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This is how you can use castor oil for long, luscious, and healthy hair

‘Tis the season of dry, damaged hair—thanks to the moisture-deprived, chilly weather and well—the centrally heated rooms that are just about enough to suck whatever little oil and moisture left!

But we’ve found the perfect solution to this problem—one that won’t just help your hair regain its lost glory, but will also boost your hair growth. No points for guessing, we’re talking about castor oil. 

“Castor oil contains fatty acids, oleic acid, and linoleic acid, as well as vitamin E, minerals, and protein,&#; explains Shahnaz Husain, founder, chairperson, and managing director, The Shahnaz Husain Group, India.

&#;Hence, it can nourish the hair follicles and promote hair growth. In fact, it can even improve the texture of your hair as well as its colour if your hair’s damaged by the sun,” she adds.

To add to that, castor oil has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, which can benefit dry, itchy, and flaky scalp conditions too according to Husain.

But how can you bask in the hair benefits of castor oil? Husain reveals the right way of using this wonder oil:

1. Mix it with other oils
Castor oil is a thick and viscous oil, so mixing it with other oils may make it easier for you to apply and spread it throughout the hair evenly. It can be mixed with lighter oils like olive oil, sesame seed (til) oil, sunflower oil or coconut oil. In fact, since each of these oils have their own hair conditioning benefits, applying a concoction is only goes to help your precious mane.

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2. Heat it up before using
Warm castor oil before application to ensure better absorption. This will also help loosen dandruff flakes and other build-up on the scalp&#;allowing your roots to breathe and grow better.

3. Give castor oil some time to weave its magic Ideally, you should allow castor oil to sit on your scalp and in your hair for at least for half an hour. In fact, you can even leave it on overnight, washing it the next morning. This will give the oil ample time to do its work.

4. Ditch refined castor oil for its cold pressed version
When you set out to buy castor oil, lay your hands on a bottle of cold-pressed castor oil instead of its refined version. Cold-pressed oils retain more nutrients, and hence, are more beneficial.

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In appearance, castor oil is a translucent liquid with a yellow tint. It is an ingredient in a wide variety of household items from cleaning products to paints.

It has also been used to treat a range of medical conditions, most notably digestive issues. Castor oil is broken down into ricinoleic acid in the small intestine, which speeds up the process of digestion in the intestines. Although the evidence is less conclusive, castor oil has also been found to have some potential benefits for the face and skin.

Castor oil and ricinoleic acid are thought to increase absorption in the skin and are sometimes used in the treatment of various skin conditions, including dermatosis, psoriasis, and acne. There are also anecdotal reports of castor oil promoting hair growth, though no scientific evidence is currently available to verify this.

By containing ricinoleic acid and several other fatty acids, castor oil has some properties that make it a useful skincare product, particularly for the face.

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What is Castor Oil?

Castor Oil is a very pale yellow liquid that is extracted from castor seeds (Ricinus Communis). It is an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant oil which has been used for centuries for its therapeutic and medicinal benefits. It is believed that most of castor oil’s benefits are derived from its high concentration of unsaturated fatty acids.

USES : Although it has a strong and rather unpleasant taste, castor oil is used in cosmetics, soaps, textiles, medicines, massage oils and many other everyday products

Castor oil for Pain

Castor oil is a triglyceride and around 90 per cent of the oil consists of ricinoleic acid, which has anti-inflammatory properties. Thus, castor oil is used for reducing inflammation and swelling of joints and tissues. Oral consumption of 2 spoonfuls of castor oil in a glass of water provides relief in cases of severe rheumatoid arthritis. The oil can also be applied on the painful area. Castor oil packs are used to provide relief from back pain and abdominal pain. It also gives a soothing effect in menstrual cramps.

Castor oil for Hair

Fatty acids and Vitamin E of castor oil aid in hair growth. When applied on hair and scalp, castor oil stimulates hair growth, charges up blood circulation and frees the scalp of any bacterial and fungal infections and dandruff. Hair roots get the required nourishment through castor oil. The usage checks hair loss and split ends. The oil traps the moisture of the hair and prevents it from becoming dry. The same theory comes into force when castor oil is applied on eyebrows. Topical application of castor oil helps in thickening of eyebrows.

Castor oil as Laxative

Castor oil is known for its laxative benefits. When taken orally, ricinoleic acid gets released in the intestine and then it starts functioning as a laxative. Its hotness initiates action by digesting the undigested food residue and cleanses the system by helping in proper bowel movement. Many women tend to complain about constipation after delivery. If they consume castor oil prior to going to bed at night, the acid helps in proper bowel movement.


Castor Oil for Allergies

Castor oil is anti-allergic in nature and this helps in doing away with allergies related to skin and naso-pharyngeal area. On an empty stomach, five drops of castor oil taken in morning in a little juice or water helps solve the problem.


Castor Oil for Warts, Moles and Cysts

Castor oil also helps in getting rid of warts and moles. In Edgar Cayce’s Encylopedia of Healing, Cayce suggests applying castor oil with a pinch of baking soda on the area concerned, for the desired result. Topical application also solves the problem of cysts and corns by dissolving them. Using castor oil packs helps dissolve cysts in the ovary as the fatty acid in castor oil is easily absorbed by the skin.


Castor oil to Increase Immunity

Those relying on naturopathy say that castor oil strengthens the immune system by increasing white blood cells and thus fights infections. After a scientific study, Harvey Grady said when applied on body, castor oil increases the count of T cells and total lymphocytes in the blood within 24 hours of application. This energises body’s defence mechanism.


