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11 DIY Pallet Bed Frame Ideas with Step By Step Plans

Love free pallets? free pallet furniture plans? And want to make a pallet bed step by step? With every day passing, there are lots of new pallet projects to fill up your future homes with some useful stuff. Just the growing needs of furniture have developed the minds of people around the globe a bit more genius so they can recycle pallets in different ways. Thanks to geometrical shapes of pallets, their free availability, and durability. That has turned out people lives great who were furniture deficient due to unaffordable furniture prices.

Even the most costly item of furniture, the bed, can easily be made with wooden pallets now! This is something that will drop your jaws with amazement when you see that pallet beds come with same structure models, features, and durability that you want.

11 Pallet Bed Ideas - Step By Step Pallet Bed Frame Tutorials - Pallet Furniture - Pallet Projects - DIY Pallet Ideas

How to make a wooden pallet bed at home?

If you are brainstorming to generate brilliant wooden beds out of pallets and are not getting just the right idea, then all your wait is over. Just check out here these 11 DIY Recycled Pallet Bed Frame Ideas and pallet furniture Projects that are all borderline genius and will soon make you a big fan. Building beds out of pallets are big fun, and everyone can start building custom models of pallet furniture regardless of his woodwork experience or skills.

There can be two basic choices to build good looking beds out of pallets. One is to go handmade with the already make shipping pallets that can be put together as a simple and elegant pallet bed. And 2nd is to go manually with dismantled pallets to build custom designs of beds with desired added features and components. If you are all willing to go with the first option, then you will make dozens of beds in just no time.

Want to make a pallet bed frame with 100% free pallets?

You can build a brilliant wooden pallet bed using a single pallet only, or you can go with custom stacks of wooden pallets to get raised wooden beds. If you all like the bed frames with accent headboards, then no need to worry about! A single pallet can also be taken as a ready-made headboard as you can see in most of the given projects.

The list includes all smart types of beds to build with pallets even the toddler beds, a sweet example is the moon-shaped pallet baby cradle bed showcased below. Next, you can also put together some of the painted pallet skids in L-shape and can cushion them up for instant sofa-style daybeds, would be perfect for making gossips and for an afternoon nap. Going for building beds with full pallet skids also gives you a big bonus, the storage cubbies, will smarty boost the storage space of your bedroom.

Every pallet bed design has a source link that can open complete plans, step-by-step tutorial, and visual instructions for you only! So do check out them out too for pallet projects you like the most.

DIY Pallet Bed Frame for Baby Girl Room:

Wooden Pallet Bed Built for Baby Bedroom - Wooden Pallet Furniture Ideas

If you take a wise look at the shapes of pallets, you will think of lots of DIY furniture projects that can be made with them. One fantastic piece of furniture you can make with pallets would make a wooden platform bed.

A single big pallet board would be enough to make a sturdy wooden bed; otherwise, you can stack more pallets to reach the required height level of your bed. Check out here this very precious sample bed, built to last and inspire. Complete project and step-by-step instructions here instructables

Pallet Bed Frame – DIY Pallet Bed Frame Step by Step Tutorial:

Easy But Great Wooden Pallet Bed Frame - DIY Pallet Furniture Projects

Build also the beds out of pallets as you see in the market with higher price tags. But going with pallets can make you get your dreamy bed all free of cost. Just check out here the model of the bed which is amazingly beautiful and awe-inspiring.

4 Kids of pallets have been put together side-by-side for a large rectangular shape that is your sleeping platform. A single wooden pallet has been used to give a fancy headboard that comes as an accented head of the entire bed. Furthermore, there is a crate placed on each side of the bed as a nightstand or bedside table.

Just put your mattress over and enjoy a luxury bed only at no-cost. Complete project tutorial and step-by-step instructions here instructables

Pallet Platform Bed Frame – Step by Step:

DIY Pallet Platform Bed Frame - Step by Step - Wooden Pallet Ideas and Projects

Pallets can be the life-changing skids for a person who is both deficient of money and furniture. The most expensive furniture item is always a bed, but you can get it free using some free pallets! The design would be commendable, and you are not supposed to miss any of feature too.

Custom bed design made of pallets that is a complete package! It offers a sturdy sleeping section and a grand headboard and also comes many built-in storage cubbies to store your items of need and interest. Willing to know how to make this pallet bed? Complete project details and step-by-step instructions here seventy7studios

How to Make a Pallet Bed Frame:

DIY Pallet Bed Frame Tutorial - DIY Pallet Furniture Projects

Missing out a cozy bed in your new build room? It will only cost you two bigger pallet boards to get a super comfortable bed in just no time. Here two sturdy-looking pallets, painted in charming green, have been packed together for a lasting longer bed frame with little storage space if you need.

A single-layered of 2 pallets would work great as a platform bed, but you can go with multiple pallet layers to give more height to your bed. Get inspired by this given sample bed, built to last and inspire. Complete project details and step-by-step instructions here wikihow

Pallet Headboard With Lights:

Homemade Pallet Headboard with Lights - DIY Pallet Furniture Ideas

You are just missing out the ideal appeal of your bedroom if there is no headboard attached to your bed frame. Not only the beds but also build the most stylish looking headboards with pallets which custom added features.

Check out this inspiring headboard design here that is wholly handmade and is a perfect sample here. Along with a strong structure and dimensions, this headboard also comes with amusing lights that bring a modern appeal to it.

Moreover, there are two built-in compartments where you can display your bedroom decors and can also use them for storage purposes. Complete project details and step-by-step directions here instructables

Easy Wood Pallet Bed Frame:

DIY Easy Wood Pallet Bed Frame - DIY Pallet Furniture Ideas

Another great and praise-worthy pallet bed design here comes with a frame made of stacked shipping pallets. Stack 4 pallets up to 2 layers and just put a single pallet at the back to serve as a charming headboard.

