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Best 32-inch smart TV: small screens for any budget

It's easy to think size is everything, but the best 32-inch TVs take advantage of the smaller scale in ways you might not have considered. Many of us already have some of the best 4K TVs in our homes (and some lucky few among you might even have a cutting-edge 8K telly), but there's plenty of reasons to own a 32-inch TV as a secondary screen.

A smaller TV might sound like a bit of a step down from larger models like the best 55-inch TVs, but the compact size can actually work in a 32-inch screen’s favor. They make a great addition to the kitchen to keep you occupied while cooking, for example, and are the perfect size for a child's bedroom. 

Then you've also got the benefits of smart TV functionality. Having streaming apps like Netflix, Disney Plus and more at the touch of a button means that entertainment has never been more accessible.

Sure, you’ll miss out on glorious4K resolution with these smaller displays (keep in mind that 4K becomes standard with40-inch TVs and above). You also won’t be getting eye-catching tech like OLED or QLED panels. But the best 32-inch smart TVs aren’t slouches, either, and you might be surprised at how adeptly they can realise HD or Full HD resolution.

With the best 32-inch smart TVs, you’re still getting 720p or 1080p resolution, and some may even have HDR (high dynamic range), a contrast-enhancing feature that’s every bit as impressive as 4K. This makes 32-inch TVs an excellent choice for gaming on the HD-centric Nintendo Switch, too, as many of its titles are best suited to a 1080p display.

A decent investment in one of the best 32-inch smart TVs might even be a better choice than cheaper Ultra HD TVs, which can have a hard time effectively upscaling HD content. For that, you may want to look at 55-inch and 65-inch TVs if you don’t already own one.

We’ve done our best to have reviews available for many of the best 32-inch smart TVs featured in this list. But in the cases where there isn’t a review, our expertise allows us to spot a great TV when we see one, and we’re confident that you’ll be able to find a compact display that’s right for you.

Best small TV

Best small TV: Samsung The Frame

The most stylish small TV out there


Screen size: 32-inch

Resolution: 1920 x 1080

Panel type: LCD

Smart TV: Tizen

Dimensions: 728.9 x 419.4 x 24.7mm

Reasons to buy

+Beautifully made+Customizable bezels

Reasons to avoid

-Expensive-Low brightness

You might be surprised to see a designer television in this small TV guide, but this art-minded new Samsung TV is a shoe-in – at least, after it introduced a new 32-inch TV size for the 2020 model, bringing QLED picture quality to its smallest size ever.

The Frame's main feature is to blend in with your decor, with an Art Mode that displays classic artworks and an Ambient Mode for moody screensavers. Customizable bezels mean you'll be able to fully control the appearance and color of your set, too, whether you're wall-mounting among some real picture frames or placing it on a bedroom shelf for some late-night watching.

The Frame is more expensive than most on this list, but if you're after the finest 32-inch TV / home furnishing, this is going to be it.

There is a new Samsung The Frame TV releasing in 2021, with an even slimmer casing and more options for customization, retailing for approximately the same price too – but it doesn't currently have a 32-inch size, meaning the 2020 model is your best bet for now.

Read our full review: Samsung The Frame (2020)

Best small TV UK

Toshiba WK3C Alexa TV (UK)

A Full HD TV with hands-free Alexa control


Screen size: 32-inch

Resolution: HD (720p)

Panel technology: LED-LCD

Smart TV: Toshiba Smart Portal

Dimensions: 439 x 732 x 78 mm

Reasons to buy

+Surprisingly good images+Built-in Alexa

Reasons to avoid

-Only HD-Alexa’s voice is a bit hoarse

The Toshiba WK3C Alexa TV is here to combine straightforward TV viewing and voice assistant functionality in one very affordable package, making it one of the best 32-inch TVs out there.

The built-in (and hands-free) Alexa support certainly covers what you’d get from an Echo speaker, or hope for from a smart TV. We had no trouble using the Amazon voice assistant to summon apps, look for content, or power the television on and off – though it’s an always-on affair, without the easy mute functions of an Amazon Echo smart speaker.

The picture is surprisingly good, too, given the price and limitations of this HD resolution set. The processor handles HD sources, or those downscaled from 4K, very well. There’s a trace of motion judder that occurs across moving backgrounds, pictures far better in the foreground in general, but it’s a small issue that’s not overly noticeable on such a small TV. Freeview Play support is a great addition for UK viewers too.

All in all, the Toshiba WK3C is something of a steal for those who don’t need a higher-resolution screen. Just keep in mind that you're only getting HD (720p) resolution on both the 24-inch and 32-inch sizing options.

