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Learning to play the bass guitar is similar to learning to play a traditional guitar. There are fewer chords to master and the fingering techniques are not as complicated as the ones used in an acoustic guitar. The strings are heavier though, making finger strength and dexterity very important.

Of course, when starting out it’s important to find the right songs to help you learn the basics of bass guitar playing. Thankfully, there’s a wide range of music to choose from so we can almost certainly find something that interests you. You can pick a rock n’ roll classic or even an orchestral piece. There are more contemporary songs that are perfect for the modern-age bass guitarist, too.

Chris Wolstenholme Playing an Easy Bass Guitar Song for Beginners

In this article, I’ll only include easy bass songs that are also fun to play. Having fun and enjoying the process increases the chance you practice and get hooked on playing the bass guitar.

So, get your bass guitar ready and start learning these easy bass guitar songs for beginners.

Here is a List of Easy Bass Guitar Songs

1. Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson

I think you will all agree with me that the bassline of this song is simply irresistible. To say that “Smooth Criminal” is a very beautiful, funky music is an understatement. Its basslines have been tweaked and used in many contemporary songs. This is a great song that introduces you to basic bass guitar patterns.

The bassline of this song is not as easy as the other songs on this list. You have a standard tuning, which is great for beginners. The only issue is that the rhythm is a bit faster than usual. At 118 beats per minute, you will have to push the capabilities of your playing fingers.

The good news is that it is always okay to start slow. Even when you reduce the rhythm to a more manageable 80 bpm, the bass will still sound great. The pattern is the same when you play the intro and the verse. It changes a little bit once you get to the chorus and the bridge. None of these will tax your fingers, however.

Like learning most new things, learning the bass will come easier to some people than others. If you’re one of these people that is having difficulty, don’t be flustered. Be patient and learn the fundamentals. Sooner or later, you will get the hang of it.

2. Kryptonite by 3 Doors Down

You’ve got to admire 3 Doors Down for making fantastic songs that have a unique rhythm and groove. This is due in part to the remarkable bass playing skills of Todd Harrell. And if you listen to “Kryptonite”, you’ll know that what really drives the timing and the rhythm of the song is Harrell’s bass guitar.

Newbies will love the slow bass intro and verses. There are no complicated fingering techniques on the fretboard. And even as you begin to play the chorus, the chord pattern is still very simple. The only thing that changed is the rhythm. You will be picking the strings at a much faster rate than in the beginning of the song.

For this song to be as authentic as the original, I advise you to use an electric bass guitar. This will give you the ability to mimic the sustained sound effects of the original. You can still use an acoustic bass guitar, of course. You will have to employ a specific fingerstyle for it.

3. Another One Bites the Dust by Queen

All aspiring guitarists should always have at least one Queen song in their collection of must-learn songs. This band has excellent taste when it comes to making music. Most of their pieces are one of a kind, too. And if you’re inclined to become a bassist, then you should consider John Deacon as your idol and this 1980 Queen song a must-learn.

What I find very useful in learning “Another One Bites the Dust” is the simplicity of its basslines. It follows the chord progression of the song. The string that you will be playing most of the time is the 5th string. The rhythm is easy and the song requires only a few fretting movements.

Learning the basslines of the song will help you prepare for other great songs with exceptional bass. It’s more about establishing the rhythm of the song. You can think of the bass guitar as a fully-capable replacement for the drums. Having said that, you can master the basslines in as little as an hour making it a great bass song for beginners.

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4. Chameleon by Herbie Hancock

I know some of you will question my choice of song for aspiring bass guitarists. A song like this is hardly the kind of musical piece that a beginning musician should learn. I beg to differ. Composed as a jazz standard, “Chameleon” is perfect for beginning bassists. Why? For starters, this song has a very familiar funky beat. Hancock also composed it with a very specific bass line.

The song lasts a full 15 minutes and 41 seconds. However, there are only two chords that you will be playing throughout the song. That’s Eb7 and Bbm7. You only need to learn two very basic patterns, each one having 6 notes. The first 5 notes of both patterns are the same. Only the last note will be different.

Once you have mastered these two bass patterns, you can play the entirety of the song. That is why I also picked this piece because it can be a great way to develop your stamina. The arpeggios can also be a good foundation for other fingerstyles.

5. Yellow by Coldplay

This alternative rock song is one of the best that any beginning bass guitarist should consider adding to his or her repertoire of learning pieces. The bass range of the song has a very minimalist approach. It is perfect for those who are absolute newbies to the world of bass guitar playing.

The tempo is moderate at about 88 beats per minute. This is ideal for those who are still struggling with their fretting and fingerpicking skills. The song is made even easier using only three notes: E, B, and F#. The chorus has different chords, but none that is going to make life miserable for the learner. One thing I love about this Coldplay song is the different variations you can have. Most of the time, you will only be picking on a single string and that the frets are not that far from each other.

Learning to play “Yellow’s” basslines is crucial for learning the basics of rhythm. It can also introduce you to the basics of fingerstyle.

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6. Under Pressure by Queen

What does Queen and Vanilla Ice have in common? How about the fact that Vanilla Ice’s characteristic beat in his “Ice Ice Baby” is very similar to the bass rhythm of Queen’s “Under Pressure”? You can call Vanilla Ice as a copycat. You can’t blame him. John Deacon’s signature rhythm has been the inspiration of many contemporary artists. And while many of them went the extra mile of tweaking Deakey’s beat, there’s no shame in playing one of music history’s most iconic bass riffs.

Like many Queen songs, the basslines of “Under Pressure” follow the same melody and structure of the sound. This is a good example of how bass can provide a very stable foundation for the rest of the song. The basslines are constant right from the very first note. There’s a subtle change towards the chorus, but none that will be too complicated for the novice bassist.

I wouldn’t be surprised if you can create your own bassline after learning this song.