The good news is that going with pallet bed frames will help you to maximize your bedroom storage space and store your items. There is another model that comes with precious wooden headboard wall that is also made of pallets. Complete project details and step-by-step instructions here thewonderforest

DIY – How to Make a Pallet Bed:

DIY Step-by-Step Pallet Bed Tutorial - DIY Pallet Bed Furniture Ideas

It is not only the vintage-inspired or rustic furniture you can compose with pallets! But you can also go with good looking and painted pallets to build modern chic furniture for your modern interior environments.

A great sample here is this L-shape corner pallet bed which is just amazingly beautiful and eye-catching. Select the pallets that come in the perfect size to suit your needs and make them cushioned to serve as a corner sofa or daybed.

Don’t forget to install the caster wheels to bottom corners of pallet skids to get your entire bed moving just at a little touch of a hand. You can paint your pallets as per the demand of your room decors and colors, where the pallets have been painted in green and come with white cushion. Complete project details and step-by-step instructions here projectnursery

Build Your Own Beautiful Wooden Pallet Moon Cradle Bed:

DIY Pallet Moon Cradle Bed Instructions - DIY Wooden Pallet Bed Projects

While talking about building all kinds of beds with pallets then how can we forget about the cradle and cribs, that has always been a perfect bed for the toddlers and babies. It is damn easy to crochet baby beds with pallet without getting expensive. The construction may take some time but would be super easy. Check out here this moon-shaped baby cradle which is an ever fancy wooden bed made for a toddler, a moon bed for your little moon.

It has been perfectly cushioned from inside and comes with start cutouts for a more fancy look. This project is all to do with separated apart pallet planks and lots of cuttings and measurements will be a part of the construction. Complete project tutorial with step-by-step instructions here apartmenttherapy

DIY Pallet Bed Frame:

Easy DIY Pallet bed frame, DIY Pallet Bed Ideas

Pallets are made to bear a lot of weight over so they can go in ships for the safety of heavyweight shipping deliveries. If pallets can bear the weight of stuff to deliver, then why they can’t withstand the weight of a person? So try building amazing wooden beds with pallets, will be ready just at the drop of a hat.

This stunning platform bed which is damn looking and comes with a foam mattress over, wholly made of 4 white painted pallets, put together for a big square shape. Complete project details and step-by-step instructions here decosoup

DIY Pallet Headboard:

DIY Pallet Headboard Tutorial - Wooden Pallet Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Check out here one more fabulous model of a headboard, and it is truly a rustic delight to view and is like a piece of cake to build. Build a rectangular wooden frame using three pallet lengths and then cover this frame-up by going with the thick and flat filling of pallet slats.

The given adorable sample design also comes with installed reading lights that raise the overall appeal to peak value. An amazing project that bedroom lovers can do with pallets just for amazing visual details and a rustic touch to their bedroom. Complete project tutorial with step-by-step instructions here ricedesignblog

DIY Pallet Bed Tutorial:

DIY Pallet Bed Tutorial - Wooden Pallet Bed Ideas

A big thanks to geometrical shapes of pallets which come in handy to build great looking beds in just no time. Here is one more bed model made with pallets is as perfect and sturdy as you want. Just put flat 2 or 4 bigger pallets together, and that’s it, no boring measurements,  not boring cuttings and no higher amounts of money are a demand for this project.

You can paint the pallets in the desired color that will also go very well with your bedroom. In this case of platform pallet bed, the shipping skids have been painted in chic white. Complete project details and step-by-step instructions here ellefitactive


DIY 20 Pallet Bed Frame Ideas

A bed is a vitally important item of furniture that is often to buy expensive. Go with these Best DIY Pallet Bed Frame Ideas that are super budget-friendly and will be as simple to build as ABC. Wooden Pallets are often to come in your life for free mostly. Like you mostly receive, the home appliances delivers on them. They are the most used skids in shipping deliveries. So, why not use those stacks of pallets that you are often to stuff in your home trash store, to build some quick bed frames. Browse this collection of 20 DIY Pallet Bed Frame Ideas that smart enough to make you say a big wow. Some designs come simple, and others come with amazing lights installed to different sections for a gorgeous lighted appeal.

Align the pallets flat together, making a quick wooden platform bed. Add more layers until you get satisfied with the height of your bed. Next, add the desired bed mattress and gain the inexpensive bed out of discarded pallet skids. This list of DIY Pallet Bed Frame Ideas also involves building custom bed designs with disassembled pallets. Raise these DIY bed frame on wheels for touch to movements and also add them up with bottom storage options. You can also use free pallets for beginner woodworking projects and save your money.

1. Wooden Pallet Platform Bed

DIY Pallet Bed

The perfect looking wooden pallet skids can be taken as readymade panels for a bed frame. Join them together flat using the durable hardware and get a lasting longer platform bed. Finish with mattress and enjoy a no-cost luxurious bed, will rock for a guest room too.

2. Recycled White Painted Pallet Bed

Queen Size Pallet Bed

If you are a big fan of chic white decors, then you must get this wooden bed that is made of white painted pallet skids. You need here 4 to 6 white painted pallets depending on their size to build this bed. A cost-efficient, easy to make and instant solid bed to make with free pallets.

3. Pallet Bed with Underneath Crate Storage:

Beds Made Out of Pallets

You are often to go through some short space issues in your bedroom. But say just a big bye to them after building this wooden pallet bed. It provides underside crate storage that will digest all the bedroom clutter. Do a manual construction with the disassembled pallets to build this bed.

