and BioFit probiotic supplementation seems to have cracked the fat loss code. But can you really burn 70+ pounds of fat by taking a supplement like BioFit? Remember this is just one of the seven ingredients found in Nature's Formulas BioFit weight loss probiotic.

As mentioned, ample amounts of scientific studies show that probiotics support weight loss by optimizing digestion. However, there are limited studies showing that probiotics can lead to significant weight loss without diet and exercise. One study found that you’ll lose 4 extra pounds after 3 months of taking a probiotic supplement, for example. That’s more weight than you would lose with a placebo, but it’s far from the 70 pounds advertised on the BioFit website. So where does BioFit probiotic for weight loss come up with this boldness?

The makers of BioFit insist that you can lose weight and burn fat by taking the ingredients in BioFit due to a number of beneficial reasons.

Take Full Advantage of the Number One Weight Loss Probiotic Pill in 2021 While Discount Savings Last

BioFit claims to burn fat using the following mechanisms:

Help Maintain Digestive Regularity: Good digestive regularity is crucial for weight loss, gut health, and overall health. If you don’t poop on a regular schedule, then your body becomes overloaded with toxic waste. BioFit and other probiotic supplements support digestive regularity. They can keep your body on schedule by ensuring your gut does its job.

Optimize Digestive Function: BioFit claims to optimize digestion in multiple ways. It could help your digestive tract process the foods you eat. It could speed up the passage of waste through your digestive tract. By making digestion more efficient, BioFit could support weight loss in small ways.

Support Bloating and Abdominal Comfort: It’s hard to exercise when you’re bloated or uncomfortable. BioFit claims to work without diet or exercise. However, BioFit could make it easier to exercise by reducing bloating. Nobody wants to work out when they’re bloated or feeling gross. BioFit claims to optimize digestion in various way, making it easier to hit the gym.

Help Maintain a Healthy Diet: Probiotic supplements can help reduce food cravings and manage your appetite. If your probiotic levels are imbalanced, it can lead to wild food cravings. BioFit claims to work without requiring you to diet or change the foods you eat. However, you’ll always enhance weight loss results by sticking to a regular food schedule and avoiding over-eating.

Through these effects and other mechanisms, BioFit claims to optimize weight loss in multiple ways, leading to 70+ pounds of fat burning or more within months of taking the supplement for the first time.

Obviously, many diet pills claim to lead to powerful weight loss results with limited effort – and most of them are scams (and yes, unfortunately there are BioFit scams that all consumers should read about before making a purchase from the official website below). Keep reading to discover the ingredients in BioFit to see how the supplement really works.

BioFit Ingredients

BioFit contains two groups of active ingredients, including the probiotic matrix and MCTs to bind the formula together.

Probiotic Matrix: BioFit contains a seven-strain probiotic matrix. The strains in BioFit work in different ways to optimize weight loss and digestion. You can support gut health, weight loss, immunity, and other functions by taking BioFit daily. Some of the strains are linked to immune system function. Others are linked to gut function or metabolism. BioFit contains 5.75 billion colony forming units (CFUs) across all seven strains in the formula. Most probiotic supplements contain 3 to 5 strains, while BioFit contains 7 strains for maximum effect.

Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs): BioFit contains medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) to support the effects of the probiotics listed above. Although these ingredients are listed as inactive ingredients on the BioFit label, they could support the active effects of the supplement in various ways. MCTs are easier for your body to digest than longer types of fatty acids. By surrounding the probiotic strains in a layer of fatty molecules, BioFit ensures the maximum dosage of probiotic ingredients reaches your digestive tract. Although BioFit contains a lower dose of probiotics than most competing supplements, the MCTs could protect the probiotics, ensuring more CFUs ultimately reach your digestive tract.

Together, the two ingredients in BioFit deliver an advanced and highly useful dose of probiotics to your gut, protecting the ingredients as they travel through your stomach acid and ensuring the most CFUs possible end up in your gut instead of the metabolic trash can.

Of course the BioFit probiotic weight loss pills are also made right here in the United States, manufactured in an FDA-registered facility that adheres to all GMP manufacturing guidelines and rigorous regulations. They also go the extra mile to ensure all BioFit weight loss formula is tested by independent third party labs to ensure the dosages potency and purity match what is on the supplement facts nutritional label and are free of  fillers, preservatives, and no artificial contaminants.

