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The UPS driver helper position is pretty popular during the peak holiday season.

It can demand great physical strength, but it comes with a full benefits package for employees working full-time and a competitive hourly rate.

In this article, you will find information on the UPS driver helper responsibilities, hours, and salary.

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What Does a UPS Driver Helper Do

The UPS driver helper assists the UPS driver with the delivery.

This position is open during the peak holiday seasons.

It is created to help a driver with the delivery of packages from trucks to the customers.

The packages are stacked in a truck, and the driver helper delivers them to the customer’s doors.

While the driver is on the route, the driver helper prepares the next package for delivery.

What’s important, driver helpers aren’t allowed to drive the truck.

The position of the UPS driver helper is suitable for highly physically fit candidates.

Additionally to delivery of the packages, you should act professionally dealing with customers.

Those who are fit and like to stay active will find this position perfect with its excellent benefits and fast-paced work environment.


The primary responsibility of the UPS driver helper is assisting with packages delivery.

Noteworthy, helpers aren’t allowed to drive the truck.

They deal with loading and unloading packages.

The following responsibilities are typical for the position:

  • Loading and unloading the truck.
  • Helping the UPS driver with the delivery of packages.
  • Maintaining an image according to the company’s grooming standards.
  • Interacting with customers delivering information from the distribution center.
  • Additional tasks assigned by the management.

Working Hours

The typical workweek of a UPS driver helper consists of 40 hours.

With the duties of delivering packages, some flexibility to the schedule is required.

This is specifically important in times of harsh weather since the deliveries can be delayed.

Besides, in a busy holiday period, additional work hours can be required.

Sometimes, UPS driver helpers can work up to 50 hours per week.

It will mostly depend on the area in which you work.

As mentioned, the UPS driver helper is usually required in the peak holiday season which is between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

During the weekdays, the helpers are on call from 8 in the morning until 8 in the afternoon.

For this reason, there is no set number of working hours, however, you will still get a lot.

Work Environment

The most significant factor of the driver helper work environment is that it requires great physical fitness and strength.

For the biggest part of the shift, you will walk a lot and go up and down the stairs.

Also, you will have to lift packages of about 75 pounds.

You should be able to operate mechanical equipment such as a truck lift mechanism or a dolly.

Additionally, you will work outdoors, so you will be exposed to various weather conditions, such as rain or snow.

Appearance Requirements

All employees at UPS have to follow the company’s standards.

After being hired, you will receive a policy book.

You will be provided with a uniform, but you will have to get the shoes yourself.

Strong and slip-resistant black or brown leather shoes are recommended.

According to the UPS guidelines, men can’t have beards or goatees, while women should have hairstyle not longer than shoulder-length or keep it up.

Salary Information

The initial payment of a UPS driver helper can vary depending on the geographical location.

Usually, the median rate is $11 per hour.

In some areas, though, the payment can start from $19 per hour.

With experience in a related field, your chances of getting a higher initial payment are significantly higher.

Noteworthy, UPS driver helper jobs start only as seasonal.

Depending on how well you do, you can get a permanent job with a higher payment.

Full-time employees can receive multiple benefits such as 401k, paid vacation time, and health insurance.


Although the position of a UPS driver helper can be physically demanding, it’s a great fit for those who enjoy working in an active and physical environment.

There are plenty of benefits and decent payment for the right people.


UPS Drivers perform package delivery, on a predetermined route. Duties include following UPS protocols for loading and unloading packages, checking the exterior of the vehicle before and after each ride, ensuring that packages are addressed in the correct way. The top skills for this position are customer service, driving skills, sales and marketing, management skills, fitness regimen/exercise plan. A high school diploma or equivalent is required for this position.

The Best UPS Driver Helper Resume Samples

These are some examples of job descriptions we have handpicked from real UPS Driver Helper resumes for your reference.

UPS Driver Helper Sample Resume 1

  • Maintained a record of 1000 percentage of correct deliveries.
  • Loaded and unloaded the truck and maintained an accurate inventory count.
  • Read package information address barcode and label to determine where to look for a package.
  • Sort items according to the destination.
  • Use scanners to track parcel information, such as receipts or conditions.

UPS Driver Helper  Sample Resume 2

  • Divided cargo received by accused Number and intended location.
  • Picked products for specific routes according to pick sheets.
  • Stacked and stored pallets at the end of the shift to keep the warehouse clean and organized.
  • Organized packages every morning for the day’s deliveries.
  • Deliver all packages on time making the customer satisfied.
  • Handle packages while delivering to customers in a timely manner making 150 deliveries by the end of the workday organizing them on a computer monitor.