Castor oil for Inducing Labour

When castor oil is given orally to pregnant females at full term, it induces labour by pushing uterus contraction, say scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Heart and Lung Research. The ricinoleic acid in the oil activates EP3 prostanoid receptor in uterus, thus helping in delivery. But it is not recommended much as it creates a nauseous feeling.

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Castor Oil, ml [Arandi Ka Tel for Hair &#; Skin]

Quantity: ml

Extracted from Castor Beans sourced from South India, our Castor Oil is a thick oil which can be used for face, hair, body and lips. Its rare and dense content of ricinoleic acid helps balance your skin and scalp pH to foster better hair growth.

Ways to use our Castor Oil:
&#; Hair Oil: Mix it in equal parts with any of our carrier oil and massage all over scalp and hair. Leave it overnight and shampoo the next day.
&#; Soothing Balm for chapped lips/sunburnt skin/rashes: Melt 2 tablespoons of our Kokum Butter in a double boiler setting, take it off heat once melted, add a tablespoon of Castor Oil, mix well, pour in a jar and let it freeze.
&#; Cleansing Oil: Castor oil works great in removing impurities from the pores. Mix equal parts of Castor Oil and any of our castor oil in a bottle. Use this mixture as your first cleanser in double cleasing routine.
&#; Brow Oil: Apply directly on eyebrows using a brow brush every night.

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Ka tel arandi

Benefits of Castor Oil for Hair

Castor oil, commonly known as &#;Arandi Ka Tel&#; in Hindi, is a widely used vegetable oil among the people for the generations. It is one of the traditional and effective remedy to treat the numerous health related problems in the human body. The Castor Oil is used for a verity of purposes, mainly in the medication because of the existence of Natural Medical Properties in the Castor oil, we use it in treatments like aesthetics, joint aches and even some skin and hair problems.

The Castor oil comes from the seeds of a plant named &#;Ricinus Communis&#; which is also known as the castor bean or the &#;Castor Oil Plant&#; produced the countries like India, Brazil and Ethiopia.

You will be surprised to know that the Castor oil is colorless, Odorless and tasteless and the reason it is also used in manufacturing of Soaps, Massage oils and even in the Cosmetics.

Major benefits of castor oil

Benefits of castor oil for Hair Growth & Treatment

Castor oil has the amazing medicinal properties that help in curing the Alopecia (hair-fall) and in the recent studies it has been found the Castor oil is effectively helping in hair growth,  in Castor oil promotes the hair growth amazingly. It also helps to limit the hair fall, and acts as a moisturizer to provide a healthy circumstances for hair growth. All needed to do is massage the scalp with castor oil. By massaging it helps to increase the blood circulation in the head and promote a faster hair growth. The fatty acid&#;s content found in the castor oil also acts as a hair growth stimulator. So by massaging scalp with it, even the people with hair fall can control the condition up to a limit.

‎People diagnosed early graying of hair can use castor oil to prevent the further graying. The castor oil prevents the pigment losing, which causes the early graying.

In the skin

‎ ‎Castor oil has many widely accepted benefits in the skin. It helps to slow down the aging. When applied to the skin, it stimulates the production of elastin and collagen, which helps to hydrate the skin and make it smoother. It also prevents the forming of wrinkles and lines in the skin and makes the skin look younger.

‎ People use the castor oil for removes the acne. By massaging the face with castor oil, the contents in castor oil fights the bacteria causing the acne, and helps to make the face acne free.

‎Castor oil is also a good remedy for the dry skin and sunburn, and it can be used to remove the dark circles from face. It acts as a great moisturizer and makes the skin smoother.

‎The stretch marks found in the women&#;s body a result of pregnancy can be treated by castor oil by using continuously.

As medicine

‎The castor oil is a great medicine for many health related problems. It can disinfect wounds due to it&#;s antimicrobial nature. It also helps to relieve the pain from small wounds. People use the castor oil for treating the Arthritis because of its anti inflammatory nature. Massaging the affected area with castor oil will do a lot of relief.

‎Castor oil is also acts as a laxative because of the acid presence in it. So the people suffering from constipation can use the castor oil as a medicine. It also uses for stomach cleaning purposes.

‎Immunity of the body can be raised by using castor oil because of its antibacterial nature.

For eyes

As said above, the antibacterial nature of castor oil helps to prevent the various eye infections. So using the castor oil as eye drop for disinfection instead of using other expensive medical eye drops will be better.

‎The castor oil eye drops can also be used for dry eyes because of its moisturizer nature. It will give an instant comfort from dry eyes without any other side effects.

The castor oil is a perfect replaceable for many other expensive medicines and cosmetics. It can be used without any side effects and it has many uses. So by using castor oil on daily day basis, it will give so many health benefits to the body.



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Castor Oil Ky Fawaid Or Totkay -- Sheikh ul Wazaif -- Ahmed Pur East

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Rich in essential fatty acids, Castor Oil nourishes hair from root to tip. It enriches the scalp and helps in improving blood circulation while giving healthy & shiny hair. Castor Oil moisturizes the scalp, eases dandruff, and makes hair smooth and shiny when applied regularly.


Hydrates & moisturizes skin while giving a healthy glow. With anti-inflammatory property, it helps in soothing skin against rashes & irritation. Due to high amount of anti-oxidants present, Castor Oil helps to maintain youthful glowing and even-toned skin.


Castor Oil makes your cuticles healthy while improving blood circulation, and ensures healthy& less brittle nails. Castor Oil excellently nourishes the fingertips and is considered to be the richest oil that is great for weak nails in need of protein and nourishment.


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