4. A Modern Pallet Bed with Headboard and Nightstands

Wooden Pallet Bed Frame

Having a functional bed is a real luxury, and you really live this luxury for free. Head over to free pallets and build an instant, fully functional models of giant beds with them. Arrange pallet skids flat until you get the desired size of the bed raised to the desired height. Use a pallet to build the headboard of the bed.

5. Wooden Platform Bed Made of 3 Big Pallets

Pallet Bed

You will give ten out of ten to this creative recycling of pallets and also to this homemade design of a wooden bed. Grab giant-sized pallets, 3 will be enough to build this platform bed. Put together to bigger pallets flat and let one come behind as a headboard and gain a lovely platform bed.

6. Repurposed Painted Pallet Platform Bed

Palette Beds

Building a bed with uncut pallets is a child’s play. So, just build this platform bed with pallets and then just paint it in any color to match your bedroom decor theme. Align together the single pallet skids to gain this quick platform bed. Finish with a cozy bed mattress.

7. Chic White Pallet Bed with Reading Light Headboard:

Pallet Furniture Beds

Lacking bed space in-home or in the guest room? Then no need to worry, just build an instant beautiful bed with free recycled pallets. Join the pallets together using durable hardware. Put a pallet behind as a lovely headboard and finish the headboard with reading lights. Paint the completed bed in any color you like.

8. DIY Lighted Pallet Bed Frame

DIY Pallet Bed with Lights

Fancy up your newly build a bedroom with this lighted pallet bed frame, will impress at a very first look. Upcycle the bigger pallet skids and put together evenly flat to make this bed frame. Tie them together using a recommended hardware and finish with a lovely foam mattress. This pallet bed comes on wheels.

9. Wooden Pallet Bed with Underside Lights

Pallet Bed Frame with Lights

Stack the pallets up to the desired height level and then finish with a foam mattress top. Install the lights to underside empty spaces for a mesmerizing light spread. Make this bed with white painted pallets. It will make a cool daybed and a fantastic sleeping bed too.

10. No-Cost Pallet Lighted Bed

DIY Pallet Bed Frame with Lights

Stack the well painted and stained pallets to build this bed. It comes with lights installed to its underside and will brighten up the entire room nicely. The construction involves only quick stacking of pallets, and next, you can add LED lights to underside empty spaces.

The main feature of a bedroom is the bed! Perk up your bedroom look with a smart do it yourself pallet bed that requires little expenditure, effort and time. Decide on what type of bed you would want and then go cut yourself some planks. The pallet bed is your private cruise and you can design it the way you want.

If your room has a low ceiling, the best way to go is the floor bed. Pallet bed makes for a fresh experience, as it gives a less filled and heavy look. You can also create a storage bed with drawers and cavities, put in some books and baubles or store clothes. It will save space and you will be able to put away a lot of clutter. You have mattresses lying all over the house: simply construct your kid’s bunk beds or gift your wife a lovely do it yourself pallet cot bed for the soon to come little one.

Pallets can be used to make inventive homestead beds. Bring out the artist in you by making out-of-the-box headboards that feature shelves or lighting. You can even make a cute floor cot for your pet and put in a cushion or small mattress for them.

11. DIY Lighted Pallet Platform Bed

Pallet Bed with Lights

Buying a bed is always super expensive, but going with pallets is a smart hack to get some free luxury beds. Style up your bedroom with this lighted pallet platform bed. Stack white painted pallets and let one come behind the stack to serve as a headboard. Don’t forget to install LED light on its underside.

12. Pallet Bed Frame with Lights

Pallet Bed DIY

Save a lot of your furniture costs by going with genius recycling of pallets. Get a no-cost wooden platform bed by simply aligning flat the painted pallet wood skids. 2 giant-sized and 4 medium size pallet skids will be enough to build this quick bed frame. Install light to empty spaces in pallets.

13. Make a Pallet Bed Frame

how to make a pallet bed

Enjoy your lazy summer afternoons by sitting or sleeping over this pallet bed, will make a great daybed too. Stack the pallets up to one or two layers and finish the stack with a foam bed mattress to gain this wooden pallet bed frame. Time to live the luxury with pallets.

14. Pallet Bed with Lighted Headboard

Pallet Craft Bed

Check out here a crazy combination of pallets that appear as a handsome no-cost wooden bed. A skid of pallets with white LED lights stuffed inside, makes a charming headboard. This wooden pallet bed comes on wheels and will make a smart handmade gift. Do the assembly with durable hardware.

15. DIY Kids Bed Made from Pallets

King Size Pallet Bed Frame

Buying kids’ beds is always an expensive affair, but you can trim down your expenditures by building a lovely one with free pallets. This sample kids’ bed looks great with a camelback headboard design and is too durable to live longer. Build this bed design manually with torn apart pallets.

16. King Sized Pallet Bed

Wood Pallet Bed

You will love the shipping skids lying around after looking at this adorable bed design, a wholly smart pallet wood creation. Put together the free recycled pallets to build a platform bed frame. Finish it up with a comfy soft bed mattress. 2 big or 4 medium-sized pallets will be enough to build this pallet bed.

17. Simple Wooden Pallet Bed Frame

pallet bed frame diy

Pallets are the readymade wooden skids that you can simply stack to make expensive looking items of furniture. Stack the rustic pallets in big and small sizes and raise them to an equal height. Finish with a bed mattress and get a no-cost wooden bed. Install lights underside or paint the pallets for extra visual charm.

18. Rustic Yet Modern Pallet Bed:

Bed Frame Made From Pallets

There are too many different ways to build a durable bed out of pallets for free. Need lovely design inspiration? Then do build this rustic yet modern pallet bed by using free recycled pallets. It comes with a little elevated design and looks great with a fine-looking slatted headboard.