7. Billie Jean by Michael Jackson

The song’s basslines may not be as easy as the ones I already listed. However, “Billie Jean” has one of the most recognizable beats on the planet. Listening to the first few bass notes is often enough to let you start feeling the groove. A few moments later and you will already be tapping your foot or even humming the tune.

You’ve got to give credit to Louis Johnson for his fascinating bass playing skills. He is a bassist who is so in-demand that Grammy A-listers line up to have him play the rhythm in their songs. Unfortunately, this bass legend is no longer with us. He did leave behind one of the most iconic beats of the 20th century.

The song plays in standard tuning. The fingerstyle is easy. It is the movements of the fretting fingers that you will need to master. The tempo is moderately fast, but it’s not something that a beginner will not be able to handle with ease.

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8. Come Together by The Beatles

There are more than 200 songs that The Beatles wrote during their 8-year heyday from 1962 to 1970. Many of these songs have stood the test of time, still enjoying significant airtime on many radio stations and popular streaming platforms. And if you’re a Beatle fan who wants to follow in the footsteps of Paul McCartney, there’s no better song to master the basics of bass guitar than “Come Together”.

This is one of those songs that I love beginning bassists to learn. It is especially useful in learning one of the neatest guitars playing tricks on the planet. Transitioning from the 2nd to the 3rd note requires sliding your fretting fingers from the 4th fret all the way to the 10th fret. There are other variations of the technique. And you will get to master them in this song. The sliding technique gives the song a unique ‘twang’ that is almost like steel-string acoustic guitars.

Learn to play the basslines of this song and you’re destined for greatness.

9. Seven Nation Army by White Stripes

If you’re looking for a song that has a very recognizable bassline, then you shouldn’t look any further than “Seven Nation Army”. Although The White Stripes did not have a bass player, Jack White uses a vintage hollowbody guitar and plays the riff on the low E giving it a very heavy bass feel complements the simple drumbeat of the song. This is a song that is worth playing with your newbie bandmates. Not only is this song very fun to play, but it is also instrumental in the revival of garage rock.

Newbies can play the bassline of this song by tuning your guitar down. However, if you already have a bass guitar, then you can start learning how to play it right away. There is a total of 7 notes that you will have to practice. Most of the notes are in the A string. You can play the song on a standard bass guitar tune.

The only tricky aspect of playing the song’s basslines is the movements of the fretting fingers. Nimble fingers are a must when it comes to fretting some of the notes. It remains doable, of course. Constant practice should get you the right rhythm.

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10. Stand By Me by Ben E. King

Something about Ben E. King’s Stand by Me is an easy bass song that is almost magical. This song was written almost 6 decades ago. However, I can still hear it getting played on many digital streaming platforms. There are also radio stations dedicated to playing such musical greats. The lyrics may sound corny to you, but its melody and rhythm are still way better than contemporary music.

Learning the bassline of this song is a breeze. There’s no need for the complicated tuning of your bass guitar. Also, the tonal patterns are almost similar throughout the song. The key here is to break the song into 4 sections. This will make it a lot easier to master the basslines for each section. As always, I advise going slow. It will help you gain confidence in playing the song.

One thing I like about this song is that you can play only the bass and you will still end up with an amazing song. It is also fun learning the basslines that are the foundation of many contemporary bass songs.

11. Three Little Birds by Bob Marley

Not everyone who loves music today knows Bob Marley. But any aspiring musician knows the impact of Bob Marley’s works in the continuing evolution of contemporary music. He always infuses a sense of spirituality into each of his songs. This guy also put Jamaican music on the world map.

One of Marley’s most popular songs is the 1977 hit “Three Little Birds”. I say it’s popular because countless artists have already given their take on the classic song or at least covered it. The song has that very Caribbean feel to it.

Learning the basslines of this Marley song is not that difficult. There are three grooves that you will need to learn and master. The tune of these grooves is not that different from one another; except for the third groove. You also get to perfect your sliding technique, while maintaining a classic fingerpick. These are all essential movements that will help develop your bass guitar playing skills.

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12. Play That Funky Music by Wild Cherry

There are many songs in the 60s and 70s that can be good sources of material for aspiring bassists. One of these is the 1976 song “Play That Funky Music”. Vanilla Ice gave his own interpretation of the song in 1989. However, I still prefer the original version from the Wild Cherry. Not a fan of rap, I guess.

So, why do I consider this song easy? How about the fact that its basslines only involve two chords: Em9 for the verses and Gm9 for the chorus? The verse also only requires playing the notes on the 5th and 7th frets. There is also a break during the pre-chorus where you get to rest your fingers for a few seconds. This is essential because the chorus will somehow test your finger flexibility fretting on the 3rd, 5th, 7th, and 9th.

What some may consider tricky is the transition between the notes. It is quite fast. It’s great for exercising those finger joints, getting them, all warmed up.

13. Tonight, Tonight by The Smashing Pumpkins

One of the alternative rock group’s most popular songs, “Tonight, Tonight” comes with a very catchy tune and a feel-good vibe. The song was a commercial success in 1995. It enjoyed significant airtime exposure in many radio stations all over the world. It has a unique sound that makes it seem more cinematic. The dense layering of the sound is quite phenomenal.

The first time you hear this song may want you to think that the bassline is difficult. Not necessarily. The only thing that is quite tricky is the tempo, which is quite fast. What is crucial here is to master the art of picking the right strings. You can do it with a pick or with your fingers. Once you have accomplished this, it should already be easy to play the entirety of the song.

I promise you; this song has one of the easiest basslines that any beginning bassist can ever learn.

