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Stop Those Pesky Flies With DynaTrap Flylight Insect Trap #Review

An Easy Way To Get Rid Of Those Insects From Your Home or Classroom!

During the summer months and into the fall here in the south, we have really bad flies and gnats all around, all the time. They are pesky little things that are pretty troublesome if they get into your home, classroom or office. They fly in so fast and can get in through the littlest spaces. So trying to get rid of them without chemicals that are harmful to use around children and animals can be tricky. Big bug zappers can be really bright and distracting, and hearing the bugs getting zapped isn’t pleasant either.

With the Flylight from DynaTrap, you can stop your insect problem while making your home, classroom or office remain function-able, you won’t even know it’s there. It’s a bug light that is disguised as a decorative nightlight and attracts those pesky bugs and traps them without noise. Bugs can carry infectious diseases and pathogens, so protect your family from potentially getting sick with DynaTrap Flylight. This Dynarap Flylight allows you to still fully use your outlets because it has 2 AC pass-through outlets and 2 USB pass-through outlets. This means, an amazingly functional bug light that lets you keep at your normal daily activities.

About DynaTrap Flylight

This AWARD WINNING DynaTrap Flylight Insect trap will make short work of the flies in your home or apartment! Many flies carry diseases and other nasty pathogens on their bodies. Keep your family, food, and property safe by attracting them with the AtraktaGlo™ UV technology and the StickyTech™ will stop them from continuing to fly around! This model has two (2) AC outlets AND two (2) USB outlets to keep you from using up valuable wall outlet space and keep your phone and other devices charged!

  • Protects up to 600 sq/ft.
  • Premium Indoor protection.
  • Pesticide and odor free.
  • Safe, Silent, Simple.
  • No zapping or buzzing. No expensive attractant or propane required.
  • Two (2) AC pass-through outlets
  • Two (2) USB pass-through outlets

My Thoughts:

The DynaTrap Flylight Insect Trap has been a wonderful addition to our home. I love how decorative it is and the light is subtle, yet makes a great nightlight. I was amazed at just how many gnats were in my home after just a few hours of plugging it in! We even have one on my husbands workbench in our garage to keep that space more enjoyable while my husband works out there.

The most noteworthy to me is the fact that it has 2 pass-through outlets and 2 USB pass-through outlets. I thought I was going to be losing my entire outlet when I plugged these in, but I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered they had the pass-through outlets. This makes it even more lovable! There is no interruption to my daily routine and I get to kick those pesky flies to the curb! Making sure my home is safe and the unnecessary germs to a minimum is a win for this mama.

So if you’re looking for a way to get rid of those unwanted flies, gnats or flying insects in your home or classroom, the DynaTrap Flylight is what you need. No one will even know its a bug light because it adds a beautiful decorative look to your space. You might be surprised at just how many insects are unknowingly in your home. With extra sticky refills, you won’t ever lose the effectiveness of this product. Keep it plugged in all year long to get the most out of the DynaTrap Flylight.


For more information about DynaTrap, click here!


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As the years have gone by, a lot of us have realized that when it comes to getting rid of bugs and pests, pesticides and zappers are becoming less effective.

The insects are mutating to resist these chemicals, and they have grown stronger to the point where they are absolutely unaffected by many types of repellents.

And as the population of mosquitoes and other vector or pathogen carrying bugs are on the rise, the need for a new and improved bug killing device has never been so desired.

Hello! I am Heather, and when it comes to my family’s safety, I seldom leave any stones unturned. And that is precisely why I have brought my readers a review on a bug catcher that uses a particular mechanism to trap and kill insects.

The DynaTrap is as unique as it is effective against bugs, and today I would like to tell you about all of its features that makes it a must-have for your backyard.

Dyna Mosquito Trap Reviews Oct 2021: What makes it so unique?

dynatrap 3 reviewsWhere most of the bug killing devices depend on insect zapping mechanism to function, the DynaTrap, on the other hand, primarily works towards trapping the bugs.

This is an unusual mechanism, and depending on the DynaTrap model, you’ll be able to protect your family from 300 sq ft. up to an acre of property without the aid of any harmful pesticides.

With DynaTrap installed, enjoying backyard activities such as barbecues and ring toss games will never feel so free of bugs and mosquitoes.

DynaTrap works much better than bug spray and tiki torches as well. Tiki torches or any other similar bug repellent devices use citronella oil, which only keeps the bugs away and not kill them. This can be quite harmful to your family in the long run.

