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Ruvati sinks are high quality kitchen sinks that are made for any style kitchen at a reasonable price. This company does a wonderful job at creating fixtures that look great and are durable at the same time. Their sinks are built to hold up to heavy use while making as little impact as possible on the environment.

This review focuses on everything you need to know about the Ruvati sink brand if you are considering installing one of their sinks in your home. Keep reading this review for more information on Ruvati sinks and to find out if they are right for you.

My Favorite Ruvati Sinks

History of the Brand

Ruvati was created in 2009 by founders who saw a need for unique, high-quality products that came with a reasonable price tag.

With experience in the real estate development and home improvement retail markets, Ruvati’s founders knew the market was saturated with kitchen and bath fixtures that were either too expensive or too low quality.

In a market that seemed to cater to home builders and renovators who only wanted to make a profit, the founders took it upon themselves to cater to custom homeowners and builders.

For the homeowners and builders who wanted fixtures of a high quality like the ones in expensive showrooms but at a price that was much more cost effective for their budgets, Ruvati became exactly what they needed.

Ruvati’s headquarters are located in Austin, Texas, the perfect location to design and develop their stainless steel sinks and faucets as Austin has a booming real estate market that is full of custom homes and the expertise to develop exactly what homeowners are looking for.

Ruvati has roots in Italian design and strives to produce the same beauty and quality that Italian products are known for. They offer a wide range of products made from the highest gauge stainless steel available that are still beautiful and unique to homeowners who want to create custom rooms.

While Ruvati’s products come in a variety of styles for any kitchen and bath, every product they create meets their minimum standard of sophistication, elegance, and luxury.

Ruvati Sinks

Ruvati offers a wide variety of bathroom and kitchen sinks that fit a wide variety of styles and rooms.

They have sinks made out materials including granite, fireclay, and stainless steel. Their stainless sinks are made out of high quality steel, T-304 stainless steel, and come in either 16 or 18 gauge.

Not to mention, all materials come in different shapes and sizes, like double or single bowl sinks, colors, and finishes so everyone can find something that fits their kitchen.

Besides their large line of kitchen sinks, Ruvati also offers bathroom faucets, laundry sinks, and accessories to fit every kind of sink they offer. They even offer a kitchen sink and faucet as a set so you don’t have to mix and match.

You can also buy a variety of accessories for your kitchen sink including spare parts, a cutting board, a drain, a basket, and more to make your kitchen a luxurious place to work and live.

Ruvati is dedicated to creating kitchen sinks that are as beautiful as they are practical, but they are also equally dedicated to helping the environment. Water conservation is a huge part of the design of all Ruvati sinks.

Besides water conservation, this company does a lot to minimize the ecological impact they have on the environment by creating and using sustainable business practices and are always looking for new materials and processes to further this cause.

Ruvati sinks are also eco-friendly as they are made out of T-304 stainless steel which is 100% recyclable and withstand many years of use.

And, unlike other stainless sinks that are made out of 60% recycled steel, Ruvati’s stainless steel sinks are made out of 80% recycled steel. Many people consider these to be some of the best kitchen sinks available.

The Best Ruvati Sinks

Ruvati offers a wide variety of sinks, but some stand out among others in popularity.

According to reviews, some of their most popular sink models include:

  • 32-inch kitchen workstation ledge
  • 33-inch tight radius large kitchen sink
  • 33-inch low divide tight radius 60/40 double bowl sink
  • 32-inch low divide 50/50 double bowl stainless steel kitchen sink

However, all of their models are easy to clean, are made with high quality materials, and look sophisticated.

Almost every review sings praises for their durability. Anyone who installs one of these sinks in their home has nothing but love for the brand.

Finishes and Colors

While Ruvati makes many different sinks and accessories, they are mostly known for their stainless steel kitchen sinks. Made from T-304 grade steel, all of their sinks have a brushed satin finish that compliments any kitchen.

