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Milwaukee Shockwave 18-Piece Impact Screwdriver Bit Set

Milwaukee Shockwave Impact Duty Driver Bit Sets are engineered for extreme durability. Made from proprietary steel and heat treated to control hardness. Feature a geometric shock absorption zone to extend life. Forged tip allows for a secure grip and maximum contact eliminating stripping or slipping. Includes (1) P1, (1) P2, (1) P3 Phillips 1" bit; (2) P2, (1) P3 Phillips 2" power bit; (1) P2 Phillips 3-1/2" power bit; (1) SQ1, (1) SQ2 Square 1" bit; (2) SQ2, (1) SQ3 Square 2" power bit; (1) SQ2 Square 3-1/2" power bit; (1) SL 3/16", (1) 1/4" Slotted 1" bit; (1) T15, (1) T20 TORX 2" bit; Shockwave magnetic bit holder; case with bulk storage container.


Id 80277
SKU 301348
PartNo 48-32-4403
UPC 00045242196708
Country of Origin China
Pieces In Set 18 Pcs.

The BEST Screwdriver Bit Set Deal: Milwaukee Shockwave 70pc Set for $10

Milwaukee Shockwave 70pc Screwdriver Bit Set

I’ve been getting some questions and requests – what’s the best screwdriver bit accessory set to go along with my new cordless drill driver kit? I’ve search around and FOUND IT!

This Milwaukee Tool 70pc Shockwave screwdriver bit set is the one to buy for anyone who bought their first drill/driver, is giving someone a cordless drill for the holidays or housewarming gift, or wants a decent bit assortment for their own use.

Price: $9.88 with free shipping

Buy Now via Home Depot

I’ll explain why, just please hold on a moment.

*cue elevator or phone call holding musing*

Sorry to make you wait, I just ordered a set for myself. I mean, $10 with free shipping, and for bits I could definitely put to use.

Milwaukee Shockwave 70pc Screwdriver Bit Set Sizes

This is a very good variety! Normally you could expect to get maybe 40 different Phillips screwdriver bits in a set like this, or similar.

Instead, you get 33 different screwdriver bit sizes and styles, plus a bit holder.

The bits are mostly 1″ insert bits, but that’s fine by me, and you do get a couple of 2″ power bits that can be used without the bit holder in impact drivers and drill chucks.

At first I thought the little “tic tac” box of bits was a bulk quantity of Phillips bits or similar, but it holds an assortment too.

You get a total of 6 Phillips #2 bits, 5 Square #2 bits, and 3 T25 bits – these are the most popular construction fastener sizes. The rest of the 70pc set gives you Torx, slotted, Phillips, and square bits, as well as hex bits in inch and metric sizing.

This is the best holiday season “special buy” assortment that I can remember seeing.

Buy Now via Home Depot

I think this is the best screwdriver bit variety pack for anywhere near this price. Do you agree or disagree? Most assortments focus on giving you more but they never really have the sizes or styles you need.

This assortment could be more complete, such as with 1/4″ shank nut drivers, but for $10? Even then, one nut driver won’t help – I can’t tell you how many bit sets I have, with none of them ever providing the nut driver sizes I need.

Wait, You Want MORE?

There’s also a 120pc set that you might be interested in, priced at $25. That set has a little more variety, but it’s mostly more bits in popular construction fastener sizes.

Buy Now: 120pc Set via Home Depot

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Are impact driver bits a different standard than screwdriver bits?

I bought a Milwaukee M4 cordless screwdriver (Milwaukee 2101-22) from Home Depot. Home Depot has plenty of Milwaukee screwdriver bits and I bought a set.

The bits are too short. The head of the bit is nearly inside the socket; it's hard to even reach it with my fingers to remove it, let alone drive screws with it.

Reading the label on the bits more carefully, I realized that it says "SHOCKWAVE Impact Duty". So my best guess is that this set of bits was intended for use in a Milwaukee impact driver. (I guess with an impact driver a shorter bit is better, for strength.)

The cross-sectional size of the bits seems identical (1/4" hex drive), but it seems that the M4 screwdriver needs longer bits. Yet it's nearly impossible to find the suitable bits on the Home Depot web site; almost all they have is SHOCKWAVE.

It seems strange to me that there should be two standards for screwdriver bits, differing only in length. And if there are two standards I would expect the Milwaukee web site would make it easy to search for exactly the kind of bits you need, but there's no obvious way to search for non-SHOCKWAVE bits.

Am I correct that there are two standards and I need different bits for the M4 screwdriver? Or will the SHOCKWAVE bits work somehow with the M4 screwdriver? Maybe there is some kind of common adapter I could get?

P.S. I believe I found one set of bits that would work with the M4 screwdriver. Here's the link, and a link to a SHOCKWAVE bit set for comparison. Sorry for using a Home Depot link but I cannot even find non-SHOCKWAVE bits on the Milwaukee web site at all! Not even using Google to search for part number !

EDIT: Thanks for the responses. Now that you educated me, I checked to see if the SHOCKWAVE bit set I bought includes a bit tip holder, and it does. (In fact it has two bit holders, a 3" and a 6"!) I feel silly that I wasn't able to figure this out on my own, but with your help I eventually figured it out.

Milwaukee Shockwave Impact Duty Driver Bit Set 142 Piece (48-32-4075)


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