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Shadowrun is a roleplaying game, not unlike improvisational theater. A gamemaster runs the game, while a group of players pretend they are characters set in the dystopian near-future of 2080. These character are created by the players, given a history and personality, and then further defined by a set of statistics that represent the character’s skills and attributes-as developed in the character creation process. The gamemaster then presents the setting and situation: through their characters, the players interact with the storyline and other characters, developing their own stories and high adventure during every game session.

More Than A Game

Shadowrun is much more than a simple roleplaying game. Its unique and dynamic universe is proactive, with over-arcing storylines twisting and shaping the universe as additional sourcebooks are released. This creates a vibrant, breathing universe in which players can carve out their own street cred and amass nuyen, all the while watching out for the megacorps, dragons and other world-level threats that can cut their careers short. Deadly short.

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Latest News

Double Clutch is now out! Have fun, riggers!

We did a couple of previews for Double Clutch, the core rigger rulebook for Shadowrun, Sixth World, and now the book is out (Catalyst, DriveThru)! Order in PDF or print, and gain access to a bunch of rigging toys, including vehicle and drone customization, and the ability to build your own vehicles and drones! Here’s the rundown: Jump In In …

New Double Clutch preview! Check out the Esprit Iron Scorpion!

The wheels are turning to move us toward the release of the rigger book for Shadowrun, Sixth World! It’s called Double Clutch, and today we’d like to share with you the image and stats for the Esprit Iron Scorpion drone! Check it out, and if you missed our previous preview, check it out here!

Hit the Streets with Shadowrun, Sixth World: City Edition and Improved Dice Roller App!

The Sixth World is defined by the city streets on which shadowrunners live and die, by the cold steel buildings that embrace them. The cities of the Sixth World are bold, bright, and deadly, and we’re celebrating them with a new reprint of Shadowrun, Sixth World. The “City Edition: Seattle” of the Shadowrun, Sixth World core rules includes the latest …

Johnson ‘Dex Available Now! Dial Up a New Mr. Johnson

If you’re a shadowrunner looking for work, or if a job is coming down the pike and someone needs to field it, you need a Mr. Johnson. If plot twists are coming but you need to know which way they are going to spin, then you need a Mr. Johnson with some secret motives. And if you want someone to …

Friday Previews–Johnson ‘Dex and Double Clutch

We’ve been happily tracking the paths of Shadowrun products from the printer to the warehouse, and two of them are almost ready for release! The one that will come out first is called the Johnson ’Dex, a deck of cards featuring a variety of Mr. Johnsons to drop into any Shadowrun game. With a profile and image on the front …
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Catalyst Game Labs

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Catalyst Game Labs (CGL) was created in May 2007 by InMediaRes Productions, LLC for the purpose of publishing print Shadowrun and Classic BattleTech sourcebooks.[1] In June 2007, WizKids transferred the licenses for both Shadowrun and Classic BattleTech from FanPro's United States subsidiary, FanPro LLC, to Catalyst, and in June 2008, Catalyst announced new novels for Shadowrun and Classic BattleTech, as well as the MechWarrior series.[2]

Most of the individuals responsible for the success of both Shadowrun and Classic BattleTech at FanPro moved to Catalyst when it acquired the licenses.[1]

At the 2008 Gen Con, Catalyst Game Labs announced it was entering the casual gaming business (card oriented games) with new games Paparazzi & Ooze the Cook.[3]

Products & Properties[edit]

Role-Playing Games[edit]

  • Battletech
  • Shadowrun
  • Leviathans - a miniatures wargame about lighter-than-air battleships originally due out in late 2011. (Due to production problems, the game didn't reach the street until August 22, 2012.[4]) The game is set in an alternative version of the early 20th century.
  • Cosmic Patrol - a role-playing game set in a retro future based on the Golden Age of science fiction.
  • Valiant Universe - a superhero role-playing game set in the Valiant Comics fictional universe

TableTop Games[edit]

  • Dragonfire - a Deckbuilder game based on Dungeons & Dragons.[5]
  • Paparazzi - a card game casting players as celebrity-hounding paparazzi, competing with each other to take the best pictures of the biggest (and most controversial) stars in Hollywood. The game was created by Adam Jury, who has worked on previous Catalyst products such as Shadowrun and Classic BattleTech.
  • Ooze the Cook - a light-hearted “beer and pretzels” game where up to four players take on the roles of slimes and jellies living in a tavern, trying to grow large enough to eat the tavern’s patrons and cook. The game features several random elements meant to symbolize the Oozes’ lack of cognitive thinking. The art for the game will be provided by John Kovalic (Dork Tower, Munchkin).
  • Vikings - a Strategy game based on the Vikings television series, which requires the players to acquire resources and win the favor of heroes to achieve victory.
    • Jarl - a Tile-laying game set in the same thematic setting as Vikings.
  • Paiko - a two player strategy game which is focused on intuitive players, with the goal being to place the most tiles on the board.
  • Wrath of Dragons - a board game which has you playing as dragons over several centuries.

Rather Dashing Games[edit]

In 2018 Loren and Heather Coleman, owners of Catalyst Game Labs, acquired Rather Dashing Games, a board game company based near Lexington, Kentucky, from Kalmbach Media.[6] According to the Rather Dashing Games website, the company is now a division of Catalyst Game Labs.[7]


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