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anon said: hey there! could i please have a osamu dazai x detective! reader who finds him drunk at a bar and has to drag him back home. hilarity ensues and he confesses by accident. then maybe the next day the reader asks him about it and he confirms that he likes them

  • pairing: dazai osamu x reader
  • warnings: drunk dazai asdfghjkl other than that just goofy fluff
  • word count: 1300+
  • fandom: bungou stray dogs

After a long day of working for the Agency, you had been hoping to reward yourself with a drink from a bar a few blocks away from your job. You didn’t expect to find a coworker of yours already at the establishment. A sigh falls from your lips when you spot Dazai with his head resting on the bar. Based on the way he’s slurring, requesting another cup from the bartender, he’s already drunk.

A part of you considers turning around and walking out but then to hear the bartender’s exasperated voice. “I think you’ve had enough. Why don’t you pay your tab and head home”.

That makes you take pause. No way Dazai was getting home in this state and truthfully… you felt guilty about leaving him behind. Dazai was your friend after all. It would be irresponsible to leave him this way.

Just as Dazai’s going to start arguing, you step in. “Yes, I think you’re right. Osamu, hand me your wallet so I can pay your tab” you say, causing Dazai to look up at you. A goofy grin spreads across his face as his glossed over eyes sparkle at the sight of you.

“Oh [Y/N]! I was just thinking about you. My wallet’s in my left pocket” Dazai hiccups as you search just where he told you to. Although you do eventually locate his leather wallet, to your dismay it’s completely empty. Why were you even surprised?

Seeing no other option, you pay the bill with your own money before slinging an arm around Dazai’s shoulder so you could carry him outside. “You really owe me” you groan. “That tab was huge. How much did you have to drink?!”.

All you get in return is a laugh as you assist Dazai into the passenger seat of your car. Figuring it was pointless to chastise him right now, you stay silent as you drive the intoxicated man back to his apartment. It’s a work out helping Dazai into his home and eventually into his bedroom but somehow you’re able to do it.

“You better not forget that I did you this favour. I expect my money back when our next paycheck comes in from the Agency” you say after tossing Dazai on to his mattress. To your surprise the man pulls you down along with him. Next thing you know you’re laying on top of his chest.

Immediately the temperature in your cheeks begins to rise. Desperately you try to climb off of him to escape him seeing your flustered expression but unfortunately Dazai’s slim arms, which are now wrapped around your waist, are stronger than you predicted.

“You don’t even realize it do you?” Dazai asks as the tips of your noses brush against each other. Your voice is caught in your throat. You’re not sure what to say in this position. The lack of response makes Dazai chuckle. “How crazy I am about you. How in love with you I am. God, you’re so perfect”.

His speech is broken but you’re able to hear the confession loud and clear. If you weren’t flustered before, you certainly were now as Dazai buried his face in the crook of your neck to inhale your scent. “I was drinking today because I heard you went on a date the other day. Thought I was going to lose you”.

Somehow you’re able to produce a half hearted laugh. “Well for what it’s worth, that date was the worst I’ve ever been on. I don’t plan on seeing that guy again”.

Dazai’s grip on you suddenly tightens as if he’s relieved by this news. “Does that mean you’ll stay? Stay with me tonight?”.

“Dazai I-“.

“Please”. There’s a hint of desperation in his voice, it’s a sound you’re not familiar with. He usually sounded so confident, maybe a little deranged from time to time but never desperate. It’s hard for you to process that it’s all because of you. Dazai must have realized how pathetic he sounded because he suddenly clears his throat. “No funny business I swear. Cross my heart” he says in the sing songy and childish voice that you’re used to.

This earns a roll of the eyes from you but for some reason, you can’t refuse. Maybe it was because of the puppy dog eyes that Dazai was giving you, or maybe it was because you wanted to get answers as soon as possible in the morning. You weren’t too convinced by a drunken man’s confession and you were interested in hearing it again once he’s sobered up.

So in the end you agree. The smile that spreads across Dazai’s face is one of the biggest you’ve ever seen. He releases you from the cages of his arms so you can both readjust your position. You suggest sleeping on his sofa but Dazai is insistent that you stay by his side. So instead you find yourself acting as Dazai’s little spoon. It’s a little embarrassing at first but you find yourself oddly feeling safe in his embrace. You fall asleep much faster than you would have ever anticipated.

The next morning you awake in the same position. The only difference being Dazai isn’t holding you anymore. When you roll over to see where he’s gone you find him leaning on his elbow looking down at you affectionately. “Good morning” he hums, with a small smirk. “Have to say I didn’t expect to find you here. Not that I’m complaining”.

“Are you saying you don’t remember what happened yesterday?” You question, rubbing your eyes as you sit up. Again you feel your face go hot. If he really didn’t remember you seriously hoped that he wasn’t assuming things…

Shrugging, Dazai replies honestly. “Bits and pieces”.

“In that case you can repay me now”.

“You mean the money you used to pay my tab? I hate to say it darling but I don’t exactly have that on me at the moment”.

“No, I wasn’t talking about the money… not that I don’t still want it at some point” you shake your head. “I was more so referring to you making it up to me for staying here with you. I want to know if what you said yesterday about me was true”.

Dazai awkwardly rubs the back of his neck. “Truthfully, I don’t remember that bit of the night. Care to refresh my memory?”.

“You said-“ you attempt to answer but you get so embarrassed right in the beginning of your sentence that you hesitate. It feels impossible to say what you’re thinking out loud but unfortunately you have to bare it to get the truth. “Y-you said that you loved me” you finish, unable to control your stutter.

“Oh, is that what I said,” Dazai chuckles, not being ashamed of his own slip up in the slightest. “It looks like you’ve caught me. Yes I do, love you I mean” Dazai tells you casually as if this was no secret whatsoever. Hearing him say it coherently this time makes your heart beat faster than it did before. Things only get worse when Dazai gently takes hold of your chin. “Now what should we do about it, hmm?”.

“I-I don’t know” you stammer, shifting nervously into your seat. “I mean we work together. It would be unprofessional but…?”.

“But…?” Dazai encourages you to go on but you can tell by the victorious look on his face, he already knows where you’re going with this.

“But… I wouldn’t be upset with you if you kissed me” you admit and Dazai doesn’t waste his chance. Even before you can get out the last syllable, his lips are on yours.