Types of Probiotics in BioFit

BioFit contains seven probiotic strains of probiotic bacteria. Just like other organisms, probiotic bacteria come in different strains and species. Some strains are linked to weight loss and immunity, while others are linked to other areas of gut function.

BioFit contains different dosages of each strain. There’s a total dose of 5.75 billion CFUs, although individual strains have different dosages based on the desired effects. Because BioFit is primarily advertised as a weight loss supplement, the makers of BioFit have focused on strains linked specifically to weight loss.

Here are the probiotic strains in BioFit and how they work, according to the official website:

Bacillus Subtilis: BioFit uses a proprietary form of Bacillus subtilis called DE111. This probiotic strain has been specifically linked to weight loss in some studies, which is why BioFit contains more Bacillus subtilis than any other probiotic strain. Some probiotic strains help weight loss by optimizing gut health. Other probiotic strains impact weight loss through gut efficiency, digestive regularity, or toxin release, among other effects. The other benefits of this BioFit probiotic strain are mentioned above, but this one is absolutely the leader of the pack when it comes to established credibility and published medical data that give it the nod as one of the most effective probiotic strains to burn fat and lose weight naturally.

Lactobacillus Rhamnosus: BioFit contains a probiotic strain called Lactobacillus rhamnosus. It’s one of several Lactobacillus strains in BioFit. L. rhamnosus can support digestive health in multiple ways. Like other Lactobacillus strains, L. rhamnosus can be found in yogurts and certain other foods.

Lactobacillus Casei: Lactobacillus casei lives in your digestive tract, where it proliferates and performs various effects. Studies show that L. casei has a wider acidity and temperature range than other probiotic strains, which could make it stronger than other strains. It’s more capable of surviving your stomach acid and thriving in your digestive tract, for example. Some studies also show L. casei has a complementary effect with L. acidophilus, another ingredient in BioFit.

Lactobacillus Plantarum: Lactobacillus plantarum has one of the largest genomes among lactic acid bacteria. It’s similar to L. casei in that it has a large acidity range and temperature range, making it hardier than other strains. L. plantarum is also one of the most-studied strains in the supplement industry and food space, and there’s plenty of research linking L. plantarum to gut health.

Lactobacillus Acidophilus: The fifth and final Lactobacillus strain in BioFit, L. acidophilus is linked specifically to weight loss. Studies show that L. acidophilus is linked to the production of the enzyme amylase. Amylase digests carbohydrates, breaking down carbs in your gut and digestive tract. If you don’t have enough of this digestive enzyme, then you may feel bloated after eating carbs. L. acidophilus claims to support overall gut health and weight loss.

Bifidobacterium Longum: Bifidobacterium longum is one of two species of Bifidobacteria probiotics in BioFit – and one of 32 species of Bifidobacteria overall. B. longum has been frequently studied for its effects on the human body. It appears to play a crucial role in the development of the human body at a young age, and it’s one of the most important probiotic strains passed by mothers to their babies via breast-feeding.

Bifidobacterium Breve: B. breve is commonly found in digestive health supplements, and multiple studies have linked B. breve to gut health. Studies show this strain can help you digest a wide range of molecules, which could optimize digestion along multiple pathways.

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BioFit contains seven strains of probiotics in total. Most foods and supplements contain just one or two strains. By mixing multiple strains into each capsule, BioFit could support more digestive and weight loss benefits than competing supplements – even if it uses a lower dosage of CFUs than many of its competitors because it offers a complete and comprehensive approach to gut health and microboime optimization of good versus bad bacteria.

BioFit Ingredients

The makers of BioFit disclose the full list of ingredients upfront. Here’s what you get in each capsule of BioFit:

• 5.75 billion living organisms (colony forming units or CFUs) of Bacillus subtilis (DE111), Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Lactobacillus casei, Lactobacillus plantarum, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium longum, and Bifidobacterium breve. • Vegetable cellulose, maltodextrin, and medium chain triglycerides (inactive ingredients)

Together, these are the miracle microbes that make up Chrissie Miller's BioFit probiotic supplement and represent the next generation of fat-burning science according to the official Nature's Formulas research and presentation. This is due to the uniqueness of the BioFit ingredients where each probiotic is delivered into the gut via a special spore delivery system that keeps intact all of the beneficial bacteria and microbes that can outlast the harsh stomach acids, aiding in assistance for digestion, energy production and fat loss.

