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Do you remember watching those beautiful figure skating performances? Now you can do them yourself! 
A unique experience like never before! Be the best figure skater in the world, do artistic moves and earn rewards! Watch out the walls and don't forget to use climbing ropes to dodge them!

- Performance improvements

Ratings and Reviews

4.7 out of 5

3.3K Ratings

THE best reminded me of my childhood

If your seeing this... this is how I found this app I was scrolling threw some app and I saw that this has a higher score or ratings I thought people were tripping but this is actually very fun I will and tell my friend bout this and see if they like it ore not... oh and the childhood part coming soon

Love this app

This app is like the best app I ever had and I just got it today the people who made this you are amazing and can you please make a skate up 2 pleaseeeeeeeeees one more thing keep doing good. I love this app ❤️

It’s annoyingly😡 and fun😊

I downloaded the game it was fun until they told me how to play and said swipe up to fly or whatever so I did swipe up for her to fly and not only did the girl fly but my screen moved so then I’m like “Well, ok let me play again so I did and the same thing happened so I think I’m going to give this game a three

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Rollic Games Oyun Yazilim ve Pazarlama Anonim Sirketi

324.2 MB


Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
Requires iPadOS 10.0 or later.
iPod touch
Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
Requires macOS 11.0 or later and a Mac with Apple M1 chip.

Age Rating

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NatureStarStuck's Blog — BakuDeku - Party Games (pt. 1)

BakuDeku - Party Games (pt. 1)

Deku: Want to play would you rather?

Baku: Sure, whatever *sits down next to Deku and his classmates*

Shouto: *spins bottle* *lands on Katsuki* *picks up cards* Would you rather admit affection for… *spins bottle* *lands on Deku* Deku, or do you want to kiss… *Spins bottle* *lands on Deku again* …… Deku???

Baku & Deku: !!! *blush*

Deku: *looks at Bakugo in shock*

Baku: … *Face turn straight red* *attempts to avoid answer by using his quirk*

Baku: *noticed it’s gone* *looks at Eraserhead*

Eraserhead: *eats popcorn spectating* You can’t get out of this one kid, now’s the right time to say it?

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#bakudeku#bnha ships#bakugo x deku#bakugo x midoriya#mha ships#cliff hanger#chatfic#not cannon#something for the shippers

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Helluva Boss, bit it’s MegaMan

Zero and X are tied up by Vile and a maverick. During their interigation, Zero Began to be cheeky with Vile.

Zero: hey if you’re going to get us to talk, you haven’t given us a proper commendation in this knock off triller mafia trope.

Zero:(grining) Now if you wanted me and X to talk, you have to get us coffee. I want just black Coffee. X what do you want?.

X: *inhale with preparedness* I want the signature Mocha Frabachino pumpkin latte with the works. I want it with half portioned iced as they always give me too much ice with little to no mocha flavor creme. Make sure you tell the barista to add Coconut milk in my coffee as it provides more oomph to the pumpkin spice…

Maverick: (puzzled by X’s specific coffee order) *lowers gun in reaction*

X: … And I would like it stirred instead of shaked, I Have so many stories where they often shake the iced drink and it gets everywhere. Make sure that they added the Pumpkin flavor Cream as they often forget to even put it in the coffee Everytime. Also tell them to spell out my name correctly. They always spelled it as Ex at times, it really annoys me.

Zero: *smirking*

X: And don’t get me started on-

Vile: *stomps* ENOUGH!!!?!

X And Zero: *chuckles*

The result of everyone in Maverick Hunters HQ after Signas put Axl in charge for one night. and Axl took the opportunity to have an all night party:


Originally posted by cutelaw

In his defense, It was a slow day at HQ.

What Axl thinks of himself:


Originally posted by star-light29

To X and Zero:


Originally posted by dashingapostate

At least, what my head canon is thinking about at this moment. X and Zero being parental towards Axl.


To be honest, how many people in tumblr love megaman x.

The Flirty Catchphrases of the S-Rank Maverick Hunters

I see a good looking angel lookin’ at me. Got the hots for blondes? - Zero (Being Flirty)

Say, are you free for some workout while talking about ways to bring peace to this world? - X (casual talking)

Sup bro, wanna go get some pops? There’s this gnarly soda pop shop that opened up, Wanna check it out? - Axl (wasn’t even trying)

A dating sim where you play as X trying to hook up with his best friend. But the catch of the dating sim is that Zero has gather up alternative versions of himself that’s in the thousands and have X find the one that’s him in their own universe.

Another catch is that all of the Zeros are constantly being loveable and flirty with X, making X hard to concentrate and have a calm mind with each interaction.

Ze-Zero?! What are you doing?! And out in the open!

