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Hiya! We're a mythic guild that has been together for over 5 years. We are looking for more players that like to push in raid without the countless hours of raiding. We are looking for exceptional players to fill our team for mythic N'zoth progression and for Shadowlands.

++**We raid Tuesday and Wednesday 8:00-11:00 pm Est**++

Since we raid for only two days, we make the most out of our time in raid. We have a competitive team that comes ready to push progression. We provide cauldrons and feasts for everyone, but expect you to come prepared with pots, enchants, gems etc.

Apart from raiding we do hold special runs for those who are interested. We do mount, achievement, and transmog runs. Our guild is always running mythic 15+ all throughout the day. If you are interested please don't hesitate to send our officers a message.

BattleTag: ItalStallion#11857 Aegeriel#1584

Discord: Italianstallion#0252 Aegeriel#9955

Raiding Inquiries: Aegeriel#9955


Important: to have an accurate record of the first time you killed a raid boss, you must queue your character for an update before you kill that boss for the second time.

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Raider.IO Addon and Client

  • How do I install the RaiderIO Client?

    You can install the RaiderIO Client by going here and clicking the download button: Once installed and configured, the RaiderIO Client will automatically keep your RaiderIO Addon updated to the latest version. In addition, the client will power several unique features lik...

  • Why can I not see my character in the addon?

    The addon shows scores for all players who meet the following criteria: You've earned at least 200 points in the current or any previous Mythic+ season or are at least 3/9 for raid progress on any difficulty above LFR. You've logged into the game in the past 30 days. Because the AddOn is updated...

  • How do I show my main's score/progress on my alt?

    First, you'll need to mark a character as your main. By default, Raider.IO marks whichever character on your account has the highest Mythic Plus Score as your main character. To manually select a different character, simply open your Account Settings, select the desired main character from your c...

  • This addon is using too much memory. How can I reduce it?

    The addon uses very little dynamic memory, but does perform large static allocations to store its database on load. If this memory usage becomes a problem you have the option to turn off the opposing faction's scores from being loaded. You can control this through your standard addon management...

  • Why is this addon updated so frequently?

    In order to give players the most accurate score information we can, this addon must be updated every night with freshly extracted data from Raider.IO. We recommend using the RaiderIO Desktop Client as a way to easily keep your Addon updated, as well as get faster data updates. However, you can...

  • AddOn Keeps Saying It Is Out Of Date

    Our recommended way to use the RaiderIO Addon is with the RaiderIO Desktop Client. This app will keep the addon updated for you automatically, so you do not need to worry about installing a new version each day. However, if you would rather continue to use Curse/Twitch, you just need to make sure...

  • Addon Not Updating

    The addon is updated throughout the day. If you are using the Twitch Client then you will only have access to one addon database update per day. The Raider.IO Desktop client provides more frequent and automated updates to the Raider.IO addon. By default, you will at least be able to update your ...

  • Desktop Client Installation/Abort issues

    If you are experiencing issues installing the desktop client and it is aborting halfway through the installation, you need to use an external uninstall program to completely uninstall the desktop client before it can be installed again. There are some residual files that interfere with the instal...

  • How does the Raider.IO Automatic Log Archiving Work?

    Read the full announcement of the Live Tracking feature here: Raider.IO Automatic Combat Log Archiving is a feature in the latest Raider.IO Desktop Client that makes it simple for you to always log without needing to worry about your ...

  • How to Fix Conflict with CurseForge and RaiderIO Client

    If you run both the RaiderIO Client and the CurseForge client you will need to make sure to prevent CurseForge from attempting to update the RaiderIO addon. The RaiderIO Client always receives data that is more updated than CurseForge, but the CurseForge client is not able to know this so it wil...

  • I can't see anyone's score in-game.

    Some add-ons can conflict with the Raider.IO add-on and may hide the data. Try these steps to track down what is going on: Disable all add-ons except Raider.IO. Do tooltips now show? If so, then another addon is conflicting with the Raider.IO addon. Check your Raider.IO addon settings to ensur...

  • Live Tracking Feature Benefits

    Read the full announcement here: Live Tracking allows you to have your Raids and Mythic+ runs instantly tracked via your WoW Combat Log. You'll get several immediate benefits with this feature: Instant updates on the site. Right afte...

  • When is the RaiderIO addon updated?

    The addon is updated many times throughout the day. Depending on where you download the addon from, and your Patreon status you will have access to different data update rates: RaiderIO Revered Client User: Four times per day (00:00 UTC, 06:00 UTC, 12:00 UTC, 18:00 UTC) - Support us on Patreon R...

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