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32×48 Window: Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some top reasons to choose 32 x 48 windows for my home?

The 32×48 frames and window glasses can be made with different materials. The most common framing materials include aluminum, wood, fiberglass, and vinyl.

32×48 windows are relatively stable regardless of the weather conditions. The frames do not fade even if exposed to direct sunlight, like in most cases.

  • Reduction of energy costs

The 32×48 windows are airtight and have insulation properties, making your home more energy-efficient.

  • Enhanced security and safety

The 32×48 frames and sashes are all reinforced with metal to resist breakages. The lock system is unbreakable.

Unlike other window designs, these 32 x 48 windows are easy to maintain because they are made of all-weather materials.

2. Is a 32 x 48 window the best size for my house?

If you are not a professional, identifying the right window size for your home might be a challenging task. In many cases, you can simply go to a supplier or manufacturer who stocks standard-sized windows and ask for the window you want. However, you might not provide an accurate answer when asked for the size you want.

To know whether a 32×48 window is the best size for your house or not, measure the width and height of the rough opening. If you are designing your home fresh, you can design your windows to match the room size. 32×48 is a standard size for many residential and commercial houses. It should be a good choice for a living room, bedroom, and many other rooms in the house.

3. How much is a 32×48 window?

Whether you are replacing an existing window or doing a new installation, you will have to buy a new 32 x 48 window if it is your choice. But do you know the amount you are expected to pay for it? Do not worry if you do know because there are many factors considered.

We will only cover a blanketed cost range. Contact a window manufacturer or supplier with your specifications if you want more accurate prices.

Expect to pay between $70 and $350 for an aluminum 32×48 frame window. A wooden-framed window is a bit expensive. Its prices range from $190 to $580. If you are working on a tight budget, you can opt for a more affordable window option made of a vinyl frame. You can buy vinyl windows for as low as $50, but the prices can hike all the way to $290, depending on other factors.

32x48 window2

4. What factors affect the cost of a 32 x 48 window?

As you have seen from the previous section, the window prices are given as a wide range. That is because of the factor you need to specify when placing an order for a 32×48 window. Here are detailed statements on these price determinants:

  • Window glass – A window glass can be described as clear or tinted, single or double-paned, Low-E, argon gas-filled, soundproof, etc. That means your windows will be priced based on these properties.
  • Frame material – A 32×48 frame can be aluminum, fiberglass, wood, or vinyl. These framing materials are priced differently because of their varying qualities and properties. Fiberglass is a high-end 32×4 frame, and vinyl is considered a low-end material.
  • Window type – Windows are classified according to the design. In this category, you can find an awning, casement, double-hung, tilt & turn, sliding, bay, etc. What you pay for your window depends on these window types.
  • Window brand – Like all other products, the prices of windows vary from one brand to the next. This difference is brought about by the variations in quality, window manufacturing method, the scale of production, and market share.
  • Labor cost – The labor cost of producing a given type of 32 x 48 window is not constant. It all depends on the design, material, and manufacturing method.
  • Installation cost – The fee for 32×48 window installation varies from one technician to the next. This variation is also attributed to the location and market demand.

5. Can I negotiate a 32 x 48 window price?

Yes. You can negotiate the prices, but only after knowing the average market prices for a 32 x 48 window. This will form the base of your argument and will also help you confirm whether you are getting the best price for the product or not. Unfortunately, not all window manufacturers or suppliers have flexible prices. Some are fixed, and you just have to pay the indicated amount.

If you are not acquainted with the window prices, then ask a local contractor or contact George Buildings to inquire. This is a free service offered by our sales team.

6. What is the average cost to replace a 32×48 window in a home?

A typical price for a new replacement window is between $100 and $650 per window, depending on the 32×48 frame material, glass type, among other factors. Multiply this value with the number of windows you need to replace. The labor charges range from $100-$300 per window. Do your math and find what you should have in your budget for window replacement.

7. Do you have any certificates for your 32 x 48 window products

George Buildingsis a global company that supplies the world market with high-quality 32 x 48 windows and other related products. That simply means we have to operate according to international standards and regulations. Therefore, we must have the certificates to prove adherence to these laws.

