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75 of The Best Bedroom Wall Décor and Art Ideas

Are you looking to change the way your bedroom appears to you and others? Is there something missing from your walls? Of course there is! It’s called character and you can bring it to your room just by adding some wall décor and art painting ideas. This list will show you 75 of the coolest and simplest wall art décor ideas that we could find. There are some that are easily done and others that may take some time and skill. Are you ready? Here they are!

Master Bedroom Wall Art

#1. Dark

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When I look at this bedroom, the first thing that comes to my mind is darkness. The room is painted a grey color with light brown linens and area rug which corresponds wonderfully with the modern furniture. The flooring is the same color as the walls which also match that painting on the wall. The painting is a beautiful three-piece unit with trees and leaves. It adds to the overall mystery of the bedroom.

#2. Yellow & Black

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If you are a fan of bedrooms that pop, you’ll love this design. The bedroom has a yellow and black modern theme. It beautifully lit and with fantastic designs on the wall. It makes it look like the bed and lamps are framed in. in the center of this area are two unique wall hangings that look like sticks put together or coral from the ocean. It flows well with the overall design of the bedroom.

#3. Sea Creatures

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I love this Mediterranean-style bedroom. The brown and blue coloring works beautifully together. On the wall there are 15 paintings, all of different sea creatures such as starfish, octopi, sand dollars, and more. There’s nothing else in the room that would hint that this bedroom is ocean-themed, except for these paintings. There is a perfect balance between light and dark within the bedroom.

#4. Metallic

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This bedroom has very aesthetically pleasing and they obviously love their metallic colors and textures. On the wall, there are two very large metallic wall hangings. They look to be made from some very heavy metal material. The rest of the room is a beautiful blue and brown color with bricks on the wall and around the fireplace. It seems like a very cozy bedroom to sleep in.

#5. Funky Wall Art

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The majority of this room is pretty simple. There’s plain white paint on the walls with a white comforter and brown designs. However, behind the bed, we see some funky wall art strung across that entire side. It looks to be made from metal or wood. The design is simply overlapping squares, but it really brings a sense of individuality into the room. It’s definitely quite unique and a great way to add a little touch of pizzazz to a seemingly boring room.

#6. Exposed

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This room is very similar to the previous one in that it’s simple. Both the walls and comforter are white, as is the carpet. However, on the wall, there are some unique pieces of art. The first one is an exposed human. Their rear end is exposed for the world to see. The piece of art on the other side seems to be a bunch of different patterns and writings put together into one. I really like how simple, but cool, the room is overall.

#7. Flowery

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The overall design of this room is very simple, but elegant. It is set in white wall paint with brown accents throughout the room. The bed is a beautiful four post bed with white and brown linens. To add a slash of coloring, there is a large painting behind the bed. It looks as if it is a bunch of very colorful flowers. The rest of the room is rather bland, but with this painting, it gives it some character and color.

#8. Orange

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Wow, there’s definitely a lot of orange in this room. I would think that this room belongs to somebody who really likes bright colors and art. When I say art, I mean that artwork that is behind the bed. It looks as if it is a bunch of metal strands put together to create something unique. The rest of the room is filled with orange and white accents, making it a very bright place to be.

#9. Different Shapes

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I absolutely love the design of this room. It’s a very beautiful white and brown color with that amazing backsplash behind the bed. There are all sorts of different tiles that we see on this wall. They have no pattern, don’t match, but it still adds a lot of character to the room. The bedroom  is beautifully lit with the three lamps and natural lighting bouncing off of the walls.

#10. Peacocks

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I absolutely love the painting that is behind the bed. It appears to be a bunch of peacocks sitting in a tree, but there isn’t any color, which makes it even better. The rest of the room has dark features, such as the bed and curtains. Overall, it’s a super cute room with many noticeable features around the wall art.

#11. Vintage Art

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If you look around the whole room, you will see that there are many pictures of individuals from the past. This is the type of room that you would expect to see in a museum or one of those historical bread and breakfasts. The rest of the room is set in bright white and black accent pieces. One would think that whoever create this room was hugely into the past.

#12. Country

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If you take a look around this room, you will see that it resembles mostly that of the country style. I am impressed by the wall hanging behind the bed. It really brings out a rustic appeal. The rest of the room is encased in neutral coloring, such as greys and blues. There’s a cute sitting area in the corner, perfect for reading or relaxing without having to get into your bed.

#13. Oceanic

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If you move your eyes over to the left side of the room, you will notice wall art that has words that resemble the ocean or the beach. There is also that piece of art above the bed that is made from what appears to be repurposed wood. On the bed, you will see pillows with nemo fish on them, adding to the ocean theme of the bedroom. The rest of the room is created with a variety of different colors and textures.

#14. Very Colorful

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Yes, the wall art in this room is very colorful and really do pop out. That wall art behind the bed has a 3D look to it and t’s made with pinks, greens, and lighter blue colors. On the bed, you will see some brightly colored pillows, but the rest of the room is pretty bland, having only white walls and black lamps.