19. Twin Pallet Bed

Twin Bed Made From Pallets

This twin pallet bed comes on a decent height, will be a gorgeous addition to kids’ rooms. Stack the repurposed pallet skids up to 4 layers and then finish the top with a bed mattress and gain a fantastic looking wooden bed, it will cost you next to nothing.

20. Pallet Luxury Bed with Matching Nightstand:

How to Build Pallet Bed

For modern guest bedrooms and also for your newly built bedrooms, this luxury pallet bed will make a great choice. Make it by simply stacking the pallets together. Add up the design with matching nightstands, too, for a glorious appeal. The functional design of a wooden pallet bed to make at home.

We shared 20 DIY Bed Out of Pallets for your bedrooms, you can all above beds your self from pallets. So happy building and enjoy these pallets bed.


If you are often to see the pallets lying around, then consider them as readymade components of a luxury PALLET bed that you can afford this time. Just bring the discarded pallets at home and build no-cost items of pallet furniture with them like a bed. Get lots of design inspirations from these DIY Pallet Bed Frame Ideas that involve building a bed with both uncut and disassembled wooden pallets.

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100 DIY Recycled Pallet Bed Frame Designs

You’ll get the great practical advice in these 100 DIY pallet bed frame ideas! These pallet bed ideas get you inspired by wooden pallets creativity and pallet wood recycling! No matter, if you want a king-size bed, a simple toddler pallet bed or a creative rustic platform bed, amusing bed swings, summer afternoon daybeds, pallet bed with storage, or a pallet bed with wheels.

Pallets have been around for so many years and are mostly used for storing, packing, and shipping of different goods, from food grains to heavier machinery and even for the bigger stocks of medicines. Recently these pallet boards have become much more than just those of wooden packing skids as the retired pallets have now become a popular topic for DIY and people are making extra brilliant uses of them in pallet furniture constructions and wooden home decor designs.

Free Pallets

Free Pallets

A bed, in particular, is the most functional piece of modern home furniture and can mostly be seen in family rooms, guest rooms, and most commonly in our master bedroom. It should always be visually pleasing, comfortable, and functional, for sure! However, this most wanted piece of cozier home furniture can be built in endless styles with these pallet projects!

Are you want to start pallet wood projects today? then try to find free pallets near me on google or Facebook and or try to get wooden pallets for sale!

Pallet Bed

DIY Pallet Bed with Lights:

wooden pallet platform bed with lights

Pallets are a go-to choice for all wishing to build their own furniture. Plan them to achieve your bedding goals. Start by building this pallet bed lights, achieved with simple flat arrangements of pallets. in features, it comes with lights and with a nice headboard made of pallets too.

White Pallet Platform Bed with Storage:

diy pallet white painted platform bed with storage

The already built shapes of pallets have been benefited smartly here. Look at the graceful design of the platform bed, provides side cubbies for storing books. Paint the pallets to match your room color scheme and lay flat on the floor with a luxurious mattress on them. Put a lamp on the sides, will assist in reading the books at night.

Pallet Bed Frame:

Pallet Bed Ideas

Update a recently build bedroom space with this made-to-last pallet bed. Almost 10 pallets of the same size are talking about in building this sturdy bed. Setting this bed up is a child’s play, and you need some pallets and bed mattresses to whip up this fantastic bed frame.

Wooden Pallet Platform Bed:

rustic pallet platform bed with headboard

Get the daily dose of sleeping comfort by building this platform bed, will be there for you even in the last 30 minutes or less. The pretty rustic look goes fab with the white foam mattress. Put the pallets flat on the floor to get the design made. Live the bedding luxury with pallets now for free. Set up a pallet behind as a headboard.

Pallet Kids Bed Design:

wooden pallet toddler's bed frame

Give your minimalist bedroom a hint of farmhouse chic by building this no-cost rustic pallet bed. The design is made to fit best in the kids’ bedrooms. The lighted pallet headboard gives amazing effects to the entire bedroom. Make this bed using white painted pallets, and don’t forget to add the paper lanterns above it and 2 crate nightstand inside.

Pallet Daybed with Wheels:

upcycled pallet daybed with wheels

Here is how the pallets start to raise your bedding fun and comfort. Make this rolling pallet bed with your own choice of pallets, always easy to work with. The pretty rustic bed design looks amazing on the wheels. Achieve it using small and big sizes of pallets and quality rolling wheels.

Beefy Wooden Pallet Bed:

sturdy pallet bed frame with headboard

You will end discarding pallets after peeking into features of this sturdy modern bed design. Both headboard and footboard feature a variety of wood slat colors and tones, the feature that makes the design unique and prominent. The bed is sturdy enough to live for years to come.

Super Easy Pallet Bed Plan:

recycled pallet platform bed

Accomplish your bed space needs using even a single but giant size of pallets. The idea is to set the bed in the corner of your bed to gain an instant beautiful bed. Start reading your books on it by putting a mattress. Opt for this bed design to give your bed a rustic glam touch. Many of us are living in big cities, having different interior home spaces, which may be extra-large or shorter! Just in case, if you want the best fit of a bed to your specific bedroom area, such a manufactured and custom dimensioned bed design may be much expensive and pricey a lot!

The good news is that you can go with any size of bed frame using these pallet furniture ideas that suit best to your bedroom space and can also add various custom options like storage, lights, and headboards to give a functional boost to your hand-built wooden bed designs. How to make a pallet bed step by step? Try our DIY bed frame ideas to get one for your bed.

