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Pretty much every K-Pop fan knows at least one song in the music genre that has a lyric that seems a little (or a lot) out of place, unintentionally funny, or just downright ridiculous!

Of course, K-Pop songs can also be incredibly deep, moving, and serious, so this isn’t to claim that there aren’t songs in the genre like that as well! But recently, fans of K-Pop created a list of lyrics on Reddit that they find to be particularly random and hilarious.

Here are 16 of the lyrics that were mentioned, along with the lyric videos for each with the start time placed at where the lines start!

1. “Just close your lips, shut your tongue.”

How many people attempted to “shut their tongue” after hearing these lyrics by Shindong in Super Junior‘s “Mamacita”?

2. “Shawty Imma party ’til the sun down.”

You can’t deny that this line from Sehun in EXO‘s “Love Me Right” is iconic.

3. “Don’t deny our r²π.”

The explanation for these lyrics from U-KISS‘s “0330” — which AJ said is supposed to represent the “hidden circle” that they and the listener are in — doesn’t change how out of place the line still seems!

4. This entire verse from JYJ’s “Mission”.

“Probably your money is unpublic
Try to save my life like a puppy and cream
Another hot movie character
Bumblebee treat me like a slave and I pray
Is it Halloween
Trick or treats oh please
Don’t even try to pull my head own your way
Brand new person a man
So f*** off no more talk.”

Can anyone really make sense of these lyrics?

5. “Hot dog feel like I wear goose goose.”

NCT‘s lyrics often have some pretty interesting lines in them, but this one by Taeyong in “Boss” is particularly unexplainable!

6. “He’s so dreamy, hot, and creamy.”

Ummm… He’s so what, exactly? HELLOVENUS has some explaining to do for this line in “Mysterious”!

7. “I need therapy, la la la la la therapy.”

Even though this line seems kind of out of place in VIXX‘s “On and On”… Relatable?

8. “Love is even more cruel than college entrance exams.”

We’re not sure what love did to the girls of LOONA to give them this line in “Hi High”, but it clearly was terrible!

9. “I be walkin’ with the cheese, that’s the queso.”

The songwriters for the English version of NCT 127‘s “Regular” definitely got creative with some of its lyrics!

10. “Pizza and pasta are so yum yum.”

Well, most people can probably agree with this statement, but what was it doing in a song like “Everyday” by WINNER?

11. “He’s like a cushion, like a waterbed.”

Um, again… He’s what, exactly? SONAMOO has some explaining to do this time for their song “Cushion”!

12. “Really wanna touch myself.”

Were the guys of TVXQ doing okay when they had this included in “Purple Line”?

13. “If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands, yo.”

We can’t help but put multiple NCT songs like “Cherry Bomb” on this list, their lines are just too good!

14. “Hold up (yeah), I’m a geek, the big paradox.”

Despite how little sense this line from Dreamcatcher‘s “BOCA” seems to make, Dami still somehow made it sound convincing!

15. “That’s right, you look in my eyes/Straight into my eyes and just say/’I want you, eat me like a main dish’.”

There’s something still kind of sensual about this line from MONSTA X‘s “Love Killa”, but at the same time… It’s still a little questionable!

16. “B*tch I’m a star, but no Patrick.”

And finally, a list like this wouldn’t be complete without Lisa‘s iconic line from BLACKPINK‘s “DDU-DU DDU-DU”.

Source: Reddit

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The 10 Weirdest K-Pop Videos of All Time

Since PSY’s release of “Gangnam Style” in 2012, more people started paying attention to the world of K-pop. This strange video sparked an entire movement of weirdness and faux horseback riding.

So far, no K-pop video has been able to top the worldwide popularity of “Gangnam Style.” Yet while the following K-pop videos may have not reached as large of an audience as “Gangnam Style,” they’re just as—if not more—bizarre.

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1. “Fantastic Baby” by Bigbang

I could easily fill this list with Bigbang music videos, but for the sake of fairness, I’ll try to resist and only include Bigbang and G-Dragon’s strangest concepts. Their 2012 video, “Fantastic Baby,” takes place in some alternate universe where music is considered illegal.