Modern Artwork Ideas

#15. Windows

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This is a very dark room, much like one of the ones from earlier. However, this room features a divider made from windows, which is pretty cool. If you notice, this would be the artwork that’s in the room, aside from the huge hanging thing in the middle of the room. The rest of the accents are black and grey and the window brings in enough light to make the room not so dark.

#16. Fur & Gold

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This is definitely one of those more modern rooms that somebody who loves art would appreciate. The walls are a mix of white and black, but they correspond beautifully with the fur on the bed. Behind the bed we see a gold  piece of wall art. It doesn’t have a specific design, it just seems to be a bunch of pieces put together, but it’s still pretty awesome to look at.

#17. Tree Branches

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This room is extremely elegant and features quite a few different wall paintings that are enjoyable to look at. The two smaller paintings are on the other side of the room and each one features a woman in a long dress. The other painting is of a long tree branch, almost as if it were reaching for the person laying in the bed. The rest of the room has modern features, such as the fixture on the ceiling. All the colors coordinate well with one another.

#18. Simple Wall Art

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Here, we see a few different colors that are in this room. There are some greys, blues, and blacks. On the wall there is a piece of art that looks like pallets that have been scaled down to fit. They are lit behind it, adding a soft ambiance to the room. I love how neat and tidy everything is and how all of the features mix well with one another.

#19. A Beautiful Glow

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This room have a gorgeous glow to it thanks to that large window and light sage colored walls. On the wall, we do see a couple of paintings that are shielded by light fixtures. Next to those, there are three pieces of art in front of a desk. I’m not too sure what they are supposed to be. Flowers maybe? Whatever they are, they give the room a unique touch.

#20. In the Middle

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This is something that we rarely see-a bed in the middle of the room. We see a wall that has been built in the center of the room for the bed to rest on. This is rather unique, but I’m not quite sure how I feel about it. It seems unnatural in a way. On the far wall, there are two paintings that match the coloring of the area rug and the wall behind the bed. They are subtle, but bring more coloring to the room.

#21. Zig Zags

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The wall behind the bed has a very unique style. It’s made with hardwood by the look of it and it is set in a zig zag pattern. It doesn’t match any other colors in the room, making it that much more unique. The rest of the room uses different color wood and textures. The floor is a light wood color, the dresser is a dark wood color, and the wall is a grey wood color. Overall, it’s a nice room with a satisfying aesthetic appeal.

Above Bed Wall Art

#22. Lots of Wood

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This is definitely a man’s room. If you couldn’t tell, there is minimal furniture and the colors are all the same. The bed is a white color and the headboard and floor both match, using the same wood color and texture. On the wall behind the bed is a gorgeous painting of two sets of birds. This seems to bring a sense of individuality into the bedroom. This room is also very brightly lit, thanks to what I can only assume is a window on the other side of the room.

#23. Patterns

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These are some colors that I would expect to see in the 60’s and 70’s. They sure did love their green and yellow pastels. I love the vintage look of the room, especially with those pillows and the curtains. The rest of the room is a bright white with the black and green wall hangings. These bring a unique sense of style to the room and really give it a little bit of character.

#24. A Variety

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If you didn’t notice, there is a large variety of different wall hangings behind the bed. I think that they tell a story about he owner of the bedroom. It expresses their creativity and individuality. The room itself is rather small, but they make the best out of the space that they have. I love those cure little stairs that are next to the bed. I wonder if they lead up to a loft?

#25. White Blocks

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The wall behind this bed is pretty unique. It is made of what appears to be small white blocks. I kind of like to think of them as start. The rest of the room is well kept and clean. There is very minimal furniture, if any other than the bed. The flooring is a very nice hardwood that almost matches the bed frame. I love the simplicity of the bedroom.

#26. Contemporary

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I love the total look of this room. It does have a very contemporary design to it. The wall art above the bed is something that really stands out to me. It is a flock of birds flying together. On each side of the bed is a very nice light fixture that kind of looks like a golden icicle. The remainder of the room is encased in a bright white paint with grey accents.

#27. Frames in Frames

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The wall art in this room is super unique. I like to think of it as frames in frames. Each one of the frames has a few pieces of art, most of which are sea shells. The bed is covered in large decorative pillows that match the coloring of the walls and the wall art. I love the fur draped over the end of the bed frame. It brings an elegant look to the room.

#28. Driftwood

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When I see those pieces of art on the wall, all I can think about is the look of driftwood. These do make for good pieces of art because they can be made into almost anything and it will look good. The bed is covered in a blue paisley style comforter and the headboard is a blue and white upholstery style. Overall, it’s a very homey room and I would be very cozy sleeping in it.