Besides their sinks made from stainless steel, they also offer them in granite and fireclay.

The granite and fireclay sinks can be found in varying natural shades from white and black to shades of brown. However, they also offer some of these sinks in brighter colors, such as catalina blue and margarita lime.

Types and Styles

You can buy a kitchen sink in almost any shape and size through Ruvati. They offer a wide variety of options, including double and single bowl, farmhouse, undermount, workstation – so that you can find just the right sized sink to fit your kitchen counters.

Categorized into 7different styles:

  • Gravena
  • Nesta,
  • Parma
  • Roma
  • Tirana
  • Varna
  • Verona

They make a sink for everyone.

Each one varies in width, length, bowl depth, and the division size between bowls so that there is guaranteed to be a sink you will love.


Ruvati also offers a wide range of accessories to go along with their sinks.

For starters, they offer components that allow you to install a garbage disposal with their sinks through parts attached at the drain.

Besides that, they also sell accessories that turn any style sink into a workstation and help you save space. Things like a cutting board attachment and a basket that allows you to drain your dishes both fit right over the top of the sink.

Value and Price

The nature of the Ruvati brand is providing great value at an affordable price and these sinks do just that.

You can buy a kitchen sink that is made with high quality materials and withstands day to day wear and tear while still looking good and being easy on your wallet.

Not to mention, all Ruvati sinks come with a limited lifetime warranty that prove your sink was designed to last a lifetime.

Is a Ruvati Sink For You?

If you are looking for a fantastic kitchen sink at a decent price, then Ruvati is a brand to seriously consider.

Countless Ruvati reviews prove that this brand makes a kitchen sink for virtually everyone. From their wide variety of styles and clean designs to their high quality materials and proven craftsmanship, a Ruvati kitchen sink makes a great addition to any kitchen.

Not to mention, they offer accessories made specifically for a Ruvati kitchen sink that could change the way you work in the kitchen fr the better.

The most useful accessory they offer may be the basket that allows you to drain your dishes over the sink instead of taking up more counter space.

A lot of people have trusted Ruvati when they bought their kitchen sink. Will you after reading this review?

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Faucet and sink manufacturer Ruvati has expanded its kitchen workstations with new options, including a dual-tier ledge sink and other accessories.

“Ruvati uses an ingenious two-track system with sliding accessories to greatly expand the range of activities performed at the traditional kitchen sink,” the company says. “A versatile mix-prep station allows cooks to prepare and organize an entire dinner party—all in the space of the sink.”

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Ruvati Dual Tier Workstation Ledge Sink Lifestyle Couple

In recent years, workstations have been become an increasingly popular choice in luxury kitchens. A product that came out of the restaurant world, a workstation is typically an area of the kitchen that is dedicated to food preparation, such as chopping onions, peeling rhubarb, or dicing onion. It’s essential in the restaurant kitchen for organizing the chaos that comes with the territory.

These days, the workstation has moved from the commercial realm and has infiltrated the home kitchen. Also known as a ledge sink by some suppliers, the workstation is no mere sink and it's not a mobile kitchen island either. In fact, workstation offer many benefits. They are functional and maximize efficiency while minimizing movement. Online retailer Direct Sinks says the ledge sinks have become so popular that they have their own category on the site.

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Ruvati Dual Tier Workstation Ledge Sink angle

Ruvati’s new two-tiered Workstation is an undermount single-bowl design that comes in three sizes: 33 inches, 45 inches, and 57 inches wide. It is crafted from premium 16 gauge stainless steel that will never rust or stain, and features a commercial grade brushed finish that is highly scratch-resistant, the company says. The sinks are engineered with a 1-inch slope on the basin floor for efficient water drainage and a reversible option for left- or right-side drain installation. The sink is built with heavy-duty sound guard padding and undercoating on all exterior sides to provide effective sound and thermal insulation.