How Much Weight Can I Lose with BioFit?

BioFit is unique among probiotic supplements. It’s the only probiotic supplement that advertises weight loss benefits of up to 50, 60, 70 pounds and more.

In fact, the makers of BioFit claim you can lose 70 or more pounds with limited changes to your diet and exercise too. According to customer testimonials on the BioFit sales page, you can quickly lose a significant amount of weight just by switching to BioFit.

The BioFit website is filled with men and women who have lost significant weight after taking BioFit.

Some of the advertised weight loss claims on the BioFit website include:

• One woman lost 72 pounds by switching to BioFit, another lost 64 pounds without claiming to diet or exercise at all • Another woman claims she eats whatever she wants and however much she wants just by taking BioFit; that woman claims to not follow any diet whatsoever; all she does is take BioFit, and the weight is “just falling off” her continuously every week • Another customer used BioFit as a solution to his digestive issues and weight gain; he claims he eliminated his love handles and experienced less bloating after taking BioFit

There’s some evidence probiotic supplements can help support weight loss in various ways. Some studies have shown probiotics can help you lose a few extra pounds when taken over a long period of time. However, BioFit is the first probiotic supplement that advertises weight loss as high as 50, 60, 70 pounds and more.

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BioFit Studies: What Does Science Say About BioFit?

BioFit has not completed any outright clinical trials, and the makers of BioFit have not published their formula in any peer-reviewed journal yet. But this is not to be overly alarmed or immediately call BioFit scam police either. There’s plenty of evidence on the individuals ingredients within BioFit, including specific studies on probiotic strains within the formula and that is where Chrissie Miller and the Nature's Formulas team focus on primarily.

In this study, for example, researchers told healthy adults to take a probiotic supplement with Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria strains (the same two strain families in BioFit). After 6 months of supplementation, researchers found that the group had lose 3 pounds of body weight compared to a placebo group. Some adults lost more, while others lost less, but the average weight loss was around 3 pounds over a 6 month period.

When comparing probiotic supplements online, you’ll find many supplements have more colony forming units (CFUs) than BioFit. However, CFUs don’t tell the full story. Some supplements have dosages as high as 100 billion CFUs – but that does not automatically make them more effective than probiotics with 5 billion CFUs. As researchers found in this study, higher CFUs is not necessarily a good thing.

The medium chain triglycerides(MCTs) in BioFit could protect the active ingredients as they travel through your digestive tract. MCTs are fatty molecules that are easy for your body to digest. The makers of BioFit use MCTs to protect the probiotic bacteria, helping more of the active ingredients arrive in your digestive tract. As indicated in this study, MCTs can inhibit the breakdown of active ingredients due to stomach acid, helping more probiotics reach your intestine.

Overall, there’s evidence supporting the use of probiotic supplements for immune function, weight loss, and other health and wellness effects. However, there’s limited evidence proving BioFit can lead to 70+ pounds of weight loss without diet or exercise, although anyone who watches the compelling and entertaining video will be inundated with positive feedback and real customer success stories.

How Much Does BioFit Cost?

BioFit is priced at around $69 per bottle, with discounts dropping the price as low as $49 per bottle if ordering multiple units.

Here’s how much you’ll see BioFit cost when ordering through

• 1 Bottle: $69 + $9.95 Shipping • 3 Bottles: $177 + Free Shipping to the United States • 6 Bottles: $294 + Free Shipping to the United States

Each bottle contains 30 capsules, or a 30-day supply of BioFit. You take one capsule daily to support your weight loss goals.

Note: the one bottle order of BioFit probiotic pills does not come with free shipping like the three and six month supplies, making them the most popular and best value respectively.

BioFit Refund Policy

BioFit’s manufacturer backs up all purchases with a very customer-first 180 day (6 month) refund policy. You can request a complete refund on your purchase within 180 days if you’re unhappy with the results as this really is one of the most generous, kind and well-received money back guarantees you will find in the vast ocean of supplements, especially weight loss fat burners like BioFit.