#29. Lovely Lettering

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This is probably on of my favorite rooms on the list. I love the writing on the walls off to the right side of the room. I can’t make out what it says, but I’m sure it’s just as beautiful as the writing itself. Above the couch, which is a perfect sitting area, are multiple pictures that take up the entire wall. This room has a classy feel to it and I really love how well-lit it is

#30. Shiny

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This room, which belongs to B.D. Wong, is very simply designed, but features shiny fabrics such as the comforter. The bed itself is a simple sleigh bed in a soft wood color. Above the bed is the handcrafted area rug that is proudly displayed for all to see rather than being walked upon. The rest of the room is beautifully retro and all around stylish.

#31. Beautiful Butterflies

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This would be the perfect bedroom for a teenage girl. Why? Well, the butterflies of course! There are four different colored butterfly paintings above the bed. Behind those paintings is some more wall art, which is the wall itself. The wall is blue, but there have been white pieces of trim added as if to make the wall a picture itself. The rest of the room is set in a cream color and the comforter is a beautiful white patterned color.

#32. Bright Orange

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If you love bright colors, then this room is perfect for you. The walls are covered in orange paint with some pretty spectacular wall art all over the place. The night stands are mirrored to make the room look larger than what it really is. The headboard is upholstered, giving the room a vintage feel. My favorite part of the room would have to be that gorgeous French door that goes out on to the balcony.

Baby Nursery Wall Decor

#33. Elephants

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This is a rather unique theme for a bedroom, diamonds and elephants. This room features blue shaded diamonds with elephants in the background. This mom obviously wanted her child to have a love for elephants, that or she just really like the animal. If you look over the crib, you will see some more elephants. This is a super cute room for a little boy.

#34. Purple Flowers

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This is such a cute little girls room. It is both elegant and flashy. All the furniture is a sheer pink color with lavender accents. On the wall we see gorgeous purple flowers along with a painting representing the same ones against a pale pink wall. I absolutely adore the canopy above the crib and the chandelier on the ceiling.

#35. Winnie The Pooh

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If you’re a fan of Winnie the Pooh, then check out this nursery. This is Winnie the Pooh themed from top to bottom. It’s definitely something that can be easily done with time and energy. I love how all of the furniture is two-toned to go with the theme of the show and the character. This is probably on of the cutest nurseries that I’ve seen.

#36. Black & White

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If you aren’t into the bright and beautiful colors that we have seen so far for this theme, then check out these colors. This room features that beautiful canvas art of trees and birds which contrasts with the green area rug and red rocking chair. The crib is black and white, which can be considered gender neutral. I really enjoy the fact that they thought out of the box and went with something a little less flashy than the others.

#37. Pretty in Purple

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This room has a lot of coloring to it. It is very bright and is obviously a nursery shared by another person. On the wall is a cute painting of some pink swirls and designs. It doesn’t have a particular theme, which I really like. All of the furniture in the room matches and all of the colors used correspond nicely with one another. This is the perfect room for any kid that likes Minnie mouse and is about to have a sibling.

#38. Bears

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When I look at this room, it comes to my attention that the theme of it is sailor bears. You can see all of the décor is centered around bears and sailing. Both the crib and the dresser match in texture and color, which is nice. The walls are painted a mustard color, which seems to work well with the navy blue. My favorite part of the room would probably have to be the necessity holder off to the left side.

#39. Modern Colors

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This is the room of a child who is going to grow up in a modernized world. The room is compiled of a few different colors such as orange, white, grey, and blue. There are many different designs around the room as well. I love the random elephant that seems to be walking across the wall. It really brings some character into the room.

#40 . Flashy & Bold

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If you want your child’s nursery to be as bold as your personality, then this would be the perfect theme. This room features diamond patterns on the wall with lemon yellow furnishings and accents. I really like the pictures that are on the wall. One shows a belly and the other ones are of the actual baby. They are very cute and bring a lot of character into the room. If you’ll notice, the crib is also in the middle of the room, which is unique.

Cool Bedroom Wall Ideas

#41. City View

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Everything about this room is unique. The first thing that I want to point out is the bed frame. They look like they are made from large pieces of wood, which wouldn’t be too difficult to recreate. Above the bed is a beautiful shot of city lights. If you don’t live near a city, this is a nice way to be able to look at the lights whenever you wanted to. The rest of the room is very masculine, especially with those end tables and the grey area rug.

#42. Wall Hangings

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I’m really digging the style of this bedroom. It’s unique, simple, and all of the colors are deep, but really bring out the rest of the features of the room. On the one side of the wall, we see some rather different pieces hanging from the ceiling. I’m not sure what they are, but they’re cool. Above the bed, there are three metal wall hangings that reflect light off of them. I really enjoy the overall aesthetic appeal of the bedroom.

#43. Mirrored

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If you want to make a bedroom look bigger, you can mirror the furnishings. It makes the room look longer than it really is. In this case, they used mirrored accents on their nightstands. They also have a cute piece of art above the bed that is kind of mirrored. The rest the room is decorated with brown and white coloring and that large open window allows the sunlight to reflect off of the bright walls to create more natural light.