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14. I Got You (I Feel Good) by James Brown

It is without a doubt that James Brown’s 1965 masterpiece is one of the most enduring tunes in the world. Many companies use it as a jingle or as an element in their advertisements. Organizations love the tune and many films have included portions of the song into their musical score. On top of that, “I Got You” happens to be the 78th greatest song ever to grace mankind. This is according to Rolling Stone Magazine.

The familiarity of the song makes it an easy pick for the best song that any budding bassist should play. While the original version is brass-heavy, the song still sounds beautiful on the bass guitar. The arpeggio may require some getting used to. This is because the picking and fretting techniques require a lot of finger movements. You will need absolute finger joint flexibility. On that note, this song should be a great exercise for your fingers.

Playing the bass of this song will make you an instant hit among your friends.

15. Like I’m Gonna Lose You by Meghan Trainor

This 2015 song may not ring a bell to many people. However, many music critics praised Trainor’s song as a welcome respite from her usual works. This song focuses more on Trainor’s vocals. While some say the song is a very old-school, formulaic ballad, it was still able to enjoy commercial success in Australia and New Zealand.

So, why did I include this song in this list if its strength is its vocals? Well, this song has a very easy bassline that even a grade-schooler can easily master. The slow tempo of the song also makes it incredibly easy to play. The fingerstyle isn’t that complicated, either. The song will never make you flex your fingers to the point of popping them off their joints. The rhythm is also something that you can always swing to with your eyes closed.

Overall, the song is an excellent introduction to bass guitar playing. You’ll learn the basics of rhythm and a few fingerstyle techniques that are indispensable for any aspiring bassist.

16. Should I Stay or Should I Go? by The Clash

Radio stations all over the world began playing this punk rock classic in 1982. And while the song was not a huge commercial success, it did enjoy a good following. This is especially true among aspiring musicians who would like to follow in Paul Simonon’s legendary skills in playing the bass guitar. Fast forward 9 years after its release, “Should I Stay or Should I Go” leveraged its partnership with Levi’s to gain greater attention.

As one of the world’s 500 greatest songs, this The Clash hit is a must for every aspiring musician. The basslines are simple. The groove is quite easy to memorize, although it does require some degree of finger flexibility and coordination. This is great news for those who are only starting to learn how to play the bass guitar. They can learn and master the fingerstyle, while also developing their talent for keeping up with the song’s rhythm.

It’s one of those songs that are easy to learn and definitely very fun to play.

17. Money by Pink Floyd

There is no mistaking the popularity of this Pink Floyd classic. The song gets deeply entrenched in modern pop culture every time there is a generation of musicians that gets introduced to the music of Pink Floyd. Like many of Floyd’s songs, “Money” has a very distinct bassline that helps define the song. It provides an overall structure that is so easy and fun to play.

The song has a unique time signature: 5/4 and 7/4. Some people may find this odd and more difficult to learn than the conventional time signatures of ¾ and 4/4. The fact of the matter is that mastering the time signature will make it very easy for you to tackle almost any other piece out there. Plus, the rhythm is something that gets glued to your memory. It would be nearly impossible to get it out of your system.

This Pink Floyd song is perfect for mastering a few basic arpeggios. It’s a good way to flex your fingers, too, while mastering the art of rhythm. All in all, it’s an easy bass song that’s fun to play.

18. Otherside by Red Hot Chili Peppers

Drug dependents know this song too well. Red Hot Chili Peppers created the song to underscore the battles that substance abusers must wage to try to get better. Flea, Smith, Kiedis, and Frusciante worked together to write the piece that would become their tribute to their fallen comrade, Hillel Slovak. The founding guitarist of the band succumbed to complications resulting from an overdose of heroin in 1988.

Played on a standard EADG tuning, “Otherside” offers a bassline that beginners should find very easy. There are no fancy fingerstyles. However, this is one of those music pieces that make use of the slide from the 3rd fret to the 14th fret. The notes are a breeze to master and the rhythm is easy to pick.

This Red Hot Chili Peppers song makes a fascinating piece for novice bassists. It has a very fun melody and a rhythm that instantly sinks into the consciousness. Mastering the rhythm will give you more than enough to tackle almost any other bass guitar song.

19. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana

It would be pointless to single out a song that best characterizes the music of Nirvana. There are way too many songs to choose from. When it comes to its basslines, very few Nirvana songs can match the popularity of the basslines of “Smells Like Teen Spirit”. Almost three decades have passed and this Nirvana creation still finds itself getting playtime on just about every alternative rock radio station.

The song has a punk rock vibe; thanks to the intense guitar chords of Kurt Cobain and the powerful basslines of Krist Novoselic. The bass and the treble unite in a seamless fashion to give you a song that is worth listening to for many centuries.

The basslines of the song can be quite challenging for some people. However, I do believe that this is a good piece for developing the stamina of future bassists. They need to maintain the accuracy of their rhythm, while also focusing on perfect timing. They also must maintain this over long stretches.

20. All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor

I bet you didn’t think I’d put this song on this list, did you? Well, I love this Meghan Trainor song because of its very playful vibe. It has this uncanny ability to transport you to the golden era of contemporary music in the 1960s. It is a hodge-podge of rhythm & blues, doo-wop, and bubblegum pop that can make anyone who hears the tune go crazy.

I think a line of the lyrics says it all. Putting emphasis on bass, instead of the treble is nothing short of extraordinary. The basslines of the song only use three chords. You learn these chords, master them, and you are already playing one of the hippest and most fun tunes of the new millennium.

I think the biggest advantage to this song is the overall structure of its bass. You can practice the timing of your rhythm, while also having absolute fun. Once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll be bouncing like Tigger all around the Hundred Acre Woods.

21. Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne

Aspiring heavy metal bassists should always consider the works of Ozzy Osbourne if they want to master some of the most classic heavy metal basslines. The former frontman of Black Sabbath used his musical genius to create a song that bewails his getting kicked out of the band.