I used to be a very big fan of tiki lanterns in the backyard, especially when it came to repelling bugs and giving my kids a safer playtime. However, continually refueling them every now and then became increasingly cumbersome, and I soon needed a convenient alternative.

I heard about the DynaTrap online, and after going through some of its reviews, I decided to give it a try myself.

Why is there a constant need for better anti-bug devices?

The fact that more and more harmful diseases are on the rise is not a new story. And along with the older pathogens, newer ones such as the Zika virus has recently emerged, which too spreads from vector to vector.

The Zika virus causes mild symptoms in adults but can cause severe deformities in babies. And according to some of the news outlets it has of late been spreading throughout Texas, Arizona, and California.

West Nile virus is another one that has spread in California, and it causes symptoms such as fever and brain infections. It can then lead to permanent memory loss and neurological problems in children.

As a mother of two, I always worry about how to keep my kids safe from such viruses and vectors. Pesticides and bug sprays used to work wonders, but as time went by all these carriers have grown quite resistant to them. And the viruses too have evolved to such an extent that the previous antibiotics do not work on them anymore.

In the suburban town that I live, mosquitoes are by far the biggest threat to my family. They spread diseases like Malaria, Dengue, Yellow Fever and Encephalitis, which can be quite deadly in their most virulent forms.

Besides eliminating the breeding ground for mosquitoes such as pools of water, fallen leaf piles and cracks in home exteriors, homeowners need to invest in a proper bug trap as well. And this is where the DynaTrap comes in.

Specific bug solutions like pesticides and pest strips can be very effective against mosquitoes, but they can also have harmful effects on humans. So, I would suggest that you go for pesticides as a last-ditch measure when all else fails.

Is the DynaTrap better than a bug zapper?

The trap comes with a 10-foot long power cord and can be effectively left “on” all the time. Just plug it in and forget about it. And unlike the standard insect zappers, I found the DynaTrap to be absolutely noiseless, and it did not keep my kids awake at night while functioning.

Bug zappers have a terrible reputation when it comes to dealing with mosquitoes. As mosquitoes are not attracted to UV lights, they hardly ever approach the zapper, making them useless in dealing with the pathogen-carrying vector mosquitoes.

I learned that the female Anopheles mosquitoes are some of the biggest disease carriers, and when searching for blood, they find it by following the scent of carbon dioxide.

They are also attracted by certain other factors like sweat, perfume and body odor, but carbon dioxide is the major one. DynaTrap uses carbon dioxide to attract and trap these mosquitoes.

Its retaining cage is very easy to remove and clean, and for those who live in a bug infested area, DynaTrap also offers a large-capacity net as an additional upgrade.

DynaTrap: The Features


dynatrap xl reviewsThe DynaTrap has a 2-in-1 function where it uses both ultraviolet light and carbon dioxide to trap and kill all sorts of bugs and pests.

While the UV light works towards attracting insects such as flies and gnats, the specially coated disc, on the other hand, produces carbon dioxide to attract mosquitoes and other biting insects. Additionally, DynaTrap also catches bees and stinging insects in the daytime.

After attracting all these bugs when they get close to the machine, the DynaTrap unit sucks them up into the trap. The suction fan is amazingly silent, and as there is no zapping done, the machine doesn’t produce any burning smell.

The retainer is see-through, and you will be easily able to identify when you need to empty the trap.


As the DynaTrap has a very lightweight and compact design, you will be able to set it up anywhere in the backyard, but always remember to place it at least 3 feet off the ground.

Moreover, unlike its other propane bug trap competitors, the DynaTrap is not as expensive and is incredibly easy to maintain. Propane traps need to be continually re-filled as the machine runs out of fuel very fast and that stacks up on the expenses in the long run.

Their tank size is typically that of a large gas grill, and for the propane trap to work optimally, you will be needing a replacement attractant which is not at all cheap.

Another amazing aspect of the DynaTrap is that you will be able to use them indoor as well, which is not the case for many zapper models and propane trappers.

Its compact and portable design makes it effortless to take apart and then reassemble.


In terms of maintenance, all you have to do is clean the fan, and if the bulb goes out, replacing it involves just one screw. The tram is surprisingly durable and can withstand almost any season conditions, especially the monsoon.

What are some of the cons of DynaTrap?

dynatrap 1 acre reviewsMost of the drawbacks concerning the DynaTrap have to do with minor inconveniences that can be worked around rather than being major problems and issues.