#44. Rustic Living

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Rustic bedrooms are becoming more popular with each passing day and this one is no exception to that theory. This room features many pieces of wall art, such as the driftwood, and many other pictures that are hanging. At the end of the bed are two matching chairs and ottomans on top of a blue area rug. This is the perfect sitting are for reading or relaxing before bed. I also really like the design of the wood on the ceiling.

#45. Fabric Sample Headboard

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If you have some spare fabric samples that you aren’t sure what to do with, then check this out. They used their samples to make a headboard! This is probably one of the neatest ideas that I have seen so far-very creative! They matched those samples up to some floral printed pillows and a comforter. I really like the overall coloring of the room accents and how they all go together so well.

#46. Many Shelves

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This room is very simple. There is minimal furniture and the bed takes up much of the space. However, there is plenty of space to store Knick knacks on that large shelving unit that stretches across the one whole wall. There’s also that really unique pattern behind the bed. I’m not sure what it is, but it’s pretty cool.

#47. Photo Wall

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Rather than buying a picture to put on your wall, why not create your own wall full of pictures like the one in this room. This bedroom features an entire wall of picture that represent the life of the owner of the room. Above the bed there is also a picture of Marylin Monroe. I like the idea of taking your own pictures and making a mural. It brings a sense of creativity into the room. The rest of the room is decorated with different colors and patterns such as mint and gold.

#48. Green Walls, Black Flowers

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There’s quite a bit going on in this room. It looks as though there is a little loft area next to the bed. Along that whole wall is a mural of black flowers and leaves. On the wall in the middle of the room, there are a few paintings that have the same colors in them as on the wall-that mint green color. The rest of the room is pretty simple and well designed.

#49. Romantic Atmosphere

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When I look at this room, all I can think of is romance. There’s just something about the design of this room that has me melting. I love the colors that are used and the lighted mural right behind the bed. There are some other wall pieces on the other side of the room, but none of them catch my eye like the lighted one does. The rest of the room is simply designed, except for the way those posts come down from the wall. I love that!

For more incredibly romantic styles, see our romantic bedroom ideas page.

Teenage Wall Décor Ideas

#50. Exposed Brick

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I really like the exposed brick designs that I come across when doing these posts. This bedroom features that exposed brick and on that brick are very different pieces of wall art. The overall room is simple and there isn’t much to it, but the atmosphere is nice. I like the simplicity of the wrought iron bed as well. It’s the perfect space for a bachelor or college student.

#51. Unique Wall Lights

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The first thing that I notice about this room is the painting above the bed. It reminds me of a giant picture taken out of one of those calming adult coloring books. Next to that painting are some wall lamps that seem to just be hanging there. The rest of the room is painted an orange and olive color to go with some of the colors that we see in the painting. The room itself is simple, but there are certain aspects of it that bring it to life, such as that small area rug.

#52. Giant Words

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This is such a cool room for two teenagers or kids who are sharing a space. Designing the wall with words is a great way for each one of them to express their individuality. The colors used in this room are a mixture of blues. The one wall actually looks like one of those paint swatches that you would pick up from the store.

#53. Upcycled

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This bedroom is very feminine. It is painted a soft pink color and has a pink comforter on the bed. Above the bed is a neat looking woven basket that has been flattened to be used as art. On each side of the bed there are blue paintings as well. I really enjoy looking at this room because it’s soft on the eyes and the recycled basket brings character to the area. This is an easy look to duplicate in my opinion.

#54. Small Space

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When it comes to small bedrooms, sometimes there isn’t much that can be done with them. However, this room proves me wrong. This tiny bedroom can only hold so much, which is why I appreciate the words on the wall so much. This is a great way to express yourself without having a ton of stuff in your room. I really like the chandelier that hangs from the ceiling. It’s super chic.

#55. Super Artsy

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With a contemporary and creative design, with details that refer to elements of fashion, this room is perfect for modern girls. The floor’s black and white stamp, which was eternalized by Coco Chanel, French fashion icon, together with colorful furniture and wall stickers, create a contrast that makes the place feel cool and fun. The stamped lamps and the picture frames make the decoration seem very youthful and upbeat.

#56. Discs

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A bedroom that could fit either a guy or a young couple, this room goes from the premise that wall decorations alone can transform any ambiance. While the room itself is minimal, the wall’s design make with disks certainly stands out and captures the eyes of anyone entering it, making up for the lack of decorative furniture or other more colorful pieces.

#57. Dollhouse

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This kid’s room for girls follows a very colorful theme that gives off the appearance of it being a dollhouse.  This is done mainly by the very bright cyan fabrics, all made with crochet and the bubblegum pink that can be found on every decoration present. The oversized foodstuffs and presence of other dolls around reinforce even further this impression, making this a flawless idea for children.