Read our full review: Toshiba WK3C Alexa TV

Cello Smart Android TV (UK)

A cheap HD TV worth buying


Screen size: 24-inch, 32-inch, 40-inch, 43-inch, 50-inch

Resolution: 1920 x 1080

Panel type: LED

Smart TV: Android TV

Dimensions: 730 x 183 x 483mm

Reasons to buy

+Decent picture+Android TV

Reasons to avoid

-Limited viewing angles-Feeble sound

Cello may be a humble British TV brand, but it knows how to cater to those on a tight budget. The Cello Smart Android TV starts at just £179 for a 24-inch size, and comes in at £199 for a 32-inch TV size.

For that price you're getting Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution, and surprisingly comprehensive smart TV features. The Cello Netgem smart TV that used to be in this guide made do with a very basic operating system – without even Netflix support – and the move to Android for this year's range can only be an improvement. 

Sure, there are better interfaces than Android for higher-end sets, but it's highly unusual at this price, packing in Chromecast, Google Assistant support, and most popular TV streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Rakuten. You even Freeview Play – for the UK's terrestrial broadcaster catch-up services.

Picture performance is decent for the price, too, with consistently lit pictures and generally smooth motion from HD/SDR sources.

Read our full review: Cello Smart Android TV

Sony KDL32WE613 (UK)

HDR in a 32-inch TV


Screen size: 32-inch

Resolution: 1366 x 768

Panel type: LCD

Smart TV: Cloud TV

Dimensions: 490 x 731 x 187mm

Reasons to buy

+Has HDR+Recording over USB

Reasons to avoid

-Only 720p

The Sony KDL32WE613 is proof a 32-inch TV doesn't have to miss out on newer tech. It supports HDR, usually only seen in much larger, more expensive TVs. 

HDR isn't equal across sets as it relies on a screen's contrast and brightness, but it will let you squeeze more out of a top-end Netflix or Amazon Video subscription, or your favorite console games. The TV also offers recording over USB, Wi-Fi and access to BBC iPlayer, YouTube and a fistful of other apps. 

The stinger is this 32-inch TV set is only 720p, not Full HD. If you're going to watch close-up, the benefits of higher resolution may outweigh HDR. 

Sony TV 2021: every new screen this year

Best small TV USA

Vizio D-Series (US)

Apps and full array backlighting both add to a brilliant small TV


Screen size: 32-inch

Resolution: 1920 x 1080

Panel type: LED

Smart TV: SmartCast

Dimensions: 20 x 31.1 x 5.2 inches

Reasons to buy

+1080p resolution+Full array backlighting

Reasons to avoid

-Remote isn't great -Sound quality isn't top class

VIZIO pretty much rules the roost when it comes to high-quality value TVs in the United States, with the Vizio D-Series emerging as one of the best small TVs out there.

While the name might not exactly jump out at you, VIZIO's small screen has a lot going for it – including a full 1080p resolution and an app tray full of the most popular streaming services (including Netflix, YouTube and Hulu) on the SmartCast platform, which is also used on Vizio's high-end sets and H1 OLED.

You're getting a basic pair of 5W speakers, so it might be worth plugging in some external audio hardware, but you're getting a good feature list for such a small TV and small price – including two HDMI ports, one USB port, ARC support, and a 60Hz refresh rate (rather than the 50Hz of some other sets at this size).

This is another untested model, but if you're looking for something smart, small and affordable at a 32-inch size, VIZIO's small screen offers a lot for the price.

Vizio TV 2021: every new screen this year

Sours: https://www.techradar.com/news/television/tv/10-best-32-inch-tvs-in-the-world-today-655660


C325W-1920R Overview
Curved Monitor

The curved display delivers a revolutionary visual experience with a leading 1800R screen curvature as the images appear to wrap around you for an in depth,  immersive experience.


With sharper contrasts of light and darks, LED display delivers a vast array of rich colors, ensuring that moving images have never been so pleasing to the eyes.

75Hz Refresh Rate

With 75Hz refresh rate, images change faster and smoother than the standard, reducing screen tearing

Fast Response Time

Fast response times reduce ghosting & blurring while transitioning pixels, always keeping the enemy & terrain precisely in focus during chaotic moments.

Multiple Ports

The DisplayPort, HDMI, and VGA ports accelerate refresh rate up to 75Hz, providing the visual edge you need to defeat the competition during all of your gaming exploits.