Platform Pallet Bed

DIY pallet bed frame

Ease your insomnia by getting this quick, stable, and stylish bed. Let the equal sizes of pallets come flat evenly on the floor, covering your decided bed space. So, you will get an instant beautiful bed design that will only need a mattress. This setting will also be great when you want to add additionally elevated and extended floors around your beds to place some greenery and other decors.

Cheap Pallet Bed Construction:

DIY pallet bed frame instructions 1

Get here instructions to build the cheapest but sturdiest bed of your life. The design is much achievable by stacking a few pallets having equal sizes and dimensions. The whole bed will cost you the price of the mattress only. Furthermore, put a crate in the sides as a storage-friendly nightstand. DIY pallet bed frame

A perfect twin bed for kids room painted in light blue color and is loaded with a comfy cushion. A creative tribute to pallet wood recycling. It will make your way easy to luxurious bedding while being short on a budget. Pallets are mostly the overlooked material but not from now for those lacking in bedding space. DIY Pallet Bed Ideas and Project

Are you a big fan of rustic living? Then start living it from your bedroom by owing this bed. The design is storage-friendly, cost-effective, and totally hand-built. The instant beautiful stacks of pallets make this stylish raised bed, comfy enough to get a quality sleep every day. Paint the pallets or stuff lights inside for more cool effects. DIY pallet bed plan

Are you on a mission to build an antique bedroom? Then live those past days again by building this super rustic pallet bed. The construction is all about putting a mattress on large pallet skids put together, making a gorgeous bed. The headboard is raised to the ceiling and impresses with its patterned appeal. Use a vertical pallet plant to hold a hanging macram?? plant holder insides.

DIY pallet bed projects

Not owning a bed due to higher prices is more an excuse. Look at this phenomenal design of a wooden bed, cool enough to make you say a big wow with amazement. Stack the pallets straight for the bedding area and arrange them like a bench for the back headboard and nightstand on each side. Install lights to the headboard, and don’t forget to install the wall-mounted assorted crate display or storage shelves.

DIY Pallet Wood Bed The coolest bedding hack, a stylishly beautiful wooden bed made of pallets brought in an L-shape. The headboard behind is spruced up more with rustic charms, and you can load some great mural frames too over the headboard for a great display. One of the best wooden pallet bed ever made.

Wood Pallets Bed:

DIY Pallets Bed Design

Strive for fineness, uniqueness, and sharpness of furniture? Then this design of pallet bed has all to hold your attention. Put flat the pallets for fine flat arrangements gaining a uniform bedding space. Use a pallet for an accented head of the bed, the headboard, and opt for little crates to add as nightstands.

DIY Pallets Bed to Make

Make your way to luxurious and modern bedding using the free pallets. The feasible wooden structures can be packed to gain a wooden platform of any size, which will be your bed. Build this white painted pallet bed for a shabby chic or modern chic interior. A little touch of greenery and elegant design of the headboard brings a big wow factor to the design.

Easy Pallet Bed Design

Recycle pallets to build the night luxury, the bed. A bed is most expensive in a home furniture list. An in the DIY department, it can be made by spending a few bucks. Head over to free pallets and build this design of the platform bed. It features a blank tone of wood along with a magnetizing design structure, having built-in nightstands.

Easy pallet bed ideas

You will be in appreciation of this bed after looking at the fine dimensions. The design is made to last and is to get for all rustic to farmhouse style to modern bedrooms. Pack the elegant pallet skids like EURO or EPAL pallets to achieve this most bizarre-looking bed design. Simple straight L-shape pallet bed, offering cool built-in cubbies for storage too.

how to make a pallet bed frame

Styling up your bedding space not always need bigger investments. A big wow factor can be brought there by doing creative recycling projects, too, like this pallet bed. It will amaze bedroom audiences with its straightforward design and is a must to get bed design while wishing to feature antiqueness in your bedroom. Make it with EPAL pallets.

how to make a pallet bed Honestly speaking, this bed design is going to be favorite of all the guests and friends entering your bedroom. The white painted design with rustic slat trimming, perfect for a chic farmhouse interior. Pack the pallets for building beds, use wood slats to keep them in place. Here 2 vertical pallets combined with a top rustic slat build the headboard.

king size pallet bed diy

A modern wooden platform bed that fits the entire space elegantly. The slatted pallet headboard goes the wall to the wall and gives a charming background to bed along with cool display space. Again pack flat healthy-looking pallets in kind, twin, or double bed size to make this bed in the size of choice.

Pallet Bed on Wheels:

king size pallet bed on wheels

Is decluttering your bedroom is demanding to get a bed with built-in storage? Then opt for this storage-friendly pallet bed design, comes on wheels to be touch to move. Stack clone sizes of pallets up to 2 levels and build this robust wooden pallet bed with built-in cubbies. A leftover pallet will be enough to use as a headboard.

king size pallet bed

It is all a matter of not being guided properly that pallets are considered to be waste by many of us. Actually, they are magical, readymade wooden skids, always there for instant beautiful DIY furniture construction. They are much doable and ideal for building no-cost beds. Overcome your bed space issues by using a few pallets, copy the given design in 10 minutes.

old pallet bed project

Recycling of pallets can really make you get this, a luxurious pallet platform bed, evenly flat and elegant. The design is built to fit the bed space according to settings, and it gives extra space all around to display pots, planters, and even to hold the nightstands. Install reading lights to easily read the books at night.

Old Pallet Bed

If you talk about building a bed out of pallets, then a kid can build one quite in an expert way. Look at this creative repurposing of wood pallets, helping to build a robust wooden bed. The design is simply flat, and a looks like a stack of pallet under a thick bed mattress. Use this pallet setting to build instant daybeds too.

pallet bed daybed

Use this pallet bed as both as a sleeping space and also as a daybed. Set the pallets on the removed pallet chocks or dices to whip up this gorgeous wooden daybed and night bed design. 2 big pallets, pallet dices, and a comfy mattress all you need to make it.

