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Best Homeschool Math Curriculum

Homeschool moms everywhere love curriculum recommendations from other homeschool moms.  Of course a publisher is going to say their curriculum is the best.  But what do moms in the trenches say?  Here’s where we want to know what the best homeschool math curriculum is according to experienced moms with real kids.

Don’t forget that your kids are all different!  What worked for the oldest might not work for the next one. Homeschooling gives you the flexibility to pivot and change when things aren’t working.  You’re never stuck.  Even if you paid for a curriculum.  Don’t let that money out of pocket hold you back from making a positive change.

I shared our favorite math curriculum HERE.  I will use it as long as it works for us.  But I honestly don’t have a lot of experience with other curriculums.  So I enlisted some help from other homeschool bloggers. I asked what their best math curricula was and they answered with some great options for you.

Best Homeschool Math Curriculum

This post contains affiliate links, which means I will receive a commission if purchases are made through these links.  Thank you for the support.

Math Facts That Stick Series

We’ve used the Addition Facts That Stick and love it! Author Kate Snow has a new elementary homeschool math curriculum available now too. Check out her Math with Confidence.

You can hear my conversation with Kate on episode 63 of the Homeschool with Moxie Podcast.

I love how Rachelle from The Places We Learn describes this series:

The coolest part of this book series is that it’s much like other well-loved books from The Well Trained Mind Press in that it gives you a script so you know exactly what to say. I find that to be a confidence booster as the parent/teacher when you are starting something new.

Check out her experience with Addition Facts That Stick.

Math Mammoth

Three different moms with kids of different ages and math abilities tried out this curriculum and reported on their experiences over at Hip Homeschool Moms.  They all seemed to have glowing reviews for this curriculum.  For a mom who is nervous about her ability to teach math concepts, I think this review will help:

Maria writes the curriculum for and to the student, so he or she is able to read the instructions and explanations and work through the material independently.

Learn Math Fast System

Wendy shares over at Hip Homeschool Moms how this system was developed:

Learn Math Fast System is written by JK Mergens–who watched her own son struggle with math. She decided to teach him math in her own way and in an easier language that he understood. Her son did so well with this system of learning math that he actually excelled, enrolled in college math at age 16, and became a math tutor! Today he is a successful engineer, and Mrs. Mergens was encouraged by her husband to write a whole series of math books to help other students excel in math as well.

She says that this curriculum is for kids who have learning struggles, dislike the subject, or for those who want to learn it quicker.  Check it out here.


Heather from Fearless Faithful Mom share about her experiences with the free complete online homeschool math curriculum at Zearn.  I was interested in how this program uses technology to be both interactive and adaptive.  Here’s how Heather described it:

As an adaptive program, Zearn will change things based on how your children are performing.  If they are consistently excelling at a particular skill, it will skip some lessons that would be an unnecessary repeat.  When kids are struggling with a concept, it changes and gives them practice problems with more supports built in.  Adaptive technology is amazing because it helps to fit the lesson to the kid, rather than trying to make the kid fit the lesson!

CTC Math

Richele from Talking Mom 2 Mom highly recommends CTC Math for those who are nervous about helping their kids with high school level math.  In addition to being an online program with video lessons, Richele mentions these benefits:

  • CTCMath tracks your child’s progress and sends you email reports.
  • You can assign tasks and oversee everything your child is doing.
  • Access to all grade levels allows you to fill in any gaps or get extra practice.

I was excited to see Richele’s review of this program.  I had stumbled across it once before, but after checking out the site again, I realized how economical it is!  Homeschoolers can enjoy a 60% discount.  So, when you sign up, you can access all math levels from K-12 with one fee.  Check it out HERE.

We’ve now been using CTCMath for our kids in grades 7-12 for a few years. I had been using a more traditional textbook approach for middle and high school, and while I could stumble my way through helping my kids in the upper grades, I wanted to outsource more. It really has given me time back in the homeschool day to keep our routine on track and be more available to all the kids. The price is a no brainer – one low price for the whole family! Plus, for my high schoolers who need a transcript, it’s awesome because they and I can see their grade in the class at any time.

A+ Interactive Math

Richele from Talking Mom 2 Mom also recommended another online program that worked well for her dyslexic kids.  A+ Interactive Math offers a multi-sensory approach, and it looks super affordable, even for a large family.  I could sign up my 5 kids with this program and only pay $149 for the year!  This sounds like a great solution for many families.

Teaching Textbooks

Misty from Year Round Homeschooling found Teaching Textbooks highly recommended in homeschooling circles when she was looking for a new curriculum for her sixth grader.  Here’s what she loves about it:

Besides the tutor to help work the problems step by step, my favorite part of this math curriculum is that it grades each lesson for me! This makes my homeschool day so much easier, I simply ask my son for the grade he receives at the end of his lesson and record it in our planner.

In fact, her kids love TT so much that they helped her come up with these 10 Reasons they love this curriculum.

Terri from Our Happy Medium also sings the praises of TT with her top 5 list.  She mentions these perks:

With Teaching Textbooks, the lesson is read aloud to your student, great for auditory learners like my daughter! Students also receive “hints” in the form of a quick refresher which is read aloud, before they go ahead and try the problem.

It appears that TT also has a large family discount plan which is a terrific benefit.

Math U See

Laurie from Strategic Homeschooling and More loves the multi-sensory approach of Math U See.  If her kids don’t understand a concept the first time, she can use a different approach to teach the concept. Math U See is a student-paced curriculum that doesn’t correspond to traditional grade levels.