“I should get drunk more often” Dazai murmurs against you, not bothering to hold back his smug grin.

“Don’t think I forgot about my money” you retaliate. “At the very least I expect you to buy me drinks next time and take me home when I’ve had too much”.

“I’d be more than happy too, Belladonna”.

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♥️Rose♥️ — Deaths Door: Bungou Stray Dogs: Dazai X Reader...

Deaths Door: Bungou Stray Dogs: Dazai X Reader (One Short)


Now if it wasn’t serious Dazai wouldn’t worry too much, might joke around with you while he patching you up but that it. But that wasn’t the case today.

Dazai was staring at your injured form that was on the ground with widened eyes. He didn’t expect this to happen. It was just meant to be an easy mission. Nothing like this!

You and Dazai were trying to get information out of this man about a case Kunikida had asked you get. Kunikida was actually going to send you alone, thinking that the mission would be a piece of cake for you to go alone. Now Dazai didn’t want to finish his paperwork and volunteered to go with you. Now Kunikida was about to say no the blonde stopped himself. In his gut, it was telling him to let him go.

When the two of you got to the area that the guy was hiding, which was an old abandoned warehouse, you and Dazai walked in. What you two weren’t expecting was a bullet nearly hitting your boyfriend. Dazai quickly grabbed your arm pulled over to crate and the two of you hid behind it. Now you couldn’t really use your ability. Your ability wasn’t meant to be used from far away so you knew you couldn’t use that without getting shot. And Dazai couldn’t as well. As you were about to grab your gun you quickly remember you left it at the agency with your phone. You looked at Dazai and whispering a plan. You were going to run over to the guy and try to dodge the bullets and when you got to than man you would use your ability. Of course, Dazai was against it and when he was about to say no, you were already off.

It felt like everything was going in slow motion as you began running over to the guy. Dazai was about to get up and go after you but when he stood up he saw you get shot in the stomach. He watched in horror as you fell to the ground. Not caring about the shooter, Dazai ran over to you.

Now here you both were. You were slowly drying and all Dazai could do was watch. “It’s all my fault…” Dazai mumble as a small tear ran down his face. Dazai looked up from you and to see if that man that shot you still around and he wasn’t. ‘He must have ran. Oh, how I’m going to love seeing him beg for his life’ Dazai thought glared at the spot the shorter use to be.

You opened your eyes and stared up at your lover. He looked so broke and you understood why. Anybody would cry over there lover dying but you knew he had lost a lot over the years and this might be the breaking point for him.

You grabbed Dazai hand that was placed onto your bullet wound. The dark-haired man looked down at you and saw you smiling up at him. If you weren’t at death’s door he would have smiled back but right now he couldn’t. “D-don’t b-blame yourself…” You stuttered out. “It’s fine I don’t mi-“

Before you could finish off your sentence Dazai cut you off. “NO!” He shouted angrily making you jump slightly. Dazai noticed this and quickly tried to calm himself down. ”No” he said again but this time softer. “Don’t say that. Your all I have and if I lose you I don’t know what I’ll do” Dazai said as move tears ran down his face. He didn’t want you to die. He didn’t want you to end up like Oda. And guess what you weren’t.

Dazai quickly picked you up from the cold ground and into his arms. He then got himself off the ground and began running out of the abandoned warehouse to the agency that was to not too far.

Every now and then Dazai would look down at you to see if you were okay. Your eyes would close but you would quickly open then as soon as you realised. Dazai knew at any minute you could die so he would run faster, ignoring the pain in his legs. He was going to get you to Yosano and nothing was going to stop him.

After pushing passed many people he finally got to the agency. He busted through the doors which made everyone turn and looked at Dazai. Kunikida let out an annoyed sigh and glared over at Dazai. “Dazai what are you doing you id-“ just before Kunikida could finish he saw you in the brown-haired arms with a bullet wound.

Everyone noticed as well and quickly got up from there desk to check if you were all right. They all began asking questioned but Dazai ignored them. He looked around if he could see Yosano but she wasn’t anywhere in sight. “Where’s Yosano?” Dazai asked praying that the doctor wasn’t on one her shopping trips.

Atsushi looked up from you at his superior. “In the infirmary” He replies and as soon as the words came out of Atsushi mouth Dazai ran over to the infirmary.

Yasano who was just finishing something got startled when she heard the door open and someone yells her name. She quickly looked up at whatever she was doing and saw the worried brown-haired suicidal man standing in front of her. As she was about to question why he was there Yasano’s magenta eyes landed you. You looked lifeless. The female quietly makes her way over to you and Dazai and stared at you with widened. “What happened?” Yasano asked with worry in her voice.

“I’ll explain later but could you please heal her!” Dazai begged as some tears stemmed down his pale face. Yasano had known the suicidal maniac for years now and never has she seen him cry. The man who joked around and talking about what ways he was going to kill himself like it was nothing was. It shocked her.

The black-haired female nodded and pointed over to an empty bed and told Dazai to place you on it. With another word, Dazai quickly made his way over to the bed with Yasano followed and placed you down carefully. “Dazai I need you to leave” the brown-haired male heard the doctor say. Dazai wiped his head over at Yasano and as he was about to tell her that he wasn’t going to Yasano cut him off. “Listen” she stared placing a reassuring hand on his shoulder. “She’s going to be fine. I promise you that. But I need you to leave, Dazai.

Dazai did trust Yasano. He knew she wouldn’t let any of her patients die. “Fine” Dazai mumbled. Before he left the room Dazai placed a small kiss on your forehead and whispered ‘I love you.’ After that, he left the infirmary.

The brown-haired male stood outside the room and waited, not even moving for nothing. While he was waiting, Atsushi or one of the others would come and check on Dazai. The whole agency was worried for the suicidal detective. Before Dazai met you he looked so lovely. The agency felt bad for him. So when they you came along and started dating the suicidal maniac. They all felt relieved. Not because he won’t bother then no more (even though that is a reason) but because he finally someone. He has a reason to live and everyone decisions a reason to live.

It had only been 20 minutes and Yasano had not come out yet and Dazai was becoming scared. Dazai slid down the wall. As he was about to give up on you being alive he heard the infirmary door open and Dazai quickly turned his head. There in front of him was Yasano with a blank look on her face and for a split second Dazai thought that you were dead. ‘Why does everyone I care about die…?’ The brown-haired detective thought as he looked back down at the ground clenching his fists tightly.