We have the following certifications:

  • NFRC
  • SGS
  • Intertek
  • CE
  • ISO9001

8. Do your 32 x 48 windows come with a warranty?

Yes. Our windows and related products have a 5-year warranty. This tells how much we invest in quality regulation and always believe that our windows are top quality. You are entitled to free window repair or replacement services if it does not live up to these expectations. Just let us know when you have any problems with the products, and we will ack with speed to resolve it.

9. How are your 32 x 48 windows made?

The windows are made through an automated process using advanced technology. This can be challenging to describe in words, and as a result, we have attached a video to show you everything we believe you wanted to know. Visit us to explore more!

10. How do you pack and ship 32 x 48 windows?

Packaging and chipping of windows are done to avoid the damages that might be experienced while shipping the products. We individually pack the windows using appropriate materials for guaranteed safe delivery. You will receive your package without even a scratch on the 32×48 frame or glasses.

11. How can I buy quality 32 x 48 windows in China?

George Buildings makes it easy for you to import high-end windows from China. Contact our sales team to walk you through the ordering process. We are a leading 32 x 48 window manufacturer that can deliver to any part of the world.

Sours: https://georgebuildings.com/building-materials/32x48-window/

High-Quality Vinyl Windows

Exceptional Customer Service

When you buy online from Window Liquidators, you get high-quality vinyl windows for business and home, backed by our exceptional customer service.

All of our products are made in the U.S.A. by our manufacturing partners, Crystal Windows and JELD-WEN. We ship them directly to your door, for you or your contractor to install.

Window Liquidators is the first and only online window distributor serving the entire nation and delivering directly to your home or business.

Real-Life Benefits to You and Your Home

A vinyl replacement window from Window Liquidators can revitalize your home's look, view and energy efficiency.

Vinyl windows:
  • Pay for themselves in less than 5 years
  • Make your home more energy efficient
  • Are customizable
  • Increase property values
  • Are eligible for tax credits
  • Easy to install, even for beginners

Put our expert team to work on your window project now.

Choose From a Wide Selection
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How Much Does a Double Hung Window Cost?

Replacement Double Hung Windows

Double-hung windows are some of the most popular types of replacement windows in the United States. A double hung window has two operating sashes that move up and down allowing for ventilation on the top, bottom or both areas of the window frame. Since double hung windows have this added feature, they are more expensive to install than single hung windows. They are convenient, effective at ventilating a room or an entire home and offer the high energy efficient levels that so many homeowners and business owners are after.

The main difference between a double hung window and a single hung window is their unique ability to open and close. They have been around for centuries and they are still one of the most common types of windows used in the United States today.

double hung windows visual illustration

Double Hung Window Brands

If you want to find the best double hung windows for your home, a good factor to consider is choosing a top rated window brand. Some of these come from top manufacturers like Anderson, Pella, Ply-Gem, Loewen, etc. Here is a breakdown of the average prices for the best double hung windows by brand.

Best Double Hung WindowsPrice Per WindowCosts to Install
Alside Century $200$386
Andersen 200 Double Hung$280$350
Harvey Vinyl Double Hung$350$465
Jeld-Wen Vinly Double Hung$198$318
Loewen Wood Double-Hung$782$985
Milgard Tuscany Vinyl Double Hung$245 to $375$475
Pella Vinyl Double Hung$200$280
PGT Aluminum Double Hung$315$485
Ply Gem Premium Double Hung$325$400
Simonton Double Hung$320$445

Double Hung Window Sizes

Double hung windows come in a wide variety of standard home window sizes to choose from. They are often found installed in the bedroom, kitchen, hallways, and all over the house. Their dimension can be anywhere from 24 to 48 inches wide, and 36 to 72 inches in height.