The system features a solid wood platform that spans the generously sized basin. It holds a five quart stainless steel mixing bowl with non-slip silicone bottom. A matching colander and lid with grater/slicer attachments can be used with the mixing bowl to mix, grate, slice, and strain.

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Measuring 17 inches by 16 inches, the board is flat on one side but converts into a tray with raised edges when flipped. Other accessories that come with the Workstation are two stainless steel colanders for draining pasta or rinsing fresh produce, as well as a folding drying rack that rolls away when not in use and fits across the sink for air-drying pots and pans.

“This extraordinary design is a smart choice for large kitchens with multiple chefs or smaller kitchens where counterspace is scare,” Ruvati says. “Its sleek good looks compliment any décor and help make the kitchen an appealing space for family and friends to gather and prepare meals together.”


Ruvati Dual Tier Workstation Ledge Sink Lifestyle Couple 2

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Ruvati 31-inch Undermount Kitchen Sink 50/50 Double Bowl 16 Gaug

$181 Ruvati 31-inch Undermount Kitchen Sink 50/50 Double Bowl 16 Gaug Tools Home Improvement Kitchen Bath Fixtures Kitchen Fixtures Ruvati 31-inch Undermount Kitchen Cheap super special price Sink 16 Bowl Gaug Double 50 Tools Home Improvement , Kitchen Bath Fixtures , Kitchen Fixtures,Double,16,Ruvati,Bowl,Undermount,,Gaug,31-inch,50/50,/janua958177.html,Kitchen,Sink,$181 Tools Home Improvement , Kitchen Bath Fixtures , Kitchen Fixtures,Double,16,Ruvati,Bowl,Undermount,,Gaug,31-inch,50/50,/janua958177.html,Kitchen,Sink,$181 Ruvati 31-inch Undermount Kitchen Cheap super special price Sink 16 Bowl Gaug Double 50 $181 Ruvati 31-inch Undermount Kitchen Sink 50/50 Double Bowl 16 Gaug Tools Home Improvement Kitchen Bath Fixtures Kitchen Fixtures

Ruvati 31-inch Undermount Kitchen Cheap super It is very popular special price Sink 16 Bowl Gaug Double 50


Ruvati 31-inch Undermount Kitchen Sink 50/50 Double Bowl 16 Gaug

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • 16-GAUGE THICK STAINLESS STEEL: Ruvati kitchen sinks are made with premium T-304 stainless steel. They are 37% thicker than most standard kitchen sinks and are built to last.
  • COMMERCIAL-GRADE BRUSHED FINISH: This prep sink is made with a long-lasting brushed steel finish. Unlike sinks with a satin finish, our sinks hide scratches and match well with your stainless steel kitchen appliances.
  • Curved inside corners and sloped bottom ensures perfect water drainage and makes it easy to clean.
  • Exterior dimensions: 31" (wide) x 18" (front-to-back) | Interior dimensions: 14" x 16" (left) x 14" x 16" (right)| Bowl Depth: 9" | Minimum Base Cabinet Size: 33" | Standard 3.5" drain opening will fit any garbage disposal unit.
  • INCLUDED in box: Sink, Bottom Rinse Grid, Basket Strainer Drain Assembly, Decorative Drain Cover, Cutout Template, Mounting Clips and Installation Guide | Limited Lifetime Warranty - Ruvati USA

Product Description

Ruvati 31-inch Undermount Kitchen Sink 50/50 Double Bowl 16 Gaug

September, 2021

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2020 Impact Factor: 9.941Submission > Acceptance: 52 days

September, 2021

No. 106 (9)




October 2, 2019

Ruvati announces an expansion of its Gravena Series of kitchen sinks to include new size options designed to fit the needs of today’s busy home chefs. With additional sizes to fit different spaces, Gravena sinks allow designers to choose from a generous 33-in. model to handle the largest pots and stacks of dishes, as well as a compact 13-in. unit that is perfect for entertaining and sized to fit wet bars, game rooms, outdoor kitchens and more.

