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P is for Princess Free 24 Page Printable Preschool Pack

This pack has 24 pages of princess activities. Included is writing worksheets, cutting practice, coloring pages, a couple creative activities, a princess paper doll to color, and more! This would be a great addition to your preschool or toddler home school or just something fun to do with the kids. My daughter is princess crazy at the moment and this pack was made because of her love for all things royal. I hope you and your little prince or princess enjoys this pack as much as she has! Thank you for downloading!

Examples of worksheets included:

Words that start with “p”.
Practice writing “p”
Draw a self portrait.
Draw a castle
Paper Doll
Design a necklace

and More!

P is For Princess Pack

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Princess Printables

Free princess printables are perfect for little girls who love to pretend that they're beautiful princesses! Why not include some princess printables as part of their fantasy fun. The following free princess activity pages are wonderful worksheets for kids to enjoy the fantasy of being a princess. The printables currently available on this site are word search puzzles, a dot-to-dot puzzle, shaped mazes, counting mazes, cryptogram puzzles, word scrambles, princess coloring pages, a preschool tracing worksheet, and more.

Please print and enjoy these free printable Princess pages! These Princess activity pages are perfect for kids of all ages, from preschool up to grade school, to do on a long car ride, at a restaurant, as a birthday party loot bag stuffer, or for just keeping on hand for anytime your little girl may have time. Parents can print them out at home, or preschool and grade school teachers can use them as part of a fun lesson plan.


Princess Word Search Puzzles (15x15)

These princess word searches are all 15x15 and have 20 words to find in the grid. The uncircled letters of the princess word search puzzles reveal a message to read about princesses, or a princess.

Princess Word Search 1: General Words About Princesses.
Princess Word Search 2: Disney movies with princesses and some of the main characters.
Cinderella Word Search: Just words based on the Cinderella story.
Little Mermaid Word Search: Based on the Disney movie.
Sleeping Beauty Word Search: Words from the story of Sleeping Beauty.
Snow White Word Search: Words from the story of Snow White.

See our full selection of Printable Word Searches for Kids.

Princess Mazes

The princess maze printables are both fun and educational. We have two types of maze. The first type is the traditional kind of maze with walls and false paths. But the special thing about ours is that they are beautifully shaped. The second type of maze are our counting mazes. Count by 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s, or 5s to navigated through the mazes.

Princess Maze 1: Princess Head Shaped Maze. Guide the princess to her knight
Princess Maze 2: Teapot Shaped Princess Maze. Guide the princess to her tray of tea.
Counting By 1s Princess Maze: Get the carriage to the princess.
Counting By 2s Princess Maze: Turn the princess' frog into a prince.
Counting By 3s Princess Maze: Guide the princess back to the castle.
Counting By 4s Princess Maze: The princess wants to show off her castle.
Counting By 5s Princess Maze: This princess also wants to show off her castle.

See our full collection of Printable Mazes for Kids.

Princess Word Scramble Puzzles

This page includes 4 separate word jumble puzzles. Each puzzle has 4-6 jumbled words that are closely related to the title of the puzzle. Unjumble those words to find which letters are in the circled spots. Use those circled letters to solve the final word jumble answer.

Princess Word Scrambles: Disney Princess word scrambles and a Shrek word scrambles

See our full collection of Printable Word Scrambles for kids.

Princess Dot to Dot Printable

The princess dot to dot puzzle is great for number recognition for numbers up to (and over) 100. Connect the dots in order to create a princess themed picture.

Princess Dot to Dot: Beautiful Princess (1-98)

See our full collection of Numbers Dot to Dot Printables.

Princess Cryptogram Puzzles

The printable cryptogram puzzles use letter substitutions to create the puzzles. For example all A's may be replaced with Q's, all B's with R's, etc. With cryptogram puzzles, whole sentences or even paragraphs are encrypted. Each printable cryptogram puzzle uses a different letter substitution encryption. There is 1 puzzle page with 3 cryptogram puzzles and a solution page.

3 Princess Cryptogram Puzzles: Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and Snow White
Princess Cryptogram Puzzle Solutions

See our full collection of Cryptogram Puzzles.

Princess Boggle Pages

It's is the classic word game where you try to find as many words in the grid of letters as you can. The person with the most and/or longest unique words in their list wins the boggle game. For more details on how to play boggle: Boggle Word Game Instructions

4x4 Princess Boggle Page
5x5 Princess Boggle Page

Princess Coloring Pages

We have a great selection of free printable princess coloring pages. We have beautiful princesses, princesses with a suitor, princesses with horses and more. Please print and enjoy.