  • Double Hung Width: 24″ min  to 48″ max
  • Double Hung Height: 36″ min to 72″ max

See our double-hung window size chart below for common home window dimensions along with standard window models available in the market.

double hung window sizes

Double-Hung Window Types

Double hung window frames are available with in vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum and wood. Vinyl double hung windows are the most affordable, but they tend to wear out faster and provide the lowest level of support. Fiberglass double-hung windows are more expensive, but one of the best mixtures of weather-resistance, strength and insulation. Aluminum double hung windows are known for being very strong and weather resistant, but they allow a bit more thermal energy to pass through the frame than the other options.

Wooden double hung window frames are the most expensive of the bunch and while they are one of the most durable options, they are subject to more expansion and contraction than other types of windows leading to performance issues over time. The cost for new windows will vary depending on the different window frame materials you choose as well.

Double Paned vs Triple Paned Windows

Most windows today are at least double paned, but you can choose between double or triple paned double hung windows for various energy efficient options. The difference between the two is all about the number of layers of glass used on the windows. The double paned windows have two layers and the triple paned have three layers of glass. Triple paned windows are more energy efficient, but they will cost you more to purchase initially than double paned windows.



Tempered vs. Insulated Glass

Double hung windows are available with tempered and insulated Low E glass. Tempered glass is more durable and will stand up to impacts more effectively than standard glass does. Insulated and Low E glass helps to keep heat in more effectively than standard glass does. This insulated glass has argon gas trapped between the layers and the gas reflects heat back into the room to help keep it from being lost.

Energy Efficient Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows are one of the most energy efficient windows on the market today when built with quadruple weather stripping. Each window section uses two or three panes of glass with gas in between each of the layers. This setup creates highly insulated windows that are capable of keeping the heat in and the cool out. When installed properly heat is not lost where the two windows meet in the middle or around the edges of the window.

How to Clean Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows are easier to clean than single hung windows, and that’s because you can clean both sides of the windows from inside your home.

To get at either side of the window you simply tip the sash back toward you into the home. With the sash tipped in you can access both sides of that section of the window with ease. That makes cleaning quick and easy to do, and it is one of the best features of a double hung window.

Double Hung Window Screens

Double hung windows, unlike casement and awning style windows, are designed to work well with window screens. Screens are easy to slip into place and provide plenty of protection against pests when you want to keep the windows open. Since the windows are staggered, it is simple to put screens in the empty space that is left at either side of the windows.

Double hung window replacement have a lot to offer and that is why they are used so widely around the country. They are good for insulation purposes, for ventilation and ease of use. Since there are so many different types of windows available it is important to choose them with care so you get something you will be happy with for years to come.

Ready to get free quotes from local contractors?

September 21, 2021

Sours: https://modernize.com/windows/types/double-hung-windows
How to Replace House Windows

Discounted Replacement Windows

New Overstocked Windows and Discounted Windows

We have hundreds of overstocked vinyl replacement windows covering our full line of windows:

As a result, we offer significant discounts on our overstocked replacement windows making them very affordable for any remodeling project. We have new replacement vinyl windows that are available in both double, triple pane, and many other great styles.  They are windows that are overstocked and readily available.  We need to make room in our warehouse for incoming windows so these overstocked windows are going for cheap and are ready to be picked up today!  They are the highest quality replacement windows at the lowest prices you will find anywhere. Quantities are limited so call us today to reserve your discounted and overstocked window.

Low Prices for people who are building a barn, garage, shed, home addition, etc., who live within easy driving distance from our location.  Stop by our office location and check out our overstocked inventory today!

It must be mentioned that inventory is constantly changing, so call today to get the most updated pricing.  We look forward to making you one of our many and most satisfied customers, thank you.

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Jack's Wholesale Windows warehouse