From what I can tell, G-Dragon is the ruler of this broken world, sitting atop a throne with hair that gives Rapunzel a run for her money. Meanwhile, Taeyang gets defrosted, T.O.P escapes from a painting, Daesung finds himself chained to a wall, and Seungri spends time with leather-clad ladies.

I’m not sure what’s more addicting: this music video or the catchy “Wow, Fantastic Baby” chorus.

2. “Crayon” by G-Dragon

G-Dragon’s “Crayon” is a play on the word “cray,” the slang for “crazy” (it, unfortunately, has nothing to do with Crayolas). He’s basically telling you to get your crazy on, which he successfully does in this video.

The video looks normal at first glance, as G-Dragon lays in bed with his Wonder Woman robe—but then the TV turns on, displaying a seemingly insane therapist analyzing an even more insane patient (both of whom are played by G-Dragon).

The video spirals into even more madness as G-Dragon crossdresses, does ballet with a swimming tube, and briefly resembles Pinnochio.

3. “$10” by Hitchhiker

Sometimes it’s better just to watch something than to explain it. Hitchhiker’s “$10” is one of those videos. The song itself contains only three different phrases: “Yes, next,” “Five dollar,” and “Ten dollar,” but it makes up for that with a sick beat.

You never see Hitchhiker’s actual face in this video. His looks are computer generated, providing a surreal effect as he dances in a real urban environment.

This video graces its viewers with talking money and spikey, walking blobs that will probably give you nightmares.

4. “Bar Bar Bar” by Crayon Pop

You’ll either love or hate this addicting dance music video, there’s no in between. “Bar Bar Bar” doesn’t have strange special effects or outrageous occurrences—the outfits and pogostick-style dancing are what make it so strange.

The group fluctuates between dancing at a carnival and in a white room, as they don colorful uniforms and helmets. Despite the fact that this video is weird, you can’t deny that Crayon Pop’s dance moves are perfectly in synch the entire time.

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5. “Catallena” by Orange Caramel

Orange Caramel’s “Catallena,” takes the concept of “you are what you eat” pretty seriously. The first scene briefly shows the trio at a restaurant as they ready their chopsticks.

A few moments later, you’ll see the girls dressed as mermaids, and later packaged into plastic containers of sushi. I think you can guess what happens next—the mermaids turn into chopped up sushi and get served to the guests at a sushi house.

The video might seem a little silly, but it actually has a meaning behind it. It represents how our talents are monetized in society, getting gobbled up and wasted by those who take advantage of us.

6. “Dark Circle” by CocoSori

Who says that people don’t like broccoli? Coco and Sori seem to love broccoli, maybe a little too much. I mean, I guess I would love broccoli too if it took the form of a green, muscular man.

The beginning of the video shows the duo search for the perfect head of broccoli in their garden. Soon, they find what they’ve been looking for—an underwear-clad man covered in green paint with hair made of broccoli.

He’s seen working out to gain even more muscle, and later munches on broccoli himself. (Is that considered cannibalism?)

7. “Yes or No” by Zico

Zico’s “Yes or No” is similar to Hitchhiker’s “$10,” in that both artists decided to use a computer-generated image of themselves in the video instead of their actual body. The video is only one-and-a-half minutes long, and maybe that’s a good thing.

The graphics used are akin to the iPhone’s Animoji feature. Zico sings and dances around in his newfound form, passing through rooms that contain unusual objects like animal figurines and floating sneakers.

8. “One of a Kind” by G-Dragon

I’m sorry, I couldn’t help but put one more G-Dragon video on this list. In “One of a Kind,” G-Dragon sports yellow dreadlocks and has his own pet tiger. You’ll later meet G-Dragon’s love interest, a giant Barbie doll with an attitude.

When you think that things can’t get any weirder, they do. The middle and end of the video is just a barrage of randomness—G-Dragon boxes with a golden mask, plays tennis, and stabs a lifeless steak.

You might understand this a little better if you just watch.

9. “Gentleman” by PSY

“Gentleman” was PSY’s attempt at reviving his “Gangnam Style” frenzy. It topped out at 1.2 billion views, which still doesn’t outdo the 3 billion views that “Gangnam Style” raked in. The video is still just as quirky and fun, centering around PSY’s ungentlemanly behavior.