Pallet Bed and Headboard

This one will surely grab one’s attention having great lust for modern epic furniture. The design is too beautiful to make one say, wow. Get the headboard and frame of the bed a little padded to boost the visual grace of the bed. Add some antique accents for making the design a bit more rustic too.

Pallet Bed Design

Setting up and building a bed was never so easier before. Simple pile up the free pallets and build lasting longer wooden beds of choice. The design is much achievable even with a mini stock of pallets. The EPAL or EURO pallets will be ideal candidates for this pallet bed project.

pallet bed diy

Create a subtle lighted manifestation of your bedroom with the wooden grace and slatted appeal of this bed. Install lights for the added visual charm and simply bring the pallets into L-shape to whip up this fascinating design of a wooden pallet bed. The whole bed will cost you next to nothing.

Pallet Daybed:

Pallet Bed for Balcony

Enjoy the afternoon napping, book reading, daydreaming, and even the couple sitting on the luxurious wooden daybed comes with a zero price tag. The evenly flat arrangements of pallets have been topped up with a foam mattress to gain this epic wooden pallet bed, will be a great addition to one’s patio or deck area.

Pallet Bed for Kids:

Pallet bed for kids

Why should adults have all the pallet fun, make the cozy, stylish, and stable kids beds too out of recycled pallets. Look at the kids’ bedroom setting done with free pallets and wood crates. Set up the pallets into L-shape while finishing with comfy bed mattresses to gain twin beds. Finish the beds with a combined central wood crate nightstand. Install reading lights and lamps at the end.

pallet bed frame diy

Get a natural sleep on this natural bed set in a bedroom decorated on a natural theme. Combine 2 wood pallets using recommended hardware and finish each pallet skid with wheels to get this platform rolling bed made. It comes with a decorative headboard that beautifies it more.

pallet bed frame instructions

Getting free bedroom furniture will make every home person happier. So, get your pallet wood recycling praised by whipping up this sophisticated and fine-looking wooden bed. The accurate dimensions and evenly flat surfaces make the design a bit more special. The design is solid and will last for years to come.

Pallet Bed with Headboard:

pallet bed frame with Headboard

The wooden beds with headboards always get your first priority, and they are quite something and easy to build with free pallets. A combination of 2 vertical pallets with tops combined with a flat wooden shelving board, will make a lovely decorative headboard like in this pallet bed. Lay the pallets down evenly on the floor to make the bed.

Pallet Bed Frame

This wooden bed is well stained and can withstand even the harsh weather conditions without serious damage to surface skin. You need 5 pallets to build this beauty, the sweet wooden pallet bed with headboard will surely gain your attention at a very first look.

pallet bed furniture Ideas

The easiest way to build beds out of pallets is to build a simple and stronger platform with pallets that you can raise to the desired height level. Make sure those platforms are providing space for the mattress. Place the side of the pallet by the side and also over each other to build this bed.

pallet bed furniture

This wooden bed comes with a low pallet platform, but you can add more pallet layers to raise it up to any higher level. Finish the completed bed with your favorite mattress or cushion. You can make a mattress yourself too. A no-cost bed and a smart pallet hack to get instant bed space at any time.

Pallet Bed Headboard

?? Some epic wood furniture constructions and designs make you say a big wow, and this wooden pallet bed is one of them. In features, it offers a storage-friendly headboard that provides a decorative mantel to display your decors and mural frames. There are mid storage compartments in the headboard made of crates. Reading lights have also been installed.

Pallet Bed made of 2 pallets

Duplicate this another festive design of a wooden bed that provides extended arms as low nightstands. Build this wooden pallet bed out of EPAL Pallets and let the headboard come with a fab touch of plywood. Fill the inside of the bed with custom LED lights to get the bed looks modern at night.

pallet bed plans for kids

Stack pallets and then put them in side-by-side arrangements to whip up this grand model of the wooden bed. The design provides a large wooden platform that is more in size than the bed mattress. Build a vertical pallet wall too for making the grand headboard for a grand bed.

pallet bed plans with Headboards

One can really do wonders with pallets and building this floating wooden bed is one of them. There is a grand headboard wall made of pallet wood planks, feature various wood tons, and come with built-in lights and nightstand shelves. Cover pallets using extra wood to build this floating bed.

pallet bed plans

Are you looking for a graceful design of wooden beds to make with pallets? Then do grace up your newly built bedroom with this superior hand-built model of a wooden bed. The design is storage-friendly, and construction is all about the easy stacking of pallets. A great way to reuse old pallets.

Pallet Bed Tutorial

One can build an outstanding wooden pallet bed out of uncut pallets, but you can build a more amazing and outstanding looking model using the dismantled pallets. The design just has fine dimensions and features various different tons of wood. Build each part of the bed with individual pallet planks, even the floating nightstands.

Pallet Bed with LED Lights:

pallet bed with lights for your new bedroom

Transform your bedroom into mini heaven by adding this lighted pallet bed. Put the wooden skids flat on the floor with the crazy lights in them and gain a big wooden illuminated wooden platform to put your mattress on. The big sie of this bed allows space to put your pots and planters inside. pallet bed with lights

There are too many variations you can give to your wooden pallet beds. Install different color lights underside your beds and get a variety of lighted wooden beds in no time. Put together the wooden pallets and add the LED lights inside pallets, will emit the lights through the pallet wood spacing.

Pallet Bed with Storage Box:

pallet bed with underneath storage

Looking for a special design of a wooden pallet that will organize the messy bedroom? Then do organize your spaces with this handsome twin pallet bed that comes with a built-in drawer or box. It will hold all your bedroom concerns beautifully and will be a pleasure to build too.