StyleDouble/Triple PaneColorWidthHeight Price$
Picture WindowDoubleWhite/Oak23 3/444 3/4$75.00
Double HungTripleWhite31 3/433 1/4$100.00
Double HungDoubleWhite23 3/449 1/2$75.00
Picture WindowDoubleWhite37 1/263 1/2$75.00
Double HungTripleBeige23 3/450$100.00
Double HungDoubleWhite17 5/865 11/16$75.00
Double HungDoubleWhite17 9/1665 5/8$75.00
Picture WindowDoubleBrown22 3/450 3/4$100.00
Double HungDoubleWhite/ Lt. Oak30 1/430 1/4$75.00
Double HungDoubleWhite23 3/461 1/2$75.00
Double HungDoubleWhite36 1/444 3/4$75.00
Double HungDoubleWhite28 1/260$75.00
Double HungDoubleWhite25 3/457 3/4$75.00
Double HungDoubleWhite25 3/441 3/4$75.00
Double HungDoubleWhite19 3/441 1/2$50.00
Double HungDoubleBeige24 3/450$75.00
Double HungTripleWhite23 1/453 1/4$100.00
Double HungDoubleWhite27 3/442$50.00
Double HungTripleWhite21 3/445 1/4$75.00
Picture WindowDoubleWhite3779 3/4$75.00
CasementDoubleWhite3572 1/4NA
Double HungDoubleBeige47 1/479$100.00
Double HungDoubleWhite47 1/479$75.00
Picture WindowDoubleWhite67 3/461 1/2$75.00
Picture WindowDoubleWhite37 1/275 1/4$75.00
SliderNAWhite76 3/423 1/2$85.00
Double HungDoubleWhite27 3/473 1/4$75.00
Double HungNO GLASSAlmond31 3/473 1/2$75.00
Double SliderNO GLASSWhite78.6237 1/4$75.00
Casement Single VentTripleWhite26 1/272$75.00
Double SliderDoubleBeige60 3/434 1/4$100.00
Picture WindowDoubleWhite3370 1/4$75.00
Picture WindowDoubleWhite44 1/468 1/2$75.00
Picture WindowDoubleWhite44 1/468 1/2$75.00
Picture WindowDoubleWhite46 3/457 1/2$75.00
Double HungDoubleBeige4631 1/2$75.00
Double HungDoubleWhite24 3/462$75.00
Double HungDoubleBrown4939 1/4$75.00
Picture WindowDoubleAlmond47 3/453 3/4$75.00
Double HungDoubleWhite39 3/453 1/4$75.00
Double HungDoubleWhite24 3/462$75.00
Picture WindowDoubleWhite43 3/469$75.00
SliderDoubleWhite49 1/445 1/4$75.00
Picture WindowDoubleAlmond48 1/253 1/2$75.00
Picture WindowDoubleAlmond47 3/453 3/4$75.00
Picture WindowDoubleWhite/ Lt. Oak4853 3/4$100.00
Double HungDoubleBrown43 3/467 1/4$75.00
Double SliderDoubleBeige47 1/245 1/2$100.00
Picture WindowDoubleWhite4853 3/4$75.00
Picture WindowDoubleDk Wdgrn/White47 3/453 1/2$75.00
Double HungDoubleWhite39 3/453 1/2$75.00
Picture WindowDoubleWhite43 1/261 1/2$75.00
Picture WindowDoubleWhite43 3/452 3/4$75.00
Double HungDoubleWhite27 3/465 1/2$75.00
Double HungDoubleWhite39 3/469 3/4$75.00
Picture WindowDoubleWhite35 1/469 3/4$75.00
Double HungDoubleWhite3874 1/2$75.00
Picture WindowDoubleWhite40 1/266 1/4$75.00
Double HungDoubleWhite35 3/475 1/4$75.00
Double HungTripleBeige41 1/452$100.00
Double HungDoubleWhite3978 1/2$75.00
Double HungTripleWhite31 3/469 1/2$100.00
Double HungDoubleAlmond35 3/453 1/2$100.00
Double HungDoubleAlmond27 3/437 1/2$100.00
Double HungDoubleAlmond35 3/445 1/2$100.00
Double SliderDoubleWhite46 1/466 1/2$100.00
Double HungDoubleBeige40 3/458$100.00
Triple Slider w/ Diamond GridsDoubleWhite65 3/465 1/2$150.00
Picture WindowDoubleWhite51 3/455 1/4$100.00
Picture WindowDoubleAlmond52 3/452 1/2$100.00
Double HungNO GLASSWhite3169 1/2$75.00
Picture WindowDoubleWhite64 3/461 1/2$100.00
Picture WindowDoubleWhite40 1/264$100.00
Double HungTripleWhite30 1/269 1/4$100.00
Double SliderDoubleBeige71 3/435 3/4$100.00
Double HungNO GLASS – DoubleBrown46 1/853 1/2$75.00
CasementNO GLASS – DoubleWhite22 3/462 3/4$75.00
Picture WindowDoubleWhite61 1/265 1/4$100.00
Double HungDoubleWhite49 1/274 1/2$100.00
Picture WindowDoubleWhite52 3/452 1/2$100.00
Picture WindowDoubleWhite61 1/459 1/4$100.00
Double HungDoubleWhite42 1/431 1/2$75.00
Double HungDoubleWhite3045 1/2$75.00
Double HungTripleBeige27 1/245 1/4$100.00
Double HungDoubleAlmond3535 1/4$75.00
Double HungDoubleWhite33 3/437 1/4$75.00
Picture WindowNAWhite1831 1/2$50.00
Picture WindowDoubleWhite20 3/440$50.00
Casement Single VentDoubleWhite19 1/251 1/4$75.00
Casement Single VentDoubleWhite22 1/461 1/4$75.00
Picture WindowDoubleWhite22 3/463$75.00
Picture WindowDoubleWhite29 1/246 1/4$75.00
Picture WindowNADk Wdgrn/White23 3/444 3/4$50.00
Casement WindowDoubleWhite26 1/252 1/2$75.00
Casement Single VentDoubleWhite21 3/453 3/4$75.00
Picture WindowDoubleWhite4049$75.00
Picture WindowDoubleWhite38 1/251$75.00
Picture WindowDoubleWhite/ Brown22 3/437 3/4$50.00
Picture WindowDoubleWhite45 3/422$75.00
Picture WindowDoubleBrown / White21 1/437 1/4$50.00
Picture WindowDoubleWhite35 3/449 1/4$75.00
Picture WindowDoubleWhite2051 1/4$75.00
Picture WindowDoubleBrown26 1/263 1/2$75.00
Picture WindowDoubleWhite2649$50.00
Picture WindowDoubleWhite51 3/429 1/475
Picture WindowDoubleWhite22 1/253 3/4$50.00
Picture WindowDoubleWhite25 3/451$50.00
Picture WindowDoubleWhite23 3/453 3/4$50.00
CasementDoubleWhite30 1/467$75.00
CasementDoubleWhite26 3/449 3/4$75.00