The Gravena Series includes several standard features, such as a decorative stainless-steel cover that conceals the drain while allowing wastewater to flow through freely. Also included are a deep basket strainer that traps waste for easy removal and a bottom-rinse grid that protects the sink from scratches and acts as a handy drying rack.

Gravena sinks are crafted from 16-gauge, premium 304 stainless steel for durability and long-lasting beauty. The sink’s undermount installation and gently curved inside corners and edges add a sleek modern vibe and allow for easy cleaning. Smart engineering uses a slanted bottom and drain grooves to channel water towards the drain, which is placed towards the rear for efficient water flow and a more hygienic kitchen. Gravena sinks are constructed with heavy-duty sound guard padding and NoiseDefend under-coating to provide effective noise baffling and thermal insulation.


Sinks ruvati

Ruvati Faucets Review & Rating Updated: 08/30/20


Ruvati Logo


China Flag


Ruvati USA, Inc.
2712 Meister Pl.
Round Rock, TX 7866


As of the date of this report, Ruvati has stopped selling faucets.

There will be no further updates to this report unless and until the company begins selling sink faucets once again.

This Company In Brief

Ruvati USA, Inc. is a Texas corporation that imports sinks and accessories from China for sale in North America. Prior to the early summer of 2020, one of the sink accessories it imported and sold was faucets. It no longer does so.

Ruvati was never, as its literature claimed, a manufacturer of faucets, nor are Ruvati faucets custom designs created by or for Ruvati. They were faucets manufactured by two factories in China.

The company stopped selling faucets in 2020 at which time it also revamped its website to eliminate all mention of faucets.

Ruvati USA, Inc. is a Texas corporation owned by Ashraf Hossain. Mr. Hossain also owns Vantage Ideas Properties, Inc. which manages commercial buildings. He was formerly associated with two other Texas companies, now defunct: Henry Home Improvement, Inc. and X3 Security, LLC.

Ruvati was formed in 2009 as a Texas corporation. The Ruvati trademark was filed for in November 2011 and approved by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in early 2012.

The company has come a long way in a short time, having achieved considerable consumer notice, primarily due to its relatively low prices and expansive presence on the internet.

Ruvati claimed to be "a manufacturer of premium sinks and faucets. In fact, it is not.

Ruvati does not manufacture anything. It imports sinks and coordinating accessories from manufacturers in China that it distributes out of an office/warehouse center in Round Rock, Texas, just northeast of Austin on I-35. It does not now, nor has it ever owned a factory or an assembly plant.

The actual manufacturers of its main product, stainless steel kitchen sinks, include

Dongyuan Kitchen Utensil Co. supplies several North American sink importers including

Like most Chinese manufacturers of stainless steel sinks, Ruvati's suppliers were affected by an anti-dumping penalty imposed in 2012 by the International Trade Commission in response to a complaint by Elkay. The Commission found that Chinese stainless sink manufacturers had, in fact, been selling certain types of stainless sinks at below their fair market value due to substantial subsidies on steel by the Chinese government, a forbidden practice known as "dumping". As a result, the price of Chinese-made stainless sinks has gone up by as much as 185%.

We don't think the company's stainless sinks are much of a bargain any longer but we have no concerns about the quality of the products. Nor does Ruvati, which backs its sinks with a limited lifetime warranty. Since there is almost nothing that can go wrong with a sink made of 304 stainless, the warranty is not actually much of a risk.

Known manufacturers of Ruvati faucets were:

Both are Chinese companies. Holatz also trades as the Guang­dong Cal­ise Sani­tary Ware In­dus­try Co., Ltd.. It is a part of the Weiqiang Group of manufacturers. It sells its own Calise brand internationally. Ho­latz also aupplies faucets to

Heshan WoTai Sanitary Ware is a relative newcomer to the industry. Ruvati appeared to be its only North American customer. It manufactures and sells faucets in China under the WoTai trade name.