UPS Driver Helper Sample Resume 3

  • Assist the UPS driver on the delivery route.
  • The driver helper works in conjunction with the driver to expedite the delivery of the packages from the truck to the customer.
  • The packages are organized for delivery within the vehicle and the driver helper quickly walks the package to the customer’s door.
  • Retrieve items throughout the store for packaging.
  • Loading completed orders into a vehicle for shipping.
  • Unpacking garments and preparing them to be placed on the sales floors.

UPS Driver Helper  Sample Resume 4

  • Making deliveries as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • Operating the vehicle in a safe and responsible manner at all times.
  • Assisting with loading and unloading the truck and keeping logs up to date and ensuring valid information is recorded.
  • Clean and sanitize comfort stations and other facilities.
  • Examine and inspect containers, materials, products, in order to ensure that packing specifications are met.
  • Maintain and evaluate inventory records on a quarterly basis.

UPS Driver Helper  Sample Resume 5

  • Lifting and sliding packages weighing up to 70 pounds onto convey belts.
  • Sort packages to correct location according to label and load chart.
  • Insured packages are moved with quality and customer satisfaction in mind.
  • Following packing label to ensure parcels are on the correct trucks.
  • Delivered products in a timely and courteous manner.
  • Consistently completed on-time deliveries.
  • Maintained receipts and income from deliveries.

UPS Driver Helper  Sample Resume 6

  • Assorted ups driver on the delivery route.
  • Worked in conjunction with the driver to expedite delivery of the packages from the truck to the customer.
  • Learned fast-paced and continuous walking.
  • Lifting a minimum of 50lbs.
  • Being on my feet for the entire shift.
  • Working diligently to quickly and efficiently help the driver accomplish their goal for the day.

UPS Driver Helper Sample Resume 7

  • Provided exceptional customer service on both a professional and personal level to over 100 clients
  • Averaged 94% job completion within the allotted 34-minute timeframe by minimizing distractions
  • Wrote accurate details of packages, including destination states, zip codes, and tracking numbers for all deliveries
  • Adhered accurately to standard operating procedures regarding various workplace safety hazards such as lifting heavy objects or climbing tall ladders.
  • Earned over 500 company points during my first year with UPS, resulting in a large bonus at year-end

UPS Driver Helper Sample Resume 8

  • Receive packages for customers, weigh packages to determine destination, deliver packages to the correct address
  • Return undeliverable or refused items back to the customer service center
  • Maintain accurate records of equipment maintenance, perform pre-trip inspections on vehicles daily
  • Sign for packages upon delivery and inspect delivered packages carefully
  • Accurately deliver time-sensitive documents through continuous route coverage using best judgment at all times

UPS Driver Helper Sample Resume 9

  • Partnered with customers to ensure shipments were delivered on time and accurately
  • Exceeded delivery performance standards by managing sorting devices in a timely manner
  • Oversaw the proper handling of customer shipments, assuring they were handled properly
  • Opened new routes within the community; welcomed customers as new faces became familiar with company services
  • Recognized for my safety record; recognized for not having incurred any moving violations or accidents throughout employment.

UPS Driver Helper Sample Resume 10

  • Provided exemplary service and support to the greatest number of employees in Service Department history
  • Exceeded productivity goals by delivering daily route volume in half time, resulting in bonus production pay
  • Increased customer satisfaction rating from 73% to 79% within the first three months; recognized for excellence.
  • Devoted four years of dedicated service to the company’s efforts towards environmental safety and sustainability through recycling initiatives, battery recycling program, and conversion from leaded gas to unleaded fuel.
  • Contributed ideas for corporate campaigns regarding employee wellness, innovative products, and philanthropic events.

Wrap Up

Resumes are a crucial aspect of any job search. In order to make a good first impression, it is important that your resume be formatted and written professionally.

Hope these samples gave you an idea of what your resume should look like and some tips on how to make sure that your resume stands out from the rest.

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What’s it Like to be a UPS Driver Helper?: Job Description & More

A popular job at UPS that is regularly posted during peak holiday seasons is the UPS driver helper position. Though this position can be very physically demanding, it comes with a full benefits package for full-time employees and a competitive hourly rate. This article will cover the entire job description. We have included in this guide: a UPS driver helper duties, work hours and salary.

UPS Driver Helper Job Description & Duties: What Does a UPS Driver Helper Do?

A UPS driver helper is hired to assist the UPS driver on the delivery route. This position is for peak holiday seasons, to help the driver expedite the delivery of packages from the truck to the customer at their home. Packages are organized within the vehicle, and the driver helper will quickly deliver the package to the customer’s door. While the driver is delivering the package, the UPS driver is getting the next package ready for delivery. Additionally, the temporary driver helpers are not allowed to drive the delivery vehicle.

