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Vinny Guadagnino is back in another season of Double Shot at Love. This time, the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation star has the help of Pauly DelVecchio and Nikki Hall — the couple that formed as a result of Double Shot at Love Seasons 1 and 2. 

As much as this season is about Guadagnino, many fans can’t wait to see more of Hall and DJ Pauly D‘s relationship. In a teaser for Double Shot at Love Season 3, DelVecchio and Hall provide an update on their relationship and how the pandemic played a part in making them stronger as a couple. 

DJ Pauly D and Nikki Hall sit at a dinner table in 'Double Shot at Love' Season 2

Vinny Guadagnino is ‘trusting the process’ to find his ‘wifey’ on ‘Double Shot at Love’

As the last single Jersey Shore roommate, Guadagnino feels ready to find love. Because his roommates are in married or dating, the reality star has seen what works in relationships and, more importantly, what doesn’t. For Double Shot at Love Season 3, Guadagnino is putting everything on the table in the hopes of finding love.

DJ Pauly D gave his relationship with Nikki Hall ‘the attention it deserves’ during the pandemic 

Shortly after Double Shot at Love Season 2 ended, the world shut down because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Hall decided to stay in Las Vegas with DelVecchio, and it wasn’t long before the two were living together. 

“The pandemic, for us — I think it strengthened our relationship,” DelVecchio tells cameras in an exclusive clip from season 3. “It got me to stay put in one place to focus and give a relationship the attention that it deserves.” 

“We live together with each other 24/7,” Hall adds. “At this point, nothing can break us.” 

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“I’m not even mad I went solo the first time,” DelVecchio tells Hall in the clip. At the end of Double Shot at Love Season 1, DelVecchio chose to “roll solo” instead of pursuing a relationship with Hall or his other final girl, Derynn Paige. 

“It took [rolling solo] to do the second one,” he addss. “And then the [second season] gave us a second chance — more time to spend [together].”

‘Double Shot at Love’ fans want to know more about Pauly DelVecchio and Nikki Hall’s relationship

When MTV announced Double Shot at Love Season 3, all many fans could talk about was Hall’s relationship with DelVecchio. “Who else is excited for Double Shot Season 3?” a fan on Reddit said. “I’m over here counting down the days! I’m really excited to see Nikki and Pauly host.” 

DelVecchio and Hall announced their relationship status during the Double Shot at Love Season 2 reunion. But for the most part, the couple keeps their relationship under wraps. 

“I like the way you guys handle stuff, not posting,” Angelina Larangeira tells Hall in an episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. She and her husband Chris have caused many fans to speculate about the state of their marriage, thanks to previous social media posts. 

“You’ve gotta control what you put on social media,” Hall tells her co-star. For Hall and DelVecchio, their relationship isn’t anyone’s concern but their own. 

Tune in to Double Shot at Love beginning Sept. 16 on MTV. 


Double Shot at Love is returning -- and this time, "it's all about Vinny."

The series, premiering on September 16, will feature Jersey Shore's lone single cast member looking for his perfect match. Seventeen lucky ladies are trying to capture his heart, but fortunately for Vin (and us!), he won't be experiencing the dating series without some (very entertaining) help.

"Let's find this guy a wifey!" DJ Pauly D yells into his megaphone in the promo above. Pauly D's ladylove Nikki Hall will also be aiding Vin every step of the way -- after all, the couple does know this process works firsthand!

From one lady declaring she would "bake cookies off [Vinny's] body" to Snooki and JWOWW dubbing themselves "matchmakers," will Vin meet the "woman of his dreams"? Or will he be "riding solo" (Season 1 reference) at the end of the unique experience? There's only one way to learn the answer: Do not miss Double Shot at Love beginning Thursday, September 16 at 9/8c!

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Jersey Shore: How Pauly D Feels About Marrying Girlfriend Nikki Hall

Pauly D and Nikki Hall have been together since 2019. Now that their relationship is getting more serious, what are Pauly's thoughts on their future?

