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CVC Words List, Phonics Printable, 211 CVC Words, CVC Words Chart, T-195
CVC Phonics Word List, Phonics Printable, 211 CVC Words, Preschool Sight WordsGreat for building Kindergarten and first grade literacy! Provide hands-on approach to learning and practicing CVC word families! These sheets are a great way to engage all learners while making learning FUN!Digital File -
A to Z: Phonics charts, building sentences and tracing (Printable Pack)
This amazing bundle has a total of 78 pages. Understanding the importance of repetition and modeling for students in Kindergarten to First Grade, English Learners, and Special Needs students, we created this bundle to help with the alphabet, letter sounds, letter recognition, sight words identificat
ABC Alphabet/Phonics Chart Printable {Freebie}
Alphabet/phonics chart with original clip art designed by me. This color printable chart uses both upper case and lower case letters. All clip art is easily recognizable. It is the perfect tool/reference for your Pre-Kindergarten phonics, Kindergarten phonics, and 1st grade phonics. Great for

Approximate Age of Mastery

Sample Activities and Reproducibles

Child can recognize letters by name.
Child can point to an "A" and call it an "A."
Alphabet Tree (PDF) from Overhead Teaching Kit: Easy Phonics Lessons for the Overhead
Child can recognize a few letters by sound.
Child can point to a "P" and say that it makes the sound /p/.
Child can recognize rhyming sounds and alliterations in simple words.
Adult asks child to name a word that sounds like "cat." Child says, "hat."
Child can identify when the first letter sound of a word is different from the first letter sound of another word.
Adult shows a picture of a sock, a sun, and a boat and asks which picture name begins with a different sound. Child says, "boat."
Child can blend simple word parts together to form a word. Child can also distinguish a lower-case letter from an upper-case letter.
Adult says /k/ /at/ and asks the child what word has been spelled. Child says, "cat."
Child can blend individual letter sounds together to form a word.

First Grade

Adult asks the child what word is made when these sounds are put together —/k/ /a/ /t/. Child responds, "cat."
Child can segment, or separate, a word sound by sound.

First Grade
(Mid – to – late)

Adult asks the child what sounds make up the word "cat." Child responds, "/k/ /a/ /t/."
Worksheet (PDF) from Teaching with Phonics Tiles
Child understands how changing letters in a word changes the sounds and the meaning.

First Grade
(Mid – to – late)

Child spells '"cat" and when asked is able to change the "c" to another letter to make a new word such as "bat."
Worksheet (PDF) from Teaching with Phonics Tiles
Child can sound out one-syllable words with short and long vowel spellings.

First Grade
(Mid – to – late)

Child can sound out the words map, rain, and bean.
Child can sound out multisyllabic words.
Child can sound out the words sometimes, everything, customer, pilot, and remember.
Child can use prefixes, suffixes, and Greek and Latin roots to sound out and define new words.
Child can sound out the words unhappy, repeating, telephone, and autograph.
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FREE Printable Phonics Charts

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Learning the alphabet and each letter’s sounds can be overwhelming at first glance, but it doesn’t have to be! These Free Printable Phonics Charts are colorful and so nicely laid out that your child’s eye will be easily drawn to it. There’s a chart for blends, digraphs, and vowel sounds – each one will help your child as he begins his journey to being a reader!



Scroll down to get this cute set of Free Printable Phonics Charts

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