Shiller Math

The Art Kit Blog recommends Montessori-based Shiller Math.  Along with taking away the need for parents to plan lessons, this curriculum kit comes with a complete set of manipulatives.  This curriculum emphasizes a hands-on approach.  The Art Kit Blog says that Shiller Math might be a great fit for you if:

You recognize that children have four primary learning styles (visual, auditory, tactile, and kinesthetic) and you want those incorporated into your lessons.

Saxon Math

Melanie from Wildly Anchored said her daughter did well with Saxon Math .  With its scripted teacher’s manual and lots of review, this curriculum is good for kids who need a no-nonsense approach to math.

RightStart Mathematics

Finally, want to know what a former high school math teacher would recommend?  Then check out what Sandra from R.E.A.L. World Learners has to say about RightStart Mathematics:

For now, I would just say, as a former math teacher, I really like what I’ve seen regarding the discovery-type learning style and I look forward to using it with my own kids throughout the next several years; the more positive encounters kids have with math, the less likely they are to be crippled by math anxiety later in life.

Did we miss your favorite homeschool math curriculum?  Drop the name of it in the comments below!

And as always, if you’d like access to my free resource library you can get it HERE.<<










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Math has become an ongoing topic for our country. Whether you are a teacher trying to ensure your diverse students will be prepared for state tests, or you are a parent who is trying to work with a struggling child, math can be stressful.

There is a current perception that math something you “get” or you don’t. But, just like any other skill, math can be practiced and developed. Teaching or tutoring your student/child with confidence, and allowing this skill to be mastered, can be a hard task. Often times a curriculum can make the difference.

The curriculums below are highly ranked, are rigorous, standards based, and awesome for students. Look at the pros and cons for your classroom or student to decide if they’re right for you!


Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 10.28.54 AM

Zearn Home Screen

Best Features:

Zearn allows students to have an online math curriculum and has in-person support. It also creates lesson for individual or small group support based on the student’s achievement. (I love curriculum that helps me do my interventions!!) It also hosts professional development and support for those who buy the curriculum. I have previewed several online curriculums, and this one looks awesome!

Awards and Certifications:


$2,500 per school year

An additional $500 for teacher development.

An additional $28 per student workbook


Zearn is a little pricy for small schools or home school families. However, they may allow you to purchase the school price and split it among several homeschool families.

Who I would recommend this to:

This curriculum is definitely set up to support a traditional brick and mortar public school. However, if a homeschool group purchased this package for their group, it could be an amazing experience for students to still have homeschool flexibility and rigorous math lessons.

University of Utah Middle School Math Project

Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 10.29.13 AM

The Utah Middle School Math Project Home Screen

Best Features:

This is a FREE math curriculum. Yes. This is FREE. The University of Utah sponsored this project to help teachers get access to FREE materials. I have previewed the downloadable materials, and they look great. Maybe I am biased because they are my alma mater… but it’s still an awesome option.  The U of U has stated that more curriculum materials will be added over time.

Awards and Certifications:

  • Has perfect score in rigor and alignment from Ed Reports




There is no teacher development or support with this curriculum, and currently it is only for middle school students. All materials will need to be downloaded into an adobe pdf to write on electronically, or will need to be printed off.

Ready Curriculum Associates

Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 10.30.40 AM

Ready Curriculum Associates for North Carolina 

Best Features:

This curriculum is very well priced and be purchased a few books at a time. I have seen this been used as a tutoring curriculum on Saturdays and a stand alone curriculum. This can be used for small groups or large grade levels since materials can be purchased individually. These are Common Core standard aligned, but if you are a home school family who does not love those standards, you can always pick and choose which lessons you will use in a given school year. These curriculums are also tailored by state. Read Curriculum also makes supportive online math and reading materials (iReady).

Awards and Certifications:


Pricing depends on whether you want the curriculum to be just math or if you want state test related problems in each book. Check out the pricing here.


I honestly can’t find anything bad with this curriculum. It looks great.

Who I would recommend this to:

Anyone who needs a math curriculum that is strategic and covers the essential concepts. If you don’t love the curriculum, look into their supplemental programs.

Bridges In Mathematics

Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 10.28.28 AM

Bridges In Mathematics Home Screen

Best Features:

Bridges In Mathematics math curriculum has great ratings and comes with manipulatives for students to use while learning. There are also supplemental intervention materials that can be purchased (yes! Thank you!).

Awards and Certifications:


$1,500 for a complete kit for 30 students


If you have less than 30 students, you cannot purchase this curriculum individually. However, you can definitely purchase a kit and share it between several classes or homeschool families. There are teacher workbooks that can be bought separately. This math curriculum is also only for elementary school students.

Who I would recommend this to:

Any traditional school setting or a homeschool group. This is a very reasonable price for a quality curriculum… and materials! A winner for any educator.


Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 10.29.47 AM

Time4Learning Home Screen

Best Features:

Time4Learning is a math curriculum marketed to homeschool families. While completing the curriculum, students create a portfolio that can be used with the state homeschool regulations. However, it can also be used a supplement to students struggling in math. This curriculum goes all the way from PreK to High School and is totally online, and allows parents to screen every lesson before the student takes it.

Awards and Certifications:

  • Top 100 Education Websites since 2009
  • iParenting Disney Media Group Award


PreK – 8th grade is $19.95 per month ($14.95 for each additional student)

High school $30 per month and includes 4 courses


Time4Learning is self paced and is mastery based. That means a student could get stuck on a concept for a long time. Time4Learning also does not have resources that show where they are receiving their grade level benchmarks. Also anytime you have a completely online program, there is a fair amount of monitoring that must still occur from an adult. Students typically start to “mess around” and get unfocused.

Who I would recommend this to:

Parents and teachers who are looking for supplemental material. Parents and teachers looking for an online program. Homeschool families who need help with math.

Like this:



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