One thing you will notice about the song’s bassline is that it has a very fast tempo. At 138 BPM, you will be pushing the ability of your fretting fingers to coordinate their movements. The easy part of the bassline is its groove. There are two of these. Master these grooves and you could be on your way to rocking the 4/4 song.

The key to learning the bassline of this song is to take note of the silence in between notes. Start slowly before you decide to attack the groove. This is an excellent song for creating your own heavy metal bass riffs in the future. It provides some of the foundation for classic heavy metal.

22. Momentary Bliss by Gorillaz

Released just this year 2020, this Gorillaz song is already becoming one of the favorites among lovers of punk rock and rap music. The song is the opening salvo of the group’s Song Machine initiative. The group aims to release several singles over the course of 12 months, with each single being a collaboration with other artists. This song marks the group’s collaboration with Slaves and Slowthai.

I decided to include this song because the bassline is quite easy to execute. It should also be a good piece for aspiring punk rock bassists to develop their own signature bass riffs. The song is in the standard EADG tuning. It will never put a strain on your fingers. It also helps that its tempo is not that fast. The chorus will require a faster fingerstyle, though.

This is a song that will allow you to play a bassline and look cool while doing it. It is a fun way to learn some of the fundamentals of bass playing.

23. Super Freak by Rick James

I really wanted to include this song because of its super cool bassline. Perhaps this is because it has this very familiar tune that MC Hammer popularized in the 90s. Yes, the bass and rhythm of “Super Freak” is uncannily similar to “U Can’t Touch This”. This is because MC Hammer sampled James’ original song to appeal more to a growing rap fan base in the 90s.

It goes without saying that learning to play the song’s basslines will help you feel and look cool. The bass riff is uniform through the song. There are no major departures from its standard groove, except towards the end of each chorus.

You need agile fingers to play this song. The fretting movements can be dizzying to the uninitiated. Taking it slow should help you build confidence, while also familiarizing your fingers to the different movements of the bassline. The funky vibe of this song is perfect for entertaining your friends and family.

24. The Chain by Fleetwood Mac

Every time Fleetwood Mac goes on stage, the band would always open their act by playing “The Chain”. It is very interesting to note that this song is made of rejected materials from the band members’ previous works. This creates a song that has materials coming from all five members of Fleetwood Mac.

I included this 1977 song because it remains a very popular song. Also, the basslines are not that tricky to master. In fact, you will not begin playing the bassline until about the 52nd second of the 4-minute, 28-second song has passed. This gives you enough time to get into the song’s groove without ever playing anything. And once you strike the first note on the 5th fret of the E string, you should already be in the groove.

Keep in mind that you will only be playing the bassline at the song’s chorus. This is what makes this song ideal for beginners.

25. Longview by Green Day

One of the most important skills that any budding bassist will have to learn is the fingerstyle. You will have to command your fretting fingers to be as flexible as possible. It is also important to ensure their coordinated movements. This is especially true for certain songs that require the fingers to move across the fretboard at different points.

Green Day’s song should be a great exercise for any aspiring bassist. It has a very nice tempo that follows the usual 4/4-time signature. Your fingers will play the strings in a more casual manner. The fretting fingers, however, will have to push their limits. This is especially true for the last 4 fingers as you attempt to hit the right notes.

This is a very fun tune that will have everyone in the room dancing to the beat. Above all, it is a good piece for learning fingerstyle and a few other bass guitar basics.

26. Feel Good Inc. by Gorillaz

One of the best alternative songs ever to be played in the middle of the first decade of the new millennia is this song from Gorillaz. It featured De La Soul, one of America’s fast-rising hip-hop group. The song is the band’s most successful single, reaching double platinum status in the UK and platinum status in Australia.

The song makes it is easy for you to impress your friends with your bass playing skills. The tuning is the usual EADG. To mimic the beautiful, layered sound of the original recording, you might want to employ an octave pedal. This will give you a bass synth layered effect. You can still play this without the pedal, though. And it will still sound amazing.

The rhythm is predictable and the fretting techniques will never tax your fingers. It is a very fun song that you can play anytime, anywhere.

Wrap Up:

That does it for this list. Let us know if there are any easy bass guitar songs that we left off this list that should be included. As always, let us know if you have any comments or questions below!