If you did not lose ample amounts of weight after taking BioFit for half a year, or if you are unhappy with the effects of the supplement for any reason, then you can request a complete refund with no questions asked or headache-ridden hassles to endure like these non-reputable brands and products out there.

Bonus eBooks Bundled with BioFit

As part of a 2021 promotion, you receive two free eBooks with all BioFit purchases. Those eBooks can complement the effects of BioFit, making it easier to lose weight and stick to your diet goals, just like it has for the over 110,000 people who have got their dream body back naturally.

The two eBooks include:

The Truth About Dieting: Lose Weight Eating All Your Favorite Foods: Want to lose 70+ pounds without changing your diet? The makers of BioFit claim you can lose significant weight while continuing to eat your favorite foods. This book teaches you how it’s possible to eat muffins, cheeseburgers, milkshakes, sundaes, cookies, and other tasty treats while still losing substantial weight.

Favorite Recipes: Delicious Recipes that Quickly Burn Fat: This eBook teaches you specific recipes linked to fat-burning, including foods, beverages, desserts, and more that can help you burn more calories than you normally would.

You get access to both eBooks through a private members dashboard. All BioFit purchases include access to this dashboard.

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Who Made BioFit?

BioFit was formulated by a 43-year old woman named Chrissie Miller who is a mother of three children. Chrissie does not claim to be a medical doctor, nor does she claim to have any nutritional supplement certifications. However, Chrissie is confident her formula can provide powerful weight loss results with the help of the multi-decade team behind Nature's Formulas who puts quality as a priority in every formulation they have done in those 25+ years. Because she tried a staggering 19 diets, in which none of them lasted more than three months at a time, she was very confident when she found the BioFit probiotic ingredients and started to receive all of the positive feedback of just how well this formula was yielding results for her customers. And as a fun fact that BioFit's Chrissie Miller shared, the Body Builders Daily called her the "woman who's five years ahead of the weight loss industry."

Chrissie is the founder of a Denver-based supplement company named Natures Formulas. The company makes BioFit in an FDA-registered, GMP-certified facility in the Denver area.

You can contact BioFit’s manufacturer by email, phone, or email:

• Email: [email protected] • Phone: 1-800-266-0373 • Mailing Address: 37 Inverness Drive E, Suite 100, Englewood, CO 80112

How to Avoid BioFit Scams

Before giving the final verdict on whether or not the BioFit probiotic supplement is worth your money or not, it is extremely important for a number of reasons that you avoid all the counterfeit formulas found online. To date, there is no other vendor or website that sells the authentically tested and fully verified BioFit probiotic pills than That's right, all the BioFit Amazon listings on or any of the Ebay or Walmart outlets are deemed to be fraudulent and should be avoided at all costs. Not only is BioFit the cheapest price with the safest and securest ordering process via the official GoBioFit website, but it comes with an incredible six month refund policy and three free bonuses that are worth their weight in gold if you are serious about losing weight naturally and effectively.

Final Word

BioFit is a probiotic supplement that floods your gut with “good” bacteria to support weight loss digestion, and immune function.

Just take one capsule of BioFit daily, then lose a significant amount of weight within a short period of time. The supplement claims to change the way your body burns fat, leading to impressive weight loss results due to the potent 5.75 billion CFUs per pill that actually make it through all of the stomach acids and start getting to work on optimizing gut health, the fat burning process and digestion.

Look, there is no miracle weight loss pill out there, but there is some evidence that probiotics can support weight loss through enhanced digestive function, metabolism enhancement and even a stronger immune system. While there's limited direct evidence they can lead to 70+ pounds of extra weight loss as advertised on the BioFit probiotic product page, are you really going to be the one who doubts this unique one of a kind formulation by a trusted company with a forward facing founder and an industry leading money back guarantee? Remember, all BioFit purchases are backed by a 180 day refund policy. That implies if you don’t lose a lot of weight with BioFit, then you are entitled to a full refund, making today's purchase of this probiotic fat burner absolutely risk free.