Doesn’t instantly kill

One of the most popular concerns among customers is that the DynaTrap traps every bug. It doesn’t segregate between what it should trap and what it shouldn’t, hence there might be cases when it can accidentally suck in beneficial insects.

Moreover, as the trap doesn’t instantly kill the bugs, but rather starves and dehydrates them to death, there may be chances that some of them are still alive when you remove the retaining cage to clean it.

Solution: A way around this is to partially cover the trap with a plastic bag, and then blast the insides with hot air with the help of a blow dryer. Though it might seem like a lot of work at first, which even I thought was the case, I got used to it rather quickly.

Another alternative would be to buy an extra retaining cage. So, when the time comes to clean the one in use, you can remove it from the trap by covering its mouth and then insert the new one in. This way you can just wait out for the bugs to die rather than holding a blow dryer for a long time.

Short Extension Cord

For specific backyard designs and structures, the extension cord of the Dynatrap may not be long enough. Placing it far away from the house is not possible, and there may be issues with the device covering the whole yard if it’s too big.

Water Collection and Attraction Capabilities

Though the DynaTrap can operate really well in the rain, its retainer, on the other hand, can collect water very quickly. And this collected water can act as a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects.

Solution: You can either try and hang the DynaTrap under sheltered areas or get a DynaTrap model that has a built-in-moat. So when the moat fills out with water and mosquitoes, try to use it as a standing water nest, and the fan on the trap will automatically suck them into the retaining cage.

Moreover, some customers have felt that the attraction level of carbon dioxide emission is not all that great. Well, DynaTrap allows extra attractant addition slots to improve the effectiveness of the trap.

The device should work admirably as long as the attractant has octenol in it. And if you’re worried that the trap will suck in larger non-mosquito insects because of the extra attractant, you can always cover the opening with a mesh.

But when removing the trap, try and make sure that the UV lighting is protected from any sort of moisture, as the light is the part that is always the first to get damaged.

Doesn’t have a satisfying zap sound

This is more of a personal preference than a problem, really. Some of the customers in the product forums have complained that they miss the zap and sizzle like sound effect of an insect getting stuck into the zapper.

As the zappers have been an integral part of the suburban household for many years now, hearing the insects sizzle have been a source of great comfort for many.

But for me, it was a great convenience that the DynaTrap hardly makes any noise, and as zappers don’t affect mosquito in the slightest, the DynaTrap was an all-around win-win investment for me.

Warranty and Replacement

dynatrap flylight reviewThe DynaTrap has a wide range of models which mainly differ in size. The bigger the device, the higher the attraction level and trapping potential.

Each of the designs comes with a one-year limited warranty. The parts of the DynaTrap are easily detachable and replaceable.

From their store and website, you can also purchase replacement fans, retaining cages and motors, or even try and trade up to a large-capacity net.

However, keep in mind that as there are a lot of DynaTrap models, the parts will vary with each device as well. So, when replacing a part, be aware of the model that you possess.


  • Uses carbon dioxide to attract insects, hence it is a more reliable method of trapping bugs
  • Kills a variety of bugs by starving them of food and water
  • Specializes in dealing with the pathogen-carrying vector mosquitoes
  • The device can be conveniently used inside the house or in the backyard


  • Doesn’t kill the insects it traps instantly and there may be chances of a few escaping during the cleaning process if precaution is not taken
  • The extension cord provided with it is rather small

Read owner reviews on Amazon


To kill a lot of bugs at one go, a lot of homeowners today are demanding a product that is as hassle-free as possible. As zapping and scented torches are no longer an optimal choice, the DynaTrap has grown significantly in popularity ever since.

Its working foundations are purely based on scientific findings, and honestly speaking, it’s really hard to argue with that.

I hope you found my review on DynaTrap useful today.

Till next time!

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DynaTrap 1-Acre Models Dynatrap TD2000XL is the heavy-duty version of this trap style This heavy-duty version of the Dynatrap Insect Trap has brighter bulbs that are supposed to last longer (6 months) but still aren’t cheap , a stronger fan, and a particularly useful device, a damper than automatically seals in any live insects when you turn the fan off, so they can’t escape.
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3 Best Dynatrap Insect Traps To Buy 2018 - Dynatrap Insect Traps Reviews

If you are thinking about Reviews On Dynatrap given by its daily consumers, then this section of our post is valuable for you.
Expensive, doesn't work, poor design. Lubricating them does not solve the problem. The problem with the implementation in this trap is that there is no sufficient source of Carbon to generate the amount of CO2 required to effectively attract mosquitoes. If they wanted to improve the effectiveness of this trap for catching mosquitoes they could do one of two things. Product appears to work, however, question whether it eliminates inspects over an "acre". … There's a problem loading this menu right now. I ordered it three months ago. amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit0";

I am an engineer for consumer products. It holds a small-sized vacuum fan; quite similar to the fan used in a computer.