“Dazai” he heard Yasano say softly. Dazai slowly looked up and saw the doctor smiling down at him. What he heard next made a sigh of relief escape his lips and small tears pick up in his brown eyes. “She’s fine.”

Sours: https://temporaryrose100.tumblr.com/post/622837181479780352/deaths-door-bungou-stray-dogs-dazai-x-reader
  1. Castle crashers drawing
  2. Double rod brackets
  3. Oatey ice maker box installation

you have arrived — Bitter | Dazai Osamu x Reader

Bitter | Dazai Osamu x Reader

wc: 1.1k

a/n: it’s angst time, friends


Originally posted by snekbabies

Dazai Osamu was an enigma to many, but not to you. He was a criminal, a murderer, a highly lethal and notorious executive for the Port Mafia. But he was a kid. He was just a kid who happened to be completely lost and constantly searching for something to give his life meaning, something to make him feel anything. However, he sought after life in death and light in the darkness.

Someone who understood this as well as you did was Odasaku. Being Dazai’s significant other, you were no stranger to Oda. There were occasions where you were able to actually talk to Oda, sometimes even helping him care for the orphans he looked after. However, you mostly knew Oda through Dazai and his countless mentions of him. Odasaku was a somewhat peculiar man, but he was most certainly kind, and he was someone Dazai needed. The more you observed the relationship between Oda and Dazai, the more it seemed to dance on the line of best friends and mentor-mentee. Either way, you knew that Odasaku was essential to Dazai as a person. 

Oda Sakunosuke was one of the most important people to Dazai, which is why the way Dazai looks at you in this moment breaks your heart.

You aren’t sure how you know, but you do. The second you open the door, you can see his face filled with an intense sorrow he desperately tries to mask. Just the way he looks at you brings dread to the pit of your stomach. Without thinking or saying anything, you gather him and all his shattered pieces into your arms. He stands limply in the doorway, head falling onto your shoulder, as you try to place everything you want to say into the embrace.

Gently, you pull away from him and lead him into your apartment. He studies you as you shut the door and turn to face him. The room falls into a silence you simply can’t force yourself to break. You hold your breath, waiting for him to say or do something. In times like these, you would always let Dazai make the first move. 

“I have to leave.” 

His voice swiftly cuts through the tense air like a knife. Your eyes widen at his words. “Leave?” The word comes out of you quietly and breathily, almost an exhale. Leave what? Leave who?

“I can’t belong to the mafia anymore. But it’s not like I can just quit,” he elaborates. Your heart sinks in your chest, realizing what he was saying. “I have to leave, disappear. Somewhere they won’t find me.”

You clear your throat of any emotion that may seep into your words, shifting in your place. “Okay. Do you know where?” Dazai admires you for a moment. It may not be the proper time, but he can’t stop himself. Rather than try to stop him or beg him to take you with him, you immediately try to help him with his plan.

“Even if I did, I wouldn’t be able to tell you.” 

You sigh, running a quick hand through your hair. “Alright.” You pause, looking over him for a moment. You try to talk yourself out of even bothering to ask. “Are you okay?” Maybe you shouldn’t have asked, but you could never help yourself when it came to Dazai.

He looks at you curiously, feigning ignorance. “Why wouldn’t I be okay?” You only respond with a pointed look. Dazai sighs, quickly reading the tiredness and worry resting on your face. This is why he shouldn’t have come. You could always see right through him, always pulled emotions it was best to avoid from him. It would have been safer and easier for the both of you if he had just vanished without a word, but Dazai could never help himself when it came to you.

You blink harshly when you feel the familiar sting of tears as you sit in a tense, bittersweet silence. Not right now. Taking a deep breath, you put on your mask. Smirking, you wave your finger at Dazai, “Well, you better stay safe. I don’t know what you’re going to do without me, but I’ll kick your ass if you don’t come back to me in one piece.”

Dazai huffs out a laugh, swiftly building up a mask similar to your own. He pushes your finger away from him playfully. “As if you could ever land a hit on me even if you wanted to.”

You observe the mischievous smile on his lips and empty look in his eyes. You try to push through it, to ignore the feeling of a breaking heart. You tell yourself to ignore everything for the sake of the moment. However, your mask begins to crack, and you pull Dazai into you before he has a chance to notice. You bury your face in his neck. You weren’t sure whether you were attempting to hide yourself from his peering gaze or attempting to combine your body with his own. The pain you feel in the depths of your heart eases as he gently wraps his arms around you. “I don’t care how long it takes, just please-” Your voice breaks. “Please, promise you’ll come back to me.”

Dazai doesn’t respond, simply holding you in your apartment’s entryway. You take the moment to listen to his breathing, his heartbeat. You breathe in his familiar scent and try to memorize the feeling of him in your arms so you never forget when he has to leave for God knows how long. Slowly, he pulls himself away from your embrace. As softly as he possibly can manage, he presses a tender kiss to the crown of your head. 

I promise.

His arms trail up and back down your arms, holding your hands in his own for a moment, before he pulls away from you completely. He turns towards the door, twisting the knob. He doesn’t look back; he can’t afford to. This can’t be goodbye; you don’t want it to be.

“Dazai.” You catch his arm before he has the chance to disappear in front of you. He turns, awaiting what you have to say. You swallow the lump resting in your throat. “I…” Goodbye. “I’ll see you later.” 

The bitter smile on his lips mirrors your own. Without a word, he turns and closes the door behind him. You wait by the door, listening as his footsteps fade further and further away. You know better than to believe he’ll change his mind and come running back, but you hope to hold onto him as long as you possibly could. Finally, he disappears and you can’t hear him no matter how much you strain your ears. Your limbs feel heavy and weak as you find tears falling down your cheeks like a summer storm.

That was the last time you saw Dazai Osamu.