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  • My own worst enemy by Lit. “My Own Worst Enemy” is a Pop punk song by the American rock band Lit. This bass driven punk tune is a great beginner song for pick playing, but of course you can play it with fingers if you choose to.
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  • 21 Guns by Green Day. 21 Guns is the second single from the eighth Green Day studio album ’21st Century Breakdown’. It’s a pleasant track to listen to, slow and easy on the bass parts, so it is very beginner friendly.
  • Otherside by Red Hot Chili Peppers. Right away, you will notice that the chorus of this song has the same order of notes as the verse of 21 Guns. Like we’ve mentioned, a lot of songs us a variation on that progression.
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2015-12-04  · Remember, bass guitar tabs are not only for beginners. Even advanced guitar students can use them to quickly pick up a new song. Let us look at your audience for a minute. The most popular songs in the world are all from years gone by. If you sit a bunch of people aged between ten and fifty down and play songs at them you will find some universal favorites, and they will all be old songs. If ...
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2013-09-28  · This lesson will teach you how to read bass tab. Tab is short for tablature, a system used to show how music should be played on fretted instruments. It is in common use today, but is not a recent invention. Tablature has been in use for hundreds for years. Tab is popular among beginner bassists because it is easier to read than traditional musical notation and can be learned in a very short ...
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2017-07-22  · Power Tab files are usually more accurate than ASCII bass tabs. Scroll down to view PDF bass tabs from our artists and bands starting with the letter A. To download a PDF bass tab, browse the list of A-lettered artists, then find the bass tab you wish to download. Next, right click on the bass tab file and choose “Save As”. You can then open the bass tab on your computer.
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Bass Lessons — Cool Riffs For Beginners bass tabs. 3.7 / 5 (191 x) Rate this tab: Add to favs. Bass Lessons - Cool Riffs For Beginners Bass Tab. Here are some cool riffs for beginners to play. Standard Tuning "Iron Man" By: Black Sabbath G|————————————————————————————————————————|| …
3.7/5 (191)
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Top Artists - Bass Tabs The Beatles 668 tabs 201 visualizations 1 Rage Against The Machine 150 tabs 146 visualizations 2 Audioslave 103 tabs 100 visualizations 3 Eagles 139 tabs 87 visualizations 4 ABBA 177 tabs 66 visualizations 5 Jamiroquai 87 tabs 64 visualizations 6 Michael Jackson 138 tabs 63 visualizations 7 Green Day 650 tabs 57 visualizations 8 Ben E. King 10 tabs 54 visualizations 9 ...
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2019-12-07  · Keep in mind a bass tab is the same as a guitar tab minus two strings (the 1st and the 2nd). And, lastly, remember this is for beginners, so don’t expect to find any Tool or Rush on the list. Some of these are0 iconic basslines, others are just personal taste, and all of them are good for beginners (some easier than others).
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For your free guitar tab click the link below (right click on any image then select save image as)
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2018-01-05  · Posted Jan 05, 2018, 12 tabs. Simple but iconic + 1775. The Police. Every Breath You Take. 160. bass. Blink-182. All The Small Things. 187. bass. Michael Jackson. Billie Jean (ver …
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Welcome to BIG BASS TABS, the fast growing website with free and accurate bass tablature of all your favorite artists of every genre and era and new bass tabs every day!. Couldn't find what you're looking for? Request bass tabs or submit bass tabs!We'll find them or write them ourselves — after all, we're bass players too!
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All of our bass tab PDF is printable and downloadable so you can enjoy it for years to come. After browsing our selection of free bass tab PDF, view our video lessons to help you get started learning your favorite songs from start to finish. Our collection of tabs, guitar chords, and video lessons is constantly growing, so check back often to find your favorite songs!
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Free all, Official, Chords, Tabs, Pro, Power, Bass Tabs, Drum Tabs, Ukulele Chords tabs including all right now, wishing well, heavy load, mr big, ride on pony
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Here on Jellynote, you’ll find everything from easy bass tabs to advanced bass solos. Our blog also provides you with guides on how to choose between an acoustic bass and an electric one, which Beatles song to start with if you are a beginner bassist and the right-hand position to practice bass scales. Jellynote is the place where musicians find quality scores tailored to their needs. This ...
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Bass tabs are read and written the same way as guitar tabs, except for the B and high E strings. So what EADGBE is on guitar can always be translated into the EADG on the bass. In fact, once you start learning theory and can play a bass-line fluently, reading guitar tabs becomes an easy way to figure out harmonies and scale-play. We leave all that for a later stage. For now, let’s ...
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YOU COULD LEARN BY USING FREE INTERNET TABS But with Beginner to Badass… You’ll learn the right techniques, in the right order, to get the right sound. You won’t drag along in some random order, or plateau when you should be pushing on. And you won’t need to struggle or waste time with incorrect tabs from sketchy bassists. Reviews I loved how easy to understand the lessons are. The ...
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Get the tabs for these 5 beginner bass lines so you always have something you can play that is sure to impress. Download the tabs FREE here → https://beco...
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Here you find lots of famous and great guitar covers with free accurate tab, sheet music, chords, tutorial and PDF. If you are a beginner guitar player you can learn easily how to play the guitar with these very easy songs of all genres. I’ve put here a list of 100+ free tabs. Enjoy the songs!
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Top bass tabs. All types guitar guitar pro. bass. piano video drum power sheet music. 1 Ok Go White Knuckles Lesson. 10 hits. 2 Metallica Enter Sandman Lesson. 8 hits. 3 Guns N Roses Sweet Child O Mine Lesson. 8 hits. 4 5 Seconds Of Summer Shes Kinda Hot Lesson. 8 hits. 5 Nirvana Come As You Are Lesson. 7 hits . 6 The Eagles Hotel California Lesson. 7 hits. 7 U2 Mysterious Ways Lesson. 7 hits ...
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2021-06-28  · 50 Easy Guitar Tabs For Beginners and Instructors. Tablature , or TAB, has been around since the catgut-flailing, knicker-wearing fretheads of the Renaissance. Not much has changed; I mean, yeah, we traded catgut (or rather sheep intestines that were used for strings) to steel, that weird-shaped lute for a neon-colored, solid-body with a whammy bar and knickers for spandex. But, a musical ...
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Free Bass Tabs with free online tab player. One accurate tab per song. Huge selection of 500,000 tabs. No abusive ads
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Bass Tabs: Bass Lines, Riffs & Tunes contains a selection of bass guitar tabs to inspire your own playing. Master the art of creating effective bass lines, develop your playing technique, and perform for family and friends.

All of the music in the book is presented in bass TAB and notation. The book includes: 20 example songs with tabbed basslines; a library of over 100 bass riffs; and 15 famous pieces, including music by Beethoven and Vivaldi, arranged for bass guitar.

Also included is a free downloadable album, containing demonstration recordings plus backing tracks for you to play along with.

Master The Bass Guitar

A great bassist needs to know how to make a song groove, how to add musical value to lines and how to interact with the other musicians in the band.

Guitar Command’s new book, Bass Tabs: Bass Lines, Riffs and Tunes, shows you how to do this. The book is bursting with examples of bass lines in a range of musical styles. Create effective bass lines and learn the licks a professional bassist would play.

bass guitar music book

Free MP3 Album With Every Book

Bass Tabs: Bass Lines, Riffs and Tunes comes complete with a FREE companion mp3 album with recordings of all of the music in the book. It also contains complete backing tracks for all of the songs in the first section of the book.