Built-in Speakers

With built-in speakers, the monitor delivers office level audio for conference calls and internet workshops.  Similarly, enjoy engaging audio while listening to your favorite tunes.

Blue Light Shift

Blue Light Shift reduces blue light, allowing you to comfortably work, watch, or play applications without straining your eyes.

Security Lock

The monitor has a security slot, allowing you to securely fasten your monitor in place, effectively preventing theft. *Security Lock not included.

Tiltable Display

A display that tilts 15° backward and 5° forward allows you to find a sweet spot that bridges clarity and comfort.

VESA Wall Mountable

The VESA wall mount pattern gives you the freedom to select the optimum viewing position for your monitor, eliminate cable clutter, and save valuable space for your gaming and work station.

Customer Service

Our customer service representatives are, and have always been, based in the USA, guaranteeing that our customers’ needs are met as efficiently as possible.

30+ Years of Experience

Founded in City of Industry, CA over 30 years ago, Sceptre Inc. made a promise to create & deliver superior products for remarkably affordable prices, a rare tradition that continues today.


  • 1920 x 1080 Full HD Resolution
  • Up to 75Hz Refresh Rate
  • Fast Response Time
  • DisplayPort, HDMI, VGA, Audio In/Out Jack

With the C325W-1920R, a revolutionary curved display with a leading 1800R screen curvature delivers images that appear to wrap around you, providing an in-depth, immersive experience.  Combined with an ultra slim design, take in the wider field of view.

Protection and comfort are the hallmarks of this design as the metal pattern brush finish is smooth and pleasing to the touch.  The metal halo stand strikes the perfect balance between durability and design.

1080P resolution (1920 x 1080 Pixels) provides stunning color and picture detail on a 32 inch screen.

A 5 millisecond response time displays action sequences with the highest degree of clarity.

Enjoy HDMI, VGA and DisplayPort inputs to connect all video and gaming devices.


Active Screen Size
31.5” Diagonal Viewable

Panel Type
VA (Vertical Alignment)


Native Resolution
1920 x 1080

Refresh Rate
Up to 75Hz Refresh Rate

Aspect Ratio

Response Time
5 ms

Pixel Pitch
0.27156mm (H) x 0.27156mm (V)

Color Gamut
sRGB:86% DCI-P3:71%

Dynamic Contrast Ratio
1,000,000 : 1

Color Depth

Contrast Ratio
3,000 : 1

Brightness (Typ.)
250 cd/m²

Viewing Angle
Vertical: 178° / Horizontal: 178°

Backlight Type
Edge-Lit LED

Backlight Life
50,000+ Hours


Surface Treatment


Color Temperature
Warm, Normal (Default), Cool, User

On Screen Display Control (OSD)
Quick Start, Picture, Color, System

Picture Presets
Standard, User, Movie, Eco, FPS, RTS

Game Presets

OSD Supported Languages
English (Default), French, Spanish

Blue Light Shift

Auto Dynamic Contrast Mode

Auto Standby

Energy Guide


Inputs & Outputs

Supported Digital Signals
30 – 80 kHz (Horizontal) / 60 – 75 kHz (Vertical)

HDMI (# of Ports & Version)
1 x HDMI

Supported HDMI Signals
Up to 1920 x 1080 @ 75Hz; 1080/60p, 1080/60i, 720p, 480p, 480i

DP (# of Ports & Version)
1 x DisplayPort

Supported DP Signals
Up to 1920 x 1080 @ 75Hz; 1080/60p, 1080/60i, 720p, 480p, 480i

3.5mm Auxiliary Input Jack
1 x 3.5mm Mini-Jack for VGA audio input

Supported VGA Signals
Up to 1920 x 1080 @ 60Hz; 1080/60p, 1080/60i, 720p, 480p, 480i

VGA (# of Ports)
1 x VGA

3.5mm Headphone Jack (Output)
1 x 3.5mm Mini-Jack for VGA audio Output for external speaker or headphone

Mechanical Features

Chassis Colors

Backward: 20˚ Forward: 5˚

Neck / Stand Detachable

Slim Design
Ultra Slim

VESA Mount Pattern (mm)
100mm (W) x 100mm (H)

VESA Mount Screw Size (mm)
M6 x 8mm

Neck Screw Size & Quantity (mm)
M4 x 14mm (2pcs)

Stand Screw Size & Quantity (mm)
M6 x 20mm (1pcs)


With Stand (inches, W x H x D)
28.38” x 19.05” x 7.99”

Without Stand (Inches, W x H x D)
28.38” x 16.61” x 0.35”

Carton Box Dimension (inches, W x H x D)
31.89" x 23.31" x 8.54"


Net Weight with Stand (lbs)
12.1 lbs

Net Weight without Stand (lbs)
11.6 lbs

Gross Weight (lbs)
19.8 lbs


Power Range (V, A, Hz)
AC Adapter Input: 100 – 240V~ 50/60Hz, 1.0A Output: 12V DC, 3.33A

Power Consumption (Typical)
< 28 W

< 0.5W

Regulations / Certifications


Energy Star V7.0, WHQL (Win 10)

What's in the Box?