#58. A Union of Colors

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Present in the wall, bedsheets, and pillows, the stamps with geometric shapes create a personalized and unique ambiance. The union of the colors with the shapes cause an interesting tridimensional effect that captures our attention. Other subtle details, be no less essential are the pink shelf, centered on the colored wall and the nightstand with a rose vase on, that leaves the ambient with a more delicate and comfortable feel, along with the green stamped curtains that represent the presence of nature in the room.

Bedroom Art Studio Ideas

#59. Summery

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This bedroom makes itself known primarily for the use of its several pictures arranged in a somewhat round fashion around the bed’s headboard, filling the void of the wall with all sorts of colors and mainly of floral patterns, as seen too on the bed’s pillows. This gives the room and airy aspect of summer and spring on a holiday house.

#60. Simplistic Girl’s Room

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This bright colored bedroom for teenage girls makes much with an otherwise small space by adding very colorful items on a clear background. The several portraits on the wall not only make up for the fact that there are few furniture items, but also show those who enter a little about the owner’s personality through its pictures and stamps without making the place feel overwhelmed with decoration.

#61. Privacy & Leisure

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This room mixes the best of both worlds: The privacy of a bedroom with the leisure of a living room. With minimal decoration, the room relies heavily on its furniture to liven up the place, which it makes with flying marks by dividing the room in two with the smart placement of sofas and filling the corner with a small computer desk. To counter the feeling of having a cramped space, it employs very contrasting wall colors, making the room look bigger.

#62. Sports Themed

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This room’s decoration is perfect for teenage boys which a taste for sports while keeping a very modern and open environment. That is especially affirmed by the wallpaper behind the bed and the American football helmet on the nearby table in combination with the blue bed sheets and dark wood flooring. The floating bed and large window make the room feel much bigger than it is.

#63. Black & White

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This simple room design sports black and white as its main colors. It’s very noticeable how it relies heavily on the contrast between the two colors which alternation is broken only by the gray wall and the laminated wood flooring. All lines are very rigid, which is broken only by the stamp on the wall, giving it a more balanced look.

#64. Minimalistic Style

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A bedroom with a predominance of light colors, which are heightened by the natural light. This highlights the dark shelves, vases, and pictures without making the ambient feel cluttered. The presence of discreet plants on the stand also add to the room’s lighter aspects. The room seems to follow a rigid and minimalistic style, which is opposed only by the painting that follows a more expressionist style, giving it more presence and diversity to the room.

Bedroom Wall Pictures Ideas

#65. Industrial

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In this ambient, the success of the decoration is given due to the union of several different elements, but all in darker shades of brown and black bringing harmony in between them. The brick wall showing itself reminds us of industrial design, where we have walls without their finishing touches and with their structure exposed in opposition to the sophistication of the objects. The detail of a metallic lamp and rustic chest, which is used as night-stand, brings is a more urbane and cool look.

#66. Happy Place

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The light color of the walls and the bed contrasts with the color or the objects and fabrics which make the room feel more carefree and happier. The paintings are also in harmony with the rest of the decoration, making elements of nature more evident. The lamps and the night-stands, although similar, end up breaking the symmetry in a subtle manner, which matches even more with the light air of the ambiance as a while.

#67. Neutral Coloring

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With an abundance of neutral colors and simple patterns, this room goes easy on the eyes. It also shows many signs of antique influences on the furniture’s style, offering us the comfortable feeling, like that of vintage elegant hotels and even the guest room on the family’s elders, without making it outdated or old, which allow for rest without too much aversion.

#68. Sea-Like

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The predominance of several shades of blue in the ambiance reminds us of the sea, which combined with other neutral colors and the presence of the plant, mark the natural aspect, giving off the feeling of harmony and tranquility. Wooden furniture also highlight this aspect. The comfort is present in the image. The large bed with several pillows, beyond being part of the decoration that seems to simulate waves, put comfort as it’s priority.

#69. Professional & Serious

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The predominance of scales of gray and minimalistic furniture give this room a strong aspect of seriousness and professionalism. The unintrusive furniture, combined to the high ceiling and open passage to another room turns this otherwise small area into a very spacious environment that frees its inhabitants of distractions while the focused points of light allow for some limited amount of privacy when desired. The wooden floor, while at first may seem out of place, helps avoid a complete lack of color in the room.

#70. Autumn

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If the room could be described in a single word, it would certainly be “Autumn”. The ice walls, hanging decorations, and skeletal night-stands seem to give the room a chill and windy look, which is countered by the dark-colored bed and fur-covered bench which give the feeling of warmth and comfort. Overall, the room is a perfect balance between the aspects of Autumn, which is highlighted by the dashes of orange amidst the white and brown.

#71. Vibrant Coloring

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A simplistic room with neutral colors give off an air of freshness to the environment and helps highlight the contrast of colors that the bedsheets and the plant offer. All furniture and decoration, including the painting on the wall, seems to make the simplicity of the place even more power due to the fact that they are made from either wood or rough fabric, occasionally breaking the relative emptiness with dashes of vibrant colors.

