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Isn't it awesome that more spaces are created and used with a roof rack? When you are on the family trip, you have more space in cargo for your snack and drink. Put the bike or kayak on the Honda OEM roof rack, it is your reliable equipment to hold your stuff.
Base Carrier: Enjoy additional storage and add flexibility to your Honda lifestyle. The base carrier is constructed of extruded and die-cast aluminum for strength and durability. Optional attachments for bicycles or skis and a weight capacity of 75 pounds gives you all-season flexibility.
Fixed Roof Rack: Racks have a different capacity of weight, pay attention to it when you are going to attach skis or bicycles to it. The fixed roof rack is constructed of extruded aluminum and capron resin, long-lasting and sturdy.
Removable Roof Rack: one good thing about roof rack is that it prevents damage to your Honda interior. Attach your skis or bicycles or kayak to the roof rack, and enjoy additional and flexible storage with your Honda lifestyle. is really a great website. It is easy to navigate, and all parts and accessories here are guaranteed to be genuine. The prices are great as well, we offer up to 38% off MSRP. With the diagram reference, you can easily find the part you are looking for and place the order.


Best Roof Rack for Honda Accord Carriage Optimization

What are The Different Types of Roof Racks?

1. Luggage Racks

These are roof cargo racks that can be used to carry ordinary family luggage. Under this roof rack system, there are three different subtypes that you can install on your Sedan, which include cargo bags, cargo boxes, and cargo baskets. Subsequently, you have to know the suitability of each of these types of luggage racks to know which best suits your traveling needs.

When it comes to cargo bags, they are the best alternative for getting more roof storage at an affordable price. On another hand, cargo baskets are ideal for off-road traveling, considering they can withstand tough conditions. Lastly, cargo boxes are most applicable when you need to store and keep your cargo dry.

2. Bike Racks

If you wish to carry your bicycle on long journeys, you are well catered for by racks for mounting bikes on your Honda Accord. Additionally, bike racks come in different mounting forms, including a hitch, trunk, spare tire, pick-up bed, and roof. Eventually, even in this context of roof racks, it is still possible to get a bike roof rack for your sedan.

3. Sport Racks

Another type of roof racks you can install on your Honda Accord are those that can carry kayaks, skis, snowboard, and canoes. Considerably, a kayak or a canoe is usually long and cannot be folded for easier transportation. However, you need not stress over the inadequate cargo room of your Accord because you can easily install a kayak or canoe rack and carry it on the rooftop of your sedan.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Roof Rack for Honda Accord

1. Weight a Rack can Hold

Primarily, it is important to consider the weight specification of the different rack brands to determine the most suitable one for your traveling needs. The consideration of weight is important because a roof rack holds onto a car's roof on few contact points and needs to be firm and secure. On this account, different racks come with different weight capacities they should carry.

When you match a roof rack to its intended bearing weight, you will be guaranteed that your rack can withstand stress caused by wind. Eventually, the perfect Honda Accord roof rack will help you evenly place weight on the car's roof for smooth and safe drives.

2. Rack Material

Most appropriately, it is recommended that you always go for roof racks that are lightweight yet strong structures. A roof rack should be light to help you carry the maximum weight your vehicle can handle. Moreover, a roof rack should be strong to guarantee the safety of your cargo and a safe drive. Therefore, quality roof carriers usually have an aluminum construction for lightness, while some are made with lightweight but heavy-duty alloy steel durability. Furthermore, the roof racks made of cloth materials such as bags are made with abrasion-resistant materials for durability.

Fundamentally, any complete rack system and its feet are made to endure the exterior conditions while moving for a longer utility life. Some roof racks, such as boxes and bags, also feature waterproof materials to protect your cargo against wet conditions. In the end, it is expected that racks with quality materials will be expensive.

3. Base Roof Rack Systems

A base roof rack system determines the most appropriate roof rack for your car. Based on a simpler perspective, the pre-existing framework on your car's roof that you attach a rack to is the base roof rack system. Therefore, the roof rack system of your Sedan will determine the size of the rack you will get for even distribution of cargo on your car's roof. In addition, a good rack system will ensure that your cargo and rack are safely held while in motion.

4. Aerodynamics

Without a roof rack, a Sedan and specifically the Honda Accord is made in a streamlined shape that helps it counter the wind resistance while in motion. As a result, when you install a roof rack and load it, it is expected that it will add lag to your car due to wind resistance. With this in mind, different brands of roof carriers are made with aero dynamism to avoid adding lag to your car, which results in increased fuel consumption.

As a customer, it is recommended that you get a roof rack that will allow for air to pass over and under evenly. Therefore, this means that the best roof rack for Honda Accord should be made with quality aero dynamism for reduced lag and minimal increases in fuel consumption. Quality aerodynamics also prevent a vehicle from been lifted by its roof load while in motion.

5. Safety Features

Indeed, any cargo you decide to carry on your car's roof is valuable, and you will need to secure it. Security and safety, in this case, means the protection of your load from falling off the car or from been stolen. Some of the most secure roof racks include cargo boxes, whose construction features anti-theft locks. Additionally, cargo bags come with zips for keeping your load intact and safe.

When it comes to deterring theft and vandalism, features like locks, zips, and straps can deter someone from tampering with your luggage, but they are not adequate. You will also want to consider where you pack and how long you leave your car to avoid the risk of your cargo been stolen.

6. Ease of Mounting and Assembly

Also, while shopping for the best roof rack for Honda Accord, you will need to consider its ease of installation. Even as we discuss the use of roof racks on Honda Accords, we have considered that it might either be yours or rented. Consequently, a good roof rack should be easy to install and assemble.

Considering that different roof racks have custom installation processes, manufacturers ensure they provide complete written assembling and mounting guides. Therefore, it would be best to check for these manuals before buying the roof rack of your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Roof Rack for Honda Accord

1. Can you put a roof rack on a Honda Accord?

Yes, you can load your Honda Accord with a roof rack and conveniently carry bulky gear such as snowboards, skis, kayaks, and even bikes. All you will need to do is identify the appropriate rack systems for your car, depending on your intended use. 

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2020 Honda PilotSki & Snowboard Racks


Whether you're going skiing or snowboarding this weekend, you're going to need to get to the mountain first. You can try to pack all the gear and equipment inside the vehicle, but your crew will be happier if the skis and snowboards are on the roof, and not in everyone's laps. RealTruck carries the top manufacturers of ski and snowboard racks such as Thule and Rhino-Rack. Whether you want to haul a single pair of skis or several, we have an option for you. Ski and snowboard carriers fit on most factory crossbars as well as aftermarket crossbars. How do know if you have a roof rack? Do you have a car, truck, SUV, CUV, or non-convertible vehicle? If you do, check on the roof and see if there's a rack with crossbars. If it's there, you're golden. In case you don't already have a roof rack with crossbars, check out our wide selection of vehicle specific roof racks.

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