Listen to sample tracks below

Bass Tabs Free MP3 Album

About Bass Tabs: Bass Lines, Riffs and Tunes

The book is divided into three main sections: Bass Songs, Bass Riffs and Bass Tunes. You can find out more about each section below:

Bass Songs

The first section of the book, Bass Songs, contains tabbed versions of bass lines from example songs. These show you how bass lines can be constructed. Learn how bass lines follow the chords and structure of a song.

Play along to the songs with the free album. Use the example songs contained in this section to create awesome bass lines of your own.


Over 100 Bass Riffs Tabbed & Notated

The second section of the book, Bass Riffs, contains over one hundred tabbed bass riffs. Written in a range of musical styles, keys and tempos, this is a complete riff library for bass guitarists. Play blues, rock, chart and metal licks. Improve your bass vocabulary. Build an internal bass riff library and play the perfect bass line in any situation.

Bass Riffs Book

Play Famous Music On Your Bass Guitar

The final section of the book, Bass Tunes, contains a selection of famous melodies, including music by Beethoven and Vivaldi, aranged for bass guitar and presented in TAB and notation.

This is a great resource for improving your bass technique. Guitar chords are provided, so you can get together with a guitarist and perform for family and friends.

Bass Music

No Need To Read Music

You don’t need to know how to read music to use this book – all of the examples are presented in both bass TAB and notation.

Use the free MP3 album to hear how the music should sound. You can also use the musical examples to improve your sight reading.

Bass Tabs Book Guitar Piano

Bass Tabs: Bass Lines, Riffs and Tunes contains full size music and tab and is not available as an eBook.

Flick through the book to find great bass ideas for use in a wide range of musical situations. Play along to the free MP3 album and learn the secrets to becoming a top bassist.

Bass Tabs Book Back Cover

How To Order

Order Bass Tabs: Bass Lines, Riffs and Tunes direct from Amazon or CreateSpace.


Amazon all other countries

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Radiohead - Creep (Bass Cover) (Play Along Tabs In Video)

The 10 best rock songs to play on bass

Do you play the bass? In this article we present to you our selection of the 10 best rock tabs that you can play on bass. From Smoke on the Water to Nothing Else Matters you’ll find all the greatest rock standards… Thanks to Tomplay’s interactive tabs you can now play the bass accompanied by a play along recording by the rest of the band! You can also find these songs in the following collections: 

▶️️ The greatest rock songs to play on the bass guitar, Beginner, Vol. 1

▶️️ The greatest rock songs to play on the bass guitar, Easy, Vol. 1

▶️️ The greatest rock songs to play on the bass guitar, Intermediate, Vol. 1


The bass guitar: one of rock’s most powerful instruments

A lot of times the bass guitar unfortunately does not get the credit it truly deserves. It’s fairly rare that it takes the spotlight in a song - that place is usually taken up by the guitar or the vocals. And yet observant listeners know, the right bassline is crucial for a good sound - especially when it’s time to rock!

The bass adds to the impact of a rock song just as much as the drums; in some cases it’s even the heart and soul of a melody that you just can’t get out of your head. Just think of the legendary sound of Queen’s Another One Bites The Dust- one of the many basslines that is solely responsible for the immortality of a certain song.

The world famous riff from Smoke on the Waterby Deep Purple - that should be at the fingertips of every guitarist out there - also only really comes alive once the bass kicks in. Just as in most rock songs, it’s in that particular moment that the melody becomes a timeless classic that you simply can't let go of.

Sometimes you just can’t help but to keep humming a certain bassline on and on. So why not just grab your bass instead and play it yourself? In this article we’ve made a selection of the 10 best bass tabs you and your instrument can rock out to!

1. Smells like teen spirit

▶️️ Play the bass tab of Smells like teen spirit

There are only a few songs out there to capture the spirit of a decade as perfect as Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit. It was the first single of Nevermind, one of the band’s most successful and also one of the most important albums of all time. It was at this moment, that grunge established itself as a mainstream genre - which it still is to this day.

It all started with a misunderstanding: “Kurt smells like Teen Spirit”, Kathleen Hanna - Frontwoman of Bikini Kill - one day wrote on Kurt Cobain’s Wall. He thought that there must have been a deeper meaning behind those words, which inspired him to write the instant classic. Only months after the song’s release did he find out that she was just referring to the deodorant Teen Spirit.

The lyrics that became a whole generation’s anthem were led on by some of rock’s most well known power chords. And yet during the verse it’s the bass that’s creating the unremarkable sound that to this day is distinctive for Nirvana. With Smells Like Teen Spirit you’re not just playing grunge on the bass - you’re playing a piece of rock history!

Explore our interactive tabs for Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana and play the song on bass with optional vocals and play along accompaniment.


2. Another One Bites The Dust

▶️️ Play the bass tab of Another One Bites The Dust

Without a doubt, Freddy Mercury is the shining star of Queen. In Another One Bites The Dust it’s the bass that’s clearly stealing the spotlight though - which comes as no surprise considering that John Deacon, the band’s bassist, wrote the entire song.

Its success showcases how important a good bassline is for every rock song: With over 7 million units sold it’s Queen’s most successful single. Ever since then artists worldwide, including Wyclef Jean, have either covered it or just sampled its iconic bassline as in The Adventures of Grandmaster Flash on the Wheels of Steel.

With such a meaningful history every bassist should rock out to Another One Bites The Dust at least once in their life. It’s not just about its smooth sound - the riff is just a whole lot of fun to play on top of that!

With our interactive bass tabs you can now play Another One Bites The Dust on bass in several levels of difficulty and with optional vocals.