PSY’s method of flirting includes speeding up a woman’s treadmill, and forcing another to smell his hand after picking his wedgie. He later encounters his perfect match—a woman who is just as unladylike as he is ungentlemanly.

10. “Power” by EXO

If k-pop group was ever to star in their own sci-fi movie, this video would be it. EXO’s “Power” opens with a short comic book-esque narrative that has a heavy intergalactic theme.

The group lives on their own planet (presumably called EXO Planet) and must work to stave off an alien invasion.

A laser-beam shooting, claw-wielding robot chases after the members of EXO. Some hide, while some take action by fighting back. Make sure you stick around until the end of the video—that’s where it gets even funkier.

The Weirder, the Better

Normal music videos are so overrated. K-pop artists have the right idea by making their videos colorful, fun, and totally unique.

For more catchy K-pop music, check out the best bubblegum K-pop songs that will instantly put you in a better mood!

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  3. Fairy law spell
  4. 00 gauges tunnels
  5. Fv1 pedal

While there are a lot of K-Pop videos that go for a more flowery or cohesive concept, there are others that really make you wonder what in the world is going on! Although these videos contain things that are just plain strange, they certainly are memorable. Here are just a few of the weirdest things found in K-Pop music videos that will make you wonder just who signed off on the idea!

1. When SHINee became one with the horror concept in “Married To The Music”

If you were seriously freaked out by “Married To The Music” the first time you saw the video you aren’t alone. While the song is undoubtedly amazing, the freaky sight of Key being beheaded and then used as a soccer ball will forever be imprinted in your mind.

2. Pretty much everything in T.O.P’s “Doom Dada”

We’re not even going to try pointing out one single thing in this video and let’s be honest, there is just too much happening to even try. Even if you believe that everything makes sense once you understand the lyrics, you still have to admit it’s pretty weird.

3. When B1A4 were in love with a mannequin-like figure in “What’s Happening?”

If the weird mannequin-like doll figures aren’t weird enough, you’ve got every single member of B1A4 ready to duke it out for her love. Plus, can we just point out how weird the head-in-a-cube thing is.

4. When ASTRO were cool drinks that were…umm…drunk in “Breathless”

ASTRO took the whole refreshing concept to a whole new level in “Breathless” when you realize that each of the boys is a beverage. While that is already pretty strange the addition of a duck and the boy-drinks being held hostage seems even weirder.

Then it takes the cake when they are literally emptied out. Thank goodness the end makes it seem like some sort of dream. A really, really weird dream!

5. What happened to those dolls in PRIMARY’s “Don’t Be Shy”

This strange video features former AOA member Choa and shows some girls playing various games in a dark setting. Let’s just say we feel sorry for those poor dolls and the whole video is a little on the creepy side!

6. When Orange Caramel became pieces of sushi in “Catalenna”

You either love or hate this concept, but you have to admit it’s a little weird seeing the girls dressed up as fish and trapped in plastic trays!

7. When Zico decided to go for an all computer concept in “Yes Or No”

Then again if he didn’t go with the computer generated design how would he have created the planet of singing lips?

8. When Girl’s Day turned into plastic figurines in “Tilting My Head”

Each member is dressed as a different figure and made to look, well, plastic! There are even some shots of the girls in boxes on a makeshift assembly line.

9. When we were introduced to the broccoli dude in CoCoSori’s “DarkCircle”

Honestly, this one just speaks for itself!

10. When all the ladies spit on the guy in EXID’s “Every Night”

The girls raise their glasses in a toast then end up spitting it all out on the guy in the chair. Is there some deeper meaning we’re just missing?

11. When VIXX became the victim’s of voodoo magic in “Voodoo Doll”

VIXX are really the kings of concept but their super creepy idea for “Voodoo Doll” has had a lasting impact. Speaking from experience, avoid watching this one at night time unless you want some seriously messed up dreams!

12. When CROSS GENE took the Jekyll and Hyde seriously in “Black Or White”

Well, there is that belief that doppelgangers are like an evil version of yourself so I guess it makes sense that each member’s other version of themselves is trying to kill them. Although it doesn’t make it any less disturbing!