#72. Classical

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The details of the decoration in darker tones and in wood are highlighted by the predominance of light colors on the walls, which makes the ambiance lighter. Special attention to the wall where there are many framed pictures, they are much more than an element of the decoration, They bring to those present feelings of respect to important moments in our lives. Apart from the pictures, the presence of the classical on objects and furniture give the room a refined air.

#73. Luxurious

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This luxurious bedroom sporting a combination of dark and bright colors gives off the impression of wealth and royalty. With more ornate or gold-plated furniture, it brings back the splendor of La Belle Epoque. The dark paintings and heavy curtains cover the walls making the ambient more secluded and personal while the covered lamps and antique-looking chandelier keep the room well-lit. The large bed gives it a comforting look or an otherwise serious environment.

#74. Rustic Feel

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This minimalist room design made from a blend of light and dark colors gives the viewer a rustic and warm feeling without giving up on its modernity. With tones of brown that resemble wooden furniture. That is especially noticed on the chandelier that, while being entirely composed of metal and glass, manages to give us a feeling of living by candlelight. To further reinforce that “Cabin in the woods” feeling is the framed pictures with images of pine forests.

#75. In The Clouds

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A large bedroom with a soothing and tranquil light blue color in which the main theme screams comfort and gives a new meaning to the phrase “Sleeping on the clouds”. The painting blends with the padded furniture and round corners of clear colors making an otherwise nearly empty bedroom feel welcoming and comfortable. The different colored plants on the nightstands break the monotony of colors and expand the painting’s influence, making it yet come prevalent.


Well, there you have it, folks! Those are 75 of the most unique wall art ideas that we could scour off of the internet. I enjoy all of these designs and most of them are pretty easy to accomplish. When it comes to wall art, you can always make it your own. You can bring individuality and character in to any room with just a small amount of wall art. If you enjoyed this list, feel free to commend and share.

Sours: https://www.thesleepjudge.com/bedroom-wall-decor-and-art-ideas/

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These gallery wall ideas will inspire you to fill any blank canvas, big or small, with life. And, by injecting a little of your personality into the room, you'll see your entire decor scheme come together in harmony. The most exciting thing about this project is that no gallery wall is the same and that you can get as creative as you'd like, even (if not especially) if you're on a budget, or a total novice when it comes to getting crafty.

What should be included in a gallery wall?

There are no rules or dos and don'ts with a gallery wall, but it is the perfect space to show off your favorite things. Be that art and vintage photo frames, maps or other trinkets, – who'd have thought their righteous home would be on the wall? DegreeArt.com co-founder and seasoned art expert, Elinor Olisa Barikor shares her thoughts and tips on how to introduce art into your home and into your gallery walls. 'The most important thing to consider when you start collecting art for your home is if the artwork makes you happy! You can bring your interiors to life by adding everything from paintings, to limited edition prints, to hand finished and artist designed accessories. Once you start collecting, it is hard to stop and you’ll find yourself discovering new places in your home to display works that you never knew existed - from wall art created by a recent graduate, to sculpture placed on your mantle piece or even a new cushion designed by an artist – art doesn’t need to be confined to a particular spot on your wall, incorporating art into your home really does create a homely, curated, happy space for you and your family.' Check out our ideas below and start building your own.

  • See more DIY projects for a total refresh in as little as a day.

1. Build a gallery wall with ceramics

(Image credit: Carpet right)

Hanging plates is an elegant way to introduce color, pattern, and texture to your scheme, so why hide away your beautiful tableware in a cupboard? Hang them using plate grips or line them up on a shelf for an easily updatable display.

2. Mix artwork and paintings for a unique gallery wall

(Image credit: Desenio)

If you have a collection of much-loved art, family photos or favorite postcards, grouping them together in a gallery wall creates an authentic and bespoke display.

If symmetry is your thing, measure them carefully before hanging to get even spacing. Alternatively, for a more laidback approach, arrange your pieces on the floor prior to picking up your hammer.

Desenio has a fab service on their website which helps you plan the layout of your gallery wall and choose frames and prints to suit your space. 

3. Make it dark and eclectic

(Image credit: Brett Charles© Future)

This artists' eclectic gallery wall transformed a dull and standard looking canvas into one full of character and dramatic charm. Proving that mixed media will add depth and create a statement, especially if you frame yours on a black background for effect.

4. Add reflective elements

(Image credit: @CarmeonHamilton x Hygge & West)

This hallway space pops because of the gorgeous reflective elements present in this cool, mini gallery space. Modern, bold and such a great way to add character to a property.

5. Use fairy lights to display your photos

(Image credit: lights4fun.co.uk)

Brighten up an area in your home for a party or just for a fun change by using festoon and string lights. These are a great way to add a glow to a dark wall space, and with options to clip on photos, and postcards, it’s easy to update this pretty feature with a new display.  

6. Layer up prints on a picture ledge

(Image credit: Brent Darby)

Practical and inexpensive, this type of shelving is a great base for creating your very own striking art displays. 

