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Gotterdammerung Effect and Stats | FF7 Remake

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This page shows the effect of the Gotterdammerung, an Accessory in Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7R) that gives you a full limit break gauge and fills your limit break during battle. Read on to learn how to get the Gotterdammerung, as well as its price and effect!

Gotterdammerung Effect and Information

Basic Information

Accessory Info
Enter battle with a full limit break gauge. Limit break gauge gradually fills during battle.
DescriptionA neckpiece that radiates a light powerful enough to forge destiny anew.

How to Get the Gotterdammerung

Obtaining Gotterdammerung

How to Obtain Gotterdammerung
・Clear all battle challenges at the Corneo Colosseum
・Clear all battle challenges at the Shinra Combat Simulator
・Complete all Battle Intel Reports
・Clear Three-Person Team vs. Top Secrets (Hard Mode)

You will need to complete all of the steps listed above, before finally going into hard mode and taking on the final Combat Simulation Battle vs. Top Secrets when it becomes unlocked. For help with unlocking Top Secrets, see the pages below!

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In Final Fantasy 7 Remake, you can get an endgame accessory called the Gotterdammerung, which allows its wearer to begin any battle with a fully charged Limit Break. Not only that, but after the attack is expended, their Limit Break bar will steadily charge--even when that character isn't moving or attacking--decreasing the time it takes to get another fully charged Limit Break. Below we detail exactly what you need to get this incredibly useful accessory.

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How To Get The Gotterdammerung

The Gotterdammerung is your reward for completing a secret combat challenge on the VR Combat Simulator found at Shinra HQ near the end of the game. To unlock this hidden challenge, you'll need to complete the following steps--one of which requires you to beat FF7 Remake to even start tackling.

  1. Complete all the Corneo Colosseum challenges across both Chapter 9 and Chapter 14.
  2. Complete every challenge in the VR Combat Simulator at Shinra HQ during Chapter 16.
  3. Once you unlock Hard mode after beating the game, replay Chapter 17 and progress through Shinra HQ until you run into Chadley, who informs you of a new VR Combat Simulator with a new slate of challenges. Complete them all.

If you messed up any of the steps along the way, like failing to complete Aerith's Corneo Colosseum challenge before letting her go with Madam M, know that you're free to go back and complete them using Chapter select, which is unlocked alongside Hard mode after beating the game. You can also use this feature to jump right into Chapter 17 to complete the final step of the process, so you don't worry about having to run through the entire game on Hard just to get to that VR Simulator.

The Gotterdammerung is one of the most useful accessories in the game. We recommend equipping it to Cloud to further maximize his damage dealing potential.

Regardless, once you've completed the required steps, a new challenge called Three Person Team Vs. Top Secrets will be available on the VR Combat Simulator. Successfully completing this challenge nets you the Gotterdammerung, but doing so is no easy task as it's essentially a boss gauntlet with no breaks in-between that has you fighting summons Shiva, Fat Chocobo, Leviathan, Bahamut, and a secret boss called Pride and Joy. It's a true test of everything you've learned throughout your adventure, so make sure your characters are in tip-top shape. For your reference, we completed the challenge with each character at the max level of 50.

After beating Three Person Team Vs. Top Secrets, the Gotterdammerungis as good as yours. However, if you're stuck on the challenge, be on the lookout for our in-depth guide detailing everything you need to know to overcome it in the coming days.

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Final Fantasy VII Remake: How To Beat The Pride And Joy Prototype And Unlock The Gotterdammerung

While hard mode does provide an extra layer of difficulty to the game, Final Fantasy VII Remake comes up a little short in terms of truly challenging content. Well, at least when compared to some of the other entries in the series, that is. The best that it has to offer are the Shinra Combat Simulator challenges, the hardest of which is the vs. Top Secret challenge which is unlocked after completing all of the other Simulator challenges as well as those found at the Corneo Colosseum.

It pits players against six of the game's toughest enemies with the final one being the Pride and Joy Prototype. Bizarrely, the battle against Bahamut and Ifrit just before it is considerably more difficult although a lack of MP can cause problems if players overuse their magic during the first four battles. It's definitely worth your time though as the Gotterdammerung you'll get as a reward is easily the best accessory in the game and can make your hard mode playthrough considerably easier.