All in all, it is really hard to go against the incredible offer Nature's Formulas, Chrissie Miller and the BioFit probiotic supplement for weight loss have put in place today. Out of the trillions and trillions of dollars spent on personal care and whole body wellness each year, everyone should know by now that great health starts in the gut and without an optimized microbiome of good bacteria winning the war against bad bacteria, you are going to be in trouble no matter what. This is why the BioFit probiotic supplementation starts to stack the odds back in your favor, giving the gut a legitimate fighting chance at succeeding due to these seven miracle microbes that are being hailed as a next generation breakthrough in fat burning science that is well ahead of its time, until now.

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BioFit Probiotic: Negative User Complaints Side Effects Review

BioFit is a daily weight-loss supplement that includes a combination of 7 ingredients clinically shown to support healthy gut biohm. The probiotic bacteria begin regulating the gut and preventing digestive issues from occurring, along with its ability to protect the body from future problems; this supplement helps heal the body from existing imbalances.

Formulated exclusively by Nature’s Formulas and made available at the official website only of, the BioFit probiotic weight loss support supplement utilizes a specially engineered Lactobacillus strain among six other powerhouse ingredients that are designed to alleviate the body of digestive disturbances such as gas, bloat and diarrhea that are caused by consuming unhealthy foods, pain medications and antibiotics to name a few. Anyone who has studied health knows how important the gut is to overall wellness and the microbiome is the latest trend in the medical frontier of whole body function.

Even in 2020, the probiotic weight loss supplementation trend saw its largest level of engagement by a mile and people are very concerned about the COVID-19 side effects of being obese and unhealthy in general. But how does a formula like the BioFit weight loss probiotic actually work to produce results just by healing the gut? Can it really replace bad bacteria with good bacteria and start winning the internal war of skin issues, irregular mood swings, erratic deep sleep patterns, appetite cravings for excess sugar or junk foods? How about the common side effects of too much bloating or gas, even constipation, diarrhea, cramping (after meals)? Let’s review the BioFit probiotic weight management support formula to see how Chrissie Miller and the Nature’s Formulas creators prepared this uniquely formulated supplement with over 5.75 billion organisms per serving.

What is BioFit?

BioFit is a weight loss probiotic supplement by Nature’s Formulas that contains clinically-studied ingredients with high CFU strains (colony forming units) that include Lactobacillus Rhamnosus, Lactobacillus Casei, Lactobacillus Plantarum, Bacillus Subtilis, Bifidobacterium Longum and Lactobacillus Acidophilus.

To lose weight, an individual will need to start with determining what the cause of their weight gain is in the first place. For many people, weight accumulates due to stress, hormonal changes, and consuming more calories than the body requires. There can be many other reasons, but this knowledge provides a starting point in reversing what has happened so far. Some people start integrating better eating habits, while others change their physical activity.

If no improvements occur or the results stop suddenly, this may signify that other body problems are preventing optimal weight loss from happening. Considering what a significant role the gut plays in the immune system, digestion, and even the brain, which comes as a surprise that this area of the body can also impact how effective a weight-loss plan might be. The creators of BioFit have decided to launch their opportunity that will correct this problem as well.

BioFit combines multiple bacterial strains to increase the healthy bacteria that thrive within the intestinal tract. Each one plays a role in supporting the healthy gut biome, providing the support that goes far beyond the ability to lose weight. As users include BioFit in their diet, the natural balance of good bacteria will be restored in the gut, even if they have faced major issues through the last few years. This improved climate can erase the damage that has been caused by unhealthy foods, antibiotics, and other problems.

The type of bacterial strain used will determine the kind of effects that users experience in their bodies. Overall, the creators have made this product improve the digestive process, eliminate bloating, increase immunity, and trigger natural weight loss.


How Does a Probiotic Supplement Help the Body?

Probiotics are a common supplement in the health industry nowadays, offering a wealth of good bacteria to eliminate the bad bacteria built up in the gut. If anyone is unsure if their gut is healthy, there are a few signs that a probiotic should be incorporated. The most obvious sign is the digestive system’s irregularity, like irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, or constipation. Toxic bacteria may also be flourishing if the individual experiences uncontrollable cravings for sugar and sweets, has a slow metabolism, is taking medication, or notices differences in their complexion.