Pallet Beds

Play with your instincts in numerous different ways creating lovely wooden furniture like this wooden pallet bed that is rustic and will whip up super quickly. Put together skids of pallets making a wooden platform and then make them hold a nice bed mattress. One of the best DIY Pallet Bed ever made.

Pallet Wood Bed Idea

Why pay for the commercial beds as you can build the same luxurious ones at home for free. Just organize the pallet piles flat and then put a mattress on them to make a lovely wooden pallet bed. Use the zip ties to assemble the pallets you have piled up for the bed. Building this bed will simply cost you nothing.

Pallets Bed

Let the pallets help you sleep comfortably along with creating a royal appeal of your newly built bedroom. The idea is to build this instant beautiful wooden pallet bed, which will complete in minutes. The total cost of this bed is equal to the cost price of the bed mattress.

Platform Pallet Bed Fram with Headboard

Load more antiqueness in your already vintage inspired bedroom by installing this rustic wooden bedroom. A total pallet wood creation comes with a large mattress area and provides a tall headboard made of 2 vertical pallets. Stain the wood dark for a great appeal. Finish the headboard with LED lights.

queen pallet bed design

So, you have not started recycling the pallets yet? Then look at this bed with lighted headboard, a smart pallet wood recovery. Put the pallets together in side by side arrangements and cover the decided bedding area while making this lovely wooden bed. Even a kid can build it with great ease.

Wooden Pallet Bed Frame with Headboard:

queen pallet bed frame

Building a bed out of pallets is considerably easy, and it is all about simply piling of the pallet skids. Clone this elegant looking bed for the guest bedroom, and you can build more instantly with a free stock of pallets. This project confirms a big functional role of pallets even after their shipping duties.

queen pallet bed made of wooden pallets

Have you stocked the EPAL pallets in your garage, shed or home trash store? Instead of piling them load them over each up to 2 rows gaining an evenly flat design of the bed. Use a skid to install a matching headboard and hence accomplish your bedding space needs for free. The design gives space for a planter and end bed chest too.

queen pallet bed

Improve your day to day life with pallets. Take a start by building this elegant design of bed, a stylishly modern wooden bed gained after super easy arrangements of pallets. In addition, use extra pallets and wood crates to install the storage-friendly headboard. Place the planters over the headboard for a little green touch.

queen size pallet bed

Wishing to build a bed for a shabby chic bedroom? Then take advantage of the rusticity of wood pallets and build this shabby chic wooden pallet bed. Put the distressed white pallets flat to build the bed, and next add the final pallet vertically as a headboard. Recycled Pallet Bed

There is no secret to whipping up luxury beds while dealing with pallets. The readymade pallet shapes are to take as pre-fabricated panels and arrange them nicely flat to get the beds made quickly. So, if you are having stock of pallets, then you should not worry about the bedding space.

Simple Pallet Bed Frame

Satisfy your love for the antique furniture by building this elegant flat wooden bed. Build with 1 large or with 2 medium pallets, and it comes with a nice headboard having a slatted design to impress. Give a rustic stain finish to your completed bed to get a bizarre rustic visual.

upcycled pallet bed

Lacking bed space in guest rooms? No need to worry about while having pallets are here. Build a raised wooden platform using free pallets, EPAL will be ideal, and then finish them up with a thick foam mattress. This wooden pallet bed comes with a thick foam mattress and is too beautiful to give as a gift.

Wodoen king size pallet bed

Check out here what you can do amazing and wondrous with simple flat arrangements of pallets. The graceful design of the bed. an ideal layout of rustic wooden bed to build for a shabby chic room interior. Again, the piling of pallets is going to rock to meet your bedding space needs.

wood pallet bed frame

This antique wooden pallet bed is to make with painted and distressed pallets. Combine pallets with durable hardware to get the raised wooden bed platform. Finish with up with mattress of choice, even with leftover one.

wood pallet bed

This bed is too beautiful to make everyone say ” What a Beauty”. A large headboard, evenly flat-packed pallet skids and the bed mattress that comes to the bed nicely, are the main features of this pallet bed design. There is nothing complicated in construction. The design is simple and straightforward. ??

Wooden pallet bed frame instructions

Put a full stop to your bed space issues by accumulating pallets. They are super easy to arrange for an instant gorgeous bed anywhere in or out of the home.?? They are super easy to pile up for building a quick platform to hold the bed mattress. Add leftover pallets vertically behind as accent headboards if necessary.

Wooden pallet bed frame

Pallet beds have gained so much popularity around the globe. Now, they are to choose modern bedrooms too. Look at this easy stockpiling of pallets appearing as a mind-blowing wooden bed. It comes with a fine-looking headboard giving space to display your art and mural frames quite nicely.

Wooden pallet bed

Get the perfect zzzz on this comfy wooden bed, an easy pallet achievement. It appears in a blank tone of the wood, will go well in both rustic and modern bedrooms. The headboard is also a wood pallet, thick enough to serve as a shelf and decorative mantle. Put lights on both sides of the bed to enjoy book reading at night.

Here we have shown some cool and smart demonstrations of DIY pallet bed plans that gracefully glow at night due to the creative addition of LED lights to bottom and headboard panels! It is just a timeless way to have as many beds as you want, floor the pallets up and stack them to a certain height level and you are done!