Use a single shelf or group two or more together, then dress with vases, pictures, books or candlesticks. The beauty of this look is that you can change your arrangement as the mood takes you. 

You can't go wrong with the Mosslanda Picture Ledge from Ikea.

7. Create a living wall

(Image credit: Sofa.com)

Houseplants are back on-trend, and not only do they look good, but they can also do wonders for your health and wellbeing, too. 

Adding some living, breathing greenery instantly gives a fresh feeling to any space and provides a vibrant splash of color. Just remember to water them though…

8. Add texture and interest with exotic finds

(Image credit: Anthropologie)

Texture isn’t just for soft furnishings – as this scheme shows. Smooth walls can look great punctuated with tactile objects displayed as a gallery wall, particularly if you're working with a white canvas.

Experiment with everything from quirky hats or feather placemats to African baskets or woven discs; grouped over a piece of furniture, they make a unique statement.

9. Create a quirky display for children's rooms

(Image credit: Hurn and Hurn )

Keep your little ones engaged by hanging fun items in their bedrooms for them to look at, touch and feel. Add furry animal heads for a quirky take on a gallery wall, or turn toys into art by nestling them in wall-hung baskets or on shelves.

10. Enhance space with a mirror gallery wall

(Image credit: Stuart Cox)

A classic interior design trick for making a small room look bigger is to use mirrors as art. They bounce light around a room and give the impression of more space. Hang a single large one as a statement piece or mass several different shaped designs together for extra interest. 

11. Go for a classic look with peg rails

(Image credit: Homesense)

Originally used for hanging chairs, Shaker-style peg rails are no longer just great kitchen storage ideas and are often found in kitchens for their effortless and classic look. As they can easily blend into most decorative schemes, they make a good addition to almost anywhere in the house.

Choose natural wood or a painted finish and adorn with anything from coats, bags, scarfs and hats to tools, ornaments or a string of fairy lights.

12. Get creative with lighting 

(Image credit: Curiousa & Curious)

For a really quirky take on a gallery wall, introduce some interesting wall lights.

These wall lights from Curiousa & Curiousa make a bold statement but their resemblance to wall plates keeps the overall look from being too wacky – we love the idea of working them into a Mid-century modern inspired space.

Incorporating a gallery wall into your room design is the easiest way to break up an all white scheme, creating a space with greater depth and interest. Plus, white really is the perfect blank canvas to display your art on.

We love the pairing of this white living room with bold bright accents in the sculptures on the walls.

13. Pick a neutral color scheme for your gallery wall

(Image credit: Iben and Niels Ahlberg/inagency.dk)

If you want to create a gallery wall that has a more cohesive look, pick a clear color scheme. We love the look of this neutral gallery wall, the colors are simple but there are plenty of different textures and materials thrown in to add interest. This gallery wall idea would work particularly well in a smaller space, say a hallway or a landing, because the limited, neutral color scheme won't overwhelm the space. 

14. Keep it chic and cohesive

(Image credit: Cox & Cox)

These clear glass frames work brilliantly together as although they are different shapes and mostly different sizes, they are still all in unity with the same dainty frame color and material. This would be perfect in a boho style bedroom, lounge or even awkward corridor setting, especially if you choose botanical pictures or abstract scenes for the photo itself.

15. Let it flow

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

Boxy and artistic cushioning veritably draws this gallery's design features down from the wall and onto the bed for a thoughtful finish. Even the wall color has been considered, as sage green complements and runs through some of the designs.

16. Make a small gallery wall pop with paint 

(Image credit: Farrow and Ball)

Want a quick way to make a picture wall really stand out? This gallery wall idea will transform a room in just a couple of hours: simply use paint to create a colored backdrop and give your favorite artwork some added impact. 

It takes nothing more than some leftover paint, a roller, and masking tape, and is the perfect way to freshen up a room in an afternoon. Just create your 'frame' using masking tape and a ruler and then get painting. Leave it to dry, remove the tape and then hang your gallery wall. 

17. Match colors within artwork to create a cohesive feel

(Image credit: Fiona Walker-Arnott)

Picking artwork with a common color theme will create a cohesive look. This doesn't just work for a picture wall – choosing pieces for your wall, whether pictures or other artistic displays with similar colors will help knit the scheme together.

18. Go supersize with posters

(Image credit: Ikea)

Bump up your gallery wall even in a small living room space by maxing out on the size of your prints and frames. Lessen the wall space between the frames for a heightened visual impact and then keep your color scheme simple, so that the hues and other design details flow seamlessly with the rest of the room.

19. Make a hat gallery wall

(Image credit: Madhatters by Robyn)

Display your favorite hats as art. They always seem to be the hardest accessory to properly store. Hang them in a pleasing way, and then whenever you want to wear a hat, they're within easy reach. Just be sure to replace the hat when you're done wearing it. Hang them with nails or hooks, or find a wall fixture designed just for hanging your hats and see how this is one of the most budget-friendly gallery wall ideas going.

