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Quick Disconnect Shower Hose to Sink Faucet Snap Adapter, Indoor Faucet Hose Attachment for Bathtub, Bathroom and Kitchen

Quick Disconnect Shower Hose to Sink Faucet Snap Adapter, Indoor Faucet Hose Attachment for Bathtub, Bathroom and Kitchen


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Product Details

  • 【ALL BRASS】 This quick-fit faucet attachment kit includes a chromed snap and a brass quick-clip part. they are both brass construed and last a lot longer than the plastic parts, the frequent stretching of a plastic snap will eventually cause the clip to fail.
  • 【4 TYPES OF THREADING, ADAPTING A WIDE RANGE OF INDOOR FAUCETS】The nozzle that attaches to the faucet has both female/internal and male/external threads, It also comes with another 2 aerator adapters. Adapting to standard indoor kitchen sink, lavatory sink, utility sink and bathroom sink faucets. IPS: But you may be still having fitting problems, contact us for advises
  • 【FAUCET ADAPTER TO shower hose】allows quickly connect shower hose with 1/2 IPS female end to a indoor faucet, so you can easily fill your sink or tub and then easily connect and use this for rinsing. Works perfect for Hair Washing, Filling Buckets, pet bathing, Elderly Care, Rinsing Newborn .etc.
  • 【QUICK CONNECT & RELEASE】This quick connect adapter kit is well designed and easily snaps on/off. It is a great adapter to have especially you are constantly hooking up a shower hose with handshower to an indoor faucet, you just quick release it after use, leave the chromed snap on faucet instead of unscrewing it every single time
  • 【BUILD IN AERATOR,ANTI-SPLASH】the snap adapter that remains on faucet incorporates a removable build-in aerator which keeps water stream running smooth and no splashing all around, when disconnected after use, you still get a 'normal' stream of aerated water for daily use instead of switching it back and forth
ManufacturerThe Chi's
Item Weight4.5 ounces (127.58 grams)
Package Dimensions3.39 x 2.09 x 1.3 inches (8.6 x 5.3 x 3.3 cm)
MaterialSolid Brass
Batteries Included?No
Batteries Required?No



First of all, your indoor faucet must have a screw in/on aerator that is removed and replaced with this snap adapter
Ⅰ.Unscrew the original aerator from your faucet.
Ⅱ.For 55/64 male or 15/16 female threaded faucet, you just simple screw the snap on/in. For other threads.
Ⅲ. For 13/16 male or 55/64 female, you will need to an aerator adapter to connect faucet and the snap.
Ⅳ.Connect garden hose or other hoses with 3/4 GHT female end to the quick-click coupler
Ⅴ. Pull down on the outer sleeve and snap onto the sink.
Ⅵ. After use, detached the hose; Without any screwing on and off, the snap remains attached to the sink for daily use

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How to Connect a Hose to an Indoor Unthreaded Faucet

Penny "Psyche" Skinner is a tech user, providing advice to benefit functionality with frugality.

3 Ways to Attach a Hose to an Unthreaded Faucet

Many indoor faucets do not have a thread on the inside or the outside. They also come in a wide variety of shapes and designs. This is great for fitting in with your design style but can be a challenge when it comes to using fixtures and fittings. For example, there are many reasons why you may want to securely fit a hose to an indoor tap.

In my particular case, I use the hose most often to fill my aquariums, but it can also be useful for plants and hydroponics, to attach small appliances, for cleaning, and many other applications. It was surprisingly difficult to get a tight and flexible attachment that would work on an indoor tap, but this is what I learned.

1. Use a Water Bandit

I tried all the options on this list, but ultimately, the best option turned out to be the Camco Water Bandit. This fitting is flexible enough to avoid leaks even at higher water pressure. And the range of taps it will fit is wide, due to a stepped funnel shape. This fixture has a standard thread and so will attach to any water hose and allow your hose attachment to be as long as you need!

2. Use a Lever Adapter

One type of adapter uses a lever to press the tap down onto a rubber ring, to create a tight seal. The best example of this is probably the Koala faucet adapter.

Cons: The main limitation of this design is that it only works for a faucet with the 90 degree angle at the end, and within a small range of diameters. For a faucet that is exactly the right design the seal is reasonable good, but can still leak under higher pressures. This type of adapter is one of the more expensive options; typically around $20-30.

My experience: In my case none of my indoor taps was the right design. One was too wide, one was too square and the other had a broad U-shaped bend rather than a 90-degree angle. So the major limitation of this design is that it does not work with most tap designs.

3. Use a Reflexed Rubber Fixture

A very common option is a flexible rubber bell that folds internally to try and create a flexible seal that will fit range of taps.

Cons: There are two limitations to this device. One is that it fits a smaller size of hose. So attaching this to a longer, standard-sized garden hose can be challenging. The other is that they tend to leak at even the lowest water pressure. This might not matter match inside a bath tub, but over a sink or any other surface you will tend to get water everywhere other than where you want it.

My experience: I attempted to get a better fit hose-clamps and other devices, but none of these efforts was very effective.

Which Method Is Best?

Having tried all three products the Water Bandit is a clear winner on all four important criteria.

