Plywood modular shelving

Plywood modular shelving DEFAULT

Ply Modular shelving from $90

NZ grown plywood, all corners mitred and joined with dowel. Edges rounded over.

All units sealed and finished in your choice of top coat (Danish oil, Natural house company or polyurethane.) All finishes look good but depends on your preference.

Small 450mm long x 200mm high x 172mm deep. $90.

Medium 740mm long x 200mm high x 172mm deep. $120.

Large 1200mm long x 200mm high x 172mm deep. $160.

Choose as many or as few pieces as you want and I will join them together in the shape or style you like.

The one pictured with the lego is finished with ply feet and rimu running through it so It can be connected a wall with ease. No extra charge for this service. e.g.: 4 small, 3 medium, 2 large = $1040

I can ship three pieces for $33. Or could personally deliver a large unit to Queenstown, Wanaka, Dunedin for $50

Boxes are also available in beautiful birch plywood at an additional 25%.

Custom sizes are available so just ask.



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MoModul in Kitchen

People and their living habits change over time and a fully flexible modular shelving system such as MoModul can change with them. Based around three differently sized plywood modules, a MoModul shelf can be configured in a vast array of ways to suit your daily needs and as with a lot of the furniture featured in our modular week, your collection can grow over time as you can afford more components and your space requirements grow.

MoModul as Bookshelf

MoModul ModulesAll three of the plywood modules that make up MoModul have depths of 40cm which is comparable to the 39cm depth of Ikea’s Expedit. However unlike with the Expedit, you aren’t limited in size or shape by perimeter boards. This is because MoModul fits together using slots cut into the edges of two of the units allowing a sturdy joint to be formed without the need of glue or screws. Modules interlock and the possible combinations, compartment sizes and shapes are huge. The only down side is that there are lots of excess slots around the edges of the assembled unit but I suppose this is the price you pay for having such a flexible shelving system. The third module doesn’t feature slots and is long and flat at 80cm by 20cm to act as a filler block and stabilise the shelf.

MoModul as Stereo Unit

The MoModul system was developed by Belgian furniture designer Xavier Coenen and you can order the shelving from him through his site. MoModul can be ordered as individual modules or in predefined sets but note that you don’t save any money by ordering in sets, nor even for the much larger Set #3 with 14 individual modules which costs €2620. Therefor you might as well order in separate modules to make the shelving unit that you really want.

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Modular Storage

from 160.00

This modern modular storage system is perfect for any contemporary home. Sold in sections, with either curved corners or square, this system can be put together and set up to fit your space perfectly.

Perfect for large multifunction storage areas (see our Made-to-Measure storage section)


  • One size (both curve and rectangular sections) : 60H x 30W x 30D cm

  • These sections are modular, meaning they can be placed and combined together however you wish.


  • Made from birch plywood

  • Curved corners or Rectangular shape

  • Optional doors

  • 16 different colour options for the doors, including birch plywood finish.

  • The units shown are painted Antique White, seagull Grey and Driftwood Grey.


    Please allow a 6-7 week lead time for this item.


UK Mainland - £15 per unit

They are also available to be picked up from our Hackney Road store at no extra charge.

For shipping outside of the UK or for larger orders please get in touch at [email protected]

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DIY Modern Wall Shelf / Desk - Metal and Plywood - Modern Builds

Introduction: Modular Shelving Plywood Boxes

Hello there!

The main idea of that project is to develop modular shelf. Where students will be able to store things for their projects.

The basic requirements for "Modular shelving plywood boxes" project:

  1. The shelf should consist individual "partitions" (boxes).

  2. Each cell(partition) should have standard size, so that box from hardware store (like IKEA, Leroy Merlin, Wallmart) can fit in it.

  3. The shelf could be consist of any number of cells horizontally and vertically.

  4. Assembling without nails and bolts.

Step 1: 3D Modeling

For 3D modeling I used Autodesk Fusion 360.


After developing 3D model, I took off patterns in vector (I used add-on which you could easily in Autodesk App Store DXF for Laser Cutting). Both dxf and dwg formats are good for this purposes.

Step 2: Milling

For fabrication we use FlexiCam milling machine and 12mm plywood sheets

So, as you know "It is better to see once than to hear 5 times".

Here are some photos and a video of how waged milling parts.

Whole process took about several hours (for 8 boxes, with plywood sheets replacement etc).

Step 3: Sanding

At the sanding step we delete all flaw after milling, and make surface pleasant to the touch.

Also sanding is necessary before applying the varnish (what we will do on next steps).

Firstly delete raw defects by coarse sandpaper (P120).

Most time was spent on handling corners and curves. There are a lot of manual work, as a power tool to clean difficult corners.

Secondly more accurate handling by fine sandpaper (P240).

Step 4: Varnishing

For varnishing we use colorless lacquer.

At first the idea was to make painting brushes and rollers.

But in the end we decide to use a spray gun and compressor.

After applying the first layer, let it dry.

We continued the next day.

Step 5: Sanding and Varnishing

After drying, the parts must be sanded again.

We used fine sandpaper (P240).

Honestly, I had to paint some of the boxes others with varnish, since liqueur can over.

After applying the second lacquer layer, leave it till next day, to completely dry.

Step 6: Final Sanding and Assembling

Next day: for further surface polishing we will use sandpaper(P320).

For bellow steps you will need only one tool - the mallet.

For assembly several boxes in one rack you should turn the joints on 90 degree, and drive them into the grooves.

As result boxes will be docked very close to each other.

In this way we assemble all eight boxes, one by one. It could be done by one person in 20 minutes without any hurry.

Fasten the wheels to the rack using the screwdriver (optional).

Step 7: Result

As result we have modular shelving for 8 boxes.

Maybe in future we add one extra row of two boxes above.

Is the idea to repaint the shelves (without disassembly - just top and sides) in some contrasting color, yellow or orange, for example.

Tnx for your watching.

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Modular shelving plywood

That the bookshelf became a status symbol during the COVID-19 pandemic, featured in the backgrounds of Zoom calls all over the world, is something that may not have come as a surprise to design fanatics. Insider tip: Pictures of bookshelves on the Clever Instagram account always get more likes, from bright and cheerful to serious and scholarly. Perhaps you were tuning in during the rise and fall of the color-coded bookshelf, or maybe you’ve run the (sometimes astronomical) cost of custom open shelves or have attempted DIY bookshelf projects for years. There’s something that can’t be denied: Seeing all of your favorite books neatly arranged among carefully curated trinkets and treasured collectibles just makes you feel good. It reminds you that there’s some sort of order in the world.

The good news is that order doesn’t necessarily have to come with an outrageous price tag. We’ve been gathering inspo from Clever homeowners for years—Billys reimagined! Stylishly upgraded garage storage!—and have quite a few tricks up our sleeves when it comes to finding relatively cheap bookshelves that will spare your credit card, make your home look great, and (hopefully) give you a little satisfaction.

Plywood Shelves with steel uprights and brackets. #044


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