20. Show off favorite photos and memories

(Image credit: Kylie M. Interiors)

While selecting a mix of art and prints, don't forget to add your own personal spin with your own photos. Showcase family members, favorite vacation photos, or even your favorite Instagram grid photos. Interior decorator Kylie M  created this gallery wall using  Mixtiles in her breakfast nook. Mixtiles makes it easy and affordable to print out your favorite photos into framed pieces of various sizing. Even better: the photos use a reusable adhesive, so you can rearrange frames around as you please, with no worry of damaging walls. 

21. Create a collage

(Image credit: Tezza)

Walls covered with aesthetic, mood board type images have taken over social media, especially TikTok in the form of less than perfect collages. , You can gather from magazines and print your own images, or head straight to sites like Etsy or other independent creators who have created prints ready for the mass, like Tezza, who offer various kits around different aesthetics. 

22. Play with texture

(Image credit: Target)

A gallery wall is not just paintings and art prints. It's an amalgamation of pieces that work together cohesively. Sprinkle in different mediums like tapestries or mixed media work for texture, interest, and dimension. 

23. Try a Floor-to-Ceiling Gallery Wall

(Image credit: Laura Mitchell Interior Design)

While many gallery walls are placed above a focal point like a sofa, or a sideboard, why not dedicated an entire wall to your gallery. We're talking about a display that spreads itself from floor to ceiling.  Try the idea out on a smaller wall, like on a stairway landing or room dividing wall, or go full force and cover an empty wall from top to bottom with curated sorts. 

You can keep uniform frames and color palettes complimentary for a polished look or mix and match for a design as varied as the items you love to collect. 

24. Use the power of three

(Image credit: Malcolm Menzies)

It works in writing and it sure makes a statement when hanging a gallery wall too. Choose three core colors that run through each piece of art or famed photograph and you'll create a cool, coherent look. Nod to colors present in the surrounding space for bonus decor points. The red, white and black theme works well to create a designer feel in this bedroom. 

25. Create a view

(Image credit: Future © Dan Duchars)

Your gallery wall should be full of what brings you joy and while this design feature will ignite happiness wherever it may be in your home, consider building yours out at the foot of your bed or in front of a lounging area to create the perfect view for all times of day. Include small and simple drawings that will make you feel good about your space on all the levels.

Gallery wall ideas and tips from the experts

Catharina Björkman, Scandi lifestyle expert at Contura says, 'If your art or frames are not working in a particular space or room, simply move them around to see if they would be better placed in a different location. It can take time for items to look at home in a new spot, so resist the urge to switch them straight back if you are unsure at first. If you have a gallery wall, switching around your prints, adding more, or even taking some away is an inexpensive way to completely refresh your wall – it will bring you joy each time you see it in all its glory.'

Get it on the wall why don't you!

Sours: https://www.realhomes.com/us/design/inspirational-gallery-wall-ideas
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26 Budget-Friendly Ideas for a Cozy Bedroom

Try Dark Hues

Bring on the Blankets

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Adjust the Lighting

From the fireplace to the plush bedding to the warm area rug, this room exemplifies cozy living. But one aspect that really enhances the space is the soft lighting choices. If overhead lighting is a must, a chandelier with a dimmer is a great way to go.

Add Ceiling Beams

Pile on the Pillows

Try a Tufted Headboard

Layer In Live Plants

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Create a Canopy

A no-fail way to add an extra comfort factor to your bed is to drape it in ethereal textiles. Here, a solid white canopy creates a cozy cocoon for lazy Sunday mornings.

Make Use of Texture

Sprinkle In Floral Accents

The quaint nook in this bungalow bedroom was transformed into a cozy place to lounge by upholstering the walls with botanical fabric, incorporating playful patterns and layering shades of spring green throughout.

Choose the Right Pieces

Create a Reading Nook

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Simple DIY touches can make any bedroom a cozier place to be. Here, a nightstand made from a vintage suitcase adds personality with a nice lived-in vibe.

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Put In a Faux Fireplace

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Incorporate Vintage Finds

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Add Some Privacy

Invest in Good Bedding

Place Furniture Strategically

Don't Forget the Foot of the Bed

Display Your Books

Bring a cozy library feel to your bedroom by replacing a traditional headboard with a bookshelf. Color coordinate your books for a clean look.

Hide Electronics

Feminine Bedroom Boasts Fun, Floral Wallpaper

Gray wallpaper with a fun floral print in pink and green sets the tone for this chic, feminine bedroom. Black, white and gray furnishings add lovely contrast and keep the space from appearing too busy.

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Bedroom pictures empty

LFEEY 10x10ft Empty Bedroom Glass Window Photography Backdrop Home Decoration Outdoor Viewing Room Autumn Nature Scenery Forest Waterfall Background Photos Photo Booth Props

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100+ Most beautiful beds designs and bedroom interior ideas - Master bedroom ideas
Sours: https://www.123rf.com/stock-photo/empty_bedroom.html

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