When the user takes any probiotic supplements (especially BioFit), users can eliminate any of the risk factors it has caused. As those bad bacteria leave the body, the user will notice a change in their symptoms. The desire to consume high amounts of sugar will go down, and they won’t have the same digestive issues in the bathroom anymore. The changes in their complexion should also be obvious within a few weeks of starting a probiotic regimen.

Studies regarding the impact that probiotics can make on weight loss seem that Lactobacillus rhamnosus is the most effective strain to eliminate extra weight. One recent study showed that women who took probiotics for their diet could lose up to 50% more weight over three months.

What Ingredients Are In BioFit?

The BioFit formula is primarily popularized for the many strains of potent probiotic bacteria includes. The bacteria strains are:

  • Lactobacillus Rhamnosus
  • Lactobacillus Casei
  • Lactobacillus Plantarum
  • Lactobacillus Acidophilus
  • Bacillus Subtilis
  • Bifidobacterium Longum

Read on below to learn how each of the strains can improve the body.


Lactobacillus Rhamnosus

Lactobacillus Rhamnosus significantly improves the digestive system. Primarily, this strain is helpful to individuals that struggle with irritable bowel syndrome, eliminating diarrhea and improving the gut overall. Though some people may experience additional bloating or gas, this effect can often be remedied with the other probiotics’ balance in this formula.

Consumers can take Lactobacillus Rhamnosus on its own as well. As its own supplement, researchers recommend taking it about three days before they plan to travel to prevent the body from having diarrhea due to other foods. The bacteria can stimulate mucus production, which helps the intestines to move stool through easily. That’s why these bacteria are equally effective for individuals who deal with constipation.

Lactobacillus Rhamnosus is found in more supplements than almost any other probiotic bacteria, supporting healthy digestion, better immunity, and overall health improvements.

Lactobacillus Casei

Lactobacillus Casei improves the regularity of the digestive system. The primary purpose of including this probiotic is to eliminate and treat diarrhea. It can also be used preventatively for diarrhea related to travel, infection, or the use of certain antibiotics.

When consumers add it to their body, they often experience improved microbial balance in the intestines, which is a common effect with every probiotic ingredient. However, as it is regulated within the gut, it can also reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, protect the body from cancer, and soothe arthritic pain. When combined with inulin, it can also improve the body’s ability to purge any other toxin.

Lactobacillus Plantarum

Lactobacillus Plantarum has earned the approval of traditional medicine right now, as it has been used to help with inflammation, toxic buildup, protection from cancer cells, and as an antiproliferative. It also reduces the risk of obesity and developing diabetes due to the antioxidant protection that it provides.

The bacteria are also essential to strengthening the intestinal wall and its permeability. It specifically targets the bacteria in the guts that cause gas to build up in the intestines, dealing with one of the most common symptoms of IBS.

Lactobacillus Plantarum husband has been directly associated with weight loss due to the ability to prevent obesity. This effect is seen in both humans and animals.

Lactobacillus Acidophilus

Lactobacillus Acidophilus’s purpose is often to alleviate heartburn and reduce the severity of acid reflux. Though it works in the intestines like all of the other probiotics ahead of it on this list, it also can support the stomach and the rest of the digestive system. It is often included in the diet of an individual that often suffers from dietary conflicts.

Users can naturally find Lactobacillus Acidophilus in yogurt and other dairy products. Though it is included in a remedy that is supposed to help with weight loss, there has been some evidence to show that Lactobacillus Acidophilus can cause the user to gain weight significantly. Luckily, the creators behind BioFit have balanced this product carefully to avoid an adverse effect.

Lactobacillus Acidophilus is a beneficial bacterial strain to heal the body of infections in the urinary tract. It also reduces the risk of a yeast infection.

Bacillus Subtilis

Bacillus Subtilis supports the digestive system. Delivery through or oil consumption (i.e., eating) helps it make its way to the stomach before the intestine breaks it down to release it into the gut’s flora. It is not until Bacillus Subtilis reaches the gut that it germinates the intestines.

Most of the research on Bacillus Subtilis indicates that it supports the user’s immunity, increasing the defense against unknown pathogens. It can naturally be found in pasteurized milk and products made from pasteurized milk.