The role of UPS driver helper is best reserved for candidates who thrive in a highly physical work environment. Besides assisting with package deliveries, you will also be expected to act professionally around customers at all times. With a bustling work environment and an excellent starting benefits package, this position is an ideal fit for workers who prefer to stay active.

UPS Driver Helper Job Duties

The core responsibilities of UPS driver helpers center around aiding with package deliveries. It’s important to note that this position is not responsible for operating the truck. Instead, they assist with loading and unloading packages. The primary job responsibilities of UPS driver helpers include the following:

  • Loading and unloading the UPS vehicle
  • Assisting the UPS driver with various package deliveries
  • Maintaining an image that meets or exceeds company grooming standards
  • Working directly with customers to relay information from the distribution center
  • Other duties as assigned by the upper management team

UPS Driver Helper Working Hours

In most instances, UPS driver helpers work an average of 40 hours each week. Since this position relates to delivering packages, it’s important to note that some degree of scheduling flexibility is required. This is particularly true during periods of inclement weather where package deliveries can be significantly delayed.

In addition, busy holiday periods can increase the base hour requirements for this position. In some instances, UPS driver helpers may work as many as 50 hours a week. The total amount will vary based on the geographic area that you are working in.

Again, a UPS driver helper works during peak holiday seasons. This generally means from Thanksgiving to Christmas, the time when there is a heavy influx of package deliveries. These temporary driver helpers will be on call from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. during weekdays. Because of this, there is no guaranteed amount of hours, however, you will generally receive a lot.

UPS Driver Helper Work Environment

The biggest thing to keep in mind about the UPS driver work environment is that it is highly physical. You will be walking for the majority of your shift and traversing stairs regularly. Also, you will be lifting packages regularly that may weigh as much as 75 pounds.

You should be comfortable operating basic mechanical equipment like a dolly and a truck lift mechanism. Another factor to keep in mind is that this position involves working in the outdoors. You will regularly be exposed to a wide variety of weather conditions ranging from snow to pouring rain.

Appearance Guidelines

UPS requires all employees to adhere to their standards, even temporary helpers. You will receive a policy book upon hiring. UPS will provide the uniform, but you must provide your own shoes. They recommend sturdy and slip-resistant black or brown leather ones. The UPS appearance guideline also states that men should not have beards or goatees, and women should have a hairstyle that is shoulder-length or shorter (or keep it up).

UPS Driver Helper Salary

The starting pay for the UPS driver helper position can vary significantly based on the area that you live in. In most cases, the median starting rate is around $11 an hour. However, some areas may start as high as $19 an hour. Previous work experience in a relevant field can significantly increase your chances of starting at a higher hourly rate.

It’s important to note that most UPS driver helper positions start out as seasonal only. Based on performance, many of these positions transition into permanent roles and earn a pay increase. For full-time employees, there is a wide selection of benefits available like a 401(k), health insurance, and paid vacation time.

Our Final Thoughts

Though the UPS driver position can be quite physically demanding, job applicants who thrive in a highly physical work environment will likely love this position. In addition, this position comes with a wide variety of valuable benefits and a decent starting pay rate as well. To find out more about potential UPS openings in your area, check out the UPS corporate career portal for more information.

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I quit my job as a ups driver helper after only 3 days.. The truth!?

The UPS Driver Helper Job Description varies as per the requirements of the situation. They help the driver in delivering the products to the clients or the customers. They are responsible for all tasks during the delivery of the product, such as filling paper works, recording the product’s deliveries, interacting with the clients or customers, and taking care of loading and unloading the products. 

The job of a driver helper is full-time, but it requires overtime as well. This job requires outdoor visits. They tread faster, able to lift and carry packages up to 70 pounds continually. Work may require you to start early and have late finishes, which are quite common. They are most required to work on the weekends and during holidays because of busy schedule periods. The aspiring applicants looking for this job should possess great physical fitness, excellent communication skills, the ability to do multitasking and to reach the target within the scheduled deadline.

UPS driver helpers are the assistants to UPS drivers, who do various tasks other than driving, such as unloading and loading of trucks, calling the clients, collecting payment, handing paperwork and complaints of the customer, organizing the vehicle, and keeping it clean. The UPS driver helper job offer reaches a peak during the vacation season. The role demands excellent physical strength. The job comes with a benefits package to the employee, working for an hourly rate or full time.

The article helps you with information on UPS driver helper duties, working hours and salary.