(Availability and Quantities may vary, please call to see if product is available. This does not include the price of install and is limited to what is described with a manufacturer warranty. Call us today at 800-845-4937 Toll-Free)

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Windows 32x48 replacement

Single-Hung & Double-Hung Windows

Double-Hung windows have two operating sash that move up and down allowing for ventilation on the top, bottom or both. Single-Hung windows allow ventilation through a single operable lower sash. Both offer easy cleaning from inside your home and remain flush with the wall, making them ideal for patios or walkways.

Best Selling IconBEST SELLING

400 Series

Double-Hung Window

  • Our best-selling double-hung
  • Unfinished pine or prefinished White, Dark Bronze or Black interior protected by vinyl exterior
  • Extremely energy-efficient, durable and time-tested


Replacement Windows iconGREAT FOR REPLACEMENT

400 Series Woodwright®

Double-Hung Window

  • Natural wood sash interiors in pine, maple, oak or prefinished White, protected by Fibrex®  composite exterior
  • Helps replicate the look of traditional architecture


Good Value iconGREAT VALUE

200 Series

Double-Hung Window

  • Tilt-wash design makes it easy to clean
  • Unfinished pine or prefinished White interior
  • Exterior vinyl frame in White or Sandtone



100 Series

Single-Hung Window

  • Made with Andersen-exclusive Fibrex® composite material
  • Warranted not to flake, rust, blister, peel, crack, pit or corrode
  • Movable lower sash allows ventilation
  • Available as replacement insert window


Most Efficient IconMOST EFFICIENT


Double-Hung Window

  • Our best-performing double-hung
  • Wood protected by fiberglass and Fibrex® composite material
  • Stained and painted wood interiors offer architectural authenticity




Double-Hung Window

  • Custom colors, range of interior woods and stains available
  • Wood protected by durable aluminum exterior
  • Sleek design with innovative locking system for discreet functionality


Andersen Sliding Glass Doors

The Andersen® Difference

Find out what makes Andersen® double-hung windows different and better than the competition.