Pauly Delvecchio from Jersey Shore traded in his longtime single lifestyle as he settled down with now-girlfriend Nikki Hall. He and Nikki first met during season 1 of Double Shot at Love in 2019. Although the couple had an instant connection, Pauly ultimately decided to remain single during the conclusion of the season.

Pauly and Nikki later reconnected to film season 2 of the show. During filming, the couple was able to work through their differences and better their relationship. Then, when the start of the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Nikki packed her bags to quarantine with Pauly in his $2 million Las Vegas home. Luckily for them, the newfound free time at home together helped them strengthen their relationship.

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Things became serious between Pauly and Nikki when he decided to introduce her to not only his wild Jersey Shore roommates during the cast's trip to Las Vegas last season but also his daughter as well. Now that Pauly and Nikki have been together, on and off, for a few years, Pauly is starting to think about his future with Nikki. According to Heavy, Pauly hinted that a possible engagement between the couple may actually be in the cards. For now, he and Nikki are "enjoying their relationship and taking things as they go."

As for Pauly and Nikki's future together, Pauly is not entirely sure what it may hold for the couple. He said, "Who knows what the future holds?" He continued to say, "We’re just taking it day by day. We have nothing set in stone and we just really enjoy each other’s company at the moment." Luckily for Pauly, Nikki gets along quite well with the rest of the Jersey Shore bunch. They all adore Nikki, so much so that Pauly was actually "shocked" by how quickly she bonded with the family. In fact, Pauly's longtime roommate Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino once said that Nikki is "the one" for Pauly.

Since Pauly's Jersey Shore roommates have been a part of his life for over 12 years, it makes him happy, and somewhat relieved, to know that they all enjoy having Nikki around. Although Pauly did not specify if he plans to propose to Nikki in the future, it's safe to assume that he plans to be with her for a long time. This is the first time fans have seen Pauly head over heels for a girl. In fact, it's his first serious relationship ever portrayed on the show. Fans admired Pauly and Nikki's relationship so much that they actually want the couple to have a spinoff show of their own. However, the possibility of a spinoff is very unlikely due to the couple's choice to keep the details of their relationship quite private.

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Jersey Shore: Family Vacation airs Thursdays at 8 pm ET on MTV.

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Nikki to PaulyD...A NO NO

“Jersey Shore” star Pauly D, born Paul DelVecchio Jr., first became romantically involved with Nikki Hall after being introduced on “Double Shot at Love” in 2019. While the couple went through a break-up, they are currently in a relationship. 

On September 13, Nikki Hall uploaded two pictures on Instagram. The photos showed the 29-year-old posing on a sidewalk next to a Saint Laurent storefront. She wore a white shirt underneath a cropped pastel yellow jacket and a matching mini skirt. 

“It’s a slow process but quitting won’t speed it up,” wrote Hall in the post’s caption. The “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation” star also noted that her ensemble was from the online retailer Fashion Nova. 

Pauly D was quick to leave a pickup line in the post’s comment section. 

“I’d like to take you to the movies, but they don’t let you bring in your own snacks,” wrote the professional DJ, referring to Hall as a snack, which is a slang term used to describe someone with striking good looks.

Hall responded to her boyfriend’s flirtatious message. 

“@djpaulyd restricting your phone privileges [crying laughing emoji],” quipped Hall. 

Pauly D replied to Hall’s comment by writing, “c’monnnnn.” 

Pauly D Recently Commented on Another One of Hall’s Instagram Posts

Pauly D recently commented on another one of Hall’s Instagram posts, uploaded on September 11. The post featured three photos of the television personality wearing a cropped lavender tank top and a coordinating tennis skirt. Hall accessorised her outfit with a matching purse, tennis shoes, and a pair of sunglasses. In all three photos, the 29-year-old posed near a car parked on a palm tree-lined street. 

“Hi pretty [red heart emoji],” wrote Pauly D in the comments section. 

Quite a few fans also flocked to the comments section to compliment Hall. 

“You are absolutely goals [red heart emoji] living for this vibe… Beautiful,” wrote one fan. 