3. Smoke on the Water

▶️️ Play the bass tab of Smoke on the Water

A must for every rock fan: With over 12 million singles sold Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple is one of most successful rock classics of all time. It has therefore truly earned its place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!

The riff is one of the most well known among guitarist and bassist alike. In most cases it’s one of the first, if not even the first song one learns to play on his instrument. Despite its easy way of playing it remains a musical  milestone even after all these decades.

Deep Purple have created an undying legacy with Smoke on the Water. It’s still featured on almost every list that features music’s greatest accomplishments. And that’s why you should put it on your list of songs to play too!

Thanks to Tomplay’s multi-track system you can now play Smoke on the Wateron bass with optional vocals and with play along accompaniment in several levels of difficulty.

4. Californication

▶️️ Play the bass tab of Californication

Who doesn’t still remember one of summer 2000’s most catchy masterpieces? Californication by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers was a massive hit back when it came out - and it still remains one of the most beloved rock songs to date.

In their hit the Red Hot Chilli Peppers don’t just focus on pure technical bass music. Instead they intentionally composed it rather simple to make each note hit just perfect. Through this structure the band is dealing with the dark side of Hollywood; Anthony Kiedis’s lyrics are criticising pretty much everything he sees wrong with the western world.

In classic fashion the band is precisely using elements of funk to create their unmistakable sound. Despite its simplicity Californication is a truly special experience on every instrument - especially on bass! Flea isn’t one of the most beloved bassists of our time without reason.

Play our bass tabs of Californication on bass in several levels of difficulty and with optional vocals.

5. Wish you were here

▶️️ Play the bass tab of Wish you were here

Written by Roger Walters and David Gimour: Wish you were here - from the 1975 album of the same name - is one of Pink Floyd’s most popular songs. And with a repertoire of masterpieces that is Pink Floyd’s discography - that is nothing short of impressive.

Both musicians have gone on record stating that they think it’s one of their best. Every listener instantly knows why: Each note is just composed masterfully and in full harmony with each other. During its intro, which has reached cult status among guitarists of all kinds, an atmosphere is crafted that suits the melancholic lyrics just perfectly. 

So it’s no wonder that Wish you were here has generated countless covers ever since its release, from Wyclef Jean to Limp Bizkit and Sparklehorse - every rock musician should know these scores by heart.

Thanks to Tomplay’s multi-track system you can now play our bass tablature of Wish you were here with optional vocals and in several levels of difficulty.

6. Killing in the Name

▶️️ Play the bass tab of Killing in the Name

A song that’s still just as important even three decades after its release: With Killing in the Name Rage Against the Machine takes a clear stand against institutionalized racism in the United States of America.

It was only through coincidence that Tom Morello discovered the legendary riff - 1991 it was finally released to the masses. It didn’t take long until Killing in the Name became the hymn of the L.A. riots that followed shortly after. But it’s not just its thematic aspects that lends the song its significance - it's also a musical achievement.

The bass plays a significant role in its suspenseful build-up to the explosive riff that every rock and metal fan instantly wants to headbang to. Killing in the Name is a perfect example of how important the perfect bassline is to fully land that musical punch.

With our interactive bass scores you can now play Killing in the Name in several levels of difficulty and optional vocals thanks to our multi-track system.

7. Creep

▶️️ Play the bass tab of Creep

Today, Radiohead is one of the most famous alternative rock bands of our time. Much of their success is due to their debut single Creep, which featured on their first studio album, Pablo Honey; a classic of alternative rock. 

Due to the deeply melancholy, sometimes depressing lyrics about an obsessive relationship, the song was initially rarely played by many radio stations. When the track was re-released in 1993, it became an international hit. To date, Creep is the band's most successful single. 

The melancholy mood of the text can also be found in the calm playing of the instruments. With their hit, Radiohead have truly created an intense musical experience that no instrumentalist should miss. 

Discover our interactive tabs from Creepon bass and play the song in several levels of difficulty.

8. Hysteria

▶️️ Play the bass tab of Hysteria

Time for a change of pace! Hysteria by Muse is a fast-paced piece full of energy and fun for every bassist. It's not for nothing that the bass line has been on almost every top 10 list since its release in 2003 - and it deserves it! 

As a single from the third studio album Absolution, Hysteria was an instant hit back then. The energetic sound is also perfectly captured by the music video: It is about destructive forces that get the heart pumping.

The piece is therefore the perfect opportunity to go one better: the bass line is at a consistently fast tempo and provides your playing with a lot of momentum. Once you've got this song down, as a bassist you're prepared for the time being. 

With our interactive tabs you can now play the fast-paced piece Hysteriaby Muse on bass, thanks to the multi-track system with optional vocals. 

9. Nothing Else Matters

▶️️ Play the bass tab of Nothing Else Matters

For many of us, they were the initial reason to pick up an instrument: Metallica. Their legendary ballad Nothing Else Matters is one of the most important songs in the metal genre; although its popularity has long since exceeded its limits. 

In Germany alone, the single stayed in the charts for over 85 weeks. In addition to countless other awards, the band received a Grammy for the best metal performance. This success has forever changed the landscape of the genre and catapulted it into new spheres. 

As a classic metal ballad, Nothing Else Matters fits in perfectly with immortal songs like Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin - and is in no way inferior to them. The tabs of the melodic sound should be firmly anchored in the fingers of every guitarist and bassist. 

Play the timeless classic Nothing Else Mattersby Metallica with our interactive bass scores, now accompanied by the rest of the band!

10. Come together

▶️️ Play the bass tab of Come Together

And last but not least another classic: Come Together by The Beatles from one of music’s most important years - 1969. In addition to all the other unique hits that the band has created in the course of their important career, it seems almost impossible to choose just one song. 