There are a number of viable strategies for completing the challenge, although the majority of them include having Aerith in the party due to her high magic stats and useful abilities. Whoever you take with her is up to you, although Barret can be incredibly useful when it comes to dealing with Leviathan so benching either Cloud or Tifa is your best bet for a successful run. If your playstyle centers around building the stagger percentage, Tifa will probably prove to be more useful than Cloud, although cautious players may prefer to take him instead.

It can be very tempting to pair an orb of Elemental materia with an orb of Ice materia in Cloud or Tifa's armor to completely nullify Shiva, although this is a bit of a waste as none of the other enemies attack using ice. It's better to instead pair it with Fire as this will not only be useful in the battle with Ifrit and Bahamut but also the one with the Pride and Joy Prototype immediately after it. If you have already gotten your hands on the second orb of elemental materia you could defend against both elements to make life a little easier.

You're going to want to use weapons with the Reprieve ability as a precaution, so that means the Twin Stinger for Cloud, the Light Machine Gun for Barret, Purple Pain for Tifa and the Reinforced Staff for Aerith. It's also worth equipping your party with Revival Earrings as an extra safety net as you'll potentially be facing multiple attacks that can one-hit KO your entire party if you're unable to stagger enemies fast enough. Just remember that these earrings break after being used and so will need to be replaced if you end up requiring more than one attempt at the challenge.

As far as materia goes, use HP Up materia to get everybody's HP above 6,500 and be sure to give everybody orbs of Revive, Cure, Fire and Ice materia. Pair Aerith's Cure materia with Magnify so that you can fully heal the whole party with one cast and give her an orb or two of Magic Up and a Lightning materia as well. If you opt to take Tifa instead of Cloud, consider giving her Time and Barrier materia instead of Fire and Ice as she's incapable of dishing out too much magic damage anyway. Pair Fire and Elemental materia in Cloud or Tifa's armor and if you have a second set consider defending against Ice as well.



If you opted to go with an Ice/Elemental combo on your physical attacker and you've taken the time to max out the Elemental materia you can take Shiva down very easily. All of her attacks will heal you meaning that you can punch/slash away while periodically casting Fire attacks with Aerith and Barret. Try not to do so too often though as you'll need your MP later on.

If you don't have resistance to Ice attacks, you'll need to rely mainly on magic, so use Aerith's Arcane Ward ability and rotate through your party double casting Firaga to build Shiva's stagger bar. You'll want to go at a fairly brisk pace here as after she casts Diamond Dust she'll start to hit you with some powerful magic and you won't last too much longer. With that in mind, if you gave Tifa Time materia, use it here to speed up the other two party members.

Fat Chocobo

This battle should be fairly straightforward for those who know what they're doing but be sure to take out the additional enemies as soon as they spawn in. If you're using him, Cloud's Triple Slash ability can be particularly useful in this regard although they don't have a lot of HP meaning anyone can take them down fairly easily. Hit Fat Chocobo hard while he's staggered and try to get behind him as often as possible to avoid taking unnecessary damage.


This is perhaps the most frustrating enemy in the challenge as there's a point where she flies up into the air for around five minutes. This is where Barret really comes into his own as he'll be able to do some fairly decent damage while you're waiting for her to come down. Alternatively, you can use your Summon here and its final attack will force Leviathan back to the ground for the duration of the battle. Just be sure to keep your HP up as Tidal Wave will deal around 6,000 damage.

Bahamut and Ifrit

If you allow Bahamut to reach the end of his countdown he will cast Mega Flare which will more than likely wipe out your entire party, so you're going to want to stagger him before he reaches zero to reset the count. As with Shiva, use Aerith's Arcane Ward to repeatedly double cast Firaga to increase his stagger gauge and then hit him hard once he's down. If you're unable to stagger in time and Aerith's gauge happen's to be full, use her Planet's Protection limit break right before Bahamut casts Mega Flare to keep everyone alive.