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How the Demon Bros Kiss

 a/n: I’ve been feeling so soft for them lately, so take some demon fluff <3


  • I feel like his are very passionate 
  • Like the kind of kisses that take your breath away for a minute and have you leaning in again before you even know what you’re doing
  • He just kisses you with so much longing that it gives you butterflies
  • And he holds you so close when he does. He’s just constantly pulling you closer to him, even if you’re already flush together
  • He’s not big on pda, so kissing you in private is his go to
  • If you kiss him in front of the others, especially Diavolo, he’ll probably chastise you for being so unprofessional despite the fluttering in his chest. He’s definitely smug the rest of the day though
  • It’s a big stress reliever for him. It reminds him that you’re there and that you love him
  • When he kisses you, it either rather soft or like he’s been touch starved for a millennia which he probably has
  • Sometimes his kisses get very steamy ;))) especially when he’s stressed


  • At first, his kisses are very clumsy and rough
  • He’s just so excited that you’re kissing him of all people 
  • He tends to pull your face to his when he kisses you and you can feel his hands trembling as he does
  • When he pulls away, he’s always blushing no matter how long you’ve been in a relationship
  • Once he gets more comfortable, his kisses are very gentle and sometimes playful when you two are alone
  • His kisses are the kind that have you smiling or even laughing into the kiss
  • He just fills you with so much joy that you feel the happiness and excitement bubbling in your chest
  • If you kiss him in front of the others, he’ll be very tsundere about it big surprise there
  • He’ll be super embarrassed, stuttering over his words until he’s finally able to get something out
  • “I-I get that ya can’t help but be all over the Great Mammon, but ya can’t go doing that! ‘S embarrassing!”
  • Even though he complains about it, he also won’t stop bragging about it
  • “Well, I’m their first man! Of course they’d wanna kiss me instead of you losers!”


  • Oh dear lord help this boy
  • you are going to kiss him?? A yucky otaku? bby don’t say that ily
  • like Mammon, his kisses tend to be rather clumsy
  • Unlike Mammon, he kisses you very softly. Like he’s so embarrassed that his lips barely brush yours before he pulls away and hides his face in his hands
  • Will not usually initiate kissing, but he’s happily surprised when you do
  • Poor baby has no idea what to do with his hands
  • Do him a favor and place them where you want them. It makes him feel lot less out of place
  • When you first kiss, he shuts his eyes comically tight and puckers his trembling lips an ridiculous amount
  • Once he gets more comfortable though, he’ll gently cup your face with one hand and your waist with the other
  • Something he really enjoys is when you sit in his lap while he plays video games and you just gently pepper his face and neck in kisses
  • If you kiss him in front of the others, he might die right then and there
  • He’s either going to faint or hightail it to his room no matter where he is
  • He’s embarrassed you kiss him in the first place, so he’s 200 times more embarrassed if you kiss him in front of anyone


  • This boy is a romantic and you can’t convince me otherwise
  • Like he’s the kind of guy who daydreams about passionately kissing you in the rain
  • His kisses are very soft and passionate and deep
  • Usually, he settles his hands on your waist or lower back
  • He also enjoys quick, domestic kisses every so often as well. It makes him feel all soft for you
  • I get the vibe that he’s not a big fan of pda
  • He will let it slide occasionally
  • He gets a little embarrassed and will usually scold you
  • In reality though, he feels a swell of pride and smugness 
  • The blush on his cheeks and adoration in his eyes quickly give away his true feelings
  • If someone didn’t know you were his, they do now


  • His kisses are either very sweet or very steamy
  • He is the avatar of lust. He knows how to kiss
  • He’ll take any excuse he can to smooch on you or get handsy
  • Of course he’ll respect your wishes if you tell him no or playfully smack him away
  • His kisses feel like the thrill of a first love
  • They make your heart flutter and leave you wanting more
  • He will put his hands literally anywhere. He is not picky so long as he’s able to touch you
  • Loves loves LOVES pda. Like he cannot get enough
  • He’s like look at my beautiful so everyone!! I love them!!
  • Bonus points if it makes someone jealous
  • If you decide to kiss him in front of people, you better be ready for what you’re getting yourself into
  • He gets so cocky about it, calls you pet names, and keeps trying to kiss you some more
  • He can’t help but embarrass you. That blush on your face is just too cute!


  • His kisses are just so so so soft
  • You’re so fragile compared to him. He doesn’t want to hurt you
  • He holds you like you’ll break with the smallest of movements
  • It makes you feel so important and loved
  • When he gets steamy though-
  • Oh my you’re gonna have a fun time
  • Then he’ll kiss you like you’re his last meal, and we all know how much he likes eating ;)))
  • He usually just rests his hands on your waist when he kisses you
  • He likes to cup your face too though
  • He doesn’t really mind pda
  • He won’t get embarrassed about pda. He’s not all for it but he’s not opposed to it. Beel just likes kissing you
  •  He won’t initiate it if it makes you uncomfy though, don’t worry
  • Whatever makes you comfortable
  • He just wants you to be happy and know that he loves you
  • He reminds you how much he loves you through frequent, gentle kisses
  • If you kiss him in front of the others unexpectedly, he’ll blush slightly and smile at you before kissing you again


  • His kisses are very soft and lazy
  • There’s usually not a lot of effort put into his kisses, but they’re very sweet
  • He loves slow, lingering kisses
  • The kind where it feels like time has slowed down and you two are the only things that exist in that moment
  • Hold him in your arms while you two are laying in bed and softly brush your lips over him. He will melt
  • He also like to bury his face in your neck and kiss it while cuddling
  • If he’s laying in your lap, he’ll press kisses to your inner thigh. It’s either very sweet or very steamy oof
  • His hands are pretty stationary when he kisses. They pick a place and stay there
  • Sometimes they kind of slow trail up and down your waist or arms
  • He likes it when you play with his hair while you kiss though
  • I get the feeling he doesn’t really care for pda
  • Like, he’s not going to complain but he doesn’t go out of his way to kiss you in public
  • If you kiss him in front of the others, a light blush just dusts his cheeks and he either smiles softly or smirks depending on his mood bc he can be a cocky bastard

so… ya’ll like obey me?

dear person reading this,

I love you <3333

joyfulenthusiastwitch asked:

Hi! Can i request a fluff scenario for Dazai X fem reader where she (tries) to give him a surprise birthday party with the rest of the ADA? Basically Dazai being happy please he deserves it! Thanks a lot!

Surprise! | Dazai Osamu x Reader

wc: 1.1k

a/n: Yesss!! I love Dazai so much lol. Sorry this took so long. I decided I should save it for his birthday, but then I forgot about the time difference, so I’m technically a day late T_T Dazai deserves all the happiness in the world. Thanks for requesting, @blackstrawberrynightmare!!


