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Signs and Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening and Expanded Consciousness &#; Ascension Series 2

You might not believe this ,iam that all what you said ,I have been reading alot on this ,in regard of this topic,i thought at first I was the only one , I can to see them I can to ,it seems to move them with eyes or they go to , like right then a flash of light was at the side of my left I ,by my cheek, and I do see flash es of light there eyes ,and they came out of the out let ,and out side awhile ago, it seems like I was spinning. A face of fog in circles,i was kind of tent&#;s ,at that time ,and then I through my hands left and right,looking at the sky ,and flashes of light went left and right,there inside of me ,and I glow,can you see them with,your eyes close,i can still , I them I can,my skin glows reddish and white ,under,and my eyes light up ,I did not know that until I seen myself,in mirror,have you ever look at ceiling and a portal opened and I seen myself ,or it look like ,a type of human but ,like human shape,but not at that time my color,was brownish,. But iam white, I feel them too there warm and yess they can it at a few time&#;s sting ,and a crawling affect , and a few times a jolting effect, I seen fingernail s come out my nails ,in a certain emotional feeling,and fog ,or?can come out my hands and eyes,well my body,and I here a voice , saying get out , around me ,at times,i think I have to tell ,it&#;s happening wright now,and what iam saying is that there is a power full entity in side of me ,or me from me,?, they are attracted to ,? The voice just said go home,i do not know what that means,to remember I have herd that before,what iam saying is,i do not believe in innocent murder,my physical body does not,? And I do have a good spirits,you ever see them dancing ,and certain shape ,have you ever seen them cry a lighting tear,have you ever heard a sound drop on your home,or alike,and they come in,and can be heard,, there is something going on with me,what I have also learned is some of them human s in this world are evil out there,not me or probably not you ,iam a kind soul , after pain,and suffering,and love?..!&#;.. my name is John William simons Malcolm way Fitzgerald GA , [email protected] ,can you help me and send me information,

Sours: https://sworthley.com/signs-and-symptoms-of-spiritual-awakening-ascension-series-2/

META-Vision: The Secrets behind our Eyes

The best cameras in the world are our eyes. Vision is our dominant sense. Our sight is more than just how clearly we see: vision is the process of deriving meaning from what is seen. It is a complex, learned and developed set of functions that involve a multitude of skills. Research estimates that 80 to 85% of our perception, learning, cognition and activities are mediated through vision.

The symptoms we experience to do with our eyes and eyesight, such as long-sightedness, short-sightedness, astigmatism, conjunctivitis and cataracts, are connected to our reactions to these perceptions. With a comprehension of META-Vision, we can work out what it is we’re perceiving that has led to these symptoms – and what needs to change in order to resolve them and gain a clearer vision of the world.

A transformation in integrative eye health

META-Vision transcends and integrates existing modern, complementary and alternative approaches to eye health. This advanced approach focuses on WHY we get eye issues. Based on META-Health, it reveals how our symptoms are always meaningful; how and why they begin, and how they connect to our perceptions of life situations. It also demonstrates how symptoms are part of a comprehensive mind-body-social process of healing.

The goal of META-Vision enquiry is to identify the individual cause of the problem, and work with the cause, rather than simply ameliorating the symptoms.

Once we understand this information and how it fits into our own lives, we are empowered to heal – we can choose the right solutions to help us overcome our health challenges.

The meanings behind eye symptoms

Modern medicine tends to view symptoms as the body’s malfunction or erroneous degeneration, and therefore seeks to suppress or counteract them. If we develop short- or long-sightedness, we wear corrective lenses. This makes sense up to a point. Many complementary and alternative therapies also aim to reduce symptoms.

Yet the presupposition is that the symptom is the problem, and the goal is only to reduce symptoms rather than seeking to undercover the root cause: the reason why the symptom is there in the first place.

META-Vision takes a different starting point

Symptoms are seen as part of a meaningful reaction to a specific stimulus. Our symptoms arise in response to life events, and the goal of the body-mind is to overcome a challenge, restore balance, and ultimately, ensure survival.

To find out why an organ develops a symptom, we need to understand its function. For example, consider the function of tears: they are an expression of emotion. So if we have dry eyes, this shows a deep emotional pain due to our inability to grieve, the inability to cry about a shocking, sad event where there was a visual separation, a loss of a beloved person for example.

Finding the root cause

Why do we get eye problems?

Common explanations for refractive errors include physiological stress (such as spending too long in front of a computer screen, using inadequate lighting), or – in the case of presbyopia – a side-effect of ageing!

We often develop the same eye issues as our parents, which is usually taken as a sign that it’s a genetic defect. Interestingly, epigeneticists like Dr Bruce Lipton demonstrate that it’s more likely that we’ve unintentionally taken on their beliefs and emotional patterns.

These risk factors are only part of the picture – they may predispose us to developing certain health issues. META-Vision takes the enquiry to a more personal and specific level, enabling us to uncover the significant emotional events and perceptions that led to a symptom change.