“Nikki you just look like a beautiful doll. Just love your looks, everything looks fantastic on you. No lie [red heart emoji],” added another commenter. 

“Beautiful outfit. Looking gorgeous [fire emoji],” shared a third social media user. 

Pauly D Discuss Having Nikki Hall as a ‘Jersey Shore: Family Vacation’ Co-Star

Pauly D and his significant other quarantined together during the coronavirus pandemic. Hall also joined the professional DJ on “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation” season 4. During a November 2020 interview with Page Six, alongside his “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation” co-stars Jenni “JWoww” Farley, Deena Nicole Cortese, and Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, Pauly D shared his thoughts about Hall being a part of the show’s production. 

“It was cool. I think that’s the cool thing about our show. You get to see almost every aspect of it and the parts that you relate to. Some people grew up with us, so they want to see what it’s like for us right now. What’s it like actually in a pandemic. What’s our family like, what’s it like when you bring someone else into the crew. So we get to share that with everybody,” said the 41-year-old. 

During the interview, Cortese also spoke highly of Hall and stated that she adores the model. 

“I love Nikki. Nikki and Pauly are adorable,” said Cortese. 

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Nikki pauly and

DJ “Pauly D” DelVecchio opened up about his future with Nikki Hall.

In a new interview, the “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation” star hinted that an engagement isn’t entirely off the table when it comes to the girlfriend he met on the MTV reality show, “Double Shot at Love “

Pauly told Page Six that he and Nikki are enjoying their relationship and taking things as they go, but he noted that she fits in with his “family.”

“Who knows what the future holds?” he said. “We’re just taking it day by day. We have nothing set in stone and we just really enjoy each other’s company at the moment.”

He added that his girlfriend has bonded with his “Jersey Shore” roommates and that he was ‘shocked” by how fast she got close with them.

“I’m just glad they accept her like family and she accepts them as family because having the whole ‘Jersey Shore’ family meet Nikki was like a big deal for me because they’re part of my life,” the DJ said. “They’ve been a part of my life since I can’t even remember now. It’s gotta be, like, 12 years now. So we’re actual family. And the fact that she gets along on that level — for me — that’s anything I could ask for.”‘

Pauly and Nikki have been an on-and-off couple since 2019, but they got serious in 2020 when they holed up together in his Las Vegas home during the COVID-19 pandemic quarantine, per Cheat Sheet.

Pauly’s ‘Jersey Shore’ Co-Stars Already Predicted He Will Be the Next Cast Member to Walk Down the Aisle

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation cast photo

MTVJersey Shore: Family Vacation cast photo

Pauly introduced Nikki to his castmates last season while filming “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation” at the Hilton Lake Las Vegas Resort & Spa. At the time he described the model as “the full package,” adding, “As a couple, it’s probably the most fun I’ve had in years.”

Nikki fit in as the group during a dinner party and immediately got the seal of approval from Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, who predicted wedding bells could be in Pauly’s future.

“I thought Nikki was a natural,” The Situation said,  according to People. “She did great. You could just tell the way that she is with Pauly — like, this is the one, probably. Quite possibly, Nikki and Pauly could be the next ‘Jersey Shore’ family wedding.”

Pauly Has Said He Hopes Nikki Is ‘The One’

Earlier this season, “Jersey Shore” fans saw Pauly plan a sweet anniversary celebration for Nikki that included a trail of rose petals and a champagne toast. The touring DJ admitted to his lady that 2020 was “good” for their relationship because the pandemic put him in one spot for an extended period of time.

Pauly has also hinted that Nikki could be his soulmate. In an interview with In Touch Weekly, he also revealed that after getting serious with Nikki, he introduced his daughter Amabella to her.

“It’s pretty crazy how my relationship has grown,” Pauly said. “This whole quarantine thing has been a blessing and a curse. It pulled tour away from me, but it brought me closer together with my relationship with Nikki.”

When asked if Nikki is “the One?” Pauly added that he hopes so.

Cooking with Nikki Recap feat. Pauly D


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