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Perkins Introduces New Range of Economic Turbocharger Options

The turbocharger is an integral part of a Perkins engine. They are precision-engineered to strict regulations with a typical turbocharger manufactured with tolerances as fine as 1/1,000,000 of an inch. Some work at peak loads for long periods of time, operating at speeds of up to 180,000 rpm for hours at a time. 

They are designed to match the lifetime of an engine and go through a rigorous testing process to ensure they can perform in all kinds of strenuous operating conditions. For example, tests are undertaken at a simulated altitude of 4,500 m – nearly the same the height of Mont Blanc - because turbocharger air systems are susceptible to damage at high altitudes.

“If your turbocharger fails, it’s probably not worth trying to repair the part and the easiest solution is to replace it with a new one,” says Helen Hagan, Perkins Aftermarket Product Manager. “Perkins has launched a ‘new for old’ exchange offering for turbochargers – and it’s proving to be very popular. The new unit comes with a full warranty and is an economical and practical way to ensure your turbocharger is always working correctly.” Turbos New For Old (2)

Perkins offers three competitively priced turbocharger options: new, remanufactured and new-for-old. New turbochargers are manufactured to the exact specification as the turbocharger fitted to an original Perkins engine and come with a 12-month warranty.

Remanufactured turbochargers are built from an existing turbocharger core to the original manufacturer’s specifications including any engineering updates. Parts are quality-assured and tested to guarantee they perform at the same level of a new turbocharger. They also come with a 12-month warranty and this option offers a cost saving of around 30 percent compared with the cost of buying a new one.

New-for-old means customers receive a new turbocharger in exchange for their old turbocharger core and this is with a cost of around 80% of the price of a new one. 

A turbocharger is a key part of the engine’s performance and it is vital to replace precision with precision. By selecting a genuine Perkins turbocharger, you are guaranteed maximum performance at a competitive price long into the future.


We have developed replacement engine and further machinery parts for Perkins products i.e. agricultural machines and diesel engines.

Perkins is one of the world’s leading tractor brands, with over 100 years of experience and knowledge in agricultural machinery, and they create engines that match harvesting and farming needs.

A Perkins turbocharger can produce an average of 180,000 RPM (revolutions per minute) and can generate 40% more additional power than a regular engine. It also acts as a critical component in how a Perkins engine performs, as better engine performance and improved power output is guaranteed.

One of the crucial parts in a Perkins turbocharger is the thrust bearing, which is located inside the bearing housing and is used to control axial movement (in and out movement) in the turbine shaft between the compressor wheel and the turbine wheel. Because the turbine and compressor wheels rotate at high speeds, the thrust bearings need to be well lubricated with oil to eliminate friction and prevent wear.

In the table below are further details on the Perkins engine parts and models that are covered by KMP® Brand:

2674A059452089-0003, 727530-0003, 727530-50082674A059-CHRA*2674A059-RK1006.6T
2674A066452089-0003, 452061-5005S267401222674A066-RK1004T
2674A093 2674A093-CHRA*2674A093-RK*1004.40T
2674A200 2674A200-CHRA2674A200-RK1104C-44T,1104C-E44T
2674A209 2674A209-CHRA2674A209-RK1104C-44T
2674A211 2674A211-CHRA*2674A211-RK*1104C-44TA
2674A223 2674A223-CHRA*2674A223-RK*1104C-44TA, 1104C-E44TA
2674A225 2674A225-CHRA*2674A225-RK*1104C-E44TA
2674A324 2674A324-CHRA*2674A324-RK*1006.6T
2674A3912674A326, 727266-0001, 452301-0001, 2202400267401972674A391-RK*1004, 1006
2674A392 2674A392-CHRA*2674A392-RK*1004.40T
2674A393 2674A393-CHRA*2674A393-RK*1004.40T
2674A394 2674A394-CHRA*2674A394-RK*1004.40T
2674A398 2674A398-CHRA*2674A398-RK*1004.40
2674A421754111-5007S2674A421-CHRA2674A421-RK1103A-33T, 1103C-33T
2674A423 2674A423-CHRA2674A423-RK1103A-33T
135756180VB20081135756180-CHRA135756180-RK404D-22T/A, 404C-22T
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Turbochargers boost performance

The whole process involves very high temperatures, requiring the turbocharger to be capable of operating at great loads for long periods. Some turbochargers in Perkins engines will operate at speeds of up to 180,000 revolutions a minute, often for hours at a time. This means that the manufacturing processes have to be extremely good, with bearings and oil systems constantly under pressure.

Precision key to manufacturing

Precision in manufacturing is the key. A typical turbocharger will be manufactured with tolerances as fine as 1/1,000,000 of an inch. That is vital if it is to work to its maximum efficiency and you are to optimise the fuel consumption and the performance of the engine.

Because of the complicated nature of the turbocharger, it if fails, it may not be worth trying to repair individual parts. The simplest option is to replace the faulty turbo with a new one. By buying an original Perkins part, you know that it has been manufactured to fit your specific engine model by the people who built the engine in the first place. Perkins new turbochargers are also complimented by a range of remanufactured parts under the Power Exchange programme.  These parts offer customers a more cost effective solution while carrying the same warranty as the new parts.

Comprehensive warranty

In common with all Perkins parts, all new turbochargers carry a comprehensive 12 month warranty from date of purchase.

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