The company advised us in 2018 that it would stop selling faucets, but it continued importing and selling the product through 2019 and into the early part of 2020. It did not remove faucets from its website until early summer. As of the date of this report, we can no longer find Ruvati faucets for sale at its usual retail outlets.

Ruvati once claimed that its faucets were

"....designed down to the smallest detail. Every curve is excruciatingly molded, every subtle aspect is agonized over, every part is researched and rebuilt till it's perfect".

And, all of this could be true. It's just not done by Ruvati.

With one exception, the RF1226 Turino kitchen faucet, Ruvati faucets are not designed by Ruvati. They are designed by the Chinese companies that manufacture them and are straight out of the of these companies.

Standard Chinese faucets use metric fittings and brass that may contain considerably more lead than is permitted in North America. They need to be modified for the U.S./Canadian market to accommodate our quaint system of non-metric fittings and to ensure that they are lead-free to North American Standards. But, this is engineering, not design. The style of the faucet is not affected by these modifications.

There was also some indication that Ruvati faucets may have had different handles and spray heads than those that are shown on the manufacturer's catalog faucets. But, again, this sort of minor tinkering with a faucet is not "designing" as the term is understood in the industry.

Ruvati's website is very well organized, with clear, crisp pages, and intuitive navigation. It was totally revamped in 2020 to eliminate any trace of its faucets from the site.

Before the change, however, it was refreshingly forthcoming about the features of individual faucets, including identifying the cartridge valve used in each faucet — a practice we wish every faucet seller would adopt. Installation instructions, downloadable as .pdf files, were crystal clear. Our plumbers had no problem installing our test faucets. Detailed specifications, often presented on other faucet company sites as .pdf documents, are presented right on the web page for each faucet, a much more convenient location for the viewer.

The Ruvati faucets we examined were found to be good-quality stainless and brass faucets. Faucets include ceramic cartridges from from Kerox Kft, a Hungarian manufacturer and Sedal S.L.U. Sedal is chartered in Spain but manufactures in China at two facilities, one in Jiang­men and the other in Kaiping.

The Kerox cartridge is considered among the best made. Other faucet brands known to use this cartridge include

The Sedal cartridge is popular among Chinese faucet companies that manufacture for European and North American markets. It is not considered one of the best of the world's ceramic cartridges, but it is a solid performer. We judge it to be an adequate cartridge that should give leak-free service for many years. But, if it should require replacement, it is widely available from third-party replacement parts suppliers.

The faucets were available in just four finishes: brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, polished chrome, and stainless steel. Not every faucet was available in all four finishes. There was no option for any special finishes.

For more information on the types of fau^shy;cet finishes and their advantages and drawbacks, see Faucet Finishes.

Ruvati boldly displayed an emblem trumpeting its "Limited Lifetime Warranty" on its website. But, the lifetime warranty applied only to sinks. Faucets and accessories were backed by a 1-year limited warranty.

For more on understanding and interpreting fau^shy;cet warranties, see Understanding Faucet Warranties.

Our initial experience with Ruvati customer service was that it was responsive and helpful. However, it has declined over the years. All of our recent calls to Ruvati were answered by automated voice mail and while Ruvati will eventually return calls, it can take several days. The Better Business Bureau rates the company an A on a scale of A+ to F based on its handling of complaints since the business was accredited by the BBB in December 2013 — down from A+ at our last update in 2018.

Ruvati is a marketeer and marketers usually do not have an organized replacement parts program that includes an in-depth inventory of spare parts for current and discontinued fau­cets. The typical ad hoc solution to the spare parts problem is to scavenge parts from other fau­cets still on the shelf as needed, but if the faucet is no longer in inventory, there may no parts available.

At one time Ruvati faucets were certified as complying with North American safety, reliability, and lead-free standards, but the certifications were allowed to expire some years ago and were not been renewed.