When we experience a negative experience that is unexpected, emotional and dramatic, and we don’t know what to do, we respond by going into a fight-flight-freeze response. The emotion we experience at the time of a shocking event determines how we see ourselves and how our body responds. The fixed self-image is the main culprit of the dis-ease process.

The emotions that cause eye problems are visual shocks: the body responds logically and intelligently!

For example&#;

  • Corneal ulcer, conjunctivitis and eczema around the eyes are caused by different types of visual separation: losing sight of somebody or something we want to be connected with
  • Styes are caused by a visual disgust conflict
  • Presbyopia (long-sightedness in the aged) is related to a fear of the future, or of seeing a distant danger, and wanting to see it better. Many people in their 40s and 50s get age-related long-sightedness because they want to see what’s going to happen in their future
  • Myopia, or short-sightedness, is connected to fear of an event in the distance, and wanting to see what’s close and safe. For example, teenagers who fear being bullied and do not want to see the bully approaching

These are just a few very basic emotional themes &#; each area of the eye has a very specific meaning and emotional connection.

The cataract connection

Dr Kwesi shared in one of his courses that he had different clients with cataracts:

  • One women developed cataract after she was told by her adult son that he is now a father himself and does not need a mother any more
  • Another women developed cataract after her husband passed away
  • A man developed cataract after he became a pensioner

What is it that they all had in common?

It is the loss of purpose in life, the feeling that all the joy and colour of life has gone; that the world is grey, empty and meaningless. They all saw themselves in a fixed way: as a mother, a wife and a worker respectively. The meaning of the cataract is to shield them from the unbearable meaningless life when they saw themselves as nobody. Dr Kwesi calls cataract the surrender of the ego.

For every eye dis-ease there is a specific characteristic meaning behind it. During a META-Vision analysis, we piece together the meaning of the particular eye condition with the perceptions of the client’s life events, and the emotions and belief patterns associated with them.

The colours and emotions

Uncovering the emotions is critical in understanding the mind-body reaction and healing process. Dr Kwesi integrates Colour Psychology into META-Vision analysis, as this enables us to differentiate between emotional patterns. For instance, cataracts are associated with the colour grey, and macular degeneration with the colour yellow.

Each colour stands for a distinct emotion and reveals the underlying hidden cause of the dis-ease process. The colours can also be used for therapy as well as for diagnosis.

The eyes in stress and regeneration

META-Vision explains how dis-ease is not fixed, but a process with two distinct phases: the stress phase and the regeneration phase.

The stress phase is characterised by the sympathetic flight-flight-freeze response, and its purpose is to provide the energy and resources to overcome the stressful situation. The stress phase is followed by the parasympathetic regeneration phase, in which the body rebalances and recovers from the preceding stress.

Some eye issues occur during the stress phase, for example styes, which act as a barrier against a stressful situation we want to protect ourselves from. Other eye conditions occur when we’re recovering from stress, for example, conjunctivitis, which is the resensitisation of the conjunctiva (the layer of the eyes that connects the eyelid with the eyeball) after a period of visual separation. During the stress phase, there is numbness of this layer, which is usually unnoticed.

Why do eyesight issues become chronic? 

The completion of a whole cycle of stress followed by regeneration is a healing process. We have reacted to a stressor, overcome it, and rebalanced from it. If we have learned what we needed to from the situation, and know how to react differently in the future, then we don’t need to go through another cycle.

Yet often eye conditions seem fixed and stuck, such as a glasses prescription for short-sightedness that remains unchanged for years, or ‘dry eyes’ that constantly weep. This indicates a chronic pattern. Even when a significant emotional event has occurred a long time, the emotional reaction pattern established at the time of the shock is still present. The individual is perceiving, thinking, feeling and behaving in the same way. Uncovering and changing this pattern is required in order for full healing to occur.

Creating an eye META-Therapy Plan

Once these patterns are uncovered, we can overcome the underlying issues as well as the presenting symptom. An effective META-Therapy plan covers each level of being:

  • Mind and emotions – resolving the stuck emotions and negative thoughts about the stressful life situations. Effective techniques for release include NLP, EFT and Landmark coaching methodologies. This is crucial for healing, as it’s the thoughts and emotions that begin and underlie a dis-ease process
  • Body – supporting healing through conventional, complementary or alternative therapies, such as acupuncture, nutritional support, homoeopathy and vision training
  • Social environment – actively changing your interactions with others, behaviour and life. Coaching can help to change stuck behaviours and reaction patterns
  • Spirit – gaining the lessons from the issue and evolving consciously. For example, learning to see life and your future more clearly

Uncovering and overcoming the causes of our eye issues enables us to unlock the secrets of not just our eyes, but of how we really see ourselves.

Find out more

If you’d like to explore META-Vision for yourself or others, the best place to start is with our META-Health Academy Introductory Seminar or our META-Health Academy Transformational Foundation Training.