Power Cable
AC Adapter x 1 (12V/3.33A)

Display Cable
HDMI Cable x 1; VGA Cable x 1

Ultra Slim Monitor; Base x 1; Neck x 1; Base Screws x 1; Neck Screws x 2; Screwdriver x1; User Manual x 1


Limited Parts and Labor
One Year


By On July 06 00:00:00 , 2018

Came on time, well packaged, very easy to setup. Definitely better for productivity than the 40" tvs I was using before. Picture quality states 1920 x 1080, but I had no problem increasing the resolution to 3840 x 2160, so I suspect the monitors are only limited by the graphics card. For work I would stay with 1920 x 1080 as print may be crystal clear but tiny letters are still tiny letters. PRO easy to setup and use up to 3840 x 2160 resolution for gaming. Excellent for working with spreadsheets, graphs, documents, sharepoint sites etc... Metal frame sturdy monitors. 20 degrees of tilt. Price 32" curved monitors for 189 each and a metal versus plastic body Con A power block instead of just a cord and it is rather large. No vertical adjustment, buttons are on the rear right side of the monitor. A little cumbersome when making adjustments when you use more than one of them and the monitors serve two systems. One for work and one for play.


I would recommend this monitor!

I purchased this monitor for my gaming setup and I am very impressed by the quality and price.


Awesome buy

Good color, love the curve to the screen. Speakers are pathetic lol so definitely invest in some better speakers. Easy to put together.


Game changer

The dry background - I do fuel taxes for semi trucks. I am looking at text, images of receipts, and entering data into my software and state sites. Loooong hours staring at the screen every 3-months.
Also I am blind in one eye and have issues with my "good" eye.
I had been using a 24 inch monitor and my 17 inch laptop screen.
My business tripled this quarter and I said "enough".
Text is crisp, great real estate, and quality build.
I have not adjusted the color like others suggest and can see how that will only make this better.
I am not using this for gaming or movies so can't say how that will work.
I did take a break from data entry and did a little marketing work on my website and video editing. And it did not disappoint.
Only thing that I would warn is that with the size of the screen you will need to make sure that you have enough space between you and the monitor to really make it work for you. Otherwise, it is like sitting in the front row of an Imax movie.
I will be ordering a second monitor and using monitor arms to mount. I was not sure if the curved screen was going to be something that really made a difference. It does and I am geeking out on the prospects here.


SUPER pleased with this monitor!

Well constructed and well packaged. I use this in my home recording studio and have NO complaints at all. A 32" curved monitor for less than 200 bucks! I am very pleased and highly recommend.


It works and is Inexpensive for 32" Monitors

I've been fairly happy with this purchase and hey. for the price, it can't be beat . I plan on getting another one to replace my old 27" monitor (which was what my purchase of the first one was for). It on the bright-side when first set up, but an adjustment to the brightness worked that out. The only frustrating thing is that it's not compatible with Windows 10 Night Light.


works a long time

Big screen...big printing for my 77 year old ass can read it


Good Budget Curved Monitor

The picture is a little bit dark, but I turned the brightness up on my computer and it helped. The stand isn't the greatest and it shakes a decent amount, but if you can get past that, it is a good monitor


Cool Screen

Loved the screen.


Incredibly good picture / text / and overall quality

Metal case - very sturdy. Plug and play - no problems with color or picture like some reviews said. colors and brightness seem very good. packaging was impressive with full color glossy manual and the tools needed to assemble the stand. I was so worried when I ordered this, being my first curved monitor. I thought I was going to have to do a bunch of tweaking and so forth. But it works great and the price was incredible for a 32" monitor. I am impressed with the overall quality of the product. I would buy another Spectre monitor for sure. Also, in word processing programs or spreadsheets, the text is crisp and clear. Very glad I purchased this and would highly recommend it.


Great product

Awesome quality



Love the size. Blew me away when I turned it on.