Chinese faucets similar to Ruvati include the following.

We will not update our report on this company unless it once again begins selling sink faucets. But, if you have experience with Ruvati faucets, good, bad, or indifferent, we would like to hear about it, so please contact us or post a comment below.


About the Company: Ruvati

Ruvati, as a brand, believes in delivering kitchen and bath products that are perfect. . Each and every product is envisioned to be of highest industry standards both in function and form. The brand employs precise and intuitive manufacturing processes so as to address future long-term needs. Ruvati sinks and faucets are handcrafted and made of premium grade 16 gauge stainless steel. The steel used for sinks comes with an additional sound guard coating for noise reduction. Faucets, made of solid brass and consisting ceramic sedal disc cartridges, ensure a leak-proof usage for a lifetime.

Ruvati fixtures are high in quality and have been crafted with the quintessential Italian touch. The cutting-edge gleaming little masterpieces speak for themselves and are sure to enhance a kitchen or bathroom's aesthetic appeal. At Blue Bath, the brand offers unique and superior-quality fittings that breathe life into the surroundings and inspire a love for finer things.

Products offered at Blue Bath

The company showcases its finest sinks, faucets, cutting boards and accessories for the kitchen and bathroom at Blue Bath.

Ruvati Warranty

Ruvati sinks and faucets carry a limited lifetime warranty for residential use.
Should a customer experience any defects in materials or workmanship within the warranty period, Ruvati will repair or replace the defective product, subject to the following conditions:
Any claim made under this warranty must include a copy of a valid proof of purchase showing the date and place of purchase.

The company's obligation under this warranty is to the original purchaser only, and may not be transferred.

Product replacement does not include shipping costs or labor installation costs.

This warranty applies to residential installations only.

Ruvati reserves the right to examine the product in question and its installation prior to replacement.
If an identical replacement product is not available, Ruvati reserves the right to replace the defective product with a similar product.

NOTE: Accessories such as rinse grids, cutting boards, strainers are not covered by this warranty.

This warranty relates to defects in manufacture, materials or workmanship in a Ruvati sink or faucet supplied for installation at domestic premises in the United States. It does not extend to:
Damage resulting from failure to maintain the product in accordance with the Care and Maintenance instructions provided with the product.
Normal wear and tear, scratches or accidental damage.
Faults arising from improper use and/or installation.
Defects in accessories, strainers and rinse grids.

All incidental or consequential damages are specifically excluded. No additional warranties, express or implied are given, including but not limited to, any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.
Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages or limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you.
This warranty gives a customer specific legal rights, and customer may also have other rights which vary from state to state.


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Ruvati Terraza farmhouse sinks

Ruvati injects color into the grey world of stainless steel with their new Terraza Collection of modern farmhouse kitchen sinks. Metallic tones are one of today’s hottest design trends, and the unique colors offered by Ruvati are exactly on point, the company says. Choose from a Brass Tone Matte Gold finish, a Copper Tone Matte Bronze or a Matte Black Gunmetal. All three options bring an unexpected pop of color to the kitchen and ensure that this high-traffic area is a high-impact design space, the company notes.

Using a nano-PVD finish, the stainless-steel sink is overlaid with a colored, durable finish. Its matte texture resists fingerprints and stains. The Terraza Collection allows homeowners to coordinate their sink color with their fixtures, cabinetry hardware or colored stainless-steel appliances for a truly cohesive look, the company adds.

Each sink is crafted of 16-gauge T-304 grade stainless steel that will never rust or tarnish, it notes. The sinks are available in three sizes – 30", 33" and 36” – and include a matching color strainer or garbage disposal flange. Terraza sinks are constructed with heavy-duty SoundGuard undercoating and thick rubber NoiseDefend padding to muffle the sounds of dishwashing and other culinary tasks. As with all Ruvati sinks, the Terraza Collection is backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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