13. Everything about Hitchhiker’s “ELEVEN”

Nobody can explain what’s going on in this video. Nobody!

14. When things got a little sticky in the tub during Elizabeth’s “Ppappa Pierrot”

Green goo, lots of snakes, and strange masked figures really make you wonder what they were going for!

15. The goldfish feast in NU’EST’s “Good Bye Bye”

Yep, he eats his pet goldfish. Then he gets a stomach ache and throws up a flower? What in the world is going on?

16. When centaurs made their appearance in Norazo’s “Wild Horse”

Because I guess horses were just too normal?

17. When G-Dragon’s “Michi Go” was just as strange as T.O.P’s “Doom Dada”

A different kind of strange, but definitely still really weird!

Bonus: When SHINyan answered everyone’s burning desire to see SHINee as cats

What everyone originally thought was a joke turned out to be very real. So SHINyan answered everyone’s burning question, what would SHINee be like as cats!

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experimental/unique kpop songs

Trying to explain K-pop to your friends who don't know the genre is a bit tricky: why are there girls dressed as fish? Is that giant doll controlling them? Did that guy's lips really just fly off his face and into a cake?

The answer is yes to all those things. Because K-pop videos are ridiculously creative and we live in a blessed time.

We're barely scratching the surface but here's some of the weird and wonderful faves we'd recommend to any new or long-time K-pop fan.

14. Crayon Pop: Bar Bar Bar

We don't get what's going on here but the dance move is really mesmerising.

13. UV ft JYP: Itaewon Freedom

UV are a comedy music duo, and collaborating with JYP in full 80s leather gear was an outstanding choice.

12. G-Dragon: Crayon

This technicolour nightmare-scape is a glimpse into GD's active imagination and we're here for it.

11. Lizzy: Goodbye PMS

Everyone who gets their period can relate to satanic PMS (even in the form of comedian Park Myung Soo)

10. Gaeko ft. Rap Monster: Gajah

This is veering into K-hip-hop territory but it does feature BTS' RM. And yeah, we have no idea what's going on either.

9. COCOSORI: Dark Circle

We never knew we needed to see a human brocolli before, but it turns out we really did.

8. TWICE: Signal

TWICE take their cuteness to extra-terrestrial levels with CGI aliens and more unforgettable choreography.

7. gugudan: chococo

Literally every dream we've had while trying to 'quit sugar'.

6. SHINee: Married To The Music

A spooky delight where heads literally roll and Minho's flaming charisma gets the better of him.

5. PSY: Daddy

It wouldn't be a weird K-pop vids list without the master of the bizarre. His head transplanted onto a child's body is the stuff of nightmares.

4. Hitchhiker: Around

So overwhelmingly meta that it transports into a whole other portal of filmmaking, with added NCTTaeyong!

3. Orange Caramel: Catallena

Girls packaged as fish? Transforming into sushi? Dipping their toes into some soy? You're welcome.

2. BIGBANG: Bae Bae

Fabio Taeyang, Mad Hatter T.O.P., BIGBANG are in an entirely different universe. Quite literally for this video concept.

1. T.O.P.: Doom Dada

Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey meets Salvador Dali meets a giant creepy baby head. There really is no one quite like T.O.P.

What other weird and wonderful videos would you suggest?

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Songs weird kpop

kpop playlist songs heroesTo people outside the fandom, K-pop is weird. And yet, for us in the know, it’s funny, because we know they haven’t seen anything yet. That’s why this week’s playlist is dedicated to those truly odd music videos that actually deserve the “bizarre” tag.

I remember feeling some slight anxiety and excitement while waiting for T.O.P’s “Doom Dada” to be released. Prior to this single, the last time he had a solo song was back in 2010, therefore, the anticipation was riding pretty high. “Doom Dada” was a roller coaster of emotions. My friend and I listened to the song first and watched the music video afterwards. There were moments where we both gave each other really puzzled “WHAT THE HELL?” looks and then there were moments where we were both in tears from laughing at the bigheaded masked baby. T.O.P’s fandom knows that he has strange characteristics; it’s hard to really figure what goes through his head most of the time, so I can’t say I was completely surprised by this song and music video. If anything, it just makes me want to dig deeper and ask him a lot of questions.