Rustic Pallet Bed Frame with Lights:

upcycled pallet headboard with lights

Free Pallet Platform Bed Plan:

rustic pallet platform bed

Creative Pallet Shabby Chic Bed:

antique white pallet kids bed frame

DIY Pallet Bed with Shoe Storage:

repurposed pallet bed with storage

Elegant White Pallet Bed with Storage:

reclaimed pallet shabby chic platform bed design

Free Vintage Bed Made of Pallets:

vintage inspired pallet bed

Easy-to-Install Pallet Modern Platform Bed:

rustic pallet platform bed

Try to install the pallets in their original rectangular shapes to get a cozier platform bed frame! If you want to create a custom look or version of your bed, then dismantle the pallet boards to get a big collection of separated and removed slats and then plan whatever you want with them as they will be used as a unit for either construction of your DIY bed frame!

How to build a bed frame using Free Pallets?

Pallet boards come in different wood tones and wooden natures which may be based on their past condition under which those pallets have been treated so they may be just like new wood, rustic and weathered with patina or some time ultra-rustic or in between! You can give your priority to shipping areas to get any wood nature of pallets as there is always an abundance of retired pallet skids and you can choose your favorite one with great ease! And the good news which is above all is that pallets are free to get and hopefully will always be!!!

Handy Pallet Bed Frame: DIY

diy pallet platform bed plan

No-Cost Pallet Platform Bed Design:

free pallet platform bed design

Chic Wooden Pallet Platform Bed:

handmade pallet platform bed design

Super Easy Pallet Platform Bed:

white pallet platform bed design

Reclaimed Pallet Bed with Storage:

wooden pallet bed with storage

Modern White Pallet Platform Bed:

modern chic white pallet platform bed

Creative Pallet Baby Bed:

diy pallet sturdy kids bed frame

As you are reclaiming the pallets for interior uses here so you must be clever while selecting the pallets! To analyze the conditions under which pallet has been used, go ahead if some pallets with heat-treated tag, come to your eyes and avoid the pallets which are chemically treated as they may injurious to health!

If selected pallets are containing a great gunk layer over the wood grains then you must have to clean it first for a gorgeous shiny and bright wood look, Prepare a soapy solution by mixing the soap or detergent with water and wash the pallets with it, let them dried over the night and then start your framework with them!

Try to build a DIY pallet bed:

We all know that pallets are the shipping skids used to provide safety and protective coverage to heavier shipping deliveries or you can say that they bear a lot of weight over them, this may cause some splinter to be popped up over their wooden surface! So it would be better than you and all your under course pallet skids to get the more smooth and splinter-free flow of their wooden surfaces!

Rustic Extra Wide Pallet Platform Bed:

rustic pallet wide platform bed

??Distressed Green Pallet Platform Bed:

antique wooden pallet bed design

Cozy Pallet Beds with Storage:

upcycled pallet cozy beds

Rolling Pallet Bed with Cart Wheels:

handmade pallet rolling bed with cart wheels

Pallet Toddler Twin Beds:

rustic pallet twin bed for toddlers

Black Stained Pallet Bed:

upcycled black stained pallet platform bed

Upcycled Pallet Bed with Decorative Headboard:

rustic bed out of pallets

Now if you want to give a first-rate or first-class comfort to your installed shapes or designs of pallet bed frames then make them upholstered, padded or cushioned! Mattresses will be amazing to enjoy luxury sitting or sleeping comfort and would be significant ones! This is the only thing in all these pallet projects of bed for which you will have to pay!

The fabulous result of throwing a piece of the mattress on you recently made pallet bed, will be gorgeous looking luxury bed built to last and in custom dimensions for best fit to your master bedroom area! Also, add some pillows to double up the fun of your handmade pallet bed!

People with low incomes can avail these no-cost pallet beds to lower down their furniture expenditures that always disturb a lot! Do try these swank and super easy-to-build pallet bed designs to add more comfort and fun to your real life! Try given free bed frame plans to build your bed using 100% free wooden pallets!

Rustic Pallet Queen Size Bed Frame:

sturdy wooden bed made of pallets

Handmade King Size Pallet Bed:

wooden bed made of pallets

Free Hand-Built Scorched Pallet Bed:

handmade scorched pallet queen size bed

Blue Painted Rustic Pallet Bed:

pallet platform bed with blue headboard

DIY: Creatively Installed Raised Pallet Bed

ultra rustic pallet raised bed frame

Stacked Pallet Bed with Lighted Headboard:

raised pallet bed with headboard

Built-to-Last Pallet Platform Bed:

sturdy pallet platform bed

Just align the shipping skids creatively to get simple yet sturdy pallet platform beds or construction all separately like side rails, sleeping section, headboard, and footboard for a cozy bed frame, both options will rock!

For both these styles of pallet beds, you need perfect hardware for a lasting assemblage and to keep the pieces together strongly! L-brackets, nails, bolts, and nuts, angled iron brackets would be perfect for unbeatable assembly of parts. Hot glue will be fantastic to meet your adhesive needs and will give the inner strength to used pallet boards!

You can also finish these amusing beds with oil, wax, and polyurethane or even with some popular sealants to create more stability or to add weather and waterproofing to them!

Do try these options to put more strength and durability in your final finished products and enjoy them for the whole life without any damage in shape or to avoid weathering and fading!

Shabby Chic White Platform Bed Plan:

shabby chic whtie pallet platform bed

Mid Century Inspired Raised Pallet Bed:

ultra rustic pallet raised bed design

Lasting Pallet Bed with Headboard & Footboard:

diy black stained pallet bed design

Pallet Bed with Storage and Lighted Headboard:

recycled pallet bed with lighted headboard

Platform Pallet Bed with Headboard Accent Wall:

antique pallet bed with decorative headboard wall

Easy-to-Install Pallet Platform Bed:

simple yet elegant pallet platform bed

Shabby Chic Pallet Bed with Crate Storage:

salvaged pallet bed with storage
DIY Pallet Bed With Hidden Storage


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