Once he's down to half health, Bahamut will summon Ifrit who can cause some serious problems if you don't have a Fire/Elemental materia combo in your armor. Assuming that you do, have your physical attacker get near Bahamut and Ifrit should follow, healing any damage dealt by Bahamut by attacking you with fire. Switch from casting Firaga to Blizaga but continue to target Bahamut as he'll once again cast Mega Flare if you're not quick. Ifrit will likely end up getting caught in the crossfire, but if not you can deal with him after Bahamut goes down.

Pride & Joy Prototype

This is a fairly straightforward battle providing you don't run out of MP before it ends. Get behind him with your physical attacker and start chipping away at his health. You can also use Aerith to periodically cast Thundaga while standing on one of her Arcane Wards to speed things up a little. If the enemy grabs one of your party, focus everything you have on his arm but be prepared to revive the party member who's been grabbed in the event that you're unable to deal enough damage to free them.

Stay out of the way of his laser attack and use his fire attacks to heal your physical attacker as and when you need to. After around ten minutes, the Pride and Joy Prototype will fall and you'll unlock the Ultimate Weapon trophy. You'll also receive the Gotterdammerung accessory which allows the wearer to enter battles with a full limit gauge while also increasing the speed with which the gauge recharges.

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Triple Gotterdammerung: All Bosses Hard Mode (No Damage) - Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade


EffectEnter a battle with a full limit break gauge. The limit break gauge gradually fills during battle.

Gotterdammerung is an Accessory in Final Fantasy VII Remake. Gotterdammerung provides the wearer with a full limit break gauge upon entering a battle, it also gradually fills the limit break gauge during battle. Accessories are a type of equipment that provide Characters with various bonuses while equipped.


A neckpiece that radiates a light powerful enough to forge destiny anew.

Gotterdammerung Information

Gotterdammerung provides the following effect while equipped: Enter a battle with a full limit break gauge. The limit break gauge gradually fills during battle.


How to acquire Gotterdammerung


Gotterdammerung Notes & Tips

  • Translated from German, the name of this accessory means 'Twilight of the Gods.'
  • ??



Sours: https://finalfantasy7remake.wiki.fextralife.com/Gotterdammerung

Gotterdammerung ffvii remake

How to Obtain Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Best Item: The Gotterdammerung

The Gotterdammerung allows one to enter the battle with a full limit break gauge.

What’s definitely the most broken and overpowered item in the game, The Gotterdammerung is attainable only after finishing the game’s most difficult in-game battle challenges. It is also — for those familiar with Final Fantasy VII and its Nordic themes — the German translation for the word: Ragnarok.

Ragnarok is, of course, a final Fantasy staple item in many of the games. To attain the legendary item, one needs to accomplish four specific things, the last of which is easily the most difficult:

  1. Beat the FF7 Remake in normal mode.
  2. Complete all Corneo Colosseum challenges in Chapters 9 and 14.
  3. Complete all VR Combat Simulator challenges at Shinra HQ in Chapter 16.
  4. Replay Chapter 17 on Hard mode. Progress through Shinra HQ until you meet Chadley. There, you’ll then have the new VR Combat Simulator challenges.


TIP: You can always lower the battle difficulty after beginning your ‘Hard’ mode chapter. The game does not penalize you in any way for doing this.

For part four of the above, you’ll have to select the ‘Three-person Team Vs. Top Secrets’ final battle VR Challenge. This is easily the most challenging section of the game where you’re tasked to defeat several of the most powerful in-game summons and then a special secret enemy in this order:

  1. Shiva
  2. Fat Chocobo
  3. Leviathan
  4. Bahamut
  5. Pride and Joy

Defeating pride and joy is necessary to attain the Gotterdammerung

Now, Pride and Joy in itself is slow and not necessarily difficult to stagger. The real challenge is getting all the way through to Leviathan, Somehow defeating Bahamut (who can nearly one-shot the whole team with Mega Flare), and then somehow still have enough left to overcome Pride and Joy. Mind you; it also has devastating attacks that can nearly one-shot KO the team.

At this point, you should be maxed out at level (50). You should also use the best of everything you’ve collected in-game as this is easily the most challenging battle and the sole reason to collect all those rare items and Materias. I’d emphasize your best techniques along with character switching, stat boost materia (especially HP UP), and Prayer for healing.

