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[Linux academy] Microsoft Azure Fundamentals – AZ-900 Exam Prep

The AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam is designed for candidates looking to demonstrate foundational knowledge of cloud services and how those services are implemented with Microsoft Azure. The exam is intended for those of you who don’t have a technical background but have an interest in the cloud, such as those involved in selling or purchasing cloud-based solutions and services; those you with a technical background who have a need to validate your foundational level knowledge around cloud services; and those of you who are simply interested in exploring the world of cloud-based solutions to determine if it’s the building block you need to change your career.

The AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam can be taken as an optional first step in learning about cloud services and how those concepts are exemplified by Microsoft Azure. It can be taken as a precursor to Microsoft’s Azure or Data and AI certifications. It will validate that you have the foundational knowledge you need as your start on your learning journey to become an Azure Administrator, Developer, Architect, or DevOps Engineer, and it can be used as a starting point for those of you interested in Data and AI job roles.

Find the Interactive Diagram for this course - The Book of Basics - here:


LinuxAcademy - AZ-204: Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure


About the course​

Welcome to this certification course on Microsoft’s AZ-204 – Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure.
This course is designed to prepare you to sit for and pass your exam to prove your skills in using cloud development technologies on the Azure platform. Throughout the course, we’ll take a good look at the technologies you’ll need to know for the exam and help you not only understand what each service does, but also how you can apply the knowledge you gain here in your own environment.
It’s worth saying that this exam can be tough if you’re not familiar with the topic domains.
There are 5 domains in total for the AZ-204 Exam:
  • Developing Azure Compute Solutions
  • Developing for Azure Storage
  • Implementing Azure Security
  • Monitoring, Optimizing, and Troubleshooting Solutions
  • Connecting to and Consuming Azure and Third-Party Services
If you’re unfamiliar with some of these topics, this course will provide you with guidance and help prepare you for the questions you’ll face. However, if you’re just starting out, this will be a challenge for those unexposed to Azure. One to two years experience in working with Azure services such as containers, databases, and/or functions is the general expectation.
Within each domain are a variety of sub-topics that we’ll cover in greater detail throughout the course. We’ll go through each domain, using each previous lesson as part of the foundation for the next topic, making it so that you not only can answer the questions on the exam, but also have a practical knowledge of how these pieces fit together and how you can design solutions to common problems faced in enterprises today.
This is meant to help you critically think about the best solution to common issues in today’s cloud landscape, which will be invaluable when presented with situational questions on the AZ-204 exam and in your career.
We’ll get your hands dirty with hands-on labs to solidify your knowledge in more complex topics, and you can look forward to practice questions throughout the course to ensure you’re ready to move on.
So with all of that being said, it’s time to jump in and start your journey to get the AZ-204.
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A Cloud Guru’s New Cloud Training Integrates Linux Academy Catalog

A Cloud Guru launched its new cloud training platform Thursday with an online upskilling and certification course catalog that’s 300 percent larger thanks to its December acquisition of Linux Academy.

The new offering combines the best of both technology e-learning companies, according to Katie Bullard, president of Austin, Texas-based A Cloud Guru (ACG). The new platform integrates A Cloud Guru’s method of teaching focused on cloud providers Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) with Linux Academy’s hands-on learning approach that includes embedded labs, “cloud playgrounds” and cloud sandboxes, and its wider breadth of courses on technologies including Linux, Kubernetes, containers and security.

“The two products did different things really, really well, and what we heard from students and from businesses was that they often would use both platforms for each of those different strengths,” Bullard said. “What we brought together was this very engaging approach that made everything super consumable and very simple—whether you were a beginner or an advanced student—from the ACG approach, with this very deep technical, hands-on learning approach from Linux Academy. That‘s a real differentiator for this new combined platform.”

Those taking any of the combined company’s approximately 300 online courses—which include the major cloud certification courses—now will have access to 1,500 hands-on labs conducted in real-world cloud environments, and users taking AWS, Microsoft Azure and GCP courses have access to the cloud playgrounds and sandboxes.