— Tam

No collection of weird K-pop songs is complete without the Godfather of Weird, Seo Taiji. In 1992, along with his Boys, he ushered in a new age of Korean pop music. And thanks to his roots in rap, metal, and pop, that age would go on to be a profoundly weird one. So it is because of him that we now have such a diverse of music within K-pop. To show he’s still got it, I picked his most recent single “” for today’s playlist. “” combines all of thes influences into one rip-roaring piece that somehow works. It’s the perfect mix between Halloween and Christmas sounds coming off like “The Nightmare Before Christmas” except good (yeah, I went there!). The song bounces between genres with electronics taking up the most of it with interjections of metal and rap. It is a perfect summation of the man and K-pop that a song like this can be released in 2014 and not be considered utterly groundbreaking. To Korea, it’s just Seo Taiji, the President of Culture.


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If your first thought after watching “Bae Bae” wasn’t “WTF??” there’s something far more wrong with you than with BIGBANG. Seriously, where do I even begin? How about the fact that they made the fangirls’ minds run amok when they said the video would be 19+, only to be surprised with G-Dragon getting handsy with furniture, T.O.P having a very metaphorical sex scene, and all of the members lifting girls’ skirts? I mean, did anyone even pay attention to the actual song –which is quite good, by the way — on their first viewing of the music video? Not this girl. “Bae Bae” is an overall mind fxxk, but a very interesting one. You can watch it multiple times and you will always find something funny or weird you hadn’t noticed before. Some boy bands get cutesy or funny on their music videos to cater to fans. BIGBANG gets weird, and that’s perfectly fine with VIPs.

— Alexis

Of all the weird, early K-pop concepts that I’ve seen (H.O.T, I’m looking at you,) Lee Jung Hyun has always been the weirdest of them all. She is the queen of performances in South Korea, after all. “Wa” is iconic in K-pop but not truly because of its musical style instead, it is primarily famous because of Lee’s live performances. The song is a rhythmic pop-techno fusion song and extremely catchy, and the music video is absolutely insane, with space ships and kimonos and who really knows what. But it’s when Lee performs “Wa” live that I think all of her crazy, weirdness comes out. Definitely check out the music video sometime, but you can’t miss out on Lee dancing her iconic fan performance and using her pinky finger like a microphone. If you’re interested in seeing her perform the song more recently, Lee performed the song on “Infinite Challenge” Totoga earlier this year.

— Tamar

If it weren’t for the sensual reggae vibes of the song, I think I would be a little nervous watching the music video for PRIMARY’s “Don’t Be Shy.” Let’s just say that if I were a parent, I would think twice about letting my girls have a sleepover after this. The video revolves around a less than average sleepover with AOA’s ChoA and friends, where we witness them rip apart Barbie dolls, play ghost dress-up, and summon spirits in the dark; I bet somewhere in there there is a satanic message waiting to be decoded. The whole music video is a nod towards ‘90s grunge, if the Pokemon cards and the gritty quality were not enough indication of that. And even if you don’t fully understand the subculture you can’t deny how much of a total babe ChoA is looking. Her unmatched talents will have you revisiting the video again and again, and saying creepy is the new aesthetics anyways.

— Shelley

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Yes, we already have them in the list, but we can’t help it. BIGBANG are known for being weird and crazy most of the time, but with their newest release “Zutter” by GD & T.O.P., they hit a home run. First of all, what does zutter even mean? The video not only starts with them peeing, but it also has this crazy story, that after seeing the video repeatedly, I still don’t get what the video and song are about. I’m pretty sure T.O.P.’s slimey slaughter of something blurry and the puing of guts has somewhat of a metaphorical artsy meaning. Nevertheless, the video is not only weird, but it’s funny in a really crazy way. What gets weirder than T.O.P. peeing on G-Dragon? I honestly don’t think anything could top that. The song is really good and it seems as if it could have been in their first debut album as a duo.

— Alejandro

What’s the weirdest K-pop song you’ve ever heard? The weirdest K-pop music video you’ve ever seen? Let us know your picks in the comment section below and be sure to subscribe to the site and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr to keep up with all of our posts.


