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Michelle Michael

  • Season 6 Overview

    Air Date: October 7, 2007

  • S6:E27. Leslie MacKool

    Air Date: August 17, 2008

  • S6:E26. Jeanette Sliwinski

    Air Date: August 10, 2008

  • S6:E25. Shawna Nelson

    Air Date: August 3, 2008

  • S6:E24. Tracey Frame

    Air Date: July 27, 2008

  • S6:E23. Linda Fields

    Air Date: July 20, 2008

  • S6:E22. Elicia Hughes

    Air Date: July 13, 2008

  • S6:E21. Ann Miller Kontz

    Air Date: May 25, 2008

  • S6:E20. Kerri Fae Brown

    Air Date: May 18, 2008

  • S6:E19. Ann Trexler

    Air Date: May 11, 2008

  • S6:E18. Shayna Lovera

    Air Date: May 4, 2008

  • S6:E17. Monique Berkley

    Air Date: April 27, 2008

  • S6:E16. Darlene Gentry

    Air Date: April 20, 2008

  • S6:E15. Linda Henning

    Air Date: April 13, 2008

  • S6:E14. Michelle Michael

    Air Date: April 6, 2008

  • S6:E13. Sharon Daniels

    Air Date: February 10, 2008

  • S6:E12. Malaika Griffin

    Air Date: February 3, 2008

  • S6:E11. Erika Sifrit

    Air Date: January 27, 2008

  • S6:E10. Lisa Whedbee

    Air Date: January 20, 2008

  • S6:E9. Cynthia George

    Air Date: January 13, 2008

  • S6:E8. Misty Witherspoon

    Air Date: January 6, 2008

  • S6:E7. Kathleen Denson

    Air Date: November 18, 2007

  • S6:E6. Lynn Turner

    Air Date: November 11, 2007

  • S6:E5. Elizabeth Reynolds

    Air Date: November 4, 2007

  • S6:E4. Sarah Brady

    Air Date: October 28, 2007

  • S6:E3. Adrienne Emily Hickson

    Air Date: October 21, 2007

  • S6:E2. Jessica McCord

    Air Date: October 14, 2007

  • S6:E1. Mary Winkler

    Air Date: October 7, 2007

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    Snapped (Official Logo).png
    Written byMatt Edens
    Eric Wetherington
    Brian O'Connor
    Geoffrey Proud
    Todd Moss
    Narrated by
    • Brian Langsbard
    • Justin Melland
    Country of originUnited States
    Original languageEnglish
    No. of seasons30
    No. of episodes533
    Executive producers
    • Erica Diaz-Gant
    • Kimberly Chessler
    • Amy Introcaso-Davis
    • Stephen Land
    • Deborah Dawkins
    • Zak Weisfeld
    • Geoffrey Proud
    • David Wallach
    • Michael Rogers
    • Donna Dudek
    • Elizabeth Gibson
    • Katie Harrington
    • Cecile Bouchardeau
    • David Lane
    • Melissa May
    • Todd Moss
    • Jane Nowiski
    • Brian O'Connor
    • Valerie Shepherd
    • Mariel Sykes
    • Eric Wetherington
    • Sharon Martin
    • Paul Foster
    • Eric Futrell
    • Erin Althaus
    • Jeffrey Woods
    Running time
    • 24 minutes (approx.) (2004–2006)
    • 43 minutes (approx.) (2007–present)
    Production companyJupiter Entertainment[1]
    Original networkOxygen
    Picture format
    Original releaseAugust 6, 2004 (2004-08-06) –
    present (present)
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    Snapped is an American true crimetelevision series produced by Jupiter Entertainment. The series depicts high profile or bizarre cases of women accused of murder. Each episode outlines the motivation for murder, whether it be revenge against a cheating husband or lover, a large insurance payoff, or the ending to years of abuse, with each murder's circumstances as unique as the women profiled.[2]

    Snapped premiered on August 6, 2004 on Oxygen. It has since become the network's longest-running original series, with its 28 defined seasons and sixteen years in production (and two spin-offs) outlasting the seventeen seasons and thirteen years of the Bad Girls Club. The show also played a large role in the decision by parent company NBCUniversal to relaunch Oxygen as a crime network in 2017.[3][4] As of November 22, 2020[update], 500 original episodes of Snapped have aired.