Great product

Great product. Exactly as described. Fast shipping. A+


Very good

Got this for my boyfriend for Christmas. We both love it! It's a great upgrade. I don't know much of anything about techy specifics, but it is very big, we love the curved monitor, and it is super sleek and clean looking. I love the flexibility with the stand that it comes with. They put a lot of care into the packaging of this product so its safe to ship. Overall super happy!


Do you use linux?

I had fears of not being able to tweak the monitor without Windows drivers.This monitor was instantly recognized by Ubuntu and the proper driver was the newest Nvidia, which I had installed.
I played around with the settings on the monitor and the control center in Ubuntu and the defaults were right on using the factory settings. I am 5 star pleased with this monitor. I will rate the features after I have used it for a while.



This smart tv is awesome. The picture quality, sound and price fantastic. It's like sitting in a movie theater. Love it.


Super clear, works fantastic, good price compared to others.


Does what it says

Having researched this monitor, I can't say that I was surprised, but playing FPS games @ 75Hz, instead of the usual 60 is nice.


Great Monitor, been in use for 8mo with no issues

Works perfectly, 8 months and going strong - now if I could just get the kids to stop playing their games on it... Hard to argue with the price on this.


Disclaimer: All pictures shown are for illustration purpose(s) only. Actual product performance may vary.

Sours: https://www.sceptre.com/
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VIOTEK NB32CB 32-Inch LED Curved Professional Monitor, Bezel-Less Samsung VA Panel, 75Hz 1080P Full-HD FreeSync VGA HDMI VESA, Updated Version (Black)


Our Pixel-Perfect Promise is now even more perfect! Viotek continues to be the industry leader in quality products that are rich with features and high in value. And we stand by our work. That’s why we’ve upped the buyer-protection period to three years. This includes our industry-leading Zero-Tolerance Dead Pixel Policy.

VIOTEK NB32C 32-Inch Curved Bezel-less Professional Monitor

Consistent. Accurate. Reliable. The Viotek NB32C is the much-anticipated update to our highly rated, top-selling NB32-series monitors. This LED backlit LCD monitor blurs the line between a gaming screen and a business monitor. Create stunning office presentations. Power through flicker-free video conferences.Conquer new worlds in your MMORP game. All on a vibrant 16:9 widescreen VA panel display with 1920x1080p full HD resolution.

Add a modern touch to your space with the NB32C’s sleek, ultra-thin, bezel-less design. The tilt-adjustable stand lets you find the perfect right viewing angle, while the included 75×75 mm VESA adapter lets you mount the computer monitor to a wall or VESA-compatible monitor stand. And keep your desk or workspace clutter-free with the built-in, retractable headphone holder, located on the back of the monitor stand.

Built the way you work and play, this dual-function monitor delivers the stability of an office display with the gaming-ready specs. Casual gamers will enjoy the 5ms response time and 75Hz refresh rate, which will help reduce eye fatigue associated with extended viewing. An anti-glare screen helps minimize eye strain and enhance viewing comfort. Activate the low-light filter to reduce harmful blue light. The NB32C is easy on the eyes in more ways than one, so go ahead and finish that big project and win round after round.

Sours: https://viotek.com/viotek-nb32cb-32-inch-led-curved-gaming-monitor/
Curved TVs: Explained!

The 3 Best 32 Inch TVs - Fall 2021 Reviews

The best 32 inch smart TV with a 4k resolution is the Samsung QN32Q60AAFXZA. It's a decent 4k TV with excellent contrast, great peak brightness, and decent reflection handling. Unlike most 32 inch models on the market, it appears to have the same specs as the larger sizes, so you're not compromising on anything but size when choosing a smaller model, and we expect the results to be the same as the 55 inch model we tested.

It's a decent choice for gaming, with exceptionally low input lag, but it's not the most advanced gaming display, as it's limited to a 60Hz refresh rate, and its response time is a bit slow. It upscales low-resolution content well, great if you plan on hooking it up to a cable box or DVD player, but it only has HDMI inputs, so if you have older analog devices, you'll need to buy an adapter. The smart interface is easy to use, and it has a huge selection of apps.

Unfortunately, it's a pretty basic TV overall, with few additional features. It supports HDR10 and HDR10+, but there's no local dimming feature, and it can't get very bright in HDR, so it's not a good choice if you're looking for a great cinematic experience. Overall, despite its limitations, it's a decent TV, and it's the best 32 inch TV for gaming available.

See our review

Sours: https://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/best/by-size/32-inch

Tv 32 inch 1080p curved


Let's unbox: Samsung VF390 32 inch curved TV-monitor. VA panel and 1080p. Hmmm...


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