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4 starsWas told of this album by a friend who heard it on a Polish station so I gave a listen. Interesting music full of rich hamonics (is that the right word), counterpoint, and deep lyrical meaning not found in most prog music. I never heard of the keyboard player before (Ken Walker) but he is excellent. Some tracks are pure prog, other lean to artsy rock, and these is even little ambient pieces to keep things different. Here are some comments on different tracks. Voyage to Castilia has guitar solos that are as good as almost any out there today. I was told Scott McGill was a guest soloist, and he is a great player that hardly anyone knows about outside of his style of music. The keyboard textures set a dreamy mood and pulls you in from the first notes. Childhood Friend is another track that has interesting keyboard lines in the beginning that force you to listen as the songs build to its vocal section. It is beautifully crafted with a wild explosion of chouds near the end before calm sets in and lays the ending. Songs like Child of Dreams and Life Dream have lyrics that make a person just think about their being and future. Vanishing Masses is a very interesting musical piece and the song that follows, Incredible Melting Man, gives the rockers something to like.

Bass playing is not spectacular but solid, drumming the same. The bass player is Chris Parson, and I wonder if he is related to Alan Parsons. The stars here are the guitar soloists and the excellent keyboard work--is there a prog bad without good keyboards? But maybe the songs are the stars too. They are all good. It's a good listen and in my rotation now.

Sours: http://www.progarchives.com/artist.asp?id=10695

Overworld is an alternative metal band hailing from Stockholm, Sweden. Though a young band formed as recently as 2012, the band's members are hardly new to the scene, solely consisting of musicians from now disbanded but previously well-known Swedish underground acts. Playing a brand of music self-titled as "adrenaline rock 'n' roll metal", the band is steadily gaining recognition for their explosive live shows, fresh take on the rock/metal genre(s) and the close relationship with their ever-expanding fanbase.

The band’s debut EP, “Perfect Anomaly”, was released digitally worldwide at May 25th 2012, instantly climbing to the top of iTunes Sweden and charting in at #12 in All Albums and #5 in Rock. This feat is made even more notable by the fact that the EP is entirely self-released, as the band has yet to sign a record deal. A music video for the track “Until We’re Dead” was released at September 22nd, hitting 7,000 views after only a single week on YouTube.

The single "My Reality" saw the light of day at June 1st 2013 along with a music video directed by 11frames. It reached 12,000 views in less than a week on YouTube and charted well in Sweden: #57 on Digilistan and #3 on iTunes Rock. The band also played at Sweden Rock Festival, one of the world's biggest rock/metal festivals, for their most notable show so far.

The single "Final Destination" was released at October 25th 2013 and also managed to chart in at #3 on iTunes Rock, marking the third release in a row that charts in at iTunes top 5.

An album entitled "RE:Anomaly", which compiles all of the band's releases so far on one disc, was made available from the band's webshop starting December 10th 2013.


KAZ – Guitar (2011 – Present) (Kyrielle→Overworld)
ANDIE – Drums (2011 – Present) (SAI→Junction Skies→Overworld)

OLLI - Vocals (2015 - Present)
ANTON - Guitar (2015 - Present)
MATT - Bass Guitar (2017)


Endigo – Vocals (2011 – 2014) (Sounthesia→Still Echo→Overworld→BatAAR)
Nikke – Guitar (2011 – 2015) (SAI→Junction Skies→Overworld)
Lynx - Bass Guitar ( 2012 - 2015) (Fighting Dreamers→Overworld)
Kriss - Bass Guitar (2015 - 2016)

Sours: https://www.last.fm/music/Overworld/+wiki
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Overworld (band)


OriginStockholm, Sweden
GenresAlternative metal
LabelsOne Management (2015)
MembersAndie Overworld
Kaz Overworld
Olli Overworld
Kriss Overworld
Anton Overworld

Overworld is an alternative metal band from Sweden, formed in 2011 in Stockholm.[1] The band is composed of guitarists Nikke and Kaz, bassist Lynx and the drummer Andie. Despite the band being young and newly formed, its members are not new to the scene, having previously played in other Swedish underground acts. They play a type of music self-titled as "adrenaline rock 'n' roll metal".[2][3]

The band's name originates from a drunken conversation between Kaz and Andie about taking over the world, a phrase which was shortened to become "Overworld".[1]

Debut EP (2012)[edit]

The band's debut EP, called "Perfect Anomaly", was released digitally on 25 May 2012 worldwide, rising quickly to the top of the Swedish iTunes, charts at # 12 on every album and # 5 in Rock. This is made even more interesting by the fact that the EP is entirely self-released, as the band has not yet signed a contract with any label.

The Singles (2013)[edit]

On 22 September the music video for the song "Until We're Dead" got 7,000 views in just one week that was released on YouTube.

A single called "My Reality" was released on 1 June 2013, along with its music video, directed by 11frames. Reached 12,000 views on YouTube in less than a week this time, and was ranked # 57 on Digilistan and # 3 on the iTunes Rock.


The band played at the Sweden Rock Festival, one of the biggest festivals in the world of Rock / Metal.


Current members[edit]

  • Kaz – Guitar (2011–present)
  • Andie – Drums (2011–present)
  • Olli – Vocals (2015–present)
  • Anton – Guitar (2015–present)
  • Matt – Bass Guitar (2017)

Past members[edit]

  • Endigo – Vocals (2011–2014)
  • Nikke – Guitar (2011–2015)
  • Lynx – Bass Guitar ( 2012–2015)
  • Kriss – Bass Guitar (2015–2016)


  • Perfect Anomaly (2011)
  • Bring Down The Sky (2014)
  • RE: Anomaly (2014)


Sours: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Overworld_(band)
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