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Ocotillo has all the makings of a good restaurant. It has a great menu, a sophisticated and attractive interior (and exterior!) design and setting, and an excellent vibe. Unfortunately, the makings of my meal--the food--were disappointing. And, after all, isn't the food a primary go to a given restaurant? In my case, I ordered two plates. The first, Brussels Sprouts, was a well-conceived and tasty combination of flavors. The Brussels Sprouts themselves, however, were seriously undercooked. I don't mean crisp or al dente: I mean essentially uncooked. They looked cooked--good color, etc--but they were beyond tough. Barely more than raw. Not good and not consumable. Then I moved to a second dish--also a very nicely put together combination of potato dumplings and braised meat. Great flavors. Again, however, not cooked--as in the dumplings had a center of raw and completely uncooked batter. Not just a little bit of batter or slightly undercooked but rather half the dumpling was nothing more than wet batter. If you're a good restaurant you don't miss on these things. To their credit, they removed both items from my bill, which left me paying only for my Moscow Mule, which was delicious. So there's that. Look, Ocotillo is a very cool place. Maybe I'll go back and try it again. But, gee, there are so many good places to eat in Phoenix, it might be a while until I return to Ocotillo . . . they had their chance.More



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"...the true centerpiece and an edible homage to the bounty of the Sonoran desert"

Phoenix New Times

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Ocotillo Restaurant is a casual dining destination located at the corner of Third Street and Flower in midtown Phoenix.  The indoor/outdoor design by blends native desert flora with modern architecture.  The inviting indoor space has a full service bar, dining room and a communal wine events area.  Outdoors you will find several unique spaces including the chef’s garden, the mesquite terrace, the beer garden, and Lucy’s lawn. Ocotillo Restaurant invites you to enjoy some great food, a signature cocktail, a glass of wine, a craft beer and some live music.

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