With DynaTrap installed, enjoying backyard activities such as barbecues and ring toss games will never feel so free of bugs and mosquitoes. I'm happy with this. Its results are also far effective. respiration, lactic acid).

But he never tried to remove the basket retainer screw. Its body is sturdily built, hence you have the option to hang it or simply leave it on a flat surface.

All their insect traps comes with a 1 year limited warranty and all their products are US and internally patented. And while the DT2000XL will not protect our whole place, it will cover where we spend many of our evenings outside. Instead they uses natural attractants that mimic gas that human releases, heat that the body gives off, as well as scent that our body releases naturally (i.e. Let me say it is very simple and reliable, (although the lit says the bulb only lasts 3 weeks). Please visit their site for more info and Amazon to order. Reviewers write the most about Dynatrap Dt150 Trap and give it 3.4 stars out of 5. Reviewed in the United States on September 30, 2018.

We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. When I empty the trap it's full of hundreds of mosquitoes!!!! I used to sit on my patio in the evenings and fight the mosquitoes with my racket style bug zapper killing typically 30-50 mosquitoes a night! I was very skeptical but we now I HAVE MY YARD BACK! All Rights Reserved. As I mentioned above, the DynaTrap DT2000XL is engineered to be a simple, chemical free insect trap capable of policing up to an acre of land from flying pests, specifically mosquitoes. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies.

First the Mosquito Magnet Patriot... it is expensive, over $400 just for the unit, then regular purchase of attractants, a propane tank, plus propane, (every 21 days). The mosquito population in my area is not as high as in some areas of the country, but our local mosquito bites cause a much more severe reaction and I get bit a lot. Reviewed in the United States on May 6, 2016.

Well, there is nothing like a scam. Ineffective for Mosquitoes - Decent Moth Trap, Reviewed in the United States on September 20, 2018. Have you guys tried the DynaTrap before? Some models are suitable for both indoors and outdoors while others are designed exclusively for outdoors.

Reviewed in the United States on November 1, 2018. All I would gladly pay... if it worked. When cleaning the cage, you do notice the trap does capture a wide variety of flying bugs from moths, to flies, to its true intended target: mosquitoes. -> In this article, we learned about the website with electronic products. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness.

The second one was to have been shipped on the 10th – today – which may or may not have happened, but I see they sent an advertisement via email with sale prices. I’ve never emptied the basket because there’s hardly anything in there. In short, it's a good moth trap. To make a long story short... this is quite frankly one of the best purchases I have made in ages.

All they do is light up the backyard and make a buzzing noise when a bug gets curious about the light. With all these benefits, one should avoid thinking about Dynatrap Xl Insect Trap Scam. ), Best Mosquito Larvicide Dunks, Bits, Pouches & Tablets. The way it works is a UV fluorescent bulb generates a warm light that attracts the insects. Buy extra bulbs at the same time, because they only last about 4 months of 24/7 operation, it says. I guess the chairman off the board thought that was a necessity. Tips-- The instructions for emptying the collection basket says to turn it CW (clockwise) but the illustration shows turning the collection basket CCW (when viewed from the bottom)-- but they forget to tell you there is a small black screw holding it from turning. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Reviewed in the United States on September 20, 2018. The use of UV light as attractant also helps save cost on the need for expensive attractants. Final Verdict Of This Dynatrap Xl Review. In case you have any question, which is left unanswered, then please mention it in comments.