- X when he reacts to Zero taking off his armor to show his pecks abs.

X: Seeing fanart of Zero in swimsuits.

Also X: *Shurgs and comments about Zero looking good in swimsuits.*

Zero: ?

Shippers interpritation: X Having an epic nosebleed and Zero is being smug about it towards X as he flexes.

  1. Zero would be a douche to Wily
  2. Zero would protect X from him
  3. Zero would likely side with Rock and help him out with defeating Wily.
  4. Zero straight up trolls Wily.
  5. Zero will ask Wily about the maverick virus… Then threaten him to make a cure.
  6. Scarcasm straight from Zero and Bass
  7. Zero sides with Bass and pull pranks at Wily.

New possible interactions:

  • Zero gets personal and real with Wily and asking why, while express his anger.
  • Refuses to acknowledge Wily at all
  • See if his bretherans that wily built are good as him. (But finds out the sad truth)
  • Asks Dr. Light for advice.
  • Tries to reason with Wily despite his anger.

See this in the appShow more

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Hunger Games X Bnha Bakudeku Omegaverse Au

Rewatched all the movies over the weekend and now I can’t get this out of my head.


District Twelve - Katsuki is an alpha male who grew up as a merchant son of alpha Mitsuki and omega Masaru. His family owned and ran the only fabric/clothing store in town. Of course Katsuki wasn’t all the interested in it, instead spending his time studying and wanting to move

From his district to another, possibly the fourth district or something. But then he met omega Izuku Midoriya and all his plans changed.

Izuku was a Seam male omega, but he was only half seam. His mother had moved from the seventh district with her family when she was younger.

Their family ran the only furniture store in town, and her family had been rich with their wooden custom furniture.

Mitsuki had once told him that she had planned to marry and mate Inko when she was younger, only to have Midoriya Hisashi make a move first.

Many blamed it on the fact that maybe Inko didn’t know the unspoken ‘rules’ of district twelve. That no merchant should ever marry another from the Seam, but Inko feel for Hisashi anyway and they got married.

Her parents promptly disowned her as soon as the toasting ceremony

Was complete.

In a few years they had Izuku, their sole child, and a boy who looked everybit like a merchant child minus his darker olive and freckled skin.

He was one of the few Seam omegas who many merchant alphas had their eyes on. But Katsuki had staked his claim long ago

Katsuki and Izuku spent more time together than most knew. Katsuki had stumbled upon him one day sneaking out of the fence, and followed him to a large meadow where he watched Izuku sketch in a small handmade notebook and reset animal traps.

He had been fascinated ever since.

Izuku taught him many things he learned both from his mother and father. He could climb any tree with ease, learn how to make tools out of nothing, draw with incredible precision, and come up with impeccable detailed plans on how to catch, kill and skin any animal.

He even taught Katsuki how to create and through spears. As well as how to hunt with a bow and arrow.

Though he was nowhere near as good at it as Izuku.

His talent lied in his strength and ability to throw pin point accurate spears and boulders nearly his own weight.

He had learned so much from the green haired omega, and he soon knew that he wanted to court him.

Of course at first his parents were not thrilled. Finding out that your merchant son wanted to claim and mate a Seam omega? It could spell disaster for their family business.

But when he told them who it was, both his mother and father grew quiet, and he learned of their story with Inko.

It settled his resolve, and he began courting Izuku in private.

If anyone found out, his parents’ business could fail, so they had to wait until his last reaping

To officially announce they were to be mated.

On the day of their last reaping ceremony, katsuki had promised that as soon as they were free from this they could go to the courthouse and announce their intentions.

They wouldn’t have to hide anymore. And Izuku wouldn’t have to

Fear for his mother worried for her only son after his father had passed in a mining accident some years ago.

Of course - nothing ever goes to plan and the day of their last reaping left their world crumbling beneath them.

Each district sent two tributes to the Capitol each year - one alpha and one omegas. Many years ago it used to be three tributes - one alpha, one beta and one omega. But the beta population and had moved to the Capitol, and many families out In the districts no longer had beta

Children. So over the years as the betas crowded the capitol and higher level districts, they no longer appeared in the games unless they were apart of the career path many higher districts had for their tributes.

At the Reaping Ceremony, it began as any other.

Hizashi Yamada, their Capitol escort dressed in the fancy getup all Capitol living folk wear, came out on the stage with their sole living victor - Shota Aizawa. A scruffy man who always seemed to be doped up on alcohol or

Sleeping pills. He looked ragged as ever, not that anyone could blame him.

Hizashi began his normal speech, and the video played about why the annual Reaping and Hunger Games are needed in their society.