Originally posted by oiushiwaka

You had been planning for this day for a year now. Some may say that a year’s worth of planning is a little excessive for just a single day, but you worry that you may have needed even more time to prepare for today. There was never any hiding from Dazai Osamu, the man could read through anything. It always seemed that Dazai was two steps ahead of everyone. This made planning a surprise party for his birthday quite the challenge. What was even more difficult was that you were doing it alone.

It’s not that the rest of the ADA wouldn’t help you. You were just worried that the more people who knew, the harder it would be to contain the secret. So here you are, June nineteenth in the ADA building. Everyone worked away, and Dazai happened to be late as usual. Suddenly, you shoot up from your desk. “Okay, everyone! Can I have your attention, please?” 

Everyone in the office turns to you with a curious, confused look as you stand on your desk. “As you may know, Dazai’s birthday is today!” Atsushi freezes suddenly at your words.

“T-today!? But, we don’t have anything planned. No one even mentioned it!” He waves around frantically, about to sprint out the door to the nearest store. You hold up your hand to stop him, grinning at his words.

“You are correct! And that was my glorious plan!” you laugh. Atsushi stutters over his words, wondering why you were so cruel as to make sure Dazai wasn’t able to celebrate his birthday. However, before he can successfully formulate a sentence, you reach up and haul a box out of the ceiling vent above your desk. “Tada!~” You open the box to reveal an abundance of party decorations. “I wanted it to be a surprise party!”

Tanizaki quirks a brow at your statement. “Isn’t the party supposed to be a surprise for the person it’s for and not the guests?”

“Well, yeah,” you huff with a pout, “But this is Dazai we’re talking about! If more than one person knew, he’d definitely figure it out!” The ADA seems to agree with your statement, a murmur of approval for your reasoning. You clear your throat authoritatively. “Ranpo!” You point at the man as he riffles through a bag of candy on his desk. “You be the look out for Dazai!” He nods, rolling his chair over to the window with the bag of candy in his arms. 

You turn to Kunikida. “Kunikida, you will set out the food and make sure Ranpo and Kenji don’t eat it!” Kunikida furrows his eyebrows at your command.

“Food? We don’t have any.”

“Yes we do! I brought in some this morning. It’s in the kitchen of the cafe.” You turn towards the rest of the ADA as Kunikida leaves to get the food. “Kenji, Atsushi, I want you to put up the decorations, please!” The boys salute you and get to work immediately. 

“Kyoka, will you get the presents from Yosano’s office? Yosano will help you set them out.” Kyoka nods, walking off to get Yosano and the presents.

“Naomi, I’d like you to get the President and Haruno.” 

“Yes, ma’am!”

“Tanizaki, you can help Atsushi and Kenji with the decorations for right now, but I’d like you to hide everything using your ability if Dazai gets here before you’re done, okay?”

“On it!”

“Alright! We don’t have long, so let’s get going!”

“Ah, but (Y/N), what are you going to do?” Atsushi asks. Suddenly, his face flushes and he puts his hands up defensively. “Not that you haven’t done enough already! I just meant-”

You laugh, waving your hand dismissively at Atsushi. “No, no. It’s okay. I’m going to go find Dazai, wherever he may be. Probably in the nearest river or something.” Atsushi pales at your words. Of course Dazai would think to spend his birthday trying to kill himself.


“Dammit, Dazai,” you whine, pushing the man towards the ADA building. “I can’t believe you’re coming to work an hour late because you decided it’d be a good idea to hang yourself by your feet in my house! How did you even get in there!?”

Dazai scoffs at your words. “I never said it was a good idea. I said it seemed like a good suicide method!” he defends. “As for getting in your house, it was quite easy. You should rethink your home security.”

“My bad. I thought a lock on all my doors and windows would work like it does for the rest of the world. Maybe I should invest in some bodyguards, hm?”

Dazai gasps. “But then I wouldn’t be able to get in!”

“That’s the point, dummy. You better get some work done today, or Kunikida might rip your head off. I thought he was going to explode with how angry he was earlier.” The man laughs at the image, murmuring about how funny a sight that would be as he opens the door to the ADA. 

“Surprise!” the ADA choruses as you two walk through the door. A sprinkle of confetti falls in your hair as everyone cheers. From the corner of your eye, you see Dazai’s eyes widen at the sight of everyone and a large grin grow on his face. 

The rest of the day, much to Kunikida’s dismay, is spent celebrating. You smile for the side of the room as you examine how relaxed and happy everyone seems. It was nice to see Dazai in the midst of the celebration as well, seeing that he usually disappeared during events like these. However, it seems he disappeared during this one as well. You narrow your eyes in confusion and suspicion when you notice his absence. Where the hell did he-

“Looking for something?” a voice asks from behind you. You jump, turning to glare up at Dazai playfully.

“Could you not sneak up on me? I think you owe it to me after breaking into my house.” Dazai slings a lazy arm around your shoulder, admiring the party as you were a moment ago. His mischievous grin had melted into a gentle smile at the sight.

“Thank you, (Y/N).”

You’re caught off guard by his sudden words. “Hmm? What do you mean?”

He looks down at you, a familiar impish grin returning to his face. “You didn’t really believe I wouldn’t notice, did you?”

You gawk at his confession. “W-what!? How?” Dazai simply laughs at your amazed expression. You grumble about him being too smart for his own good, leaning into his side. “When did you figure it out?” you decide to ask, peeking up at him.

“Last year.”


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Hi I just wanted to say that the kunikida fic was v cute and I loved it and thank you for blessing us w your writing 🥺🥰

oh my goodness 🥺💞💞 thank you for being so kind. I love you, anon

50 Types of Kisses - Writing Prompts

Send in a number and a pairing!