Paul McCartney's smooth bass line is clearly the star here - even though it is a masterpiece in the truest sense of the word on almost every musical level! At a true high point in music history, The Beatles managed to create melodies like hardly any other artist of their time with Come Together

It cannot be denied: The Band has left an indelible mark on music history. Come Together is just one of the many songs whose legacy should be kept alive by any instrumentalist. 

Discover our interactive tablature from Come Together on bass now and play the Beatles hit with optional vocals!


Bass tabs awesome


Here are some cool riffs for beginners to play.

Standard Tuning

"Iron Man" By: Black Sabbath

"Smoke On The Water" By: Deep Purple

"The Sunshine of Your Love" By: Eric Clapton

"God Of Thunder" By: Kiss

"Crazy Train" By: Ozzy Osbourne

"Feel Good Inc." By: Gorillaz

"Back In Black" By: AC/DC

"Wings of a Butterfly" By: HIM

"Hypnotize" (The intro) By: System of a Down
A|—————————————————————————————|| X2

"Dance, Dance" By: Fallout Boy

Tablature player for this song:

Bass Lessons - Cool Riffs For Beginners Bass Tab
Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody (Bass Cover) (Play Along Tabs In Video)

Easy Bass Tabs

Easy Bass Tabs

The rock and jazz culture saw a widespread use of bass guitars. Today, many people learn to play the bass, due to sheer love for groove and gallop. Some easy bass guitar tabs and lessons have been provided in this article to help you become a good bass player.

Bass guitar

If you are a beginner, you are bound to find some really simple bass tabs on the net. But, understanding the theory and logic behind such tabs is an absolute necessity. The bass guitar is a combination of double bass and guitar, and hence, it plays a very important role in any music ensemble. The bass controls the flow and tempo of the music, and gives any composition, the much-needed texture. It is essentially called the skeleton or framework of a song. There are three principles or basic styles (Groove, Gallop, and Solos), which you can adopt while playing the bass. Note that every style is unique, and you need to gain an almost complete mastery over each, to become a really good bass player.

Style 1: The Groove

Among the several bass styles, the groove is the most important one. Its meaning is simple, you have to pluck a pattern according to rhythm and texture, and keep on playing it in the proper scale.

Song 1: Hotel California (Eagles)

The following is a slow but melodious bass groove from the song, ‘Hotel California’ by the band ‘Eagles’.


Verse 1:


Chorus 1:


The groove style was widely used by noted bassist Jaco Pastorious.

Song 2: Californication (RHCP)

The bassist Flea of ‘Red Hot Chili Peppers’ is another expert on this style, and hence, the bass tabs of the song ‘Californication’ are provided below. The letters, ‘h’ denotes hammer on, and ‘p’ denotes to pop.







The key is to observe the strumming of the guitarist or the keyboard player, and group together the notes accordingly. If the guitarist keeps up a strum such as 1-2-3, 1-2-3, then play a grove that has lower pitched notes in the beginning, and higher pitched notes at the end. Such grooves are found in all old rock songs and even in jazz songs. The jazz bass tabs are mostly all groovy; a very famous jazz bassist is Victor Wooten. Some bassists such John Myung of Dream Theater play according to all three styles. But, if you are looking for simple bass tabs for beginners, there is nothing more pleasing than old grooves.

Style 2: The Gallop

This style is more often observed in the metal genre songs. Steve Harris of Iron Maiden is one of the well-known gallop style players. This method is quite difficult, and you will require a considerable amount of practice with your right hand.

Song 1: Coming Back to Life (Pink Floyd)

Provided below are some easy to learn bass tabs to play. They consist of the bass line for the song ‘Coming Back to Life’ by Pink Floyd, and it has a very slow tempo.

…..shining sun


lost in thought….


while the seeds of….


outside the rain…..


while I pondered….


I took a heavenly…


for killing the past…


The gallop is extremely slow, and almost lethargic, but the melody is amazingly magical and awesome.

Song 2 : The Trooper

G: ———————————————————————————–
D: -2——-0–0-0-0-2——-0–0-0-0-2———-0-0-0-2–2-2-0—0-0-0—————
A: ————————————————————-2——-3-0–3-3-3-0–
E: ———————————————————————————-3

Starting of the gallop:
The following tabs are used for every verse:
G: ———————————————————————————-
D: -2–2-2-2–2-2-2–2-2-2–2-2-2–2-2-2—0-4-0-2–2-2-2–2-2-2–2-2-2–2-2-2–2-2-2
A: ————————————–0——————————————-
E: ———————————————————————————-


G: —————————————————————————————————
D: -0–0-0-0–0-0-0–0-0-0–0-0-0–0-0-0–0-0-0-4-0-2–2-2-2–2-2-2–2-2-2–2-2-2–2-2-2–2-2-2–2-2-2
A: —————————————————————————————————
E: —————————————————————————————————

Style 3: Solos

Playing bass guitar solos is quite difficult, and you would require quite a bit of practice to accomplish it. Soloing is generally done as the intro or outro of the song. There are some bassists who follow the guitar solo.

Song 1: Solar Groove (John Myung of Dream Theater)

Introductory Solo:

Song 2: Trooper (Iron Maiden)

Solo 1:
G: —————————————————————————————–5——-7–
D: —————————————————————————————5—5—7—7
A: -7–7-7-7–7-7-7–7-7-7–7-7-6–6-6-6–6-6-6–6-6-6–6-6-2–2-2-2–2-2-2–2-2-2–2-2-3——-5——
E: —————————————————————————————————-

Solo 2:

The outro is the same as the intro.

The key to become a really good bass player is to start following the rhythm and scales. It must be noted that merely playing tabs, will not be sufficient. You also have to take into consideration the melody and feel of the song. Disciplined practice and consistent efforts with scales and grooves, will help you to roll out amazing bass lines. A very important aspect of playing the bass is patience and concentration. A combination of the two results in a killer bass line.

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