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Chia mining looks profitable? FORGET IT, if you was ther not in the begining, no way can win it

well the general idea as i understand it is to replace gpu compute with math tables on hdd’s

ofc there might be a few theoretical issues with this… 1 math is basically infinite so how can one even store all the solutions, but i suppose it maybe possible to cut it into smaller bits and store them.

and then there is the real issue imho, with a gpu running pow it will process the required compute and spit out an answer.

while the chia model a number of maybe one computer will get a problem to solve… it will check if it has the solution to the compute required… if it doesn’t somebody else will have to do it and the entire process thus far is wasted and network traffic is wasted.

but lets assume it’s the right host and it has the correct answers in its tables… its very extensive tables… then the last major issue is … what about all the tables not used … it will have a minimum power usage with chia… so even if the network has no traffic, it will still cost minimum overhead costs.

while compared to a gpu, you can shut down the entire compute and only operate it when needed and it will be able to respond in a mili second time scale.

maybe it’s just me not really understanding the chia model…

but it seems crazy to me to attempt to store math in tables… i mean nobody uses math tables anymore because of calculators… not even super computers do this kind of stuff…

maybe there is some sort of caching type deal that could be done… but just wow…
if this works tho… could chia work as a super computer without doing compute?

well it’s weird and i don’t understand it well enough… seems totally crazy to me…

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    Delta-8 and other conversions
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    need 1000 seedlings asap
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    CHIA intern
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    Suggestion Box
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    Money makes the world go roun…
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