  1. Small kisses littered across the other’s face.
  2. A small, fleeting kiss - which is immediately followed by a passionate, hungry kiss.
  3. A breathy demand: “Kiss me” - and what the other person does to respond.
  4. An accidental brush of lips followed by a pause and going back for another, on purpose.
  5. Throwing their arms around the other person’s neck, hugging them close before kissing them passionately on the lips.
  6. Wild, breathless kisses brought on by a heartfelt gift.
  7. French kisses where they trace every tooth with their tongues as though trying to memorize them.
  8. Laying a gentle kiss to the back of the other’s hand.
  9. A kiss that lasts so long, they are sharing each other’s breaths.
  10. A hello/good-bye kiss that is given without thinking - where neither person thinks twice about it.
  11. Morning kisses that are exchanged before either person opens their eyes, kissing blindly until their lips meet in a blissful encounter.
  12. Sneaking away to a hidden corner to share a secretive kiss.
  13. Butterfly kisses against the other’s cheeks.
  14. A kiss so desperate that the two wind around each other, refusing to let go until they are finished.
  15. A fierce kiss that ends with a bite on the lip, soothing it with a lick.
  16. One person pouting, only to have it removed by a kiss from the other person.
  17. Tucking their hands beneath the other person’s shirt, just to watch them break the kiss and gasp in surprise at the sensation of cold/warm hands on their skin.
  18. Teasing kisses where one person blows air into the other’s mouth and runs away.
  19. One person stopping a kiss to ask “Do you want to do this?”, only to have the other person answer with a deeper, more passionate kiss.
  20. Kissing in a stairwell, giving them an artificial height difference.
  21. A chaste kiss given to each other because they are in mixed company.
  22. A kiss that is leading to more, but is interrupted by a third party.
  23. A kiss that tastes of the food/dessert they are eating.
  24. Deep kisses where they have their hands tangled in each other’s hair to pull them closer.
  25. Wet kisses after finding refuge from the rain.
  26. Brushing a kiss along the shell of the other person’s ear.
  27. Kisses exchanged while one person sits on the other’s lap.
  28. One person tracing the other’s lips with a fingertip until they can’t resist any longer, tilting their chin towards them for a kiss.
  29. Staring at each other’s lips for a moment before moving closer, as if drawn together by some unseen force.
  30. Weak, sweaty kisses because it’s unbearably hot.
  31. Pulling away from a kiss, whispering words of love against each other’s lips.
  32. A kiss so passionate, so perfect - that after they part, neither person can open their eyes for a few moments afterwards.
  33. An unexpected kiss that shocks the one receiving it.
  34. Kisses that start on their fingers and run up their arm, eventually ending on their lips.
  35. An awkward kiss given after a first date.
  36. Starting with eskimo kisses before moving on to soft kisses.
  37. Cleaning the other person’s lips with a lick and a kiss.
  38. Whispering “I love you” before a chaste, delicate kiss.
  39. Kissing tears from the other’s face.
  40. A gentle kiss that quickly descends into passion, with little regard for what’s going on around them.
  41. Kisses shared under an umbrella.
  42. Distracting kisses from someone that are meant to stop the other person from finishing their work, and give them kisses instead.
  43. A kiss pressed to the top of the head.
  44. Tentative kisses given in the dark.
  45. Kisses exchanged as they move around, hitting the edges of tables or nearly tripping over things on the floor before making it to the sofa, or bed.
  46. A lingering kiss before a long trip apart.
  47. A kiss paired with a tight hug, knocking the breath out of the person being hugged.
  48. One person has to bend down in order to kiss their partner, who is standing on their tip-toes to reach their partner’s.
  49. Short and sweet kiss after meeting up for a date.
  50. A kiss, followed by more that trail down the jaw and neck.

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Take a Break | Kunikida Doppo x Reader

wc: 1.3k

a/n: Kunikida really needs some more love. He deserves the world T-T Much like Kunikida learns here, remember that self care is important! It’s okay to take breaks and ask for help. Stay healthy and happy! :)


Originally posted by awkwardbsd

You narrow your eyes worriedly as you watch Kunikida from across the room. If you didn’t know any better, you would have assumed he hadn’t been sleeping lately. But for someone who follows order and scheduling so religiously, there’s no way that he would skip out on his basic needs, right? Yet, watching him file through paper after paper, dark circles under his eyes, made worry make a home for itself in the pit of your stomach.

“Ah, Kunikida, maybe you should take a break?” you offer, setting gentle hands on his hunched shoulders. You attempt to rub some of the tension out as you watch him work over his shoulder. He relaxes under your touch, but refuses to pause his flurry of paperwork.

“I can’t. I still have forty more cases to file until I’ll have met the quota I set that would allow for my break.”

“F-forty!?” With as tirelessly as he was working, he had only filed twenty cases since coming into the office today nearly three hours ago. “Kunikida, by the time you finish all of that, everyone would have left the office already…”

“I can’t afford to pause with as much work as the President needs done.”

“But you look like you haven’t been sleeping,” you push, “Shouldn’t you at least stop to eat lunch?” Atsushi looks up from his work at your words. He takes a moment to study Kunikida. Worry settles on his face as well.

“(Y/N)’s right, Kunikida. When was the last time you took a break from work?”

Dazai pops his head up from his desk, seemingly waking up from a long nap. “Ah, ah, ah,” he tuts, shaking his finger at you and Atsushi teasingly, “You both should know better by now. Kunikida isn’t going to stop working until everything the President needs to be done is done!” Suddenly, his face morphs into a mischievous grin that reminds you of the Cheshire Cat. “Unless… you happen to distract him from his work by causing trouble for him!”

“Dazai, don’t you dare! Get your damn work done, you walking waste of bandages!” Kunikida snaps, shooting up from his desk and pointing an accusatory finger at the man in front of him. Dazai tiredly flops back over his desk with a groan.

“But, Kunikidaaaaaaa, that’s so much work! There’s no way I can focus. Especially now that I passed a nearby river that looked perfect to throw myself in on my way to work today,” he whines, pressing his face into the wooden desk. Kunikida is about to berate Dazai further when he grits his teeth suddenly.

“I don’t have time for this,” he huffs, sitting back down at his desk. He shuffles through some papers with an angry expression on his face. “Just this conversation has set be back at least two cases.” You sigh at Kunikida’s stubbornness and workaholism, but return to your desk nonetheless. As you stare at your awaiting paperwork, you can’t help but think about what Dazai had said. Causing trouble for Kunikida, huh?

“Tanizaki! Could you come here for a second?” you call. The boy looks up from his work and looks over at you. He points to himself in a questioning manner, confused as to why you would need his assistance. Without giving anything away or further explaining yourself, you smile and beckon him over with a wave of your hand. Obediently, he walks over to your desk. He’s about to question you when you motion for him to come closer. Once he does, you lean in close to his ear and inform him of the plan you had formulated mere moments ago.