Princess Coloring Page 1: Princess with long hair, long gown, and tiara
Princess Coloring Page 2: Princess with long hair, long gown, tiara, and holding fan
Princess Coloring Page 3: Princess riding horse
Princess Coloring Page 4: Princess on Horse beside her prince
Princess Coloring Page 5: Princess about to kiss her suitor
Princess Coloring Page 6: Princess with Knight in armor
Princess Coloring Page 7: Princess in love
Princess Coloring Page 8: At the castle window
Princess Coloring Page 9: Surprised by a mouse
Princess Coloring Page 10: Riding on the back of a unicorn
Princess Coloring Page 11: Baby Princess
Princess Coloring Page 12: Little girl in princess costume
Princess Coloring Page 13: Princess kissing frog
Princess Coloring Page 14: Rapunzel letting down her hair
Princess Coloring Page 15: Young princess looking in mirror
... more Princess Coloring Pages

See our full collection of Printable Kids Coloring Pages.


Princess printables are ideal activities and worksheets for preschool kids and grade school girls to enjoy their favorite fantasy of being a beautiful princess! Parents can print these at home or teachers can also include these printable worksheets and activity pages of princesses as part of their preschool and grade school lesson plans.

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Today we have a princess themed 10 page free printable worksheet pack for kids. You can download and print the princess worksheets for your preschooler at home or in the classroom.

These printable princess activity sheets include: letter search, a princess big and little sheet, princess letter and number tracing, and princess preschool worksheets and princess coloring pages.

Free Printable Worksheets - Princess Activity Preschool worksheets - four of the princess worksheets pdf files shown with two princesses in front of a castle

These free printables are a big bunch of princess preschool fun!  Look below to see some fun alternatives for using this printable worksheet set with older kids in Kindergarten and above.

If you have ever wondered how to homeschool preschool, check out our resource article and use the ideas for homeschooling preschool or all sorts of preschool enrichment activity fun!

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Princess Preschool Printable Worksheet Pack

There are 10 pages of preschool worksheets that are princess themed. You can download and print for hours of preschool learning fun. If you have a princess at your house, this may be the perfect princess fit!

All you need is some crayons and colored pencils to get started!

This preschool printable worksheet set has the following pages:

Princess Preschool Worksheet - Trace the lines - Kids Activities Blog

Simple Trace the Lines

This cute sheet has 3 lovely princesses that you have to use the dotted lines to connect them. However, the further you go the harder the lines get!

Complex Trace the Lines 

Was the first sheet too easy? No worries! This sheet again has beautiful princesses, but the dotted lines are much more difficult to follow!

Trace the Shapes 

This page doesn’t have princesses, but is still princess themed. You must trace the dotted lines to make shapes around various royal pictures like: a prince frog, tiara, crown, and a carriage.

Preschool printable princess worksheet pack - pdf file for cutting practice

Cutting Practice

This is a great way to practice safety with scissors, but to also work on fine motor skills. You have to use the dotted lines to cut a straight line to the princesses.

Circle the Largest in Each Row

Learn the difference in size by looking at the different rows of princess. You have to choose which is the biggest in each row and circle her.

Princess preschool worksheet packet - pdf file for number tracing showing numbers 1 - 9

Number Tracing 

Practice your fine motor skills and learn your numbers by tracing the dotted lines to write out 1-9.

Find & Circle the Letter P

Princess starts with the letter P. You have to find all the P’s in this letter scramble.

Counting practice pdf file shown as part of the preschool princess worksheet pack

Count the Items and Color

Count all the royal items like the pink slippers and pink thrones and the color in the correct number of boxes.

Princess Castle Coloring Page

Color your very own princess castle!

Princess Coloring Page

Make your princess as beautiful as you!

Princess Carriage Coloring Page

Color the princess’ carriage so that she can go to the ball in style!

The princess coloring pages in this packet feature both a princess in daily attire and one dressed for a ball.

Download & Print the Princess Worksheets pdf File Here

Variations for Using Princess Worksheets for Kindergarten & Above

While these printable princess worksheets are great for preschools, you can also use them for older kids too. Everyone can benefit with working on motor skills and counting!

Older students in Kindergarten and above may use this printable worksheet set for more advanced learning by printing off the following pages with these alternate instructions:

  • Print pages 2 & 3:  Use the trace the lines worksheets as cutting templates instead.
  • Print page 4:  Use the trace the shape worksheet for scissor practice to cut out the shapes.
  • Print page 8:  Instead of circling the letter “P”, circle all the consonants and draw a box around all the vowels.
  • Print page 9:  Write the number of princess items in the first box and then cross one out and write how many there are now in the second box…and so forth.
  • Print page 10:  Use this castle & princess coloring page with your favorite colored pencil set or watercolor paints.
  • Print page 11:  Use this pumpkin carriage & princess coloring page with glue and glitter.

If you are looking for other printables, check out our Printables Library!

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Which of the princess preschool worksheets was your child’s favorite?

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