    The series features non-fiction narratives of people who have committed murder or attempted murder or have been accused of committing or attempting to commit murder. Often the target is the individual's spouse. The program is edited in a documentary style, using a central voice-over narration by actress Jody Flader, as well as interviews with people in possession of first-hand knowledge of the case, including law-enforcement officials, lawyers, journalists, friends and family members of both the victims and the accused, and at times the criminals or victims themselves. A few rare episodes during the series run have centered on male perpetrators, while a larger number of episodes have featured men who conspired with the central female perpetrator in the crime.


    Snapped first aired on August 6, 2004, with the pilot episode, "Celeste Beard Johnson"[5] The series is currently in its twenty-eighth season of production at Jupiter Entertainment.[6][1]

    Actresses Laura San Giacomo and Ronnie Farer narrated the first and second seasons, respectively.[7][8] Sharon Martin took the role of narrator in its third season, with a distinctive and pronounced oral cadence. She acquired an additional credit as a supervising producer of the series.[1] In February 2018, Martin announced she would no longer narrate the series.[9] The new narrator is actress Jody Flader, according to the end-of-episode credits and Flader's web site.[10]

    In October 2020, Oxygen announced—in celebration of the series' 500th episode—it would air a two-week experience, billed as "Snapped: The Killer Women Event." The event will include original pilot episode and a never-before-seen episode. The event culminated in the airing of the 500th episode, focusing on the murder of Randy Sheridan, on November 22, 2020.[11]


    A complete list of Snapped episodes:[12]

    Season 1 (2004)[edit]

    Season 2 (2005)[edit]

    Season 3 (2005)[edit]

    Season 4 (2006)[edit]

    Season 5 (2007)[edit]

    Season 6 (2007–2008)[edit]

    Season 7 (2009–2010)[edit]

    Season 8 (2011–2012)[edit]

    Season 9 (2012–2013)[edit]

    Season 10 (2013)[edit]

    Season 11 (2013–2014)[edit]

    Season 12 (2014)[edit]

    Season 13 (2014)[edit]

    Season 14 (2014–2015)[edit]

    Season 15 (2015)[edit]

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    Snapped: Killer Couples: Season 6 Episode 6 - Brandi Hungerford & Robert Lemke [HD] [Buy]

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    Snapped Extra Lynn Turner Jan 08 2021 Full Episode 9627

    Snapped: Season 6 - The Killer Collection - As seen on Oxygen!

    Product Description

    27 stories. 27 crimes of passion.

    Each episode of Snapped chronicles the life of a woman who has been charged with murder. Did they really do it? If they did, why? Whether the motivation was revenge against a cheating husband, the promise of a hefty insurance payoff, or putting an end to years of abuse, the reasons are as varied as the women themselves.

    These shocking but true stories turn common assumptions about crime and criminals upside down, and prove that even the most unlikely suspects can be capable of murder. From socialites to secretaries, female killers share one thing in common: at some point, they all snapped.

    About the Actor

    Episode Listing:

    Disc One: Mary Winkler, Jessica McCord, Adrienne Hickson, Sarah Brady, Elizabeth Reynolds, Julia Lynn Turner, Kathleen Denson, Misty Witherspoon, Cynthia George

    Disc Two: Lisa Whedbee, Erica Sifrit, Malaika Griffin, Sharon Daniels, Shelly Michael, Linda Henning, Darlene Gentry, Monique Berkley, Shayne Lovera

    Disc Three: Ann Trexler, Kerri Fae Brown, Ann Miller Kontz, Elicia Hughes, Linda Fields, Tracey Frame, Shawna Nelson, Jeanette Sliwinski, Leslie MacKool


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