Don't subscribe Don't buy it. Not just we, several other reviewers are advocating it in their, Pearlfeet Shoes Reviews – Is It Legit Or Another Fake. I was AMAZED at how few mosquitoes we had this year. Each trap can provide coverage of up to half acre of area. Bug zappers don’t work. You must have heard about, Dyna Trap is the device that can give you, Catches bugs, mosquitoes and various types of insects, Available for the usages in Indoors and Outdoors, With all these benefits, one should avoid thinking about, Hence, we would conclude this post by giving a positive remark to this device.
I’ve had it since July 2018 and it is October 2018. Simply remove and pour away the ‘dead insect bodies’ and reuse. Shop our award-winning products on Mosquito Magnet.com, a Woodstream Brand. We have mentioned about its working method, benefits and customer remarks in this post. Hopefully, all this will help you in deciding its order. Pin Share Email Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products; you can learn more about our review process here. ", "DO NOT BUY DYNATRAP! The DynaTrap Review You Need (Updated 2020) In this DynaTrap review, we take a look at the three type of mosquito and insect traps offered by DynaTrap. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. Save valuable space on your desk with the Samsung 32″ Space Monitor. The spacious catch cage doesn't require dumping as frequently as smaller traps. The other way to generate sufficient CO2 would be to include a CO2 regulator that accepts a common 16-25g CO2 cartridge or could be pumbed to a larger CO2 tank. I was skeptical about these but decided to give it a try. We were two helpless housewives who have been struggling with Pest problems in our apartments for year! Well, this post has a great solution. Company needs to update it's instructions to mention the tiny black screw that you absolutely must unscrew with a mini screwdriver before you can get the collector basket off. This Dynatrap Insect Trap claims to generate CO2 by using a Titanium Dioxide treated surface and UV light.

It doesn’t require the hassle and expense of replacing propane tanks. amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "manual";
2 Insects are Sucked in and Trapped In the Catch Basket. Across the USA, this device is getting notable popularity. According to our local mosquito control and surveillance department the mosquitoes in this area are attracted primarily to CO2.

Well, this post has a great solution. This system can generate a small amount of CO2 but it requires a Carbon source. Best Overall: Dynatrap Insect …

So I purchased this DynaTrap.

Affiliate Disclosure. Dyna Trap is the device that can give you an effective solution to your difficulties raised due to the presence of insects in your house. And, that is why you can see several Dynatrap Xl Insect Trap Reviews across the Internet. amzn_assoc_asins = "B00004R9VZ,B01N5TCXWM,B07B6RZP4H,B000063XHT";

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Hopefully, all this will help you in deciding its order.

Reviewed in the United States on July 24, 2018.

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We love to see your responses and try our best to reply as soon as possible. Once attracted and captured, the bugs simply died from dehydration. Other than needing to clean the trap occasionally, the DT2000XL is meant to be a plug and walk away bug-killing solution. They could include an insulated container that would hold an amount of dry ice and control the release of CO2 gas near the fan.

No zapping or buzzing. The base of the trap is a container that holds the killed flying pest for your cleaning. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. I wanted some relief so I purchased this trap. As such, you will notice that their products do not require the use of chemicals, pesticides or propane (which makes them safe to be used around pets and children). The DynaTrap DT1775 trap is a unique trap that uses a 3-way strategy to attract and kill mosquitoes and other flying bugs. You can use it indoors or outdoors. It went to the first stop on UPS but no further. Updated 08/12/20. DynaTrap DT2000XL Insect Trap review.

What Are The Benefits Of Dynatrap Insect Trap? If you do buy it--A little fan noise, not obtrusive.

Replies to my comments

According to DynaTrap, size matters.

Reviewed in the United States on August 3, 2018.

>> Available in these colors: Black and White. >> Related article: Best Mosquito Mesh Netting. Yes, I realize it is a process and requires a holistic approach, but I still get 1-2 bites in the evening.

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Like the DynaTrap DT1775, it features a 3-way strategy to attract mosquitoes and other pests using natural methods (as shared earlier) and then catching them using the quiet sucking fan, before trap its prey in the container and leaving them to die.

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Reviews 2018 dynatrap

Mosquitoes need to just die. No like seriously. There is nothing worse than being eaten alive with mosquito bites. 

We live on a few acres of land and a few weeks ago, the mosquitoes and I had a falling out. They won. 25+ bites all over my legs. It was NOT a pretty sight and the pain, itching – no, just NO!

Apparently my fussing made it’s way to Dynatrap. They emailed and offered to send a Dynatrap XL for us to review and see if we can decrease the mosquito population in our backyard. While I am focusing on mosquitoes most in this post (because they are the most evil and annoying) – this trap is an insect trap and will catch an array of other flying insects.

MosquitoesDynatrap XL Review – Chemical Free Mosquito Killer!

Let me just say, I HATE chemicals. Yes, sometimes they are necessary – but if I can I avoid chemicals at all costs. This is one thing that totally made me excited about the Dynatrap mosquito trap. Dynatrap is a chemical free mosquito killer (okay chemical free mosquito trap but I like killer because it KILLS THEM.) No pesticides, no chemicals, odor free and SILENT. You don’t have to hear the mosquitos die! 