Bacillus Subtilis is essential to the gut’s health, and its natural composition allows it to survive until it reaches the GI tract. It is incredibly resilient, producing endospores that keep it alive not to get broken down in the stomach acid. It can survive the heat at extreme levels, making it an ideal bacterium to thrive in plant compost.

In its natural state, the bacterium remains inactive, found as no more than a spore. It is not until Bacillus Subtilis is activated that it can produce the enzymes that the body needs.

Bifidobacterium Longum

Bifidobacterium Longum has many different ways that can benefit the body. Primarily, it works within the gut, supporting a healthier intestinal environment. Though it supports this area the most, it also reduces infection risk and supports the immune system. It produces lactic acid to prevent colon cancer, though it also reduces other biomarkers that could result in cancer in this part of the body.

Like all Bifidobacterium types, Bifidobacterium Longum helps with the amount of dietary fiber the digestive system needs to process food properly. It stimulates the production of essential vitamins that naturally exist within the body, though it also triggers certain chemicals’ production.

In any supplement that contains Bifidobacterium Longum, users may experience protection from lung infections, reduced risk of ulcerative colitis, and resistance to certain types of diarrhea.

Purchasing BioFit

At this point, the creators behind BioFit have not allowed any other company to distribute and sell their products. Therefore, users must go directly to the official website to get access. The retail value of just one bottle of BioFit is $89.95, but they’re offering a major deal to make this product more available to every budget.

Currently, the website is offering:

If the user finds that they do not have any improvement in their weight or digestive system, they can contact the customer service team to get a refund within 90 days of the original purchase date.

Frequently Asked Questions About BioFit

The historic rise in recognition surrounding the BioFit probiotic weight loss pills has been nothing short of amazing and incredible to witness. However, when things are moving so fast and there is a lot of new information to consume, there are many questions that remain at-large that need a proper deep-dive session in order to fully comprehend and understand so each consumer has complete confidence in their decision to move forward with a purchase of BioFit.

Here are the most popular questions about using BioFit probiotic and the best researched answers with all of the available information to-date:

Is BioFit a safe solution for individuals who are facing weight issues?

BioFit can be used by any adult safely because it offers only natural and safe ingredients. It undergoes testing to ensure that every product is high in quality and purity. However, individuals with a medical condition or currently have a weight loss regimen set up with their doctor should consult a professional first.

How should BioFit be used?

Users will need to take one capsule per serving, and they need up to two servings daily to change their weight. The creators recommend drinking an entire glass of water to promote better digestion.

Probiotics effectively eliminate the bacteria that should not be in the gut, so users may want to take any current medication a few hours after using BioFit.

How long will users be able to take BioFit without a refill?

One bottle is meant to last through an entire month. Users can either stock up with one of the larger packages at checkout, or they can send in their next order about a week before they run out.

Are there any sample bottles available to get an idea of what BioFit offers?

No. There is no trial or sample version of this product. However, it comes with a money-back guarantee if users see no changes in the first three months of use.

How long is one bottle of BioFit good for?

Users can safely take this remedy for up to two years after the day it has been packaged. The packaging date is located on the bottle.

Is it safe to take BioFit with other medications or supplements?

Since every formula is different, it is best to discuss any combination of BioFit and their current regimen with a medical professional.

Is BioFit compatible with the vegan lifestyle?

Yes. No part of the formula is made from animal products or byproducts, and even the capsule is made from a combination of water and Hypromellose.

Are there any other charges associated with BioFit?

No. Users are only charged the single time that their transaction takes place. They will not see another charge until they order their next package.

Consumers with other questions or the desire to return their product can reach out to the customer service team by calling 1-800-266-0373 or sending an email to [email protected].

Does BioFit probiotic supplement have a refund policy?