Just use your best attack strategy and play as hard as you can.

For a closer look at the game, be sure to check out our Final Fantasy VII Review here.





Sours: https://www.heypoorplayer.com/2020/05/01/attain-final-fantasy-vii-remakes-best-item-gotterdammerung/
Final Fantasy VII Remake 3er Team vs. Streng Geheim Guide Trophy Die ultimative Kriegsmaschine Tipps


神々の黄昏 (Kamigami no Tasogare?, lit. Twilight of the Gods)


Enter battle with full limit break gauge.
Limit break gauge gradually fills during battle.

A neckpiece that radiates a light powerful enough to forge destiny anew.


Götterdämmerung is the ultimate accessory in Final Fantasy VII Remake and "Episode INTERmission". It allows the wearer to enter any combat encounter with a full limit break gauge, and their limit gauge will also charge over time during battle.


Up to three Götterdämmerungs can be obtained in the base game. One is won from defeating Pride and Joy Prototype in the final Shinra Combat Simulator challenge, "Three-Person Team vs. Top Secrets", in the beginning of Chapter 17, "Deliverance from Chaos", in hard mode. Another two can be obtained by defeating Weiss, the final Shinra Combat Simulator challenge in the beginning of Chapter 17, "Deliverance from Chaos", in hard mode exclusive to Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, available after completing "Episode INTERmission".

In "Episode INTERmission", the player gets two Götterdämmerungs from finishing the "Yuffie & Sonon vs. Top Secrets" combat simulator challenge in hard mode.


Götterdämmerung is the best accessory in the game, allowing the user to start any battle with a huge advantage. The accessory couples well with Refocus MateriaRefocus Materia, allowing the character to start with three ATB gauges while their limit break gauge also recharges faster.

Though Götterdämmerung is obtained late, if the player can do the challenge the earliest it is available, Götterdämmerung can be helpful in the hard mode battles against the bossesJenova Dreamweaver, Rufus, The Arsenal, and the final battles; it is great on Cloud for the final showdown, as he is present in every encounter. Though the Whisper Harbinger has multiple stages, the limit gauge does not reset between battles, and so Cloud can keep his three ATB charges from Refocus throughout them all unless he is KO'd. There is plenty time for his limit to recharge in time for when Whisper Bahamut is fought.

However, Götterdämmerung's effects are nullified when facing Weiss in Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade.

Götterdämmerung can also be used to complete the player's Enemy Intel, to get the "used limit break" note on enemies; however, there is no specific benefit from doing this, as simply assessing enemies is enough for play log completion (a crown appears in the menu).

In "Episode INTERmission", Yuffie and Sonon can most easily use their synergized limit break ability if both have Götterdämmerungs equipped.


In the original game, the Proud Clod drops the Ragnarok sword upon defeat. In Final Fantasy VII Remake, the Pride and Joy Prototype (which resembles the Proud Clod) will drop Götterdämmerung upon defeat. Götterdämmerung (literally translated as "Twilight of the Gods") is old German for the Norse word Ragnarok. Additionally, Götterdämmerung was the name of the final act of Der Ring des Nibelungen (the Ring of the Nibelung), a modern (at the time) retelling of the tale of Ragnarok (also an allusion to the Final Fantasy VII Remake being a retelling of the original Final Fantasy VII).

Sours: https://finalfantasy.fandom.com/wiki/G%C3%B6tterd%C3%A4mmerung_(VII_Remake)

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How to Get Gotterdammerung in Final Fantasy VII Remake

Only the best and/or most insane players of the Final Fantasy VII remake will get their hands on a Gotterdammerung. It's only available in the game's Hard mode, which in turn is only unlocked after you've completed the game at least once, and requires you to win through five of the most difficult fights that FF7 has to offer... in a row.

If you can get through all that, though, you'll have obtained the Gotterdammerung accessory. When equipped, you start each fight with a Limit Break available, and it dramatically speeds up the rate at which your Limit Break meter refills. It's just the thing for taking a slow victory lap through what little of the game is left, as at this point, you've proved your mastery of FF7.