Sours: https://www.metahealthacademy.com/blog/meta-vision-the-secrets-behind-our-eyes/
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Envisioning Symbolic Meaning of Eyes

The symbolic meaning of eyes deals with exactly what you might think: Vision, Focus, and Observation. But, these meanings are not literal when it comes to the symbolism of eyes. It has been said “the eyes are windows of the soul” and that’s what this article explores…eyes as symbols of soul, psyche, and limitless vision.

It’s been said the eye is the window to the soul, which may explain why the symbolic meaning of eyes tends to be of a spiritual nature.

In Christianity, the Eye of God is depicted hovering over a tent which is symbolic of the Tabernacle – the temple of the faithful. The eye here represents the omnipresent spirit of God peering into the soul of the faithful – ever watchful over those who serve.

In Egypt, we see the Eye of Horus (a.k.a. the eye of Ra, and also referred to as a wedjat or a udjat). In this context, the eye is a symbol of protection and life. During his battle with Set, Horus’ eye was ripped out and torn to pieces. Thoth, however, was able to save the eye and restored it by invoking the magic of the falcon.

It’s interesting that in Egypt and Western occult traditions the left eye is considered a lunar trait and a symbol of northern direction. The right eye is asolar symbol and represents southern direction.

The “third eye” is referred to as the spiritual eye, the intuitive eye, or the eye of the soul. It is associated with the brow chakra ( or Ajna chakra) which facilitates intuition and extrasensory perception. The third eye is depicted on the forehead of Shiva, and is symbolic of the inner eye that sees all things within a cosmic perspective.

symbolic meaning of eyes

“Love is not blind. It is an extra eye, and it shows us what is most worthy of regard.”

~James M. Barrie

In dreams, the meaning of eyes indicates an opening into a new dimension. This is symbolic of your vision clearing and focusing in on a new direction. It may also indicate your ability to see past what is common and spiritually arrive at the point where your inner vision perceives all things in their divine glory – even the simplest of things become imbued with an exquisite quality inherent in all nature.

The symbolic meaning of eyes also carries a message of prophecy – literally seeing “a vision of the future.” This translates well with ancient alchemists and astrologers speaking of eyes of the sky foretelling certain events as they chart the stars in certain patterns to ascertain various outcomes.

Symbolic Meaning of Eyes

  • Focus
  • Clarity
  • Vision
  • Prophesy
  • Omniscience
  • Presence
  • Intelligence
  • Perception
  • Observation
  • Opening
  • Awareness
meaning of eyes

That adage ‘the eyes are the window to the soul’ is really quite accurate. Eyes are synonymous and symbolic of the soul. They are windows that allow sight from both sides of the metaphorical pane.

From Freemasonry to Alchemy, the eye is a commonly used symbol. It is meant to represent a desire to hold to an ideal vision for the future. It is also a symbol of ‘keeping an eye’ on that which is important. For example, the use of the eye on structures build by Freemasons sent goes something like: “My vision produced this. I invested in this. I believe in this. I set my seal of protection on this.

In many spiritual organizations, the eye is a symbol of psychic vision and enlightenment.  In Buddhism for example, the eyes represent spiritual perception and seeing with the soul. In these instances the symbolic meaning of eyes deals with ‘second sight’ or extra-sensory perception.

Many ancient esoteric as well as earth-based philosophies consider the eye as a channel or a passageway into a new dimension. Here the eye is not a physical symbol but rather an ethereal one in which consciousness may enter into a gateway of infinite expanse. This journey is traversed through the pitch-black channel of being-ness (represented by the black of the pupil). Once the threshold is crossed, one is said to obtain higher knowledge – a glimpse of heightened epiphany – comparable to enlightenment.

“Almost nothing need be said when you have eyes to see.”

Avia’s note: I really like this quote from Vesaas, because I think he’s hitting on what this article discusses. He’s not talking about eyes in a literal way. He’s talking about eyes that see beyond common reality…A special kind of vision that sees far more than our physical eyes.

~Tarjei Vesaas
symbolic meaning of eyes

Ultimately the symbolic meaning of the eye is what you make of it. Contemplate its meaning in relation to your own perspective and life situation. If eyes keep reoccurring to you (visions, dreams, random images throughout the day) it is certainly a message – it’s your responsibility now to interpret that message as it relates to your personal experience.

Meditate upon this phenomenon. Spend time with it. Answers will come when you are patient and still enough to receive them.

As always, thanks for reading. I hope this article shed some light on symbolic meaning of eyes, and has inspired you.

May all your sights be phenomenal.



Take Away Tips About Meaning of Eyes

symbolic meaning of eyes

Investing in a vision.
From Freemasonry to Alchemy, the eye is a commonly used symbol. It is meant to represent a desire to invest in and hold onto an ideal vision for the future.

symbolic meaning of eyes

Second sight.
In many spiritual organizations, the eye is a symbol of psychic vision and enlightenment. In Buddhism for example, the eyes represent spiritual perception and seeing with the soul.

Luminary lefty, radiant righty.
In many esoteric teachings, the left eye is symbolic of the moon and all the moon represents. The right eye is symbolic of the sun and solar associations.

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