UPS Driver Helper Job Description

The role of a UPS driver helper is mainly to assist the driver throughout the delivery process. The job openings are at their peak during the season of holidays. The following are the responsibilities of a UPS driver helper:

  • UPS driver helper is not permitted by to drive the vehicle.
  • It requires physical fitness.
  • They have to help the driver to deliver the packages from the vehicle to the customers.
  • If the packages are store up in the vehicle, the driver helper helps deliver the product to its door.
  • On the route to delivery, the driver helper shall prepare the next packages for the coming deliveries.
  • As it involves interaction with the customers, the driver helper should act politely and professionally while dealing with the customers.
  • One who likes to stay active will fit this role and will be benefitted from perks.

Duties and Responsibilities of UPS Driver Helper

It depends on the type of organization, which determines the task to be done by the driver helper. It typically depends on the duties mention in the following:

  • Assisting with Deliveries: Their main responsibilities involve assisting the driver during the loading and unloading of packages, delivering the products or the packages to the client or customers. They also help by navigating the driver towards the required destination on time and recording the delivery logs.

  • Reporting Issues or Problems: If they face issues to reach the deadline on time or as per schedule, it is the duty of the driver’s helper to report the issue to the higher officials or the senior staffs of the company regarding the delay, and thus resolving the problem on time. They are supposed to work along with the drivers to fill logs and report packages to maintain accurate timings completed into the logbooks.

  • Assisting the Driver by Navigating the Route: The driver helper should guide the driver by navigation, which is a part of the job. The driver helper acts as a mediator between the driver and warehouse staff to assist with the location and keep track of the deadlines. They shall manage with GPS and input the zonal codes, thereby updating the route to deliver the packages.

  • Loading and Unloading of Trucks: As the driver helper helps assist the vehicle during loading and unloading of the vehicle, post the end of every shift, it is the duty of the driver helper to clean the truck and keep it tidy each time for the usage of next shift. Few of the other tasks in handling the raising device of the vehicle/truck to load or unload the packages or product.

Skills and Qualification for UPS Driver Helper

To endure long work hours, the driver helpers are supposed to be physically fit. They shall also work as a part of the process, thereby reaching deadlines on scheduled time. Apart from Physical fitness, they require a diploma in high school which signifies a basic education level. There is an additional quality that is expected in driver helper by few companies, which is mentioned below:

  • Physical Strength/Stamina: They are responsible for lifting heavy packages that weigh up to 75 pounds. While few cases involve loading and unloading heavy items such as equipment onto the vehicle, the applicants require enough stamina to cope with the work.

  • Service for the Customer: The driver helper is the one to interact directly with the customers often. They require strong communication skills, as they are supposed to act politely with the clients or customers. They should possess professional behavior to solve the complaints or issues during the process of delivery.

  • Teamwork: This job role requires team effort; one shall work closely with their colleagues and assisting them with the deliveries. The vehicle’s loading and unloading require teamwork; thus, the applicants shall collaborate with their colleagues at work.

  • Punctuality at Work: The driver helpers work for a tight schedule, thereby completing a certain amount of work within the company’s given set of time. It requires one to be punctual and managing their work hours effectively and efficiently.

UPS Driver Helper Education and Training

Although experienced candidates have an advantage for this role, the minimum requirement for a driver helper is to have completed a diploma in high school. Few companies shall offer jobs without diplomas from high school. Experienced colleagues shall give training for this position. Some companies required a proper driving license for this role—many other beneficial aspects of acquiring this role experience in customer service, retail, and sales.

Work Environment for UPS Driver Helper

As said earlier, being fit and enduring physical strength is one of the significant factors to become and driver helper. During a busy day, one may require to walk and climb stairs and the strength to lift packages weighing up to 75 pounds. The applicants should be aware of operating lifts, dolly, etc. Also, you shall be exposed to extreme weather conditions like rain, snow, and heat, as the job expectations are more of outdoors.

Outlook and Salary of UPS Driver Helper

The payment for a UPS driver helper shall vary depending on their location, work environment, etc. Their salary at a median rate is $11 per hour. The annual median salary is up to $29,000.In the tenth percentile, they earn around $18,000 per year. The highest pay is nearly $55,000.Few companies offer bonuses, with additional earnings up to $2000. They can pay up to $19 per hour in few areas depending on the demand of peak season. As they get experienced in the related field of work, there are chances of getting higher payment.

But, the job openings for driver’s helpers are in demand only at seasonal times. Based on their performance, one can get permanent with their job, with a higher payment. At the same time, many of the companies provide health benefits as part of their package annually.  Full-time employees are benefited from various other plans such as paid vacation time, health insurance, and 401k. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics prediction, this particular sector could grow up to 4% by 2026.


Though a UPS driver helper has a demand for physical fitness, this job shall fit those who enjoy working in an active environment. There are many benefits and minimal payment for the aspiring applicant.

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