  1. It fit my tap and would fit a very wide range of faucet designs.
  2. It is compatible with standard threaded garden hoses.
  3. It does not leak even at high water pressures.
  4. It is also the cheapest option at just $6!

Hopefully my expense and experiences can save you time and money in solving your own indoor watering needs and applications!

Re-Enforcing Connections

I found the water jack alone was very effective, but if you have a small or odd-shaped faucet or very high water pressure you might want to also use a metal cable tie--the type that is tightened and released with a screwdriver. These can be sourced cheaply at any hardware or auto-supplies store. This will assure a good water-tight connection. But remember not to get a usual-size hose clamp as this fixed with be considerably wider in diameter. You want something that will clamp onto 1.5 times the diameter of your faucet's outside surface.

With repeated use the hose may also start detaching from the Water Bandit. This is easily fixed with some reinforced water-proof tape, such as a good quality duct tape.


The water bandit detaches from the tap:

  • Try using a kink-proof hose to avoid any pressure building up in the hose.
  • Reduce water pressure by turning faucet only part way.

Questions & Answers

Question: I bought a water hose but my faucet has a small diameter so it doesn't fit in. What are the possible solution?

Answer: As an immediate solution you can use an expanding hose or other soft attachment and attach with a cable tie.

Question: Do you have any problems with water/debri/contaminants siphoning back into the water lines?

Answer: I have not had this problem, and it should not occur with normal domestic levels of water pressure.


Mike Hardy from Caseville, Michigan on June 20, 2018:

Good ideas. I have an older faucet in our cottage with no threads. I will have to check out the adapters.

littleangelfire on August 14, 2017:

Than you for this. I went through the process to sign up just so I could comment. We're having our 3rd homebirth/water birth in a couple months and have changed faucets since last time and can't hook a hose using the standard adapter at the hardware store. I'm hoping the third option you showed will work!

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The perfect set for watering your balcony plants
With the textile hose Liano™ 10 m set with a tap connector for indoor taps you can easily bring water to your balcony or terrace. The daily watering of flowers becomes a real pleasure to do and will make working in your garden or on your balcony significantly easier. The set includes the Liano™ as well as the nozzle and the indoor tap connector. Installation by hand takes just a few steps.

The principal focus was on the innovative textile fabric, which offers a variety of benefits. For example, the hose is very robust. This protects it from frost and UV radiation while also enabling the Liano™ to withstand high water pressures of up to 35 bar. An additional exceptional feature is the very light weight of the hose, which makes it easy to handle when moving the Liano™ along the ground or carrying it in your hands. Last, but not least, the textile fabric ensures maximum flexibility.

The hose can be moved easily around corners without getting kinks or becoming tangled. There will also be no traces left on the hose when it is pulled across a patio or comes into contact with thorny bushes. The Liano™ set is compatible with all conventional taps with M 24 x 1 female or M 22 x 1 male threading. The tap connector is an especially useful addition for balcony plants or when filling a paddle pool. Just connect it in the kitchen, for example, and you’ll be able to reach these places easily using the Liano™ and the nozzle, meaning you won’t have to carry a watering can any more.

GARDENA is offering you an unbelievable 30-year manufacturer’s warranty on the Liano™. This speaks to its remarkable quality and durability, which are due to the use of top-quality materials.


  • Light relief
    Bring water onto your balcony or patio with this set, and save yourself the effort of carrying heavy watering cans. Watering is fun again!
  • The complete set to get you started
    The set includes the 10-metre Liano™ textile hose as well as a nozzle sprayer and the indoor tap connector.
  • Bridge the gap
    The tap connector can be simply and quickly connected to a kitchen or bathroom tap. A spanner is also included to ensure that fastening or unscrewing the threaded component is as convenient as possible. The indoor tap connector is compatible with all conventional taps with M 24 x 1 female or M 22 x 1 male threading.
  • Lightweight and flexible
    The GARDENA Liano™ textile hose stands out for its light weight. Its fabric structure makes it extremely flexible. This means that kinks and twists are not possible.
  • Extra durable
    Thanks to its highly durable and innovative exterior fabric, the Liano™ can withstand bursting pressures of up to 35 bar, making the textile hose particularly long-lasting.
  • UV-resistant and frost-proof
    Innovative UV and frost-resistance for a long lifetime.
  • The 30-year warranty ensures high quality
    * For detailed warranty conditions, please refer to the enclosed operating manual or online at This warranty does not affect your legal warranty claims.


  • Article No.: 18427-20;
  • Set: 1 x Balcony Sprayer, 1 x Water Stop, 1 x Hose Connector, 1 x indoor tap connector;
  • Burst Pressure: 35 bar;
  • Hose Length: 10 m;
  • Hose Diameter: 13 mm (1/2");
  • Warranty: 30 years.
In stockPrices
MOQPrice per unit
1 € 44.95


18.50 x 18.50 x 23.50cm1515.00g
Gardena Tap Adapter for Indoor Taps

Universal Kitchen Mixer Tap Garden Hose Pipe Connector Adapter Indoor Outdoor.

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Universal Kitchen Mixer Tap Garden Hose Pipe Connector Adapter Indoor Outdoor.

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