“(Y/N), I don’t know if that’s the best idea. Won’t it just make him angry?” Tanizaki anxiously shifts his eyes over to Kunikida’s desk. He doesn’t seem to have noticed your little rendezvous with Tanizaki at your desk as he continues to fill out paper after paper at a frenzied pace.

“It’s the only way.”

Tanizaki nods, and a serious look comes over the both of you. After the two of you review your strategy, you rise from your seat and cautiously approach Kunikida from behind. Slowly, you reach your hands up, creeping closer to his head. You’re thankful for how indulged in his work Kunikida is at the moment, rendering him unaware of your presence. You quietly take a deep breath and ready yourself for the chaos that is about to ensue. Your eyes flicker over to Tanizaki, who nods seriously. Now.

In one fluid swoop, you snatch Kunikida’s glasses from his head. You dash towards the door as quickly as possible. On your way out, you toss the glasses to Tanizaki, who masks the handoff using his ability. You can’t help but giggle as you hear Kunikida angrily call your name, stomping out the door of the agency.

When he finally bursts through the doors of the cafe, you smile up at him innocently. “Kunikida, how nice of you to join me down here!” You gesture for him to join you in the booth you’re sitting in. “I guess you finally decided to take a break?”

He huffs, marching over to you. He holds out his hand to you expectantly. “Glasses,” he demands.

You playfully tap your chin in a faux thoughtful manner. “Hmm… no!”

“(Y/N),” he growls warningly. He massages the area between his eyes tiredly. “I can’t do my work without my glasses.”

“Looks like you’ll just have to take a break then!” you cheer, “What good timing for you to lose your glasses. You can join me for a cup of coffee now!” He narrows his eyes at you, silently demanding you return his glasses without any trouble. However, you refuse to break under his stoney stare. You continue to smile at him, waiting for him to sit across from you like you knew he eventually would. After a shortly lived stand off, he begrudgingly joins you in the cozy booth.

“You know I don’t have time for this,” he grumbles. You thank the waitress for your drinks before turning back to him.

“I also know that you’re too stubborn to willingly take a break.” He glares at you, sipping his coffee. However, he fails to hide his sigh at the relaxing warmth of the drink as he relaxes in his seat.

“Not too stubborn. Too busy,” he corrects. You roll your eyes at him, taking a drink from your own cup.

“Then you’re too stubborn to ask for help,” you tease lightly. However, your smile fades as your expression turns serious. “You know, you wouldn’t be this busy if you just asked for anyone to help you out.”

“I don’t need to ask for help. I can handle my workload just fine,” he insists. You sigh, reaching across the table to take his folded hands in yours. A light blush graces his cheeks, and he refuses to meet your eyes.

“I understand that your work is important to you, Kunikida,” you start. He sighs at your words “But you’re important to me, so please take care of yourself.”

He smiles softly, finally meeting your eyes. “Okay. I’m sorry for worrying you.” You smile at him warmly, getting up and rounding the table to cup his face and gently kiss his forehead.

“You stay here a bit longer. I’ll get started on some of those cases you need finished, okay?” He ignores your order and starts to get up to follow you, but you push him back down into his seat. “I won’t give your glasses back until you’ve taken at least a half hour break.”

He grumbles to himself but complies nonetheless. You laugh at his childish pout and decide to swoop down to capture his lips in your own. Lovingly, you stroke his cheek and savor the sweet moment. Slowly, you pull away. “I’ll see you in a bit then. I love you.”

He smiles, cheeks tinted pink at your gentle display of affection. “I love you too.”

Sours: https://dammitlogan.tumblr.com/post/621142444821577729/dazai-osamu-x-reader
Dazai Osamu x reader Dreams ep 1

Tease | Dazai Osamu


A thunder of footsteps crack the morning peace.

The source of the noise skitters clumsily out of an open doorway as the wood that previously occupied said doorway squeals before colliding with the adjacent wall.

A figure erupts from the quaint living room in a dread-fuelled frenzy, eyes focused with great intensity on their oh-so-distant destination; the bathroom. Not a care is offered to the potential damage just done to the door they threw open. Their sock-clad feet struggle to find purchase on the glossy surface of the floor– and they very nearly topple over when they turn the corner– before they tear down the hall as quickly as the poor friction will allow them.

Meanwhile, from the very same room, a taller, leaner figure steps onto the threshold, an arm leaning against the doorway. An unrealistically handsome bedhead peers around the corner. Warm eyes watch the other figure with a fond yet devious gleam and garner a lot of amusement in the way their fellow human struggles to balance in their dash.

As the figure vanishes from his sight, Dazai knows it’s only a matter of time until–

“Dazai, you bastard!

– the ragged cry breaches the refreshing morning air. One that makes his very soul hum with childish glee.

There’s a true human contentment to how he feels at this one moment in time. Perhaps as a result, he’s reluctant to move, but it’s only bad habit. It’s ok to follow the other. With a small push, he parts ways from the wooden frame, long legs carrying him to his destination much quicker, lighter and with more precision than your legs did for you.

He rounds the corner with a practiced stealth, but remains outside the room, observing you and your pink face.

He can tell approximately what time it is just by taking in your appearance. Firstly, your dishevelled hair is a dead giveaway; you’ve only recently gotten up, and have yet to tackle your morning routine. But you’re an early riser, and today is no exception. The sunlight is just barely able to spill over the bottom of the window that sits high on the wall to your left. There’s the slightest bit of bleariness to your eyes still as they squint into the mirror; it’s what’s keeping you from completing your inspection quicker. A little unknown something hinders you. As sharp as your (colour) hues usually are, the morning seems to prove a struggle for them. They routinely brighten up at around ten in the morning, so from that Dazai can deduct it isn’t quite that late yet.

Finally, his acute gaze falls to your hands as they rise to trace the delicate skin of your throat. Neatly cut nails ghost down the path of a tendon, then prod gingerly at a discoloured patch of skin. Your other hand rests on the side of your neck, absently rubbing back and forth in a nursing manner. There’s nothing he can really discern from this in terms of telling the time; he just likes watching you.

However, the last giveaway he can take advantage of is the fact that you haven’t noticed his blatant staring yet, meaning it’s still relatively early, as you would only miss out on this if you literally just got up. He would estimate that it’s around half past seven.