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Full-Service Replacement

Double-Hung windows are available from Renewal by Andersen, our full-service replacement window division.


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Find a Certified Contractor

Vetted, trained and backed by the industry leader, Certified Contractors have extensive window and door knowledge to make any project a success.

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Parts Store

Need a Part?

Browse our online parts store to find genuine Andersen parts and accessories for your single and double-hung windows.


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Window Replacement San Antonio - Picture Windows

#1 Manufacturer of Windows in North America

Shopping for windows and doors? You have thousands of choices, but you’ve already made the most important one. Welcome to Ply Gem Windows & Doors. Tell us a little bit more about your project and we’ll guide you every step of the way.

Building a Home or AdditionReplacing Windows

Window Styles

At Ply Gem, we want you to experience just how rewarding choosing the right window style can be for your home. Browse our window styles and discover what makes each one unique. Then make it yours.

Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows can be opened from the bottom or top for fresh air and even tilt in for easy cleaning from inside your home

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Single Hung Windows

A single hung window lifts open from the bottom while the top of the window remains stationary.

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Casement Windows

Casement windows open outward by turning an easy-to-reach handle, providing optimum airflow, energy efficiency and weatherability.

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Slider Windows

Slider windows easily glide open horizontally from the left or right and deliver a wide open view and ample fresh air.

Learn More

Awning Windows

Awning windows are hinged at the top, opening outward with the turn of a handle and can be left open for fresh air during the rain.

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Bay or Bow Windows

Bay or Bow specialty windows combine several window styles together to create added interior space, dimension and curb appeal.

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Garden Windows

Garden windows extend outward and provide added space with shelves for plants or décor and side windows that open for ventilation.

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Geometric Windows

Geometric windows add unique character to your home and are available in a variety of distinct circular, arched and linear shapes.

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Picture Windows

Offering an expansive view, a picture window is a non-opening, energy- efficient style that is ideal for large and small spaces.

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Select Ply Gem Products Identified as ENERGY STAR® 2021 Most Efficient

For maximum energy-efficient windows and doors with enhanced comfort choose the Ply Gem vinyl windows and doors styles and options designated as ENERGY STAR® 2021 Most Energy Efficient.

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Door Styles

Which patio door style is right for you? We’re here to help you answer that question. Because we don’t just want you to open a new door—we want you to open endless possibilities for your home.

Sliding Doors

Sliding patio doors save space by not opening into your home but rather gliding open from the left or right, connecting your indoor and outdoor living spaces.

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Swinging Doors

A hinged or swinging patio door allows one or both door panels to swing open into or out of your home for easy outdoor access.

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Multi-Sliding Doors

Multi-sliding patio doors feature three or more door panels with operable panels that glide open from the left, right or both to open up living areas.

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French Doors

Available in sliding and multiple swing options, French Doors feature a broad stile and rail for an authentic French appearance.

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About Our Patio Doors

Learn how Ply Gem patio doors can brighten up your life and open a world of possibilities for your home.

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Energy Tax Credit

Learn more about the 2021 Energy Tax Credit extension and download Ply Gem’s Manufacturers Certificate.

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Case Studies

See how Ply Gem is helping to make homes more inviting, lives simpler and projects easier. Our case studies highlight real-life examples of how the right windows and doors can make all the difference.

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True to tradition and devoted to authentic designs, Ply Gem windows and doors don’t just enhance your home’s style. They complete it.

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MIRA Series - Mulled Unit of Awning and Picture Windows in Black

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Since 2016, more than $2 million in Ply Gem building products has been donated to address the affordable housing crisis, helping to build more than 500 homes in 90 communities. We’ve partnered with some of Country Music’s most awarded artists to raise awareness for this critical issue.

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