Yes, the BioFit weight loss probiotic is backed by an outstanding money back guarantee of 180-days. That’s right, all customers of BioFit will be eligible for a full 6-month refund policy from the date of the original purchase. This is an incredible sign of confidence in the effectiveness and long lasting results produced by taking the BioFit probiotic daily. It puts the entire onus on the clinically-studied ingredients for healing the microbiome and gut’s ecosystem or your money back. In fact, because our research team wants to go the extra mile in ensuring complete confidence in the BioFit probiotic formula, here is exactly how users can take full advantage of the very generous return policy the Nature’s Formulas team put together:

All of the BioFit orders will be processed by the consumer-friendly platform Clickbank. The no questions asked, hassle-free process of obtaining a refund should the product not work for you is very easy to do. Having said that, here is how you can get your refund successfully, making a purchase of BioFit risk-free today:

  1. Start by opening the official website for Clickbank’s customer service, which is included in your BioFit order receipt.
  2. Track the option that reads ‘Lookup my Order History’ and proceed ahead with it.
  3. You will see blank spaces for two identifiers. These are email addresses and order numbers (all contained in your BioFit order details).
  4. If you do not have the order number, then you can give it a pass. Instead proceed ahead by filling details of the last four digits of the card used for purchase and ZIP code affiliated with it.
  5. As you go on with looking up the order, you will receive an email on the registered email ID.
  6. The aforesaid email will contain a verification code that you need to fill in the given space.
  7. Following this, proceed ahead and choose the ‘Request Refund’ option. (As stated earlier, the refund option on the website will be seen only by those who are initiating the process within 60 days.)
  8. This option redirects you to a dropdown menu where you are asked to choose a reason for refund.
  9. On choosing a reason, you can also offer additional comments that are relevant.
  10. Click on ‘Send’ and your request will be accepted. After fair processing, your refund will be initiated. Generally refund is sent in a single business day. But, if the product has been physically delivered and needs to be taken, then 19 days is the time for refund.

*Note: Do remember that BioFit probiotic product purchase via Clickbank appears in the tag name of CLKBANK*COM in your bank statement.

One can see how easy, friendly and extremely generous the 180-day refund policy and money back guarantee of each BioFit order can be. Before getting into the final verdict of using BioFit probiotic weight loss pills today, let’s review one last detail that coincides with just how legitimate BioFit weight loss results are.

Is BioFit probiotic a scam or legit?

Being skeptical when it comes to natural weight loss supplementation is only right. Seeing how the global weight loss industry was over $24 billion dollars in 2020 and has projections of being upwards of over $33 billion dollars in the next five years according to many market research providers, it is quite smart to conduct real due diligence before purchasing any supplement, let alone a new, upcoming, trendy weight loss probiotic like BioFit. But the good news is, the BioFit probiotic pills from Nature’s Formulas is far from being an outright scam, even with the bold claims and incredible testimonials shared during the official presentation. However, there are legitimate BioFit scam safety concerns that all soon-to-be users should be completely aware of because they do exist and are a real threat to one’s health if not researching properly upfront.

The only valid BioFit scam found online is the fact that there are fake BioFit probiotic listings found online in popular marketplaces like Ebay and Amazon. To date, the Nature’s Formulas company led by Chrissie Miller vehemently expresses the fact that they only make the product available on ONE website on the whole Internet, and that is the official BioFit probiotic product page, So in reality, it is easy to avoid BioFit scams by simply visiting the only website that sells the authentic, fully-tested and verified ingredient listing. All other BioFit Amazon, Ebay or any third party retail marketplaces offering this formula should be deemed as fraudulent and avoided at all costs.


BioFit supports the digestive system in a way that typical weight loss remedies don’t. It deals with the potential underlying cause of weak digestion while simultaneously supporting the user’s health to protect them from worse damage than other weight loss supplements. All of the ingredients are naturally found in other foods already, with a high concentration allows users to target their gut effectively.

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In closing, the seven probiotic strain ingredients found in the natural BioFit formula for losing weight, burning fat, optimizing digestion, enhancing immunity and reducing bloat are a must have for anyone dealing with junk food cravings, unbalanced weight gain and digestive issues. The three free bonuses, the 180-day money back guarantee, the high quality sourced ingredients free of side effects and the fully transparent company make today’s order of BioFit probiotic supplement a simple choice to make. Act now and take complete advantage of this exclusive deal while supplies last with special limited-time pricing right now.

BioFit Probiotic - MY Honest Review On BioFit [BioFit Probiotic Review 2021]


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BIOFIT REVIEW - BE CAREFUL - Biofit Probiotic Weight Loss Supplement - Biofit Reviews


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