Abruptly, (colour) eyes clash with brown.

“Dazai,” your voice is somewhat rough but deadly. It’s a tone that, while it may have induced fear into someone like Atsushi, just makes the suicidal maniac smile. “What the fuck have you done?”

“I came to see what was wrong, my dearest (Name),” he says in an all-too-innocent tone that makes your nose twitch. “Is everything alright?”

“Is everything alright?” You scoff, your voice rising and falling to mimic him perfectly. Your gaze bores into his own through the mirror, scrutinising him, daring him to laugh as you gesture to your throat. “Look at my neck!”

Obediently, his umber orbs move from her face to the area just beneath her jawline, automatically drawn to the little winding trails of red-purple bruises that adorn it. He knows you’ll ephemerally hate him for it, but it just makes his cat-like grin widen, and a wonderful warmth swells in his chest like the crest of a wave. He can practically feel your eyes narrow on him as he says, “I like it.”

He can tell he’s pushing your patience by the way your voice alters from bristling with anger to a dangerous calm. “I have an interview today at the place you spent months convincing me to join,” in fact, your voice almost seems strained. “And those are way too high and way too dark for me to cover.”

“Good,” Dazai daringly hums. “That’ll make sure Kunikida-kun stays away from you.”

In an instant your hands are haphazardly tossed to the skies and your lips part, soundless in their indecisiveness for a moment until you finally settle on a voice-breaking cry of, “Dazai!” that indicates you’re on the verge of screaming. And if you do in fact scream, it’ll be in a manner that suggests that these may very well be the last few minutes of his life, not unlike that of a banshee.

Although, even if it isn’t a double suicide, he would rather die by your hand than that of someone like Kunikida.

Finally the ex-mafioso can’t resist a chuckle, and bravely sets foot in the bathroom. When you don’t make any move to punch him, he presses forward until he reaches your side, his neck hovering over your shoulder– his whole body stooped to accommodate the height difference.

Those (colour) hues he’s so fond of don’t meet his. He notes how they seem to actually make an effort to avoid them. His chin plops onto your shoulder. You flinch slightly.

Spindly fingers sneak over to yours, ghosting the fabric of your pyjamas, then successfully catching those familiar digits in a web of his own– quite literally entangling them together. It manages to get your gaze to flit to them, however briefly; the curious look is hard to miss. His success only causes that wave of warmth to heighten, further boosted by the reassurance that you can no longer sock him with your stronger arm.

“(Name),” his tone is lower, the loudness having vanished with the decrease of distance. His other hand comes to a gentle rest on your hip, caressing it in a soothing manner. “Look at me.”

You don't do so, but he knows it's only a matter of time and continues to lazily stroke the side of your body in an almost possessive manner. His eyes flutter to a close as he relaxes against you, reflexively matching his breathing to your own steady rhythm of inhale and exhale. He can feel the very moment your eyes fall on him, and he knows that you know that he can tell. At this point, it just signifies that you want his attention.

Something he's always willing to give.

Those dark chocolate eyes reopen and make perfect contact with your own. After a minute or so of simply thinking, breathing, standing with him, he can see the problem has begun to resolve itself in your mind. However, he can't quite decipher how you have resolved the problem. That mysterious element to your thoughts further boosts the warmth in his chest; you're getting eerily good at hiding things from him, but it just makes you all the more exciting to be around.

"Everything is going to go perfectly," Dazai says with quiet confidence. His almost smug yet amused smile hasn't faded for a second. "Because it's you, and you never let things happen any way other than the way you want them to happen."

You snort softly. "I beg to differ," you retort obstinately, yet the heat is rapidly vanishing from your words. "Anything that involves you never goes the way I want it to. It goes the way you want it to. That's how this happened in the first place." Your fingers tap the trail of bruises tepidly as you speak.

His smirk widens. "Oh my dear Miss (Name), you're being unfair. You couldn't just walk into my house wearing what you were wearing yesterday and not expect me to react accordingly."

Your face goes pink in all of about three seconds. It's a marvellous process that the suicide-fanatic is convinced he will never tire in seeing, but only if he's the cause. If you were to make such a delightful face in front of someone else, however...

Abruptly your body knocks into his a bit, sending him back onto his heels, but he doesn't stagger back; something he can imagine you're disappointed with. It does serve to knock him from his thoughts before they spiral into any darker material from his early years. "Whatever," you mutter dismissively, your eyes becoming refocused on your reflection in the mirror. Your hands have resettled themselves on your hips. "I have exactly 2 and a half hours to get ready and arrive at the Agency for my interview. If I'm going to look presentable, I'm going to need you to vacate the bathroom immediately, Dazai."

There's a determined glint in your eye that speaks of renewed confidence. It's something you always seemed to gain by yourself, even without him around. You are happy in your own skin; if any obstacles entered your life, you ensured they were only temporary inconveniences. If they damaged your defences you would rebuild them not long after. With no ability to your name and limited talents, such self-assurance is to be admired.

However, to Dazai, admiration is for those who don't know you. But you belong to him, heart and soul. No one else could bring such intense warmth to the cavern of his heart, even when he was so certain nothing could fill that void, let alone anything pleasant. You have strength in your soul like he has never seen before, and to say he admired it wouldn't be quite accurate.

It took him a while to recognise what this other emotion was. He had never felt it about any person other than himself for the majority of his life, after all. Having it spring forth in his mind whenever he saw you fired up like this was foreign to him for a long time, but after two years of knowing you, he had finally placed a name to the lingering emotion. It struck him when he was searching for flowers for your anniversary. Said flowers currently reside in the hallway behind you. He can just about see them in the reflection in the mirror over your shoulder, peeking curiously at the two entangled humans with tiny delicate bunches of blushing blooms.

Amaryllis. He's certain you didn't catch the meaning they held, but it didn't matter; you liked them anyway, and they served to remind him of the other emotion he feels whenever he sees you.

Pride. He's proud to see your resilience in action.

That still doesn't mean he wouldn't add his own obstacles to test your resilience. He just loves how you look in pink.

"Oh? Hold on (Name), I think I've spotted a patch of skin I missed last night~"

"Wha- Dazai, no!"

Sours: https://www.deviantart.com/quietlywriting/art/Tease-Dazai-Osamu-751014784

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