Just to emphasize this again, you can't get the Gotterdammerung at all unless you're playing on Hard Mode. If you're still on your first run through the FF7 remake or you're replaying on a lower difficulty, this guide isn't for you.

If you are on Hard Mode, your first step towards Gotterdammerung comes in Chapter 9, when you can first take on Don Corneo's Colosseum challenges. One important note is that there's one fight here, Aerith's solo fight, that you'll need to do now, as Aerith isn't available for Colosseum fights when you revisit the area in Chapter 14.

Once you've cleared all of Don Corneo's fights, you can move on to Chapter 17. A few minutes in, you can access the Shinra Combat Simulator in Shinra HQ, where you can take on some of the toughest challenges that the FF7 remake has to offer.

If you clear all 13 fights in the Combat Simulator, after beating all the Colosseum challenges, on Hard Mode, you unlock Challenge 14: a five-round gauntlet that pits you against Shiva, Fat Chocobo, Leviathan, Bahamut (who will also summon Ifrit), and the Pride and Joy Prototype.

In order to have a realistic chance of clearing this, you'll want to have all members of your party at level 50, equipped with their best or second-best weapons. You'll want to have grabbed most of the game's manuscripts, too, and to be equipped with strong defensive Materia. Aerith is a must-have in this fight, as her Healing Wind Limit Break gives you strong healing without spending MP. This is an endurance fight, and every edge counts.

It's also helpful if you equip Cloud and your third party member, ideally Barret, with Lightning and Elemental Materia on their weapons.

In Round 1, vs. Shiva, hit her with fire magic to quickly fill her stagger bar. Her Frost Familiar backup can be dropped quickly with cheap fire spells, and you need to dodge Whiteout or it'll put you to sleep. Unfortunately, when she casts Diamond Dust, you need to be ready to just take it on the chin; heal your party to full when she starts to charge it, then follow up with another big group heal.

Fat Chocobo, in round 2, is a bit of a breather level. It's easy to dodge its attacks, and while Fat Chocobo likes to summon backup creatures, they're weak enough that you should be able to knock them down almost as fast as they show up. When Fat Chocobo says "Kweh" twice in a row, be ready to avoid the following high-damage attack.

Round 3 sees your bout against Leviathan, which is why you've got Cloud and Barret/Tifa equipped with Lightning materia. It's a knock-down, drag-'em-out where you're going to take a lot of damage regardless of what you do, but Leviathan's Lightning vulnerability is easy to exploit. Use Manawall to cut some of the damage from Briny Below.

Naturally, Round 4 is the hardest fight here, as it pits you against Final Fantasy mainstay Bahamut. When he counts down, he's preparing to level you with a Megaflare; be ready for it by staying at maximum health, and use Manawall to prevent as much damage as possible. When Bahamut reaches 50% health, he'll duck out and sic his buddy Ifrit on you; counter by summoning Shiva. You should be able to stagger Bahamut and take it out before he can cast a second Megaflare. 

After that, the Pride and Joy Prototype is just tough enough that it might be able to finish you off if you barely made it past Bahamut. Your Lightning-infused weapons are just as useful against it as they were against Leviathan, though, since the Prototype is a Shinra mech. If it grabs one of your characters, use Thunder spells directly on the Prototype's arm to free your character before he/she dies. The Prototype is also extremely slow, so you can get a lot of free damage by just staying behind it as much as possible and working to destroy its legs.

Now that you've beaten the most difficult challenge that the FF7 remake has to offer, you're either sick to death of the game or you're still thirsty for more. Check out our other FF7 articles at our game hub, like:

Your reward for clearing Challenge 14 in the Combat Simulator is the Gotterdammerung accessory. Now you can win many fights almost before they start by instantly dropping a free Limit Break on your opponents.

Congratulations on demonstrating your mastery over Final Fantasy VII. Be sure to stop by our official Twitter @PrimaGames to flaunt your new Gotterdammerung, before you go off and use it to break the final boss fight over your knee.

Sours: https://primagames.com/tips/how-get-gotterdammerung-final-fantasy-vii-remake

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