“Whether you‘re an individual student or whether you’re a business, you want to assess where your gaps are in your skills,” Bullard said. “You want to be able to then create a learning path or a learning journey that’s going to help you progress and fill those gaps. And then you want to use all of those skills to innovate. And that’s where the cloud playgrounds really come into play. You have these real-world, multi-cloud sandbox environments, no risk of cost overruns, and you can go in and play and innovate.”

The updated ACG for Business platform has enterprise features including programmatic learning paths with specialized training curriculum based on desired outcomes and career tracks; certification accelerators; cloud playgrounds in real-world, multi-cloud sandbox environments and servers; and multi-specialty assessments to identify skills gaps.

A Cloud Guru said it’s continuing to support its Linux Academy solution for existing Linux Academy customers until it migrates them to the new ACG platform over the next year. Any new customers will use the newly launched ACG platform.

ACG Growth

Founded by brothers Sam and Ryan Kroonenburg, ACG got its start in 2015 by offering just one cloud certification course for individual users. It now has more than 400 employees and just eclipsed $80 million in annual recurring revenue, according to Bullard. Sam Kroonenburg leads the company as CEO.

Bain Capital Tech Opportunities—Boston-based Bain Capital’s new fund focused on midmarket technology deals—led what was termed a “significant” investment to help fund ACG’s acquisition of Linux Academy for undisclosed terms. Existing ACG investors Elephant, Summit Partners and AirTree Ventures also participated.

“We now have more than 2 million people who, individually, have learned the cloud through ACG, but we also have more than 4,000 businesses that have also learned to use those technologies—from big brands like Accenture, Capital One, Thomson Reuters down to small businesses, schools and universities and public sector orgs,” Bullard said.

The company’s growth speaks to the growing adoption of the cloud and fast growth of the cloud services market. ACG saw a nearly 400 percent increase in business between March 2019 and March 2020. It’s seen an approximately 30 percent increase in its user base since the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic took hold.

That increase is being driven by two factors, according to Bullard.

“All learning is being done remotely and online right now, and whether you‘re in a business or you’re an individual learner, you’re looking to skill up … so the online learning need has accelerated,” she said. “And then businesses are really speeding up their timelines for moving to the cloud and upskilling their workforces as well. Clearly cloud adoption was already on the upswing, but what we’ve found is that this has just accelerated the need for businesses to get there even faster to retain that competitive edge.”

Microsoft Azure Course Surge

ACG is seeing rapidly increasing content consumption across the three major cloud computing providers, but there’s been a marked surge in demand for Microsoft Azure courses.

“For our user base, specifically, Azure is seeing the biggest increase,” Bullard said.

Through 2019, ACG’s Azure content consumption was growing about twice as fast as that for AWS and GCP.

And in the first quarter of this year, ACG saw a 48 percent increase in the number of Azure course minutes logged by individuals and businesses—for a total of 2.3 million minutes—compared with the fourth quarter. The Linux Academy saw a 32 percent increase to 4.59 million minutes.

AWS minutes increased 8 percent to 29.55 million on ACG and 7 percent to 21.6 million on Linux Academy from the fourth to first quarter, while GCP minutes jumped 11 percent to 1.19 million on ACG and declined 1 percent to 3.69 million on Linux Academy.

AZ-900 - Microsoft Azure Virtual Training Day Fundamentals - Part 1 [CC]

Cloud services have redefined the IT world. The major players in IaaS (infrastructure as a service) have emerged as Amazon, Microsoft, and Google.

These three cloud services share many features, but each one also possesses it’s own strengths. Our course will cover the basic concepts necessary to learn to have a frame of reference to build your knowledge of Azure.

In this course, we cover the basics of cloud services, the core components of the Azure flavor of cloud, and a few basic examples of how companies are using Azure today.

By the end of the course, you will be able to name the core services offered by Azure, explain why companies commonly choose to use cloud services, and why companies specifically decide to use Azure.

If you find you don’t quite understand something, that’s okay. These skills take years to build. For now, you only need to be familar with the sound of these new words and their basic concepts.

Congratulations on starting down a new path. These cloud services form the backbone of the way our information-dependent world works. Even with only a passing interest in this topic, the knowledge gained here will be valuable. It will grant insight into how much goes into giving users information on-demand.


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