Dynatrap sent us the Dynatrap XL. They offer a variety of mosquito traps – depending on the size lot you are trying to cover. Our home sits on 2 acres, but our living area is around 3/4 acre. (You can read here about us moving to the country.) The Dynatrap insect trap protects up to 1 acre of land. It’s all-weather construction, so even when we get a random Texas thunderstorm it’s fine. It is pesticide free and odor free. You don’t have to hear a zapping or buzzing sound like the old mosquito killers. Also, there is no expensive attractant or propane require to run it, you just need an electric plug and possibly a good extension cord. 

dynatrap xl review - kill mosquitoes without chemicalsHow Does Dynatrap Work? 

Dynatrap attract, trap and kill flying insects including mosquitoes, biting flies, Asian beetles, wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, moths, stink bugs and more! Here is how Dynatrap works. 

This insect trap is engineered for 3-way protection. This technology kills the mosquitoes! 


First, a UV fluorescent bulb generates a warm light, attracting insects.


Then a second lure, an exclusive Ti02 titanium dioxide-coated surface, produces CO2 (the same gas we emit when we exhale) that’s irresistible to mosquitoes.


Third, a powerful, yet whisper-quiet vacuum fan sucks insects into the retaining cage where they dehydrate and die.

How to Use Dynatrap 

Dynatrap is super easy to use.


First, you hang your Dynatrap 3 to 6 feet off of the ground and 20 to 30 feet away from your outdoor living space. 

We have our’s hung on a small pool storage house in our backyard. 


DynaTraps start working immediately to disrupt the mosquito life-cycle with maximum impact in 6-8 weeks. We have had our Dynatrap running for 2 weeks and have had a SIGNIFICANT downturn in mosquitoes. I haven’t had a mosquito bite in the last week. I’m typically in the yard 4-5 nights a week, working or playing with the kids. I’m totally impressed with the lack of flying bugs. 


Simply empty DynaTrap every 1-2 weeks and replace bulbs every 4 months or 3,000 hours. The dead bugs fall into the bottom of the Dynatrap and need disposal. I let my husband do this part.

What We Think!

I have to admit, when I read some reviews I saw that the Dynatrap was catching a lot of moths but no mosquitoes. I want the MOSQUITOES DEAD, so was worried that this would be a total dud.

After 2 weeks, I can honestly saw I am totally impressed in the reduction of the mosquito population in our backyard. I want one of these for our back pasture to totally eliminate all flying insects from our property – but for now, the Dynatrap XL is doing it’s job in our back yard and for that I am pleased. Yes, this does catch a LOT of moths but give it time to do it’s job. We are hosting a party next weekend so am hoping for even less flying insects in our yard by then!

What I wish it did was kill spiders and snakes, a girl can dream.

Mosquito Facts, Tips and Tricks

Here are a few things I’ve learned in regards to mosquitoes. 

Males Don’t Bite!

Did you know that male mosquitoes don’t bite? Crazy huh – it’s the females that are evil.

What Attracts Mosquitoes

WATER. Make sure to eliminate ALL water sources.

How Long Do Mosquitoes Live?

Mosquitoes life cycle is around 3 months. That’s if you don’t kill them or if Dynatrap doesn’t trap them! Did you know that a female mosquito can have up to 3,000 offspring in the 3 months she is alive? 3,000!

Home Remedies for Mosquito Bites

Home Remedies for Mosquito BitesLooking for home remedies for mosquito bites? Here are a few suggestions:

  • I’m an essential oils junkie so love to use lavender and purification from Young Living on my bites.
  • Chill aloe vera gel in the refrigerator (10-15 minutes should do) – than run on the affected area. 
  • Toothpaste can reduce mosquito bug bite itching! Just put a dab on the mosquito bite for relief!

Genetically Modified Mosquitoes

Because I nerd out on science, thought I would share with you a little about genetically modified mosquitoes. Did you know that Google has a bio-lab that is trying to shrink the population of mosquitoes that carry life-threatening diseases by releasing 20 million bacteria-filled mosquitoes. Learn more about Debug Fresno in the video below:

There you have it folks. Our Dynatrap XL review. Hoping that this provides you with a solution to your backyard mosquito problems!

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DynaTrapXL Mosquito Trap - In-depth Review and Demo


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