And like always, Hizashi ended with May the odds be ever in your favor.

He began with the omega side.

Katsuki bit into his lip, and from his position he locked eyes with Izuku who gave him a nervous smile before a name that was not his was called.

The thing that happened next stilled Katsuki’s heart.

He heard a Seam omegas name called - Ochako.

A sweet, brown haired girl with found cheeks who was always next to Izuku. Her face drained of color, and she gripped Izuku’s hand tightly before a hand shot up next to her.

Katsuki couldn’t look away as Izuku met his eyes. Tears flooded the green haired omegas eyes as he

Shouted out, “I volunteer as tribute!”

Katsuki nearly collapsed then and there as he heard Inko scream. He could see Ochako in shock, as Izuku was grabbed by peacekeepers and moved towards the stage.

His omega never broke eye contact with him, and even while on stage they

Stared at one another.

Izuku... his omega was going into the games. He was going to die.

Katsuki’s heart pounded as the blood rushed into his ears. He looked away from Izuku then, as Hizashi praised his bravery. He looked for his mother, and as their eyes met, Mitsuki seemed

To understand his broken resolve. Tears grew in her own eyes then, and she gave a simpld nod in agreement as Hizashi called out the alpha tribute’s name.

“Rikido Sato.”

The baker’s son. As soon as he began walking towards the stage Katsuki met Izuku’s eyes and Izuku stood in

Shock shaking his head. He mouthed out no as Katsuki raised his hand and sealed his own fate alongside with his omega’s.

“I volunteer as tribute!”

Tip: mention @twtextapp on a Twitter thread with the keyword “unroll” to get a link to it.

《 Loving u is a losing game 》- Bnha / Omegaverse Au - ¿Bakudeku o tododeku? - Gacha Club MeMe

Re: Liar’s Practice: A Bakudeku Visual Novel

Hi! I’m Snowy, the English translator for Re: Liar’s Practice! Thank you so much for showing interest in this game!

In this game, you play as Midoriya. After an incident with your childhood friend Bakugou creates a rift between you two, you must figure out how to mend your relationship and deal with some strange new feelings that are cropping up all of a sudden.

This game features original art by Ten and the project was headed by Ego!

There are three endings: Normal, Good, And True.

Screenshots below!

Note: this game contains some R18 content.


Technical info and download link below the cut!

Runs on: Win98 / 98SE / ME / 2000 / XP / Vista / Win10

When downloaded, run “game.exe” in the file.

Parts: Prologue, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Endings

Estimated play time: anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours

NOTE: You must change your locale to Traditional Chinese and restart the computer before playing this game! Changing the locale won’t change the language of the computer and you can change it back afterwards! It’s not quite changing the location; here’s a guide!

Languages: Chinese (Traditional), Japanese, and English

Download link: Here(click 英)

Official Website

Official Twitter

Trailer (Chinese)

Special thanks to @royaljellybeans for being my personal assistant and making my life less of a living hell during the two weeks it took to translate this beast! I’d also like to thank my proofreaders; I won’t name them because of the shit they might get for assisting in the translation of such a controversial ship when they aren’t even that involved with the fandom, but thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Lastly, please don’t attack anyone; if you must verbally abuse someone over ethics and morality and shipping, please do so in my ask box and not anyone else’s.

Enjoy! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!


Games bakudeku

Bakudeku Hunger Games AU

Midoriya is a sickly child; he and Bakugou are childhood friends, but eventually the kids in the neighborhood begin to bully him for being unable to keep up, and he and Bakugou grow apart.  In fact, they barely speak by the time they’re both fifteen, and Izuku’s name is drawn at the reaping.  

Inko immediately bursts into tears; Izuku is hyperaware as he climbs the stage that he is going to his death.  They’re a poor, distant district; there is no such thing as volunteers. Still, they ask, as a formality.  

And no one is more shocked than Izuku when Bakugou’s hand goes up. 

 In the visiting room, before the train, Izuku barges in the second he’s allowed.  “Why?” he demands.  “Why did you do that, Kacchan?”  The old nickname slips out before he can stop it. 

 “You’d‘ve died,” Bakugou says.  “I’m going to fucking win.” 

That doesn’t really answer Izuku’s question, because Bakugou isn’t an idiot, confidence aside.  He has to know the odds are stacked against him. The operative words here are not I’m going to win, they’re you’d’ve died and Izuku doesn’t know what to do with that from someone who, until half an hour ago, he wasn’t even sure still considered him a friend. 

 So the only thing he can think to say is, “You fucking better.”

I'M CRYING ONCE AGAIN! [Let's Play Re: Liar's Practice!] {HAPPY aka ''Good'' ENDING}


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