:new_moon_with_face: Weirdest KPOP MVs :new_moon_with_face:

Hello everybody!

A lot of you liked my last post about the Top 10 Aesthetic MV, so I decited to do a kind of similar to that post, just with the weirdest Kpop songs, which is even more fun topic to talk about than aesthetically pleasing videos. And since I'm not good with introducing the blog, let's jusr begin the list about the strangest music videos!

TOP - Doom Dada

user uploaded image

TOP's Doom Dada is one of the most ordinary video what I have ever seen. I have been watching it since it came out but I still can't figure out what is exactly happening here. The giant alien-baby in the video became iconic, we can see a lot of videos about him and TOP on youtube. I'm really proud of Tabi that he took a part of producing the video and I think it really represents his unique personality.

SHINEE - Married To the Music

user uploaded image

This video is kinda weird, the members are in a party and they loose some of their random body parts. The song became a hit and a lot of people were and still are curious about the video which is one of the most creative (?) videos what I have seen. Just try to watch the MV without music or change the background music, you will feel like you're high. (Altough I have never been high but I'm sure this is the feeling what everybody is talking about he he he I need to shut up I guess)

SHINee 샤이니_Married To The Music_Music Video


user uploaded image

OMG guys!!! I LOVE Orange Caramel so much! Catallena is still one of my favourite songs, I don't usually stan groups with cute concepts but OC is different. This MV is really well-made, the colors are really bright in it and the girls makeup always catches my eye. I don't find this MV weird anymore but seeing non-kpoppers reaction makes me think that wow, this video really has something special what makes people suprised. Or shocked.

Anddd don't forget about my favourite part of the song, when they shout "HAH!" at the beginning of the live performances is the most extra thing ever.

Orange Caramel Catallena "Hah!" cut

G-DRAGON - Michigo

user uploaded image

GD's Michigo is totally crazy. Almost every video of him is extra, but Michigo is amazing yet so underrated. When I showed this to my friends they were shocked how can somebody made a video like this, and I can unterstand why some parts of the MV are considered as weird. But hey, who doesn't enjoy watching plastic dolls smacking GD's butt or seeing his bare footh?

EXID - Every Night

user uploaded image

Am I the only one who wants to see an MV like this from EXID? I love their concepts, but this style was the best. The MV is pretty unique, we have a lot of weird moments in it what we can't usually see in every kpop video - for example the girls murdering the people or spitting water on a rich man's face. This is one of my first videos from EXID and I was a little bit confused after watching the MV for the first time, but now I love their style! Almost every video from this group is unique and Every Night is a masterpiece.

EXID _ Every night(매일밤) MV

CRAYON POP - Bar Bar Bar

user uploaded image

I think this video is the least weirdest in the list, but I have to mention it because it has a unique feeling what makes you amazed. I feel like this video reminds me of a Japanese MV instead of a Kpop videoclip. They wear strange clothes and they do a krungy dance, which leaves non-kpoppers in total shock. Altough I'm not into cute concept I often listen to this song because the chorus always get stucked in my head.

[Crayon Pop] 크레용팝 빠빠빠(Bar Bar Bar) - M/V (안무버젼)

LIM CHANG JUN - Open The Door

user uploaded image

I LOVE THIS VIDEO!!! I wish this could be more popular because it's the most fun Korean video what I have ever seen. Altough I'm not streaming this a lot, I love the extra scenes, the characters and the random happenings (I just like the idea of destroying everything, I wish I could break plates and spilling water on other's belongings lol I seem like an agressive person now). Anddddd this is the MV where is finally have a favourite scene! Just look at this little but amazing kiss:

user uploaded image

You all must watch this precious video at least because of this scene. And I always feel a little Gangnam Style feeling when I'm listening to it.

COCOSORI - Dark Circle

user uploaded image

I don't know what to say about the video. It's full of random dance, broccoli, shops, broccoli, garden full of broccoli, pretty girls, dancing broccoli man, and a lot more broccoli. I can't find the right words for commenting this, so please just watch the video and enjoy the power of Cocosori.

[MV] 코코소리 CoCoSoRi - 다크서클 DarkCircle (official)

What are your fave strange MVs? Share in the comment section!


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